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This Post is Not About Rush…

This is not a post about Rush…or how I feel about his choice of words when describing sex activist Sandra Fluke. It’s not even a post about Sandra Fluke. It’s not about birth control, or sex, or dirty Democrat tricks or hypocrisy.

This is a post about narrative and freedom.  This is a post about how important each of those concepts is to the other, and how the left-wing extremists in this country use one to usurp the other.

A couple of weeks ago the movement toward common sense got a big boost from the revelation that the Obama regime wanted to force Catholic charities to provide birth control (in all it’s forms, including abortive medications) even though it flies directly in the face of their religious preferences and freedoms.  Americans were rightfully outraged.  The President announced a “compromise” that was even more insulting than the original premise, as it was based on the assumption that Americans are too stupid to notice that it really was not a “compromise” at all, but simply a shifting of balance. We were fired up.

Enter the Democrat spin machine. They knew what they were doing. They’ve been setting this up since George Stephanopolous asked Mitt Romney about banning contraceptives. They know they cannot win on the issues, so they had to return to the first page in their worn, tattered playbook Republicans hate women (gays, Blacks, minorities, clean air, clean water, puppies, etc). They sent in a 30 yr old activist to shift the debate from religious freedom to women’s “health”.  Republicans fell for the tactic hook, line and sinker, getting sucked into a debate about sluts and sex while abandoning the real issue of freedom and government intrusion.

The Democrats have had decades to master the tactics of controlling the narrative.  While Conservatives have tried to remain above the fray and pettiness the Democrats have continued to lie and misrepresent, manipulate the media. We haven’t been able to bring ourselves to get our hands dirty once in a while in order to defend what we know to be right.  You see, the Democrats know what we have been so very slow to learn – the freedoms that Americans fight so hard to protect are directly related to the narrative used to describe those freedoms. If they can change the tone of the conversation, they can convince Americans to acquiesce the things that are most precious to them-coincidentally those things also happen to stand in the way of the extreme left-wing having control over our lives; things like individual choices, accountability, freedom to earn and spend as we see fit, etc. If the extremists can convince the public that Republicans hate women and want to control their bodies, they will eventually become the ones who “control” citizens and the choices they can or cannot make.  If the extremists can convince the public that Republicans are racists, they can “control” the citizenry by persuading them to enact/enforce hate crime laws that become overwhelmingly oppressive and controlling. See where I’m going with this?

The narrative is key. The looney left knows that. Andrew Breitbart knew that, and it is what made him such  terrifying force on the right to be reckoned with.  We’ve allowed the Democrat spin machine to win the narrative on this issue. With the tragic, devastating loss of Andrew Breitbart this past week, it’s been difficult to wrestle it back. But fight we must.

Today Rush Limbaugh made a second apology to activist Sandra Fluke. I’m not naive enough to believe that it will be enough to call off the media dogs, but I hope it will be enough to help conservatives move on from this pointless argument and refocus their attention.  Breitbart.com is rolling out a new campaign and new site design this week. Breitbart’s parting shot was the promise of video from Obama’s college days that would help in framing the picture we have been offered so far of our Commander-in-Chief.  That should go a long way to changing the focus in this fight. But we can’t stop there.  We have to continue to pull back focus to what is really important.  The extremists on the left win if they continue to lead us into fights about sex and women.  It’s the wrong battleground and we will get pummeled every time. We need to remind people about what religious liberty means and how it affects every American, even if you aren’t religious at all.  We need to remind people that the price of gas is higher than it’s ever been and how that affects every aspect of American life.  We need to keep sounding the alarm on the outrageous spending that has left us at the precipice of a total collapse as a nation.  This has been a strong distraction, but not devasting…if we turn course right now.

Stay on message. Stay focused.  Lead the charge in truth, be it on your blog, your YouTube channel, in your home, your church, your Facebook page..anywhere that you engage others in debate in conversation.  When we get sucked into defending against the lies of left-wing extremists we will lose that game nearly every time.  If we stand for truth, if we stand for justice, if we stand for conviction we win. We win. We win. Let’s win.


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Have we reversed the Constitution?

It’s pretty obvious at this point that our country is headed in the wrong direction.  And with a little perspective, it’s just as obvious why.  Over the last few decades, in many ways we have actually allowed our politicians to reverse the Constitution.

Take a look:

  • We no longer focus on what government can’t do to us.  Our current political conversation largely surrounds what we should expect the government to give to us.  That has gotten us to the point where apparently the government now has enough power to force us to violate our religious beliefs… but who cares?  Look… free condoms!!
  • This nation was founded with the mindset that individuals should have the freedom to do whatever they choose (to the greatest extent possible) and that the power of the government should be strictly limited.  But the prevailing wisdom in Washington D.C. is that the government can do whatever it wants and that the freedom of individuals should be limited.
  • There is no provision in the Constitution for entitlement spending, yet we increase it.  National defense is one of few areas of spending specifically mentioned in the Constitution, yet we decrease that.  Our politicians talk as if entitlement spending were mandatory and defense spending were an option.  It seems that our politicians now feel it’s now a higher priority to protect Americans from the burden of paying for their own retirement than to protect them from foreign invasion.

