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S.E Cupp, Bill Whittle, and Larry O’Connor Take on Vicious Hollywood Left at RightOnline

Larry O’Connor of Breitbart TV, S.E. Cupp, and Bill Whittle of PJ Media described the inherent rot on the left that resides in Hollywood.  In addition, they also detailed the left’s inability to bash conservatives in the media figures meant to discredit American values. For example, Norman Lear, a big liberal in Hollywood and creator of All In The Family, originally intended (or hoped) for Archie Bunker to be loathed by American audiences.  Lear literally tried to make Bunker look like Angelina on Jersey Shore.  Whittle stated how the portrayal of Bunker’s blue collar conservatism was suppose mock the right, but American audiences liked him!

Whittle also detailed how culture has driven the political narrative since the times of Shakespeare with plays critical of the Catholic Church that eventually lead England’s break with the Vatican and the creation of the Church of England.  The late Andrew Breitbart understood this and Whittle reiterated the fact the the culture war is located in Hollywood, not in Washington.  All to often, we now have movies, television series, and music disseminating content that does not adhere to American values of decency, honor, and service.   I’m a die-hard cultural conservative, but there is something to be said when every villain is personified as a greedy Wall Street banker, a rogue CIA operative, a sociopathic soldier, or a corporation peddling an evil, surreptitious agenda. I completely agree with Whittle.

In essence, the Hollywood Left thinks conservatives are “retarded.”  In a perspicacious analogy concerning the film Forrest Gump, Whittle stated how  Forrest’s “slow” minded character  is what liberals visualize when they think about conservatives and our values. Forrest is a typical country bumpkin who played football for Alabama who joins the army to fight in Vietnam where (spoiler alert!) he receives the Medal of Honor for bravery.   Jenny is the left-wing sweetheart, who experiences a deluge of drug use, promiscuous sex, and liberal activism. However, her life has no direction.  Forrest fights for our ideals and always makes the right life decisions, despite his handicap, while Jenny’s free love lifestyle ends with her contracting AIDS and dying from it.  Whittle also makes note the parasitic relationship Jenny has with Forrest.  She crawls back to him, he takes her in, and then she dumps him.

He feels no feelings of anger of rage and continues with his life.  He finds success through shrimping and becomes a philanthropist.  The character encompasses the ideals of hard work, honor, and public service. These are inherently American values that the film,directed by a liberal and starring a liberal, attempted to trivialize, but failed for the simple fact that conservative values are un-malleable .  A point that Whittle vociferously made at the closing of the discussion.

Concerning how the left responds to religious films, S.E Cupp detailed how the media was troubled about the release of the first  Chronicles of Narnia film that had overt Christian undertones.  A non-controversy since the United States is majority Christian nation, which was a point comically made by Cupp.  However, when The Golden Compass was released, the media apparently drooled over its release as the first secular film that is more palatable for American audiences.  Well, the atheist movie bombed and Narnia was a financial success.  It also didn’t help that Compass, in general, was not a very good movie.

What was the most disturbing portion during the panel’s discussion concerned how conservatives deal with working in a hostile work environment.  All three were in agreement that conservatives must tread carefully if they wish to maintain their careers.  They also noted that support for causes, like caring for our wounded veterans or thanking them for what they do, is construed as “conservative” by the Hollywood liberals.  Whittle detailed stories of how some of the people he knows in Hollywood  who were forced to “look at their shoes in make-up rooms” and overhear vicious bashings our men and women in uniform as rapists and psychopaths.  Smearing so brutal that it brought some to tears. However,  if they wish to work, they had to keep their mouths shut.

While the panel was not convinced that Hollywood was unsalvageable, they did make the point that this is the long fight.  However, O’Connor quoted Breitbart’s statement of  “more voices, not less” when it comes to these situations.  The panel also made a note that back in the late 1980s, conservatives use to add to the liberal media to fight it.  Produce competing material so the narrative wouldn’t become too dominated, hence the reason the panel argued why Greg Gutfeld’s Red Eye should be broadcasted at 10pm.  A suggestion that brought an enthusiastic applause.  That’s one of the many ways to fight, unlike our adversaries who call for outright banning of material they hate.

In conclusion, the war with the Hollywood liberals is a long, slow, and bloody affair, but one that is not un-winnable.


