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You be the judge: Did Romney tell Rick Scott to fall in line?

Bloomberg.com is reporting that the Romney campaign may have told Florida Governor Rick Scott to downplay job gains in the sunshine state.

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign asked Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott to tone down his statements heralding improvements in the state’s economy because they clash with the presumptive Republican nominee’s message that the nation is suffering under President Barack Obama, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Messaging is important, but at what cost? GOP Governors need to be able to toot their own horns in showing that job growth in free-market states is much higher than the over-regulated, Democrat-controlled states like Michigan, California and Illinois. In fact, out of the states with the ten lowest unemployment rates* only two have Democrat leadership.

7 IOWA 5.1

The Romney campaigns request for messaging may not be as evil as first reports indicate. According to unnamed sources, Gov. Scott was asked to say that the state’s jobless rate could improve faster under a Romney presidency.

The implied commentary is that while GOP governors are creating jobs, they are doing so against the headwind of Obama’s failed policies.

So was the Romney campaign’s request out-of-line?

*according to May 2012 BLS statistics

Florida Voter Purge Removes More Republicans, Ends Liberal Racism Narrative

Gov. Rick Scott

Sarah Rumpf posted yesterday about the Florida voter purge with an interesting spin.  MSNBC’s Martin Bashir, another bloviated ignoramus, commented on the event asking “Why is the Sunshine State in the midst of a purge that even Josef Stalin would admire?”  As Ken Shepherd of Newsbusters noted, “the purge,” by the way, is one admitted by a Democratic official in Broward County, Florida, to be “very, very microscopic” in nature.” However,” Bashir and company ran with a Miami Herald story that spotlighted a 91-year-old World War II veteran who was sent a letter by Broward County (Fla.) officials that questioned whether he was eligible to vote. Bill Internicola, who was awarded the Bronze Star for his bravery in battle, “one of many innocent victims in Gov. Rick Scott’s purge meant to reduce voter rolls in advance of November elections, Bashir insisted.”

Yet, ” a review of the Herald article itself makes abundantly clear the “purge” is anything but. Only 2600 notices were sent to voters who were believed to be noncitizens erroneously on the voter rolls. That amounts to a puny 0.023 percent of the state’s 11,323,464 currently-registered voters (see Florida Division of Elections website here).

Furthermore, according to the Orlando Sentinel:

Of the first 107 names reported purged by the state’s 67 county election supervisors through late last week, a Political Pulse analysis was able to identify 94 from voter registration rolls. Of those, 33 were Republicans and 32 were Democrats. Another 25 were officially “no party affiliation” and the remaining four were of other or of unknown party affiliation.

…The purge took out 41 white, non-Hispanic voters, 33 Hispanic voters and eight black, non-Hispanic voters, with the rest being either other races, or unknown. It also took out 55 men and 36 women, with the rest not identifying a gender.

As Rumpf noted, So…let me get this straight.

The evil, racist voter purge actually ended up dropping more Republicans than Democrats? More white men than minorities?

I agree. It’s very interesting.

(H/T Sarah Rumpf)

President Herman Cain? He Wins The Florida Straw Poll

The national media is at it again. If you pay attention to the polls, read the main stream newspapers, and watch the main stream news, it’s a “foregone conclusion” that Mitt Romney will be the Republican Presidential nominee for the 2012 election.

This assumption would, without a doubt, go right along with the way the Republican National Committee (RNC) tends to choose the nominee. In their eyes, “it’s Romney’s turn”. He’s been running for president  almost 3 years- this time around.

However, the national media, nor the RNC seem to understand what Conservative Daily News readers understand: We The People have had enough “politics as usual”.

In this weeks CDN reader poll, the question was asked:

Who Were the Top 3 Performers in the 9/22 Fox/Google GOP Debate

CDN readers chose Herman Cain as the overall winner of the debate with an astounding 67% of the vote.

In today’s Florida Straw Poll, the winner was…. Herman Cain!

Florida Governor Rick Scott announced Herman Cain as the winner, saying:

“Tonight’s winner is Herman Cain. It shows you something, the road to the White House come through Florida, and it pays to spend time here.”

Winning 37 percent of the vote with more than 2,600 votes cast, Mr. Cain more than won the straw poll, it was a landslide! His closest competition was Texas Governor Rick Perry, winning 15% of the vote.

