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Florida Vote Fraud Will Not be Tolerated in 2012.

The State of Florida has new voting laws in place this year, and a few people have already been caught violating them a year before the 2012 elections. Apparently certain parts of our society down here in Florida are incapable of reading and understanding the new laws,( including a teacher) which are laid out in easy-to-read detail here.  One other question we might ask, is that if a person can not read the above-linked voting law, how in the world can they ever research the candidates and actually know whom to vote for today? When people have to be herded to register to vote like blind sheep, what does that say about their ability to cast informed and educated votes?  This is how unqualified politicians end up getting elected over other, sometimes better candidates, in our electoral system today. Uninformed voters are being manipulated by misinformation and soundbites on TV instead of actually voting for the candidate that will serve their constituents the best. The false rhetoric being spread about Florida’s new voter law suppressing certain groups of voters is a perfect example of voters being manipulated by misinformation.  This is also how we get career politicians that constantly trample our constitutional rights and the rule of law while being reelected over and over.  Senator Bill Nelson is one of those types of politicians, and  Connie Mack is going to see about changing that situation in the Florida U.S. Senate race in 2012.

Much to the dismay of the media and certain political operatives down here in Florida, the new voting laws do not in fact, suppress anyone’s opportunity to vote, as Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fl) is contending. The new laws were created to eliminate Acorn-style vote fraud and nothing more. The law changes the rules for voter registrations in that people who want to register hundreds or thousands of new voters,( such as this teacher does) must register with the supervisor of elections beforehand, and update them on their activities on a daily basis. This will prevent people from registering 10,000 new voters and holding them until the last minute, which in turn floods the system to the point where the state election employees can not make sure all of the newly registered voters are legit.  One teacher did just that in a previous Florida election, and held voter registrations some 6 months in a locker before turning them in. That practice will no longer be tolerated here in Florida.

The media here in Florida are also shamelessly giving Democrats a huge voice in falsely claiming that this new law will somehow suppress certain voter’s rights. The Democrats, being led by Sen. Nelson, even want the Department of Justice to interfere with the new voting laws. Florida and national Democrats are using the usual plethora of supposed victims in Seniors, youth and now even saying that the law somehow discriminates against the gay community! When people do a Google search on the new Florida voting law right now, they are inundated with false claims that the new law will somehow suppress voters of certain groups in a whopping 49 of the top 50 pages that come up in your browser window. Tell me that isn’t being manipulated there. Common sense lets folks read the above-linked law and see that bunch of bunk as the propaganda campaign by Democrats that it truly represents.

Of course the 99% Liberal media machines here in Florida now want to paint the supposed teacher who broke the new election laws as a victim of some grand Republican vote-suppressing conspiracy. The only thing she is a victim of here, is her own stupidity in not researching the new law before signing up school students to vote. This also explains how Obama captured a huge portion of the youth vote in 2008.  Dem-activist teachers have been filling their student’s heads with misinformation while corralling them to vote, such as this teacher has been doing when whining about the new voting laws in Florida. According to Democrats and their media puppets here in Florida, there was/is no proof of widespread vote fraud in Florida, and therefore no need for any laws to prevent it. Oh really?

The 2008 election year alone proves otherwise, and CDN believes in publishing the facts, not repeating the D.A.M. talking points loaded with misinformation and flat out lies. At ballotpedia we see the harsh reality of the need to protect the integrity of Florida’s voting system in the number of proven voter fraud cases in 2008 alone:  Pay attention folks, as you will not see this information being published by The St. Pete Times, Tampa Tribune or any other mainly Liberal-controlled media puppet organizations down here in Florida:

Nov 02, 2008 2000 people found in one Indiana county also in Florida in which The Journal Gazette compared the list of 222,000 active registered voters in Allen County with the list of more than 12 million registered voters in Florida and found that 2,172 registrations have the same first and last names, middle names or initials and the same birth dates and are listed as active, eligible voters in both places

Nov 01, 2008  Mentally-handicapped citizens illegally registered to vote in Florida in which In South Florida, a Collier woman states that her two mentally handicapped adult children have been registered to vote in an illegal act. Since her children (Michael, 19, and Jennifer, 32) are not able to read and write, or even tell you where they live, they did not register to vote by themselves, nor would they be competent to vote. Both of Griselle Gonzalez’ children live in the same adult group home in Broward County. According to a spokesman for the group home, the home registers its residents, however most of them will not vote. For those who require authorization from a guardian, written consent is obtained before registration can occur. Griselle Gonzales is the guardian of both of her children and denies ever giving authorization. She said “I don’t think they should be allowed to vote. I mean, especially not because I don’t want them to have the right to be a citizen, but because I don’t want somebody to chose for them.”

