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Riot erupts in Milwaukee after cop shoots armed criminal

Wilwaukee riots

Crowds became destructive and violent after a man fleeing a traffic stop was shot dead by police. Police said that the dead man, 23, was holding a stolen semi-automatic firearm when he was shot in Northern Milwaukee on Saturday afternoon. As evening approached, more than 100 people smashed windows on police cars and set fire to an auto parts store, ...

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Liberal Press Dumps On Trump Off-Hand “Riot” Remark, And Ignores Democrat Plans For A Violent “Democracy Spring”

In a completely innocent remark Donald Trump recently stated that if he has sufficient primary votes to win the Republican nomination and if the Republican establishment refuses to recognize him as the candidate to represent Republicans as their presidential candidate in November that this dereliction of duty will cause a “riot” from Republicans who voted for him in the primaries. ...

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Evidently, ‘Black America’ Doesn’t Get It

Baltimore on Fire

One Baltimore protester exclaimed to FOX News’ Geraldo Rivera, “I want to tell White America to stop not giving a damn about Black people.” And there you have it in a nutshell, the underlying sentiment trying to be vocalized by a violent, frustrated Black urban demographic that has taken to the streets in cities areas across America. There is just ...

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Warzone Baltimore: What Happens When Troops Start Arresting People at Curfew?

The day brought about much needed sanity after last night’s violent, nonsensical events. Now what will happen as local police, state police and National Guard troops sweep the streets to find curfew violators. As darkness fell, agitators in the crowd became increasingly aggressive. Fox News’ Leland Vittert was trying to get someone to tell him why he was angry and his ...

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War Zone Baltimore: Night Falls

A series of miscalculations and missteps by Baltimore leadership and police has resulted in massive looting, several police getting hospitalized and property getting destroyed – and that was during the day. As night descends on “Charm City”, the days events appear to be just the beginning. The darkness lends camouflage to the criminals and thugs. The groups are splintering into ...

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My Address To the United Nations on Behalf of Americans

President Obama will address the United Nations this week and reports are that he will once again address the YouTube video that is supposedly fueling the anti-American riots across the Middle East. Whatever he says, I know I will be underwhelmed and disappointed. I decided to provide my own address to the United Nations. This video is what I would ...

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“Showing The Rich” [Video]

“It’s the (Conservative) government’s fault, and the rich people.”  London’s youth is in need of a taste of soap.  

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