Mr. Cain showed his appreciation to Florida voters, saying:

“Thank you to the Republican voters for this incredible honor of being named the winner of the Presidency 5 straw poll in Florida today.  This is a sign of our growing momentum and my candidacy that cannot be ignored. I will continue to share my message of ‘common-sense solutions’ across this country and look forward to spending more time in Florida, a critical state for both the nomination and the general election.”

Today’s straw poll most certainly proves that the next 15 months are going to have a lot of surprises in store for the American people- and more importantly, the political establishment!

Governor Scott Creates Commission on Jobs for Floridians with Disabilities

Tallahassee, Fla. – To mark the 21st anniversary of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Governor Rick Scott today ordered the creation of the Governor’s Commission on Jobs for Floridians with Disabilities.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy, people with disabilities have been disproportionately affected by the recent downturn in the economy. Between October 2008 and June 2011, the rate of job loss among workers with disabilities exceeded that of workers without disabilities by nine percent. The commission will identify strategies to close this gap.

“As we work to grow Florida’s private-sector jobs by making our state the best place to start, grow or move a business, we need to also make sure we are ensuring job opportunities for Floridians with disabilities,” Governor Scott said. “Through employment, persons with disabilities increase their independence and, therefore, enjoy a better quality of life.”

Created by Executive Order 11-161, the Governor’s Commission on Jobs for Floridians with Disabilities will identify barriers in state and local programs that hinder employment for persons with disabilities. They will then recommend changes to Florida laws, policies and procedures that can help remove those barriers and increase employment and job opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Governor Scott is in the process of identifying individuals to serve on the Commission and will appoint advocates, education and job-training professionals and persons with disabilities, as well as private-sector employers.

Governor Scott Signs Legislation to Strengthen, Expand Charter and Virtual Schools

Orlando, Fla. – Keeping his promise to make Florida the state with the best-educated workforce, Governor Rick Scott today visited Hope Charter School in Ocoee to highlight education reforms that expand and strengthen charter and virtual schools and increase scholarship opportunities that empower parents to choose schools best suited to student needs. Later today, Governor Scott will visit St. Petersburg Christian School and charter school North Broward Academy of Excellence.

While visiting, Governor Scott discussed how parents best understand their children’s needs and should have the right to choose the schools that meet those needs.

“One of the critical components of creating jobs and turning Florida’s economy around is to make sure our state has the best educated workforce, ready to work in our 21st century economy,” Governor Scott said. “The legislation I sign today moves our state closer to having world-class schools that graduate students ready for those jobs.”

Earlier this year, the first bill Governor Scott signed into law was the Student Success Act. It empowers principals to keep the best teachers and use merit pay to compensate them more, while also replacing low-performing teachers.

“Florida will now be able to recruit and retain the best educators for our schools,” Governor Scott said. “Children should not be locked into going to a failing school just because of where they live, and families should have the right to choose an education best suited to their children.”

The bills Governor Scott highlighted today are as follows:

  • · Senate Bill 1546, Charter Schools – Charter schools will now have the opportunity to duplicate their success and grow to serve more students. Charter schools that earn an “A” twice in three years have the opportunity to earn a “high-performing” status, so they can increase enrollment and open more schools.
  • · House Bill 7197. Virtual Education – Expands the Florida Virtual School to offer full-time instruction to K-12 students and part-time for grades 4-12. District virtual schools will be able to offer part-time instruction in grades 9-12 to more students. Charter schools can also now offer online instruction, either as a virtual charter school, or combined with traditional classroom learning.
  • · House Bill 1331, Opportunity Scholarships – This bill empowers parents to choose a better school for their students assigned to chronically low-performing schools. It expands the definition of a failing school from those that earn an “F” two years in a row, to those that earn two “Fs” in the past four years.
  • · House Bill 1329, McKay Scholarships – Students with special learning needs will be eligible for McKay Scholarships to attend private schools. Parents with children who receive specialized instructional plans must be notified every year of each student’s options, including the McKay Scholarship.
  • · House Bill 965, Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program –The tax credit scholarship program is updated to help encourage more businesses to participate in the program, thereby helping more students attend the school best suited to them.