Oct 31, 2008 More dead people voting in Florida in which we see Chanel Nine News discovered 1,636 registered voters in Central Florida are dead. Although most of these people never show up to vote, a few of them did in the 2006 election. Marjorie Branch died in 2004, yet voted in the 2006 election.

Oct 29, 2008 Florida rolls contain dead people, felons, duplicates: With balloting well under way in the 2008 general election, the Sun Sentinel found more than 65,000 ineligible and duplicate voters on Florida’s registration rolls. These included at least 600 dead people, 32,000 voters registered more than once and more than 33,000 convicted felons who by law, should not be allowed to cast ballots.

And just this week, the FBI arrested 8 people in Florida for absentee ballot fraud as RedState.com reported here.

Looking at all of the above evidence, I believe it is safe to state that any politicians/political activists/media puppets in Florida that say we do not have a vote fraud problem ( in order to bash the new vote law) are simply spreading misinformation, or in denial of reality, take your pick.

The new Florida voting laws that are in effect as of September, 2011 are not hidden or inaccessible as many claim they are, and can be accessed right here for all to read:  New 2011 Florida Voting Laws. They are NOT as many people are claiming, designed to suppress certain voting groups.  Read the law.

Again, the new Florida voting law is in fact, designed to cut out Acorn-style voter fraud which has been proven to have corrupted our electoral process throughout America,  that resulting in the Acorn group being defunded by the United States Congress in late 2009. At the core of a true Democracy is the integrity of our electoral system, and this law takes the necessary steps to protect our right to hold fair elections. The only people objecting to the new Florida voting laws are simply the ones whom have gotten elected using illegal practices and shady get out the vote –  voter registration drives to get into or remain in office.  Instead of supporting a law designed to prevent the rampant vote fraud witnessed above that happened in Florida in 2008, they in fact want the DOJ to nullify the law. That right there should tell Floridians all they need to know about  how desperate Democrats are proving to be as we head into the 2012 elections.  Senator Bill Nelson can be seen in the above-linked article repeating the lie that the new law will somehow suppress certain groups of voters no less than 10 times without ever explaining just how he comes to that conclusion. No proof to back it up, just empty rhetoric and misinformation that flies in the face of the truth about the new voter laws in Florida:  They are  designed to prevent the rampant 2008 Acorn-style vote fraud, and protect the integrity of our electoral system, and nothing more.


Footnote: A 3 Judge federal court panel refused to speed up rendering a decision that involves the necessary preclearance needed for 4 disputed parts of the new law, yet the judges agreed the case should be expedited, just not as fast as the state had proposed. That decision means those sections at issue will not apply for the primary in five Tampa Bay-area and southwest Florida counties that are covered by the preclearance requirement. They are Collier, Hardee, Hendry, Hillsborough and Monroe.

Regardless of the rhetoric, Floridians still have until the new Jan. 31st GOP Primary election date to register and get ready to vote. Then we have a complete year to comply with the new law and register to vote.  If you are not competent enough to get registered to vote properly in the time-frame of a full year, maybe you shouldn’t be voting at all.  Get registered to vote ahead of time, make any changes in address or your political party today, and all of these falsehoods being told by Bill Nelson and the media puppets down here in Florida about the new Florida elections law are proven to be a bunch of bunk,  period. You can make those changes right from home  here.  It is easy to register yourself to vote in Florida and/or change your voter information. Florida voters, especially high school students, do not need political activist teachers to register them to vote.  Students?  The next time a teacher in Florida tries to register you to vote, tell them you are fully capable of  doing it yourself.  After all, it is your gerneration who will be straddled with the massive amounts of debt these politicians have heaped upon you for the past two decades. Right now as it stands, future generations of Americans now owe $15 trillion dollars of debt.  Become more than just a puppet-voter doing what a teacher or other political activist tells you, and become an informed voter while you still have the chance.  It is your future and freedom from a too big, too powerful government that hangs in the balance here.

2012 just can’t get here fast enough!

Nelson Wins Tyrant of the Week Award

    Senator Bill Nelson (D) of Florida was recognized as  The Tyrant of the Week  yesterday, by weighing in on Governor Scott’s putting the brakes on the high speed rail scheme with the following tyrannical statement:

   ” We are exploring with the Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, how we could keep this project going forward since the state of Florida will not participate. We have the lawyers researching it,” Nelson told The Palm Beach Post.

