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If We Can't Have Chris Christie, Let's Try Frankenstein

Let’s be honest, most people who plan to vote Republican in 2012  are not satisfied with the current field.  Two of the most recent examples are the rise and plummet of Rick Perry and the near comical begging of Chris Christie to get into the race.  Although… he did seem to take a curious tack for a man who wasn’t running…  But I digress.

Republicans are looking for a hero.  Heck, they might even be looking for a sandwich.  A lot of polls make it seem like President Obama would lose if he went up against a ham sandwich, but when you put him up against any one of these contenders who are actually running, he usually comes out ahead.

So what are conservatives to do?  Since it looks like Rick Perry’s plan to make offspring from Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain has little chance of happening, maybe they’ll have to see if they can clone some sort of monster together from various parts of the current contenders (and possibly some people who aren’t running too).

Let’s see what we can come up with….

1.  Chris Christie’s ability to control the media.  Remember when it looked like Sarah Palin couldn’t adequately tell Katie Couric what kind of magazines she read?  Yeah… Chris Christie won’t have that problem.

2.  Herman Cain’s relatability.  Whether he’s cracking jokes in a debate or telling you about his battle with cancer, Herman Cain is a man that many Americans can relate with.  (minus the incredibly non-PC stuff… and then again, there are people who relate to that too)

3.  Steve Jobs’ “Reality Distortion Field”.  Steve Jobs has a reputation for being able to distort reality to such an extent, he can tell you that your laptop doesn’t need a DVD drive, and you’ll believe him.  In a way, our current president has this ability too.  Remember when Barack Obama said you can keep your doctor if you want to?  Or how about “unemployment won’t go over 8%”.  When you’re a politician, few things are more valuable than being able to make things up and get away with it.

4.  Sarah Palin’s seemingly airtight background.  A guy moved into the house next door to Sarah Palin, and the best he could come up with is that she might have slept with Glen Rice in college.  He’s not the first “journalist” that’s wasted their money on a goose hunt to make Palin look bad.  Remember the emails?  Media outlets killed about 20 trees printing those emails up, and it looks like they found nothing.  I wonder what Obama’s emails look like?  Think Solyndra.  But, again, I digress…

5.  John Huntsman’s resilience.  He has all but had his podium toilet papered by audience members at debates, and he keeps showing up.  No matter how many times he’s been defiled on Twitter (does that word fit in this context, because it seems like it could) or how much Fox News tries to neglect him, John Huntsman walks around with all of the swagger of a top tier candidate.  (something Rick Santorum could learn from)

6.  John Stewart’s ability to get more credit than he deserves.  Again, this is something that Barack Obama already exhibits, but you cannot deny how invaluable it is to receive awards and accolades that you may or may not deserve.  (think emmys, nobel prizes)  And having the entire weight of American media telling everybody that you’re great doesn’t hurt either.

7.  Bill Clinton’s teflon coating.  If all else fails, and a candidate is really backed into a corner, it helps to be able to get off the hook by debating what the definition of “is” is.  Also go back to number two; the electorate will often overlook your flaws, if they think you can “feel their pain”.

8.  Dwight Eisenhower’s vision.  One of my favorite stories of all time is how we ended up with the great system of highways we have in this country today.  Eisenhower often spoke of his admiration for Germany’s system of roads compared to ours. (he even gave credit to them for making it easier to take Germany in WWII)  Once he became president, he made sure that the United States got their own system of roads that made it easier to travel throughout the country.  An interesting side note is that mass transportation hippies were against him, but Ike prevailed, and for that I thank him.

9.  Elton John’s mojo.  Elton John is like the honey badger of pop culture; he just doesn’t give a… well, he just doesn’t care what others think.  He knows how to party, he can laugh at himself, and somehow, he can be “proper” enough to do everything from singing at Princess Di’s funeral to singing at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding.  Add that to the fact that he’s been relevant for nearly 40 years, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a man who has more mojo.  Also… he sang the hit song from The Lion King.  The man has range.