Governor Nominates Mike Prendergast to Lead Veterans’ Affairs Agency

Tallahassee, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott today nominated Colonel Mike Prendergast, US Army (Retired), to take over as Executive Director of Florida’s Department of Veterans’ Affairs. If confirmed by the full Cabinet, Prendergast, who is currently serving as the Governor’s Chief of Staff, would take over the agency immediately following a special cabinet meeting.

The agency has had an interim director since the late Admiral LeRoy Collins Jr. was killed in a bicycle accident last July.

Governor Scott said, “I can think of no better advocate on behalf of Florida’s 1.6 million veterans, their families and survivors, than Mike Prendergast. His devotion to duty and commitment to our military men and women will be evident in the way he advocates for their health and economic well being.”

The Special Cabinet Meeting to vote on the nomination will be held at noon Wednesday, June 22, 2011.

“Mike committed to getting me through the first legislative session, and he did so with great success. The team he led did a great job of laying the foundation for my 7-7-7 Jobs Plan,” said Governor Scott. “I’m grateful for his leadership and I’m confident he will continue that in this new leadership role that I’ve asked him to assume.”


Colonel Mike Prendergast (US Army, retired), is a native of Tampa and a graduate of Clearwater Central Catholic High School. His 31 years of distinguished active duty service as a Military Police Officer include multiple combat deployments in leadership positions in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as assignments in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Mike culminated his service to the nation with a tour at MacDill Air Force Base where he served on the staff of General Dave Petraeus as the U.S. Central Command Provost Marshal. Mike retired from active duty on October 1, 2009.

Mike’s civilian education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree with Special Honors and a dual major in Political Science and Sociology from Jacksonville State University, a Master of Arts degree with a major in International Relations and a Certificate in African Studies from the University of Florida, a Master of Public Administration degree with a concentration in Public Management from Troy University, and a Master of Strategic Studies degree from the U.S. Army War College.

Mike is a decorated Soldier, and his personal awards and decorations include the Defense Superior Service Medal, three Legion of Merit medals, the Bronze Star Medal, four Meritorious Service Medals, six Army Commendation Medals, two Army Achievement Medals, and multiple additional awards, badges, and citations presented for service and achievement. Mike is a 2009 inductee into the Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame at Fort Benning, GA, and he is also a recipient of the Military Police Corps’ Order of the Marechaussee award in Silver for having had a significant impact on the Army’s Military Police Corps.

Mike and his wife, Naomi, have two grown children and four grandchildren. The Prendergast’s son and son-in-law are both Operation Enduring Freedom veterans and continue to serve on active duty today.


The Florida Department of Veterans Affairs (FDVA), on behalf of the Governor and Cabinet, is responsible for improving the health and economic well-being of Florida’s 1.6 million veterans. The Executive Director oversees all department operations, actions and final determinations, as well as direct supervision and strategic direction of FDVA’s management team. FDVA’s Executive Director is the primary spokesman and advocate for the Agency and its constituency, a role which extends beyond State Government to various federal agencies and Florida’s Congressional Delegation. The Executive Director’s office identifies significant avenues through which Florida can facilitate receipt of Federal veteran related resources and acts on the State’s behalf.

Governor Scott Secures New Canadian Company HQ for Florida

In the following press release*  Governor Scott announces that Garda Security of Montreal, Canada will be relocating their U.S. Headquarters to Boca Raton Florida from California. Citing Florida’s recent business-friendly atmosphere, Garda President and CEO Stephan Cretier stated:

“We have been extremely impressed with the vibrant business climate that the state of Florida is working to create. We appreciate the cooperation and economic incentives extended to us by the state, Palm Beach County and the City of Boca Raton and look forward to contributing to this growing economy.”

This is the reason we voted for Rick Scott as the Governor of Florida, as he is leading the way in making Florida a thriving, prosperous business-friendly state that will result in a vibrant, robust economy that will benefit all Floridians. Thank you Governor Scott.

JUNE 8, 201
(850) 488-5394

Governor Rick Scott and Canadian Company Announce Move to Florida

Garda chooses Florida over two other states for U.S. Headquarters

– On
day three of his trade mission to Canada , Governor Rick Scott announced that Garda, one of the world’s leading security companies, is moving its U.S. headquarters from Pasadena , California , to Boca Raton , Florida , effective this month. The relocation will create approximately 100 new professional jobs in Florida at an average wage of more than $65,000.

