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Killing Freedom

Stabbing Freedom 



The fact America won the War of Independence should have everyone thankful: If Jefferson didn’t dissent, every American would talk like the prissy wanna’-be queen Piers Morgan.

Now that I’ve scared the crap out of conservative-minded readers with that thought, let’s wake up and face facts.

The reality that the government has reverted back in time to British troop tactics by confiscating your personal information on whim should have every American deeply troubled.

Are you free to speak out against your government? The Constitution says yes.

Are you free to embarrass the government and make it accountable for injustices? The Constitution says yes. The IRS, Progressives and Obama say no.

The IRS harasses conservative organizations standing up against the Sixteenth Amendment and Christian organizations feeding and doctoring the poor. It seems the CIA and NSA have been given full authority to wiretap everyone’s phone calls and internet conversations, rather than monitoring enemies only.

NSA and CIA information gathering is not those harmless, annoying pop up ads caused by internet services collecting information on your purchases. Internet services are allowed to share (not to sell your information) to companies looking for customers. Technically that doesn’t confer your personal information since you already gave your phone, address and e-mail to your server provider. Internet services can only share catch phrases and key words from places you shop and share that with companies bearing those words in their titles or descriptions. The most annoying thing that comes from sharing of information is computer pop-ups and ads.

Don’t grab the tin foil people. If you shop on line, your transaction is not completely private, because you are freely, openly shopping with companies. This sharing doesn’t allow internet servers or companies to give IRS information to invade banking records and transactions, tap phone calls and treat Americans like terrorists–rather than actually tracking terrorists before they blow up Boston streets or fly planes into New York and Washington, D.C. buildings.

Unfortunately, that is what the government is forcing some phones and internet services to do: Hand your information over to government.

And you thought powdered wigs went out!

Over two centuries-ago our Founders declared independence against Britain by signing Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. The accomplishment was considered treason against the crown. But technically that undertaking only broke the Divine Right of the King, which was authorized only by kings, not God or the people. King George violated the Magna Carta, therefore, Jefferson and the Founders had every right to dissent and address King George’s infringement against the Rights of Man.

Brits invading colonists


We’ve lived peacefully, respecting the Constitution for centuries, yet government does the opposite to Americans and the Constitution..

The government is less interested in doing its job: Upholding the Constitution and serving the people.Washington is more interested in expanding power and authority over the people.

We are once again under siege by government wielding unwritten rights to impose its will against us. 

FBI v libertarians cartoon

This is why Thomas Jefferson drafted and signed the Declaration of Independence: To stand up to government abuses against the rights of man written in the Magna Carta.


Magna Carta

We have reentered the era where We The People must stand up in the fashion of Patrick Henry and declare as he did:

Paine painting

This is no time for ceremony. The questing before the House is one of awful moment to this country. For my own part, I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery; and in proportion to the magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate. It is only in this way that we can hope to arrive at truth, and fulfill the great responsibility which we hold to God and our country. Should I keep back my opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offense, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country, and of an act of disloyalty toward the Majesty of Heaven, which I revere above all earthly kings.


Americans are well aware  CIA and NSA wire tapping is nothing new. America must be on guard against the enemy, we expect the government to watch and prevent threats.

Before the Patriot Act, America had FISA. Before that, World War II and Cold War era watched enemies within the United States. Why; communists infiltrated the American government: The communists Rosenberg Soviets   sold our Atomic Secrets to the Soviets: 

In 1995, the CIA released ‘the Venona Cables’ [the] decoded Soviet communications that document, along with other espionage doings, the antics of Julius and Ethel. Khrushchev himself mentions the Rosenbergs in his memoirs, identifying them as spies for Russia.


The Rosenbergs got what they deserved, yet conservative Americans are now treated as threats while threats are ignored.

Americans want government to catch the bad guys; yet, the CIA and NSA have failed to prevent  some deadly attacks, because government focuses on Americans purchasing American flags and donating to tea party organizations and demands we tolerate enemies.

Case in point: Mohammad Atta came to America for flying lessons. He learned to fly planes—but not land them—in order to bomb cities by crashing jets into buildings. Flight instructors warned the FBI, but Janet Reno and Operation Able Danger ignored the 1999 findings on Atta.

Reno forbade FBI confiscation of Atta’s lap top: It might violate Atta’s Civil Rights. Reno gave Atta privacy privileges; Atta violated 3000 human rights.

Law-abiding Americans are harassed, not enemies, despite government having legal ways of weeding out enemies. The government despises conservative Americans speaking out against government. The IRS harasses and threatens Tea Party and Christian organizations, but never Islamist living inside America, who all pose threats to this nation: Islam demands liberty be destroyed in favor of Islamic Sharia law and Islamic takeover.