10. Ronald Reagan’s worldview.  There is audio as far back as the 1940′s demonstrating that Ronald Reagan saw the world for what it is.  He was often able to identify what the problems of the day really were (versus what spin doctors said they were), and he was keenly aware of how to solve them too.  If we had leadership like that today, we could see “morning in America” once again.

If we can’t get Newt and Cain to make babies and we’re open minded to the idea of cloning, this list just might be all the ingredients necessary for a perfect candidate.  What do you think the Republicans need to win?  Who should (or should not) have been on this list?  Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.  We’d love to hear from you.


Mike Yost to Take On Corrine Brown for U.S. Congress in 2012 – Florida District 03

Pictured to the left is 2012 Congressional candidate Mike Yost,  with wife Debbie, whom is running against long-term incumbent Democrat Corrine Brown in Florida’s District 03 race. This race boils down to a very simply-defined characterization:  Mr. Yost is a solidly conservative candidate who firmly believes in our Constitutionally mandated form of limited government while Corrine Brown represents not the people, but special interest groups who fund her career, and the irresponsible big government debt spending commonly found in the Liberal ideology of today’s Democratic Party. Mike Yost is basically a Patriotic concerned citizen and former neighborhood mechanic, while Corrine Brown is a career special interests funded politician, as you will see below.

First, let’s take a closer look at nine-term Congresswoman Corrine Brown. Right from her start in Florida politics, Corrine Brown has been embroiled in corruption controversy as detailed here  , and is currently trying to continue her long time district gerrymandering-to-retain-power agenda, when she filed a lawsuit against Amendment 6 ( The  Fair District Amendment of FL 2010) which was voted into law in the 2010 elections,  here.  Corrine Brown represents everything that is wrong with our government today, as you can see in the above links. The people of Florida voted for The Fair District Amendment and Corrine Brown basically tells them to go to hell by filing a frivolous lawsuit in a blatant attempt to ignore the will of We The People.

Florida’s  congressional District 03 shows us just what Corrine Brown’s pattern of gerrymandering district lines- to-retain-your-house-seat looks like in the following map.


Look at the district lines there!  District 03 currently contains portions of  Alachua, Duval, Clay, Lake, Marion, Orange, Putnam, Seminole and Volusia counties. No wonder Corrine Brown doesn’t bother to actually hit the pavement much to talk to the people in that district, but instead relies on Church gatherings,  BBQs, and other already put together social events to garner her votes. Also of note is the fact that Brown’s campaign office sits right on top of a polling station. This district was created in 1903 ( and gerrymandered ever since) and has never had a Republican win this seat. EVER.  108 straight years of Democratic rule. This could explain why this has been one of the poorest districts throughout Florida’s history, year, after year, after year.  Conservative  Republican candidate Mike Yost would like to change things for the better for all Floridians in district 03, mainly by creating a business friendly environment that will lead to more jobs and prosperity for everyone. That means less of the big government nanny-state agenda, of which Corrine Brown has had Florida’s District 03 mired in for almost two decades.

Corrine Brown isn’t working for the people of Florida, in fact, as we see here,  she is beholden to special interest groups such as CSX railroad.

From our friends at propublica.org: The Hidden Hands in Redistricting: Corporations and Other Powerful Interests  About half way down in that article we see this section: Florida, railroads and friends, with a picture of Congresswoman Corrine Brown, whom Mr. Yost plans to unseat in 2012:

Congresswoman Corrine Brown, an African-American Democrat from Florida, appears to be a case in point. Brown represents one of the most irregularly shaped districts in the nation. It is 150 miles long but only the width of a highway bridge at its narrowest point and scoops heavily African-American neighborhoods out of Orlando, Gainesville and Jacksonville. The result of a deal between Republicans and minority representatives in the state legislature, the district and ones like it helped elect a more diverse congressional delegation but also ensured that the remaining districts would be whiter—and more Republican—because minority voters, who tend to vote for Democrats, had been carved out. Redistricting professionals call that ‘bleaching’.