“This announcement speaks volumes about the strides we are taking to create the best business environment in the U.S. ,” said Governor Scott.
“Many companies here in Canada have expressed their desire to do business with Florida because of our excellent business climate and commitment to cut taxes and grow jobs – proof that we are capturing the attention of the business community worldwide.”

Florida was chosen for the company’s U.S. headquarters over two other states after deciding to leave California – all three are states
with higher corporate income tax rates than Florida . Garda will soon being hiring for the Boca Raton office. Learn how to
apply here:

“Our new U.S. headquarters in Boca Raton will provide us with the ability to continue our expansion; from the start of our U.S. operation in 2005 to becoming one of the leading cash logistics and armored transportation providers in the U.S. and part of a corporation that today has global sales of $1.2 billion,” said Garda President and CEO Stephan Cretier. “We have been extremely impressed with the vibrant business climate
that the state of Florida is working to create. We appreciate the cooperation and economic incentives extended to us by the state, Palm Beach County and the City of Boca Raton and look forward to contributing to this growing economy.”

About Garda

Garda (TSX:GW) is a global provider of security solutions, cash logistics and global risk consulting. With headquarters in Montréal , Canada , the firm’s 45,000 dedicated professionals, among the most highly qualified and best-trained in the industry, serve clients in countries throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East . Garda works with clients in a broad range of sectors and industries including financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers, insurance companies, governments, humanitarian relief organizations and the natural resources, construction and telecommunications.

The company’s decentralized management philosophy and structure encourages employees to be entrepreneurial and performance-driven in their approach to client service and the pursuit of excellence in all they do. Garda’s global experts take the time to fully understand their clients’ business goals and objectives in order to customize solutions with strong local engagement that meet their needs. As a result, clients can improve operational performance, meet their business obligations, and achieve their corporate objectives. With proven experience and a commitment to ensuring the highest ethical standards in everything the Corporation does, Garda has earned a reputation for integrity, leadership and uncompromising safety standards. Most importantly, businesses, governments, and individual clients place their trust in Garda.


For more information, visit:
www.gardaglobal.com, www.gardacashlogistics.com or follow us on Twitter @GardaCares.


Governor Scott Vetoes $615 Million in Earmarks- Directs it Back into Education

Signs $69.1 Billion Budget; Calls on Legislature to Put Children First; Redirect Earmarks to K-12 Education

The Villages, Fla. – In keeping his campaign promise to make the tough choices needed to turn Florida’s economy around and get Floridians back to work, Governor Rick Scott today vetoed $615 million in special-interest earmarks and signed the 2011-12 state budget. Governor Scott called on House and Senate leaders to redirect the vetoed special-interest dollars into K-12 classrooms and schools so that state spending can remain at last year’s levels.

After vetoes, the $69.1-billion budget meets government’s three fundamental obligations of protecting public health and safety, creating a business friendly environment and preparing Florida ’s students to compete in the 21st century global economy.

“I commend the Legislature for sending me a budget that reduces the size and cost of government and provides tax relief to individuals and business,” said Governor Scott. “Special interests probably aren’t happy with the tough choices I made, but I am confident everyone can agree that funding for our children and students is more important than pleasing Tallahassee ’s special interests.”

Governor Rick Scott Signs Seaport Competitive Edge Bill

MAY 24, 2011

(850) 488-5394

Governor Scott Signs Bill to
Give Florida Seaports Competitive Edge

HB 283 Removes Burdensome Regulation,
Saves Businesses $3 Million

Tampa, Fla. – In keeping his promise to reduce burdensome, job-killing regulation, today Governor Rick Scott signed legislation during a visit to the Port of Tampa that enables Florida ’s 14 deepwater ports to better compete with other ports in the Southeast United States . House Bill 283, sponsored by Representative Dana Young and Senator Jack Latvala, removes redundant state requirements established in 2000, prior to the current federal requirements adopted in the aftermath of 9/11.

“As the best place for international companies to import and export their products, Florida ’s 14 deepwater ports will now be able to compete with any port in the Southeast or on the entire Eastern seaboard,” Governor Scott said. “In Florida , we are taking a common-sense approach to reducing burdensome and expensive regulation so that businesses can grow and expand and create the jobs Floridians need.”

