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Optimizing Your Dollar—A Well-Stocked Pantry

This week our dollar stretching idea looks at the well-stocked pantry. Quick and easy to prepare meals mean less temptation to eat out and leftovers often make a great lunch at work. Often packaged foods have higher levels of salt, unexpected preservatives and other additives, fats you don’t want. But then, the same could be said about many meals at ...

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Optimize Your Dollar: Making Tough Choices

This week I talked to my friend “Dee”. Dee has been through some trials due to the continued poor economy. Three years ago Dee was working in the career she loves. She was teaching young children at a private school. Unfortunately, the economy caused her school to make a tough choice. They closed. It was no one’s fault (well, you ...

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Optimize Your Dollar: Lowering Your Cost of Prescriptions

Last fall my parents stayed with us for two months. Mom had been telling me and complaining about the cost of her prescription medicines but but until this visit I hadn’t really paid attention. Like a lot of folks, I figured the cost was what it was. Fortunately, during the visit my Smarter Sister came by and we discussed the ...

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Optimize Your Dollar: Five Easy Ways to Save on Dinner

Noticing that cash crunch from your lowered paycheck this week? Here are five quick and easy ways to save money at meal time. Breakfast for Dinner: My family loves homemade breakfast. Trouble is we don’t usually have enough time in the morning for more than cereal and juice before heading out. So we move breakfast to dinner once a week. ...

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