Then the article goes on to show how Brown created a group called Protect Your Vote, in which this is disclosed: Though Protect Your Vote had little support from representatives of the minority groups whose rights it was supposedly trying to protect, it had a lot of support from corporate donors, who gave nearly $800,000. Last year, Honeywell International PAC gave Protect Your Vote $25,000. The same year, the PAC gave Corrine Brown’s campaign $10,000. Also in 2010, Honeywell hired a former Brown aide as a lobbyist, according to federal lobbying disclosures. And many of the company’s government contracts fall under the purview of Brown’s membership on the Transportation and Infrastructure and Veterans’ Affairs committees. Another $25,000 donation to Protect Your Vote came from CSX Transportation Corp., a Jacksonville-based railroad and trucking company. Brown championed the controversial SunRail commuter rail project, using her position on the subcommittee to help secure federal funding that made the $1.2 billion project possible. The SunRail deal is worth more than $600 million to CSX.


Corrine Brown represents everything that is wrong in politics today, and I,d like to introduce you to the person who would like restore honesty, integrity, and true representation of the people in Florida’s district 03 in 2012,  Mr. Mike Yost.

I recently interviewed Mr. Yost here in Florida to discuss why he decided to run for Congress, what he would represent if elected, and just how he plans to unseat the heavily entrenched Congresswoman Corrine Brown in the 2012 elections. For a detailed look at just who Mr. Yost is, and what he stands for,  please visit his website at http://yostforcongress.com/ .


In  my first question for Mr. Host, I asked him to define his conservative principles.  Mr. Yost stated that he believes conservative principles to mainly consist of three main components: 1- Restoring America to the  principles defined by the U. S. Constitution, Bill of Rights. and the rule of law. 2- Scale back our government by operating under sound fiscal policies that line up with  the same way American households do:   Spend less than you take in, budget wisely for the betterment of all in the household/country and the strict avoidance of irresponsible  debt-spending that leads to bankruptcy/insolvency. Mr Yost also stated that this is more common sense “household economics” than it is “Harvard elitist Keynesian economic theory.”  One has proven to work in countries throughout the world, the other has resulted in the total collapse of economies of once-powerful countries that experimented with the failed European Socialism model.

Next up, I asked Mr. Yost for his views on the present tax rate hikes proposed in the current “Tax the Rich scheme” of President Obama and his liberal minions in Congress today, and how he would  address the apparent problems within out current tax code structure.   Mr. Yost stated that he supports a Fair Tax policy in which  the income tax is abolished and goods are taxed at one steady rate of  an all inclusive 26%. This would prevent politicians from being influenced by corporate lobbyists who seek to influence legislation that includes tax code loopholes and subsidies for the entities they represent.  Mr. Yost also stated that The Fair Tax plan would open up the true free market system by encouraging competition, and which most economists estimate  would double the U.S  estimated GDP in a very short time when implemented properly. Mr. Yost explained the fair Tax plan this way:  The fair tax would consist of an all encompassing consumption tax of 26%, thereby eliminating the personal and corporate income tax completely. Mr. Yost explained that big corporations are effectively buying legislation that provides tax loopholes for the entities they represent, in exchange for political contributions and other favorable treatment. The fair tax ends that charade immediately. When you tax consumption and not production, it opens the door for more competition which in turn creates a better economic environment and more jobs, all the while keeping prices affordable. With the implementation of a fair tax, Mr. Yost explained,  politicians would not be so easily coerced into prostituting their principles in the form of forcing bad legislation onto the people just to remain in office by appeasing lobbyists. As a final note on the fair tax, Mr. Yost explained that we already pay an embedded 22% tax on everything we buy today, and that the 26% Fair tax would leave people with a lot more money in their pockets if their paychecks did not have the income taxes taken out of them, which in turn leads to more spending, which also leads to more revenue across the board. Eliminating the corporate taxes would encourage growth in the economy simply by making more working capital available for expansion and innovation. This would also reverse the massive trade deficits we currently run,  as Mr. Yost pointed out the fact that we have now become a country that is more of an importer than an exporter.  ” We have become a service economy, moving money from one sector of the economy to another, instead of the worlds leading producer of  exports,”  Mr. Yost explained.