The Florida Ports Council estimates maritime businesses will realize approximately $3 million annually in direct savings by not having to undergo an additional and duplicative criminal history check at Florida seaports. To provide for the safety of Florida seaports, truck drivers, seaport workers and companies must prove a business purpose for port access and present federal credentials to prove they have been screened.

Current federal law requires any person seeking unescorted access to any seaport facility in the country to obtain a federal transportation worker identification credential (TWIC card), which includes a background screening and a threat assessment. Florida was one of only a few states requiring both a federal and a state background check.

Florida’s Seaports Mean Big Business

· Florida ports mean big business and high paying jobs for Florida , according to the Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Ports Council:

o Waterborne international trade moving through Florida ’s seaports was valued at $69.7 billion in 2010, representing 55.2 percent of Florida ’s $126.2 billion total international trade. Waterborne international trade increased 22.6 percent in 2010, up from $56.9 billion in 2009.

o Florida ranked fourth among the nation’s top exporting states in 2010.

o The average annual wage of seaport-related jobs is $54,400, double the average annual wage for all other non-advanced degree occupations ($26,933) and $15,000 more than the average annual wage for all occupations ($38,470).

Governor Scott Warns Governor Rick Perry- We Will be #1 .

MAY 19, 2011

Press release

Governor Scott Warns Governor Perry:
Watch Your Back!

Florida Is Coming for That No. 1 Spot

Tallahassee, Fla.Governor Rick Scott warned Texas Governor Rick Perry not to get too comfortable as the No. 1 business friendly state.

While our state moved up three places from last year’s survey of CEOs, Florida is not satisfied with Chief Executive Magazine’s third-place ranking for job growth and business development. Governor Scott made it clear, “ Florida will not settle for third place.”

Governor Scott also thanked Governor Perry and Texas for giving Florida additional motivation to unseat them from their seven-year streak at the top of the CEO’s survey.

Click here to see a PDF version of the letter. If you have any questions or need additional information, please call Governor Scott’s press office at (850) 488-5394.

# # #

May 18, 2011

Governor Scott’s Press Release on Bin Laden’s Death

Tallahassee, Fla. – “The death of Osama Bin Laden marks a great victory for Americans and for freedom-loving people worldwide. Finally, some degree of justice has been achieved after nearly a decade of death, war and untold sacrifices because of that man. For the loved ones of all those we’ve lost in this war on terror, may this bring some measure of peace.

“I am so proud of our dedicated military men and women and our intelligence community for not giving up in our pursuit of justice. I am grateful for their tenacity and their deep sacrifices. President Barack Obama should also be commended for doing the right thing and following through with the promise of justice initially given by President George W. Bush.

“While threats remain, today the world is a safer place.”

Governor Scott’s Easter Message for Florida

                                                                          Statement from Governor Rick Scott

                                                                           Regarding the Easter Holiday

            “This Sunday, my family and I will join Christians throughout the state of Florida in celebrating the Easter holiday. This is a joyous time to share in all the miracles of life and enjoy the blessings of family and friends. The Easter holiday celebrates our salvation and commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

            “A sense of hope and new beginnings can be felt across the state as we begin to get Florida back to work. However, it is important that we remember those still struggling and lend a helping hand to our neighbors in need.

            “Many of our military men and women are away from their families this holiday as they fight to protect the freedoms we all enjoy. I encourage you to join me in praying for their safety and comfort for their families.

“To all Floridians celebrating this holiday, I offer best wishes for a Happy Easter from both my family and Lt. Governor Carroll’s family.”

Governor Scott Acquires $30 million from BP for Florida Businesses and Tourism

APRIL 11, 2011                                                                                                       


   Tallahassee, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott today announced that the Northwest Florida Tourism Council (NWFTC) will receive a $30-million BP marketing grant to help mitigate impacts to Northwest Florida ’s tourism industry as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  The grant was a direct result of efforts by Governor Scott, with the help of local leaders, to ensure BP is more deeply invested in the Northwest Florida recovery effort. 

“I’m pleased that BP is doing the right thing, and I’m optimistic that with the assistance of this grant the world will know that Florida’s beaches are as beautiful as ever and open for business,” said Governor Scott. “However, this is just one small step on the road to recovery, and I’m going to continue to hold BP accountable to the Floridians and businesses that lost millions of dollars because of the oil spill.”