Right Online 2012 to Screen “Hating Breitbart”

Right Online 2012 just keep on getting better and better.   First, we added new speakers, Dana Loesch, Jonah Goldberg, and S.E. Cupp, and now we hear that a special screening of “Hating Breitbart” will premiere the night the conference begins.  A special event to commemorate the late Andrew Breitbart and the work he has done in combating the Democrat-Media Complex.  However, the fight with the institutional left has only just begun.  If you want to see this film and attend the various panel discussions detailing new strategies in the new media fight against the left and haven’t registered, it’s not too late.

Register for Right Online 2012 today!

Resistance 44 Co-Founder Justen Charters Stands With S.E Cupp

So we all know the sexually graphic, totally depraved, and utterly false story Hustler published  about conservative commentator S.E. Cupp.  Everyone should be appalled by this misogynistic trash.  I hope the National Organization of Women will release a statement of condemnation themselves against these attacks against Ms. Cupp and other conservative women who take pride in thinking independently and feel that the female vote should be monolithic.  In the meantime, Resistance 44  co-founder Justen Charters has prepared a response of his own.  I stand with S.E. Cupp!

Conservative Personality S. E. Cupp Sickeningly Attacked by Hustler

Conservatives may be familiar with gutsy GBTV personality S. E. Cupp. Cupp, who frequently appears on Fox News and various media outlets is a strong, fiery conservative who minces no words about her opinions, and doesn’t apologize for them either.

Because of this, she’s been the subject of personal attack before, although none quite as reprehensible as Hustler magazine’s recent decision to doctor an image of Ms. Cupp. Under the heading “What Would S. E. Cupp Look Like With a D*ck in Her Mouth?”, Hustler published a ‘composite fantasy picture’ of Ms. Cupp with genitalia in her mouth as an indictment of her pro-life stance, apparently justifying this sick attack with a disclaimer saying the image is altered and ‘should not be taken seriously’.

A redacted image of the photo, taken from The Blaze:








The caption attached to the photo reads:

“S.E. Cupp is a lovely young lady who read too much Ayn Rand in high school and ended up joining the dark side. Cupp, an author and media commentator who often shows up on Fox News program, is undeniably cute. But her hotness is diminished when she espouses dumb ideas like defunding Planned Parenthood. Perhaps the method pictured here is Ms. Cupp’s suggestion for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.”

Where is the National Organization of Women? Recently, they sponsored a boycott of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program because of his comments about Sandra Fluke. Yet, the virtual rape of a woman is somehow not their concern? The About section of NOW’s website states that, among other things, NOW focuses on representation of women in the media. Surely then, this despicable media attack of S. E. Cupp is in the realm of NOW’s concern. Or could it be that, because Ms. Cupp is a conservative, NOW somehow does not deem her worthy of defense?

Hustler has every right to publically disagree with Ms. Cupp’s conservatism and pro-life stance, but that right is not extended to character defamation or actual malice. Given the nature of the photo, and the commentary alongside, the malice behind Hustler’s image is hard to miss. Hustler refers to Ms. Cupp as ‘a member of the dark side’- read conservative. They call her support of life ‘a dumb idea’. And the doctored image they suggest is Ms. Cupp’s idea of preventing unwanted pregnancy. This is much more than disagreeing with Ms. Cupp’s opinion. Disagreeing with her pro-life stance is the paragraph accompanying the photo, which snidely mocks her conservatism. Malice is the phallic image, doctored to portray her in a manner she neither acted in or agreed to be portrayed in. S. E. Cupp may be a public figure, and open to public comment, but that status does not mean her rights vanish. This is not a joke, as Hustler suggests. This is sick and perverted.

This brutal attack on a conservative woman once again shows where the true war on women stems from. Not the right wing media, but the left wing media, which for all it claims to see women as more than mere sexual receptacles, can apparently only respond to arguments they disagree with by name calling and creating images which portray women as receptacles. Women everywhere should be outraged, and not just at Hustle for portraying Ms. Cupp in this light. Women should be outraged that the National Organization of Women puts party politics above the rights of people it claims to represents. If NOW had any scruples, they would be defending Ms. Cupp’s rights to speak her mind instead of remaining silent in this disgusting attack on a strong woman.