Mr. Yost currently serves as his own campaign manager, and when I asked him about it, he stated that he has one picked out, but at the moment does not have the finances to bring them on board. That led us into a conversation about campaign finances in which Mr. Yost informed that he neither received any support from the RPOF, nor the RNC in 2010, when he also ran for the Fl-03 House seat.  ( Republican Party of Florida, and Republican National Committee) Not a dime of  support for a true conservative candidate.  Their main excuses for not helping Mr. Yost unseat Corrine Brown was the usual negative attitude that he can never win that seat because she she is too heavily entrenched in a gerrymandered district that has never voted Republican. Times are changing, and Mr. Yost just happens to be the exact kind of candidate that can unseat Brown in 2012.  How about showing a little can-do attitude like the voters did in the two special elections recently  held, where Democrats were drummed out of office by Republicans in New York and Nevada?  Mr Yost is showing the courage and tenacity  to take on Corrine Brown a second time, so how about the RPOF and RNC helping him out here and doing the same thing ?  Mr Yost stated that he did receive support from Dick Morris and several Tea Party groups in 2010, and when people actually get to know Mr. Yost and his unwavering conservative principles of limited government, his belief in our Creator, and American exceptional-ism that leads to freedom and prosperity for all based on the U.S. Constitution,  he will be seen as a Marco Rubio-type Tea Party candidate and is very electable.

While discussing the topic of campaign finances,  Mr. Yost said he would like to see serious campaign financing reform enacted that would stop the special interests from influencing our elected officials through unlimited funding through super PAC’s, non-profits and lobbyists. ( Community organizers will surely hate to hear this idea)  In Mr. Yost’s own words he simply put it as,  “If you can not vote, you should not be allowed donate to political campaigns.”  Individual voters can show support for their candidates with campaign contributions, while big corporations, Super PACS and lobbyists buying politicians poses a serious threat to our Republic.  G.E, just to name one, is not a registered voter, and therefore should not be allowed to donate to political campaigns, period.  Likewise for all the fake non-profit political action committees and assorted special interest groups.  As Mr. Yost stated, “Imagine the kinds of legislation that would get enacted if politicians were not beholden to any special interest groups, but instead were beholden to “we the people” to remain in office, as our founding fathers intended?

Mr Yost and I also discussed the topic of Federal subsidies using taxpayer dollars for political gains. He proposes a phase-out of ALL federal subsidies  by a 20% reduction  a year for five straight years, thereby eliminating them all together. The federal subsidy scheme is nothing more than a pay to play vote buying scam for certain politicians to remain in power by handing out tax dollars to special interests in their states. Mr. Yost also pointed out that no where in our Constitution are federal subsidies authorized, and how it also stymies true competition which works against our free market principles. The free market and competition should decide what businesses succeed or fail,  not the U.S. Government. To quote Mr. Yost, ” We need to get our government out of our free market economy, and a true free market economy regulates itself.  Government involvement and over-regulation of businesses only serves to stifle the free market, leading to the current negative-growth economy we see today.”

In summary, Mr. Yost is a true Reagan conservative, and he closed our interview with the following quote from the President Reagan himself:  “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”  To which Mr. Yost added his own quote:  “This {election} isn’t about Mike, this is about our children and grandchildren and the future of America.”