 The Governor and the NWFTC signed two separate agreements which direct the $30-million marketing grant directly to the NWFTC coalition, which includes Escambia, Santa Rosa , Okaloosa, Walton, Bay, Gulf, and Franklin , and establishes a policy for handling the grant.

“On behalf of the tourism council, we want to thank BP for helping to ensure Northwest Florida returns to its previous state and continuing to support this region’s economic recovery. This grant is over and above what is being allocated through the claims process,” said Dawn Moliterno, chairperson for the NWFTC. “We believe this additional marketing push will be just what Northwest Florida needs to create that share of voice to showcase that our beaches are as beautiful as ever.” 

The three-year grant must be used for the purposes of tourism promotion and awareness building. BP will evaluate expenditures and the NWFTC partners have agreed to quarterly updates on tourism program activities and results pursuant to the grant agreement. The detailed reports will measure results against quarterly benchmarks to demonstrate how the funds are being used and the results that were generated. Return on investment will be measured in variety of ways including website metrics and analytics, participation at events, visitation, bed tax collections and economic impact. 

BP America’s Gulf Coast Restoration Organization Executive Vice President, Luke Keller said, “BP is very pleased to be working cooperatively with Governor Scott and the state on this road from response to restoration. The agreement we have signed is a further example of BP’s commitment to doing what is in the best interest of the state and the people of  Florida . Today’s announcement brings BP’s commitment to Florida to $82 million for tourism and seafood testing and marketing.”

The NWFTC was created by seven tourism development councils (TDCs) many years ago for the purpose of marketing Northwest Florida through a regional partnership. The seven-county coalition reunited after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in an effort to overcome misperceptions about the status of Florida beaches. The organization, which is a 501C6, will receive the overall marketing grant funds and then distribute to the seven TDCs. The dollars will be allocated to each TDC based on an agreed upon formula—two percent flat plus two percent of annual bed tax collections. The individual grants will allow each organization the flexibility to customize advertising and marketing programs to their customers and markets and address specific needs.

“The Tourism Council has been in conversations with BP since fall of 2010,” said Moliterno. “We owe a great deal to our Governor Rick Scott and his staff who have been working tirelessly with state and local elected officials, our partners and VISIT FLORIDA to rally on behalf of the region, encouraging additional marketing funds be made available prior to our peak summer season.”

   More change you can truly believe in for all Floridians. Thank you Governor Scott.

High-Speed Rail Rip-off in Liberal La-La Land

Source: Getty Images
     Pictured at left is Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. This is the man who tried to help force the high-speed rail boondoggle onto the citizens of Florida after we voted down a tax for it, and our Governor, Rick Scott turned down the Federal funds dangled in front of  him for this scam. Governor Scott sited bloated ridership projections and a slew of Liberal math based revenues, and low-ball cost projections as his reason for turning down the high-speed rail plan. Governor Scott, you see actually has decades of business budgeting in his background, and saw through the fluffy false data that was presented to him when he reviewed the project. Florida will no longer be on the hook in the future for billions of dollars in waste, fraud, and abuse inherent in these projects, and we owe Governor Scott a debt of gratitude for his strong protection of the Florida taxpayers in this debacle.
    For the sceptics that want proof of the above statements, we have to look no further than the recently exposed high-speed-rail scam recently uncovered in California. This is what happens when you elect unqualified Liberals to positions of power, as they have been doing in California for decades. Oh yes it’s real cool man, as we see Governor Jerry Brown try to deal with a $25 billion dollar shortfall this year. Already on the chopping block there is the closing of a slew of State Parks to try to save money.  I can’t imagine the folks in Liberal La-La land going without their State parks.  As far as California goes, they got sucked right into the high-speed rail scheme, and now they are going to pay for it big time !  Adam B Summers, a policy analyst at The Reason Foundation laid it all out nicely in an op-ed in the San Diego Union-Tribune recently. In it he stated:

Voters narrowly approved issuing $9.95 billion in bonds, with expectations that the federal government and private investors would cover the rest. But after the election, cost estimates rose to $43 billion for the Los Angeles-San Francisco project alone.

Also, the one-way fare between the two cities was predicted to be $55, making it cheaper than flying. But after the election, ticket price estimates rose to $105, observes Adam B. Summers, a policy analyst at the Reason Foundation.