Definition of a Tyrant: An absolute ruler, unrestrained by law or constitution. A usurper of  sovereignty. A ruler who exercises absolute power oppressively or brutally. Mr Nelson fits all 3 definitions to a tee here. There is such a thing as a Florida constitution that lays out the duties ands authority of the Florida Governor. In the above statement our Tyrant of the Week, Senator Bill Nelson, somehow thinks he can ignore the governor’s decision and round up a group of lawyers along with transportation secretary RayLaHood to do an “end around” on Governor Scott here.

 Lets look at the background to this whole situation here. In 2000, when the economy was rolling along nicely, several groups of city and state politicians started exploring the possibility of a high speed rail system to go from Tampa, to Orlando Florida. That was 11 years ago and the economy has deteriorated drastically since then. They held a vote and the people of Florida approved moving forward with this rail plan in 2000. Fast forward to 2010, during the mid-term elections  the people of Florida, faced with rising taxes and huge State deficits, voted NO to this rail plan. These same people elected Rick Scott to lead Florida out of the recession as their Governor. Mr. Scott looks over all the bloated revenue projections and possible costs to the Florida tax payers while going over the state budget plan, and decides that this is a disaster waiting to happen. Mr. Scott then announces that the high speed rail plan will be stopped.  Enter Senator Bill Nelson, my Tyrant of the Week with the above statement. The people said no, the Governor says no, yet the Tyrant says he will do it anyway, the rule of law be damned!

   Today Florida has a $3.6 Billion dollar deficit. This isn’t free money from the feds here, if the plan fails Florida taxpayers are on the hook to pay back 3.2 billion dollars. I live near Tampa. I worked in Orlando and traveled between the cities for years. Those saying this rail plan will increase tourism are living in a world of fantasy. Gov. Scott asked if these funds could be used to widen the I-4 corridor between Tampa and Orlando, since congestion is one of the reasons they use when pushing for this plan. The Feds said NO. Why do you think that happened? Another fact is that every rail system in North America operates at a huge loss to the taxpayers. Look at Amtrak for an obvious example. The Washington Times* shows us just what happens when the Federal government gets into the train business.

  “What authorities ultimately unraveled was that two former Amtrak officials, in fiscal 2001, either booked false or incorrect accounting entries in Amtrak’s monthly financial statements or else failed to report the activities.In turn, these same misleading accounting entries helped make Amtrak’s monthly financial results appear closer to budget than they really were. What’s more, the “inappropriate entries” were being made when Amtrak was sending monthly and quarterly financial reports to its own board of directors, the Department of Transportation, the Federal Railroad Administration and others, records show.” (emphasis mine)

  Former congressman Ray LaHood, now the Secretary of Transportation, was also caught securing 60 million tax dollars in earmarks for his district in 2008, with 9 million of that going to campaign donors, as was reported in The Washington Post. Now he is wheeling and dealing in Amtrak. Amtrak received 1.2 billion tax dollars in 2005.  Amtrak  had also submitted a request to congress for an addition 1 billion in funding annually for the next 10 years at one point. Can you say money pit? So now we hear that the Transportation Department, along with our Tyrant of the Week, Senator Bill Nelson are going to illegally bypass the people of Florida and their elected Governor, and shove this high speed rail boondoggle down out throats anyway. That is the action of a tyrant, not a U.S Senator elected to serve the people.

    Here we see The Tyrant of the Week with our new freshman Senator Marco Rubio. This represents the past, as Nelson is up for reelection in 2012, and the future of Florida, in Marco Rubio. Look at that picture. The Tyrant’s sunken eyes, bulging neck vessels, red face and clenched jaw are the exact opposite of Marco Rubio’s calm attentive demeanor. A tyrant is also someone who runs and hides from the very people he was elected to serve. Soon to be ex-Senator, Mr. Nelson excels at this part too.   I have on record over 50 phone calls and many, many emails and letters sent to the Tyrant of the Week without receiving one reply. That right there says all there is to say, about the fact that this Tyrant needs to be fired next year. He could care less what the people want, and refuses to listen to them.  When researching  the Florida high speed rail plan, there is also a quickly seen pattern within the reporting on this issue. The first 47 out of 50 Internet searches were all bashing Rick Scott with lies and misinformation about this situation. The real reasons Gov. Scott stated for his stopping this boondoggle are very rarely reported. The true costs to the taxpayers of Florida are ignored. History proves these projects to never come in under budget, and have proven to lose money for decades, yet the crony-capitalists in bed with the politicians pushing this burden onto the people of Florida are controlling the message. That message is deep in misinformation and based in unrealistic revenue projections. Leading that pack of  liars is our very own Tyrant of the Week, Senator Bill Nelson. My hope and change for 2012 starts with getting this Tyrant out of office,  and electing a true representative of the people. That’s what I call “Winning the Future.”

* http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/may/31/amtrak-misled-congress-on-finances/