I found Mr. Yost to simply be a very knowledgeable, informed concerned citizen whom would like to see America restored to  the freedoms and prosperity that was envisioned by our founding fathers by following our very own founding document, The U.S. Constitution and enhancing our prosperity-inducing free market system. As one writer wrote during the 2010 elections when Mr. Yost challenged  8-term incumbent, Democrat Corrine Brown, that this battle indeed seems to be a David vs. Goliath episode in Florida politics. While that still holds true in describing the upcoming Florida U.S. House District 03 2012 election battle between these two candidates, it could be better described as a simple example of what is right ( Mike Yost) vs. what is wrong, (Corrine Brown) in American politics today.











GOP Reagan Debate: The Herminator, Texans & is Jon Huntsman an Android?

The latest GOP debate was held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley and it may go down as one of the best so far.  Brian Williams and John F. Harris moderated what MSNBC was obviously hoping would be remembered as the Perry vs. Romney debate.  The first ten minutes were devoted to a spirited back and forth between the two front-runners, aided by Williams’ laid-back moderation.  It was clear MSNBC was setting the two Governors up from the start.

Unlike the previous Fox debate, this was a strong showing for most of the candidates.

Herman Cain continues to improve with each debate.  He is doing his homework, and it shows.  As usual, Cain was strong on jobs and the economy.  He ran some big pizza company and did rocket science stuff, so he’s pretty smart.  At this point, Cain is trailing the pack, but his greatest strength is his ability to study and adapt.  He showed he is not to be easily discounted and his intelligence is clearly his greatest asset.  Also, I have a sneaking suspicion Cain throws one hell of a family reunion every year.  This could add a whole new appeal to the White House.  Cain is a long shot, but he is clearly not out of this race yet.

Michele Bachmann was poised and deliberate and made a very strong case for why she should remain in the House.  Having no clear record to run on, Bachmann frequently harkened back to the fights she has infamously backed in the House.  It is clear that the battles in our Congress are varied and essential, and a solid Conservative like Bachmann is desperately needed to continue those fights.  There was a time when Bachmann may have had a fighting chance to be President, but she seems to be saddled with a woeful campaign advisory team. For someone who is clearly so passionate and driven, in the debate format she comes off as forced and deliberate.  One can almost see her checking off the boxes in her head as she addresses each issue.  Bachmann is a great asset to the conservative movement, but tonight’s debate suggests that America may best be served with her in the Congress, instead of the White House.

And that brings us to Newt.  Oh, crazy, cantankerous Uncle Newt!  What is there to say about Newt?  Clearly there is no one in this race who can touch Newt when it comes to intelligence.  It is nothing short of a pleasure to hear him speak on any issue.  His vast wealth of knowledge and experience shows in every answer.  Newt’s internal polling must be showing that he comes off as a little stiff, because he was heavy on passion tonight.  As usual, the crowd loved it and was quite responsive, but Newt’s passionate strength is also his weakness.  With his furled eyebrows, immovable silver hair, and a condescending tone, Newt comes off more as the cranky old uncle at the family reunion than a President.  Add to that the fact that he looked like he just haphazardly threw on a suit and tie and ran over to the Library after his evening workout.  In the end, no one can match Newt’s razor sharp intelligence.  Debate after debate he proves he would be an invaluable pick for a cabinet position or advisor.  Here’s hoping the future Republican President remembers that.

Ron Paul put in a great performance.  Ron Paul understands the benefits and ideals of personal responsibility better than any candidate out there.  He handled each question with the ease of a man who believes what he says.  And then he was asked an immigration question, and that’s when Ron Paul just had to go get all Ron Paul-ish and ruin everything he had said in the previous 40 minutes.  There was some weirdness about a border fence working to keep Americans IN instead of Mexicans out and then the moderators moved on, but it was too late.  Ron Paul just couldn’t hold the Ron Paul in long enough.  The secret is out.  Ron Paul is a great Congressman and a great libertarian, but Ron Paul is also kooky.  And kooky doesn’t win the Presidency.

Rick Santorum was there.  Let’s not bring up the salmon tie.

