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Obama Lunches Suck – School Chefs Skirt Regs to Feed Kids

Michelle Obama’s lunch menu sucks and the “lunch lady” lobby joins the rest of America in telling President Obama’s wife where she can stick her terrible food. The LA Times reports that the ingredients school cooks are forced to use are terrible: A school system’s nutritional director finds there’s one advocate for healthy food whose demands she just can’t meet ...

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Costs Up, Quality Down for School Lunch

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Schools across the U.S. are struggling to meet the school lunch requirements championed by First Lady Michelle Obama and regulated by the Departments of Agriculture and Education. School boards continue to raise the prices of school lunch while simultaneously reducing the amount of healthy foods offered to students. The new school lunch requirements, defined in the Healthy Hunger Free Kids ...

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Trashing School Lunch

Another unintended consequence of the new school lunch mandates from the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act is emerging. Schools are opting out of the federal school lunch program altogether. Fox News’ Rick Leventhal reported on a New York school that has decided to forego participating in the federal school lunch program which provides funding to districts that follow certain guidelines ...

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School Lunch Price Hikes Coming

Thanks to the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010, school lunches are about to get a price hike. The HHFKA was touted as a way to include more healthy foods in school lunches from Kindergarten through high school, but it’s proving to be a very expensive measure with unintended consequences. Wythe County schools in Virginia are telling parents they ...

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Students Mock Michelle Antoinette Obama: ‘We Are Hungry’

The Blaze has the story behind this video that’s gone viral, which mocks Michelle Obama’s new school lunch mandate. This story is personal for my family. In previous years, I would give my children a snack when they came in from school, but this year, from the very first day they came in starving! At first I thought it may ...

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War on school lunch

Much attention has been given to the story of the now famous turkey sandwich and apple juice confiscated from a preschool student by the food nazi. That incident started a firestorm of internet activity and even a protest “Lunch In” in Washington, D.C., but not a lot of talk has surfaced about the origins of the recent school lunch takeover ...

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