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My Name Is Michelle Malkin and I’m Just A Blogger

I’m Just a Blogger

Well, it was no surprise that Michelle Malkin just killed it at RightOnline.  Malkin, fresh of her heated exchange with Juan Williams, reiterated that bloggers and citizen journalists are not part of the “new media,” but the right media.  The cohort of concerned citizens, who armed with phone cameras, write and post stories, in their free time, about what is really going on in the arena of state affairs.  We proudly share a distrust of the “dead tree media” and other affiliates peddling the narrative of the Democrat-media complex.

She gave a nice shout out to real reporters, like Sheryl Atkinson at CBS, for exposing the “bloody malfeasance” within the Obama administration.  That malfeasance came in the form of Fast and Furious and Malkin made a note that, while Atkinson’s reporting on the subject is commendable, it was just bloggers, like Mary Chastain and Katie Pavlich, that set the narrative and culminated in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voting to bring contempt charges against Attorney General Eric Holder over the issue on June 20th.

It was just a blogger, like Anita Moncrief, who exposed the fraud and abuse of our electoral system at the hands of the Obama administration.  She said what made the late Andrew Breitbart  so great and so effective was that he exposed the lame-stream media for who they are with a smile on his face and a stiff spine.  She stated how we are in the fight of our lives, which doesn’t necessarily end in November.  We’re a democracy and democracy is based on public opinion.  Public opinion is shiftable sand, therefore, there are no sustaining victories in democracy.

As Malkin stated, the war hasn’t changed, only the tools used to fight the battles.  We’re just a “different set of combatants.”  New generals, foot soldiers, and strategists will rise and everyone at RightOnline, and those sympathetic to the conservative movement who blog or investigate, is essential.  Everything is on the line come November against the toughest, meanest, most vicious political team we’ve ever faced.  Malkin is right. This is war. Let’s get to work!

RightOnline Rides High On Walker Win, Prepares for War

Attendees of RightOnline

If there is a difference between Netroots Nation and RightOnline, besides political leanings, it’s that the enthusiasm amongst the bloggers and activists present was high.  Fresh off the Wisconsin Recall win, the feeling of victory in November was palpable.  The kick-off morning session at RightOnline last Saturday in Las Vegas started with Luke Hilgemann, state director for AFP’s Wisconsin Chapter, who reiterated the facts about Walker’s reforms.  Reforms that  reduced property taxes in the state for the first time in twelve years.  In fact, the average Wisconsinite saved $700 on their property taxes thanks to Governor Walker.  Furthermore, the governor took a $3.6 billion dollar deficit and turned that into a $154 million dollar surplus without raising taxes, laying off workers, or disrupting the delivery of key state services.

Instead of labeling and smearing Walker’s agenda, like the political left has done, AFP and other organizations disseminated the accomplishments of the reforms.  Showing the positive changes towards the state’s economy, which saw the creation 33,000 new jobs and the unemployment rate dropping to 6.7%.  The state is seeing a return of its economic vigor thanks to Walker’s conservative reforms that has returned Wisconsin  on a track to fiscal sanity.   News that was warmly greeted by the audience.

Guy Benson, political commentator and News Editor at Townhall, gave an astute (and at times comical) history of the various failures the left and Wisconsin Democrats experienced in their efforts to derail the Walker agenda.  It started with Senate Democrats fleeing the state for avoid a quorum, therefore, blocking the bill.  It was passed after Senate Republicans removed the expenditure language, therefore, bypassing the quorum.  The Left tried to oust Justice David Prosser of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, who is seen as part of the conservative bloc on the seven member court, but failed.  Then they decided to recall six Senate Republicans in August of 2011, which ended with Republicans keeping the majority at the end of the day.  In short, it was an appropriate anecdote to describe   how conservatives are winning in the political battles at the heart of this presidential election.  Furthermore, it is being won in a concerted effort spearheaded by the common people.  A point Benson drove home.

However, as the economy continues to stagnate, despair and frustration are easy characteristics to exude.  There is no doubt that some attendees had experienced or knew a loved that has lost his or her job in the recent months.  However, Hugh Hewitt, who spoke after Benson, reminded people in the audience, (namely the baby-boomers) that this isn’t the first time we’ve experienced such hopelessness.  He stated how 1978, 1979, and 1980 were dismal years for America’s place on the world stage.  However, Ronald Reagan came along, reversed the geopolitical mess left by the Carter administration, and re-invigorated a stagnated American economy.

Just as it was thirty-two years ago, out nation’s future is on the line.  He reiterated the fact that everyone here, and those who participate in this online movement, matter a great deal.  Hewitt detailed how conservatives compliment, not compete, with each other and how we must band together and promote each other to drive, or change, the narrative peddled by the progressive left.  “We are each other’s best advocate” and it’s our duty to bring more “Breitbarts,” like Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Mitt Romney, and Ted Cruz into the fold and “help them get here!”

He pointed out how conservatives, at times, overestimate the threat.  He described how many perceived the unions descending on Madison as an invincible army.  However, Hewitt stated that the media, Occupy Wall Street, and the progressive online networks are pretty much papier-mache and  stated that “boy is it raining right now and that’s a very good thing” concerning their incremental diminishing of power in our political discourse. What’s so great about the online movement and new media, Hewitt says, is that anyone can be Breitbart, Malkin, or Reynolds.  From the ten year veteran blogger to the forty-eight hour one, each day is new day online. Let’s get to work!