Jon Huntsman showed America what a calculated statesman he is.  He arrived freshly oiled, with screws tightened, and his newly installed Political Platitudes software was working perfectly.  Jon Huntsman was Governor of Utah, you know?  He has a record there.  He has a record in Utah.  And he speaks Chinese.  And he lived in China.  And his record in Utah reflects his time in China, and Chinese and China.  Oops, sorry.  There is a glitch in the program.  We’ll get back to him later, after his handlers generate a less pukey-colored tie for him.

So that leaves us for the REAL reason for this debate tonight: Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.  Many were anxious to see how the Texas Governor would fair in this debate tonight against the other front-runner, Romney.

Perry exuded a patriarchal confidence, from his high collared shirt to his answers on the science of global warming.  Perhaps it is his Texas drawl, but Perry affects the air of a man who knows where he’s been, what he likes, and where he wants to go.  Some of the questions had him reaching for words and it seemed at times as if he was searching for the right phrasing, but in a way it made him seem more human (non-Huntsmanlike), as if he were coming up with the answers as he received the questions, and not checking the boxes ala Michele Bachmann.  Perhaps Perry’s highest point came when he referred to Social Security as a Ponzi scheme.  This is sure to be the sound bite that will be echoing through the stenographer’s pool in the MSM for the rest of the week and rightfully so.  It cannot be stressed enough the scam that Social Security has become for Americans in the 21st Century.  If that bite is all that anyone remembers about Perry from tonight, he’s gone a long way to locking down the nomination.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the night was Mitt Romney’s hair.  It just didn’t have the spunk of previous debates.  Usually Romney’s hair is “Presidential” hair, but tonight it was just gym hair.  But maybe that was a good thing.  Mitt’s lackluster hair meant an opportunity for Romney to shine in his own right, and he pretty much did that.  Romney stood firm and looked as relaxed as ever when sparring with Perry.  He looked confident, hit all his talking points, displayed good humor and attacked Perry’s record without looking like he was ATTACKING Perry’s record.  It was a good showing for the healthcare-beleaguered governor, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the sheer spectacle of seeing the Texas governor in debating form for the first time.

An honorable mention goes to Brian Williams and MSNBC for what was probably the most engaging debate format to date.  Williams has an easy yet professional charm that moved the debate along while still leaving room for the back and forth that gets audiences engaged.  Dishonorable mention goes to Williams’ colleague, John F. Harris, who sounded like a whiny kid trying to score the “gotcha” for the school newspaper so he can finally have the confidence to ask his editor out on a date.  Boo, to you Harris! Williams was right to let you talk less and less as the debate wound down.

The clear winners for this debate tonight were Brian Williams and MSNBC, for hosting a surprisingly even-handed forum.  It must have been difficult for them, but of course they were sure to line up Sharpton, Maddow, and Matthews in the post-debate to spew the proper amount of garbage afterward, so it evened out.  Perry and Romney came out very strong and with the exception of Huntsman, the GOP pack proved that the bench on the Right is pretty deep.  There is still more to hear from these candidates, but with each debate the field is getting sharper and sharper.  That bodes well for the future of this Presidential race. Stay tuned!

Channeling Reagan

Ronald ReaganThe Republicans in the House have a real opportunity to channel one of the greatest Conservative leaders of all time. But they won’t.

While privately wishing for a GOP presidential candidate to materialize out of thin air that would be another Reagan, the established, moderate, old-guard GOP is failing to grab hold of the opportunity to channel him.

The country yearns for another Reagan and it needs one badly. Many Conservatives identify themselves as “Reagan Conservatives”, but the right can’t seem to accept the Gipper as not just a man, but an idea.

Reagan was a small government Conservative and now, just like then, the establishment GOP does not seem to appreciate those kind of Republicans. Party leaders are doing everything possible to distance themselves from the Conservative caucus – exactly what Harry Reid and the progressives need in order to move their progressive agenda ahead.