Our Constitution was founded on principles that have been proven to be effective in protecting our rights as individuals.  When we do the opposite of what is provided for in the Constitution, it only makes sense that we would get the opposite of protection.  And that’s what we’re getting – the government is waging an all out assault on our liberty.  But who cares?  Look… free condoms!

Rush Limbaugh Is Not The Problem

This is not a defense of Rush Limbaugh. Rush can take care of himself. This is about a much bigger problem within a much bigger picture.

Have you seen the latest hit piece on Yahoo’s Destination 2012 web-site by David Crary of the Associated Press? Not surprisingly, this latest salvo is aimed directly at Rush Limbaugh. Contrary to the opinion being fostered by the institutionalized “progressive” left smear machine and their eager lapdogs in the “progressive” Party Pravda, Rush Limbaugh is not the problem.

Crary’s failed attempt at journalism is another premeditated, coordinated attempt by the institutionalized, progressive left to portray Conservative refusals to submit to violations of their First Amendment Rights as an attack on all women. House Speaker John Boehner and Rep. Darrell Issa are but two prominent Republicans who have already fallen for that bait, hook, line and sinker.

Sandra Fluke, a 30-year old law student isn’t some little girl fresh from mummy and daddy’s house. She just happens to be a leader of a woman’s “reproductive rights” group. No matter how much Nancy Pelosi orchestrated the whining that Fluke does about the cost of contraceptives, there’s simply no escaping the fact that Planned Parenthood gives contraceptives away. Surely a leader of a woman’s “reproductive rights” group knows this.

Of course, the current White House occupant simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to come to the rescue. Somehow, bo managed to find time between wasting taxpayer money on failing green energy companies or flying off in Air Force One to a campaign fund-raiser to contact Fluke by telephone while she was waiting to go on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports”. What a guy!

When is occupy Oval Office going to denounce million dollar campaign donor Bill Maher’s calling Sarah Palin “a c*nt”? When is White House Press Secretary Jay Carney going to admit that the left is, at the very least, equally responsible for “The fact that our political discourse has become debased in many ways”? Were Fluke not an operative for the “progressive” left’s smear machine, she’d describe Maher’s remark as “really outside the bounds of civil discourse”. You can bet a $5 gallon that’s not going to happen.

This is not about contraception. This is not about a Conservative attack on all women. This is about the institutionalized “progressive” left’s agenda to silence dissent…after they spent 2000 to 2008 shouting from the rooftops that dissent is patriotic.

”progressives” are pathetic, forked tongued, two faced, back-stabbing, hypocritical liars who will do whatever it takes to steal the 2012 election. Conservatives aren’t taking that anymore.


Sandra Fluke: D.A.M. Member, Political Activist, Phony Victim

The Democratic Attack Machine recently rolled out a supposed 23 year old college student named Sandra Fluke to use as an innocent-looking “victim” who was being denied her “women’s health rights” by a religious university. Georgetown University, to be exact, where she made the choice to attend, even though she admits to researching Georgetown University and their policies about birth control beforehand. Democrats tried to insert this phony plant, (more on that later) by using an ambush tactic of not notifying the Committee Chairman ahead of time, simply because this “Fluke” is neither an expert on women’s health, a religious scholar, and certainly not a constitutional law scholar, which are just some of the related qualifications that would suggest that Fluke would be able to add anything substantial to the committee discussion. No, Sandra Fluke is now proven to be nothing more than a discredited political activist puppet, and just another tool for the desperate Democratic Attack Machine of 2012.

It has now come to light that Sandra Fluke is a 30 [not 23] year-old political activist/feminist/typical Democratic Attack Machine disingenuous disgrace. The only thing missing on her just-now-coming-to-light resume’ would be her probable connections to the GLBT political activist front groups. This fake episode of the supposed poor, young college student being abused and denied her “women’s health-care rights” while being paraded before Congress had all the makings of a D.A.M. farce right from the beginning. Fluke’s demanding other’s be forced to pay for her birth control and abortion pills is right out of the Planned Parenthood manual, along with a smattering of the supposed Occupy victim-card players propaganda and filthy common beggar syndrome..

The stench of desperate debt-spending Democrats [soon to be booted out of Congress in this year’s elections] during this charade brings back haunting memories of childhood trips to the local dump, where the stench of rotting food and trash left an indelible impression on a child for months to come. Low and behold, Democrats had the reelection campaign cash-begging emails all set to go the minute this farce was ramped up by the media. D.A.M. also used this farce to try to take down the truth-telling Rush Limbaugh by calling for advertisers to boycott his radio show. ( and of course you can donate to the campaign coffers of the desperate Senate Democrats while you are at it, them being such honorable people)

Of course the head of D.A.M., Mr. Barack Obama designed this whole charade of mandating religious organizations to pay for contraceptives and abortion pills to distract from the real issues facing Americans today, including the stagnant economy, high unemployment, and $4 dollar-a-gallon gasoline that his policies have crushed the middle class under the weight of. Barack is the most desperate Democrat of all when it comes to the upcoming elections, and this whole charade proves it. Note: Why not just let the Liberals pay for the abortion pills that they also claim are for “health reasons” and are now trying to refer to that rat poison as “medicine?”  How about putting your money where your mouth is Barbara Boxer. Today’s Liberal [fake] Democrats never do that, instead they are constantly devising disingenuous plots to spend other people’s money.



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