S.E Cupp, Bill Whittle, and Larry O’Connor Take on Vicious Hollywood Left at RightOnline

Larry O’Connor of Breitbart TV, S.E. Cupp, and Bill Whittle of PJ Media described the inherent rot on the left that resides in Hollywood.  In addition, they also detailed the left’s inability to bash conservatives in the media figures meant to discredit American values. For example, Norman Lear, a big liberal in Hollywood and creator of All In The Family, originally intended (or hoped) for Archie Bunker to be loathed by American audiences.  Lear literally tried to make Bunker look like Angelina on Jersey Shore.  Whittle stated how the portrayal of Bunker’s blue collar conservatism was suppose mock the right, but American audiences liked him!

Whittle also detailed how culture has driven the political narrative since the times of Shakespeare with plays critical of the Catholic Church that eventually lead England’s break with the Vatican and the creation of the Church of England.  The late Andrew Breitbart understood this and Whittle reiterated the fact the the culture war is located in Hollywood, not in Washington.  All to often, we now have movies, television series, and music disseminating content that does not adhere to American values of decency, honor, and service.   I’m a die-hard cultural conservative, but there is something to be said when every villain is personified as a greedy Wall Street banker, a rogue CIA operative, a sociopathic soldier, or a corporation peddling an evil, surreptitious agenda. I completely agree with Whittle.

In essence, the Hollywood Left thinks conservatives are “retarded.”  In a perspicacious analogy concerning the film Forrest Gump, Whittle stated how  Forrest’s “slow” minded character  is what liberals visualize when they think about conservatives and our values. Forrest is a typical country bumpkin who played football for Alabama who joins the army to fight in Vietnam where (spoiler alert!) he receives the Medal of Honor for bravery.   Jenny is the left-wing sweetheart, who experiences a deluge of drug use, promiscuous sex, and liberal activism. However, her life has no direction.  Forrest fights for our ideals and always makes the right life decisions, despite his handicap, while Jenny’s free love lifestyle ends with her contracting AIDS and dying from it.  Whittle also makes note the parasitic relationship Jenny has with Forrest.  She crawls back to him, he takes her in, and then she dumps him.

He feels no feelings of anger of rage and continues with his life.  He finds success through shrimping and becomes a philanthropist.  The character encompasses the ideals of hard work, honor, and public service. These are inherently American values that the film,directed by a liberal and starring a liberal, attempted to trivialize, but failed for the simple fact that conservative values are un-malleable .  A point that Whittle vociferously made at the closing of the discussion.

Concerning how the left responds to religious films, S.E Cupp detailed how the media was troubled about the release of the first  Chronicles of Narnia film that had overt Christian undertones.  A non-controversy since the United States is majority Christian nation, which was a point comically made by Cupp.  However, when The Golden Compass was released, the media apparently drooled over its release as the first secular film that is more palatable for American audiences.  Well, the atheist movie bombed and Narnia was a financial success.  It also didn’t help that Compass, in general, was not a very good movie.

What was the most disturbing portion during the panel’s discussion concerned how conservatives deal with working in a hostile work environment.  All three were in agreement that conservatives must tread carefully if they wish to maintain their careers.  They also noted that support for causes, like caring for our wounded veterans or thanking them for what they do, is construed as “conservative” by the Hollywood liberals.  Whittle detailed stories of how some of the people he knows in Hollywood  who were forced to “look at their shoes in make-up rooms” and overhear vicious bashings our men and women in uniform as rapists and psychopaths.  Smearing so brutal that it brought some to tears. However,  if they wish to work, they had to keep their mouths shut.

While the panel was not convinced that Hollywood was unsalvageable, they did make the point that this is the long fight.  However, O’Connor quoted Breitbart’s statement of  “more voices, not less” when it comes to these situations.  The panel also made a note that back in the late 1980s, conservatives use to add to the liberal media to fight it.  Produce competing material so the narrative wouldn’t become too dominated, hence the reason the panel argued why Greg Gutfeld’s Red Eye should be broadcasted at 10pm.  A suggestion that brought an enthusiastic applause.  That’s one of the many ways to fight, unlike our adversaries who call for outright banning of material they hate.

In conclusion, the war with the Hollywood liberals is a long, slow, and bloody affair, but one that is not un-winnable.


Sarah Palin Addresses RightOnline 2012

Former Gov. of Alaksa Sarah Palin

With a little less than six months left until Election Day, conservative bloggers and activists have gathered in Las Vegas for RightOnline 2012 to prepare for war against the Obama administration and the institutional left.  With the event packed with engaging panel discussions and keynote speakers, the conference serves as a nexus point for the various players in the conservative movement to network and hear about new strategies within new media to combat liberal narratives from the mainstream media.  The first day featured former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, addressing the enthusiastic crowd concerning the role of bloggers and citizen journalists within the political discourse and how it’s critical in the upcoming presidential election.  She also did not hesitate to chastise the media’s brutal coverage of her and the Palin family during the 2008 election. In short, it was an epic takedown of the elite media.  If you missed it, it is featured below. Enjoy!