“Like most large public infrastructure projects, the California high-speed rail project was sold to the public based on false promises, exaggerated benefits and low-ball cost estimates,” Summers writes in an opinion piece for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

He points out that ridership estimates are projected as high as 117 million passengers per year. Yet the entire Amtrak system, which includes more than 500 destinations and 21,000 miles of track, serves just 27 million passengers a year. (emphasis mine)

     The actual cost is over 400% of the original projections,  ( lies ) the ridership projections are so inflated that it is almost beyond comprehension, as in Amtrak serving 27 million riders a year while the scheming politicians and fraudsters had the people of California believing that this high-speed rail project would have 117 million riders a year. WOW.  Where the hell did Californians think all these riders would come from?  False promises, exaggerated revenue projections and benefits and low-ball cost estimates, and the people of California bought it up like $10 dollar Gucci handbags at a flea market!  Right there we see every reason Governor Scott turned down this rail scheme, and he is proven to be 100% correct, and yet we still have some morons down here in Florida, ( The St Pete Times to name the biggest one ) crying about his decision. Amazing.

Mr Summers also pointed out the insanity of this boondoggle was exposed as early as 2008, yet the corruto-crats and the California media puppets of the Liberal machine kept the truth from the people:

Summers notes that a September 2008 study published by the Reason Foundation and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association found that the actual cost of the high-speed rail system would be at least $65 billion and perhaps as high as $81 billion, and that “the project was not viable because it was based on wildly optimistic assumptions.”

Governors in Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin have recently canceled plans for high-speed rail projects in their states. Summers urges that California, which is running deficits of up to $25 billion a year, “should follow their example and put a stop to this boondoggle before it becomes yet another budgetary black hole for the state.”

Thank you Governor Scott and the other Governors that have protected the taxpayers by refusing this Liberal high-speed rail scheme that is being promoted by most of the lame media puppets across America today. I hereby issue a challenge to ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, and Fox to report this information on the high-0speed rail rip-off that now hangs over the California taxpayers heads for decades to come, all simply because of media manipulation, malpractice and flat out lies. What say you MSM ?

Florida’s Governor Scott Takes Tight Control of State Agencies and Regulations

  On Friday, April 8th, 2011 Florida Governor Rick Scott signed an executive order reaffirming that he means business in re-evaluating all State agencies and regulations under his purview.

After Targeting More than 1,000 Regulations for Repeal,

Gov. Rick Scott Issues Executive Order

Tallahassee, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott continues to live up to his campaign promise to hold government accountable. Today, he issued Executive Order 11-72 reaffirming the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform’s critical role in ensuring common sense and accountability in state regulation. 

In its first three months of operation, the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform (OFARR) has reviewed more than 11,000 regulations and, with the help of other agencies, has targeted more than 1,000 regulations that could be repealed.

   The complete copy of said executive order is included at bottom of page for our readers.

       Executive Order 11-72 reaffirms the original Exec order of 11-01, and will reduce over 1000 burdensome regulations in Florida that have piled up over the years, and made our State Government inefficient and a hindrance to business expansion. This also serves as a strict reminder to all State agencies that Governor Scott will be ensuring that Florida’s State Government will be run as efficiently as possible, and be held accountable to the people of Florida in all phases. Some bullet points from Executive Order 11-72 are as follows:

  • Whereas Government must be held accountable for efficient and effective performance and
  • Whereas no profession or occupation should be subject to regulation by the State unless regulation is necessary to protect the people from harm or damage and
  • Whereas the people of Florida deserve a regulatory process that is efficient, effective, understandable, responsive and open to the public and
  • Whereas State regulations may impose duplicative, obsolete and unnecessarily burdensome requirements on Florida’s citizens and businesses and
  • Whereas, continual review and assessment of existing and proposed regulations and rules is necessary to ensure the laws of the State are faithfully executed without unduly burdening the State’s economy and imposing needless costs and requirements on businesses, local governments and citizens, and
  • Whereas, fiscal accountability by all agencies is necessary to ensure integrity in State Government ,and
  • Whereas, on Jan 4th, 2011 Executive Order 11-01 established the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform ( OFARR ) within the Executive Office of the Governor. 


  • Keep up the good work Governor Scott we are behind you 100% !


 Executive Order 11-72 complete. 










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