The media is trying hard to paint all Conservatives as near-psychotic, right-wing extremists, why would the Republicans in the House follow along? The Tea Party is not a social Conservative idea. It is a fiscally-Conservative group focusing on controlling spending and reducing the size of government. Why is that an extremist idea? Why can’t Republicans lock arms with Conservatives and take on that cause?

The unfortunate answer is that the GOP leadership is so invested in making sure that the blame for the sour debt negotiations isn’t on them that they aren’t able to stand on principle. While asking Conservatives to get their “asses in line” and vote with the Speaker, the GOP is trying to win favor with Democrats at the cost of Conservatives. The Republican leadership seems to think that if they don’t create a really crappy budget arrangement with Democrats that they will get slaughtered in the 2012 elections. Reagan saw it differently.

President Ronald Reagan did not toe the line. He wasn’t even well-liked among the establishment GOPers. But, his message of small government and American exceptionalism reverberated with an American electorate that had endured a terrible economy under an awful Democrat president. That is the message of the Tea Party Conservatives.

We have a terrible President. The first quarter GDP numbers for 2011 were revised down to .4% .. less than half of one percent growth. Groceries and gas are getting expensive and government has doubled in size in the last decade. We need another small government, Conservative leader. That leadership need not come from a person – it could be a group. The Republicans could have their next Reagan, without another Reagan.

If the Republican party could embrace the Conservative caucus instead of running away from it, they would begin to sound and act more like Ronald Reagan – albeit without the sharp comedic wit.


In Search of Ronald Reagan 2.0

Ronald Reagan has been called, in recent times, the patriarch of the Republican Party and ever since he left office in January of 1989, a search has been on for someone to continue in his footsteps.  This search has left many people disappointed over time because there hasn’t been another GOP nominee like him.

Many had high hopes for George H. W. Bush.  Although history has shown Bush 41 to be a good President in a time of transition, he was certainly not Reagan 2.0.  Largely due to this fact, he lost in his 1992 re-election bid to Bill Clinton.

Two other also-rans come to mind:  Bob Dole and John McCain.  Neither of these gentlemen could come close to Reagan.  Both were older men, but neither had a true grasp of the conservative brand that Reagan offered, and neither could effectively communicate their message to the masses.  Both were party insiders who got the nomination simply because it was their turn.  Clinton drubbed Dole in ’96, and Obama waltzed over McCain like he wasn’t even there in ’08.

George W. Bush is perhaps the closest to Reagan that the party has gotten.  He had a cowboy spirit and attitude and, of course, a Western White House, but a great communicator he was not.  The man, while obviously, very intelligent, often looked like a deer in the headlights when giving a televised address.  The course of his Presidency was also irrevocably changed on September 11, 2001.  No one can say where his presidency would have gone had the intervening events of 9/11 not played out, but it is the author’s belief that he would have had a presidency closer to that of his father’s than to Reagan’s.  He went to Washington seeking to be a “unifier, not a divider”, which is very similar to his father’s platform of a “kinder, gentler nation”.

Now, the 2012 field of contenders are vying for the chance to take Obama’s job.  The country is ripe for another Reagan to come on the scene, but none of the official candidates fit the bill.  Obviously, they all would be better than the current Commander in Chief, but they have to be able to sell the conservative agenda and the conservative brand to the American people.

The frontrunner, Mitt Romney, is the establishment candidate in the mold of Dole and McCain.  He has strong fiscal conservative credentials, but he is lacking on the social conservative side and appears to couch his words carefully as to be unoffending.

The other candidates also have incomplete dossiers.  The tea party favorites, Bachman and Cain, both have the lack of experience factor, which causes many GOP voters to wince.  The other announced candidates are far weaker than these, which is why many primary voters were already thinking that they’d be forced to settle and then begrudgingly vote for the nominee in 2012 in the hopes that he or she would be strong enough to actually beat Obama. That hope would depend more on outside factors detracting from Obama, rather than on the GOP candidate’s actual strengths lifting him or her above Obama in the minds of voters.