Yet many turn a blind eye, assuming government is supposed to have full authority over our lives. If that’s true, why do Americans demand rights to do as they please with their bodies and possessions? Answer: Natural Rights are instilled at birth.

 Iris and cameras

We ignored government so long; it entered our homes and has become the monster hiding under the bed. 

Patrick Henry warned:

We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty?

What else is government doing to us? Should we continue going along blindly, assuming everything is well when we see Americans pleading with Congress against abuses incurred by government agencies targeting anyone taking a stand for liberty and freedom?  We have Fourth Amendment rights, but rights mean nothing to a government that assumes it has unwritten authority and control to make us serve it with a by-your-leave.

Chained hands

The modern day government violates the United States Constitution in every way by overreaching into the states and people’s lives that locked doors and four walls no longer protect. When will we all stand up and declare:

What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

The Purpose of Government

Government does have a purpose, but it is limited. A proper understanding of the purpose, role and scope of government as envisioned and established by our founding fathers is essential to the future well-being of this country. America is not a pure democracy, but a republic under democratic rule by representation. The founding fathers envisioned government as a protector of the people, in times of war and in protecting the individual liberty of people, and specifically their inalienable rights. The role of government is not to provide healthcare, jobs, education and the overabundance of what it has been providing for decades. Government is simply not supposed to be providing the majority of programs it provides. In order for the government to provide anything to anyone, it must first take from someone else. Government is an empty entity that does not produce or generate anything in and of itself independently.
The average high school student will probably struggle to name the three branches of government, their responsibilities, and how they relate to the Constitution. The Constitution is supposed to be the standard which guides elected officials (Legislative Branch-Congress) as they make laws. The Constitution is supposed to be the rule of law for the Executive Branch (President) as he governs. The Judicial Branch (Supreme Court) exists for the purpose of reaching decisions in court cases to determine whether or not a matter is Constitutional. The Judicial branch is not supposed to make laws; that’s the job of the Legislative Branch. The Judicial Branch is supposed to rule on whether or not the Constitution has been upheld or violated.
It has been said that at the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, upon leaving the building, Benjamin Franklin was asked by a woman on the street, “Well what do we have Mr. Franklin, a republic or a monarchy.” Benjamin Franklin replied, “A republic, Madam, if you can keep it.” Are we still the same republic today in 2012 that Benjamin Franklin had in mind? As government expands and continues in an unprecedented takeover of private businesses and corporations, we are quickly becoming a monarchy of tyranny. Elected officials no longer care about the desire of their constituents. They vote their own agenda with an arrogant “We know more than you little people” and “This is for your own good” attitude. It is time to clean house….and the senate and replace every official who goes against the will of the people who elected them. When a rule “of the people, by the people and for the people” ceases, then rule by an elite few is inevitable and that day has come. It has been in the making for many years as both Democrats and Republicans in power have facilitated its progress.
When taxes are extracted (like a tooth, but more painful) from the people and they have no control on how the revenue is spent, this is equivalent to taxation without representation. Frederic Bastiat, a French economist of the 1800’s right before the French Revolution, called taxation legalized plunder. President Calvin Coolidge called excessive taxation legalized larceny. The nature of government, left unchecked is to grow, consume and engulf, characterized by massive fraud, thievery and corruption. An all-powerful government has historically been the tool of fascists, tyrants and dictators who enriched themselves and their cronies at the expense of the common people. While promising liberty, fairness and equality for all, liberty and fairness disappear, but equality shines as all suffer equally in misery. Socialism does not work and it has been proven repeatedly to be a failure. It denies the existence of individuality and human depravity and kills any incentive for creation and innovation. When government takes from those who have, to give to those who have not, the cycle has to continue. If wealth could be distributed equally among all tomorrow, some would be broke the next day…….and need more again from those who have. The have-nots have not because they keep not. Once again, the Bible rings true: the poor we will have always.
As we look to government to provide our all, such as medicine, food, shelter, etc. we need to be reminded that in order for government to provide for all, it must be big enough to do so. What most do not seem to realize is that a government big enough to give everything to everyone is also big enough to take it all away. That includes liberty as well as material goods and services. In order for government to provide anything at all, we the people must first give. The more government provides, the more we give……. and give up. Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society pales in comparison when measured up against this Frankenstein socialist state built by our law makers and the current president and administration. It’s not so obvious now, but the years will reveal the truth when pay day arrives.
Thomas Jefferson said, “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”
We can blame Obama ’til the cows come home, but congress is supporting the current massive growth of government. It’s time to clean house. IS ANYONE LISTENING?
Joseph Harris has been a college professor and pastor since 1987 and his writings have appeared on WND, Sword of the Lord, Intellectual Conservative, Conservative Daily News, Canada Free Press, Land of the Free, and The Post Chronicle. [email protected]