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Should The Government Be Shut Down

Decisions, decisions, should the Government be shut down or should it not be shut down, as Shakespeare said, that is the question. There is no doubt that Obama-Care is destructive for our country and it deserves to be overturned, but is this the time to do it?

There seems to be two schools of thought when it comes to Obama-Care. Either fight to defund it, or let it proceed and let it collapse under its own weight. There is no doubt that it will collapse, there is just no way it will work. Supposedly, in order for Obama-Care to succeed, everyone in America must participate, yet Obama has exempted so many groups, who is going to make up for that loss of money? Why the average person that Obama said he is trying to help, how is it going to help? By raising premiums that’s how, after all someone has to make up the difference.

Fighting to defund Obama-Care: Well that has a slim to none chance, but is it worth the fight? Well I say yes, after all Republicans have to take a stand on something, they need to show that they have balls and get into the fight. I might remind the Republican leadership that a small handful of patriots took a stand against the mightiest country on the planet, England. Not everyone in the colonies were for independence from England, but the ones that were for it strapped on their balls and went out and fought for it. The result was the biggest upset in the history of our country; their chances of winning were also slim to none.

Democrats keep saying that it is the law of the land, so we need to get over it and move on, but Rush Limbaugh came up with a good point, as he usually does. Mr. Limbaugh wondered “what else at one time was the ‘law of the land?’ Slavery!” “Slavery used to be the law of the land,” Limbaugh informed his audience, noting that the Supreme Court even once upheld it. From there, he listed other things that used to be the “law of the land” but are not relics of the past:

  • “Defense of Marriage Act.”
  • “The speed limit used to be 55, now it’s 70.”
  • “Immigration law.”
  • “Guns, Second Amendment.”
  • “Laws against marijuana.”

Limbaugh wanted to know why Democrats are allowed to get rid of “bad laws” they don’t like but Republicans aren’t. “Is that the only way they can defend this?” Limbaugh asked. “Is that the best they’ve got? ‘It’s the law of the land’? Rush forgot Proabition, which was also once the law of the land.

I for one understand both sides, but I am getting pretty tired of Republicans wimping out every time there is a fight to be had. Republicans might want to look back at the history of this country and take inspiration from some of the people that made this country great. John Paul Jones, a man who stood only 5’5” but commander of an American war ship during the Revolutionary War found himself almost beaten by a British war ship. The British officer yelled out for Jones to surrender, when Jones shouted back, “I have not yet begun to fight!” Well, to make a long story short, Jones eventually won that battle.

John Paul Jones should not have won. But he and his crew were made of sterner stuff than the enemy. They were outnumbered, outgunned, betrayed by their own, and had inferior technology with which to fight, their chances were also slim to none. We elect our Representatives to speak for us in Washington, but how often do they do what the people want? Maybe they should look to John Paul Jones for the answer.

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