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Mid-term election: Senate seats up for grabs in 2014

The political season never ends and the 2014 mid-term elections are next. There are 20 Democrats with seats for the taking and only 13 Republicans up for re-election. Only 5 Republicans and 7 Democrats have so far announced intentions to run again.

States to watch in 2014

  • North Carolina went Republican for the 2012 Presidential election, 2012 Gubernatorial election and 2010 State House and Senate races which means a wave of conservatism may sweep the Tarheel state.
  • West Virginia went for Mitt Romney in 2012, but Jay Rockefeller soundly won his seat in 2008
  • Al Franken barely (by recount and questionable practices) took Minnesota 42-42%. Without the Obama coattails, a Presidential election year and straight-party voting, Franken may have had his last laugh
  • Colorado was a 9 point race in 2008 between Mark Udall(D) and Bob Schaffer(R). Colorado could be a place to pick up a seat with the right ground game.
  • Alaska was razor close in 2008 – this one should be takeable in a mid-term election
  • Kentucky could be an issue. Mitch McConnell’s has an image issue with moderates as an obstructionist – his win wasn’t by a massive margin in 2008
  • Louisiana was a close win for Dems in 2008 – LA went GOP in the presidential race and without Obama’s train blowing through – Landrieu could be beat


2014 Senate Seats in-play

State Incumbent Party Status Opposing
2008 Election
Alabama Jeff Sessions Republican Jeff Sessions (R), 63%Vivian Davis Figures (D) 37%
Alaska Mark Begich Democratic running Mark Begich (D) 48%,Ted Stevens (R) 47%
Arkansas Mark Pryor Democratic running Mark Pryor (D) 80%, Rebekah Kennedy (Grn) 21%
Colorado Mark Udall Democratic Mark Udall (D) 53%, Bob
 (R) 43%
Delaware Chris Coons Democratic Biden (D) 65%, Christine
 (R) 35%
Georgia Saxby Chambliss Republican running Saxby Chambliss (R) 57%, Jim
 (D) 43%
Idaho Jim Risch Republican running Jim Risch (R) 58%, Larry
 (D) 34%
Illinois Richard Durbin Democratic Richard Durbin (D) 68%, Steve
 (R) 29%
Iowa Tom Harkin Democratic Tom Harkin (D) 63%, Christopher
 (R) 37%
Kansas Pat Roberts Republican running Pat Roberts (R) 60%, Jim
 (D) 36%
Kentucky Mitch McConnell Republican running Mitch McConnell (R) 53%, Bruce
 (D) 47%
Louisiana Mary Landrieu Democratic running Mary Landrieu (D) 52%, John
 (R) 46%
Maine Susan Collins Republican Susan Collins (R) 61%, Tom
 (D) 39%
Massachusetts John Kerry Democratic running John Kerry (Democratic) 66%, Jeff Beatty (Republican) 31%,
Other 3%
Michigan Carl Levin Democratic Carl Levin (D) 63%, Jack
 (R) 34%
Minnesota Al Franken Democratic Al Franken (D) 42%, Norm
 (R) 42%, Dean Barkley (MIP) 15%
Mississippi Thad Cochran Republican Thad Cochran (Republican) 61%, Erik R. Fleming (Democratic)
Montana Max Baucus Democratic running Max Baucus (Democratic) 73%, Bob Kelleher (Republican) 27%
Nebraska Mike Johanns Republican Mike Johanns (Republican) 58%, Scott Kleeb (Democratic) 40%,
Other 2%
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen Democratic running Jeanne Shaheen (Democratic) 52%, John E. Sununu (Republican)
45%, Other 3%
New Jersey Frank Lautenberg Democratic Frank Lautenberg (Democratic) 56%, Dick Zimmer (Republican) 42%
New Mexico Tom Udall Democratic Tom Udall (Democratic) 61%, Steve Pearce (Republican) 39%
North Carolina Kay Hagan Democratic Kay Hagan (Democratic) 53%, Elizabeth Dole (Republican)
Oklahoma Jim Inhofe Republican Jim Inhofe (Republican) 57%, Andrew Rice (Democratic) 39%
Oregon Jeff Merkley Democratic Jeff Merkley (Democratic) 49%, Gordon Smith (Republican) 46%
Rhode Island Jack Reed Democratic Jack Reed (Democratic) 73%, Robert Tingle (Republican)
South Carolina Lindsey Graham Republican Lindsey Graham (Republican) 58%, Bob Conley (Democratic) 42%
South Dakota Tim Johnson Democratic Tim Johnson (Democratic) 63%, Joel Dykstra (Republican) 37%
Tennessee Lamar Alexander Republican running Lamar Alexander (Republican) 65%, Bob Tuke (Democratic) 32%
Texas John Cornyn Republican John Cornyn (Republican) 55%, Rick Noriega (Democratic) 43%
Virginia Mark Warner Democratic Mark Warner (Democratic) 65%, Jim Gilmore (Republican) 34%
West Virginia Jay Rockefeller Democratic Jay Rockefeller (Democratic) 64%, Jay Wolfe (Republican) 36%
Wyoming Mike Enzi Republican Mike Enzi (Republican) 76%, Chris Rothfuss (Democratic) 24%