That’s a terrible position to be in.  The GOP desperately needs Reagan 2.0, and they need him or her NOW.

There is one man around that more closely fits the bill than any other in the last 20 years.  That man is Texas Governor Rick Perry.  His speech at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans was vintage Ronald Reagan.  It was direct, focused, and, to paraphrase his words, unapologetic.  Granted, Perry does have his own issues to deal with if he’s serious about running for President, but he brings to the table something that none of the other candidates do.  He’s got a strong economic track record to run on and he’s uncompromisingly socially conservative.

Like Reagan, Perry was once a Democrat.  This is something that his opponents on the fringes like to use against him, but it could be one of his greatest strengths.  Even as a Democrat, Perry was conservative.  Democrats in the south had a long conservative tradition; a fact that Al Gore tried to capitalize on in his first run for the Democratic nomination in 1988.  Reagan once said that he didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the party left him.  The same can be said for Perry.

It’s still too early to know if Perry can fit the mold of Regan 2.0, but he, currently, is the most likely of the candidates or presumed candidates.  Only time will tell.


Unemployment Suffers Under Big Government: Reagan Had The Answer

The chief of the Atlanta Federal Reserve said on Wednesday that the unemployment rate is actually 16%, “If one considers the people who would like a job but have stopped looking…”. Discouraged workers are one of the dirty little secrets of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It’s a secret the Obama administration is happy to let continue on.

It is to be expected that people would eventually give up on looking for a job after spending months and months competing for fewer and fewer jobs. The longer a jobless period lasts, the more people drop off of the unemployment rolls. So the longer this lasts, the more the rate will appear to slow-down or even deceptively improve. The signs of improvement are not so and there’s more.

Unemployment line

Unemployment line

President Obama stated that the stimulus would create or save 2.5 Million jobs. According to the BLS, all we’ve seen is job losses since the start of this recession and that picture has not improved at all since the enactment of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (The Stimulus Bill). We were shown the fact the the unemployment rate stabilized in July to somehow back this up as jobs saved. Unfortunately, by reviewing the BLS statistics we see a different picture.

To get the real picture, we didn’t look at the deceptive unemployment numbers the government chooses to use.  Instead, we analyzed the employment statistics.  Basically, we looked at who had jobs in recent reports, and who has a job now then we broke-out the calculator.

For all 50 states (yes Obama, fifty), there were 134,300 fewer working people in August than in July. Where are the created jobs? We actually have the answer, and it has nothing to do with government stimulus.

We plotted the numbers state-by-state, then added in personal and corporate taxation as a factor. A not-so-surprising result appeared. States with less-than-median corporate tax rates, gained jobs – 13,600 of them. Wait, tax-incentives improve an economy faster than bottom-up government spending? Who would have thought, besides Reagan. It gets better.

States that had no personal income tax, gained 35,700 jobs. This can’t be. Obamanomics, Stimulus and bottom-up big-government, were supposed to stave off job losses, not Reaganomics. Evil, entrepreneurial, trickle-down only serves the greedy CEOs (and the 49,000 people that apparently got jobs in states that bothered to practice it).

It’s obvious that President Obama did not start the recession, but like Roosevelt, he is using big-government solutions to intervene and may have made it longer and more detrimental than it would have been if market forces had been allowed to work. This is another failure of bottom-up economics by the likes of Hoover, Roosevelt, Carter, now Obama – not great company if you want to be the savior of the economy. Due to the stimulus act and a monstrous influx of government money in to the private economy, this is now Obama’s economy – good or bad.

Just last month Vice President Biden told us that the Stimulus had performed better than his, “wildest dreams”. This is a continuation of the sales pitch to get America to buy a lemon. I’m betting more lemons are coming. Keep an eye out for extensions of unemployment benefits, an extension of the first-time home-buyers credit, and… heaven forebid… ARRA 2: The Mother of All Stimulus Bills.

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