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Ricin letter suspect under Arrest

Several poison-laden letters have been addressed to politicians and a judge over the past few days. Authorities today announced that they have made an arrest.

Paul Kevin Curtis was arrested by FBI agents. Curtis was taken into custody at his home in Corinth, Mississippi according to an FBI statement.

Letters addressed to Sen. Roger Wicker and Pres. Obama had been detected at off-site mail facilities. A third letter was also discovered addressed to a Lee County, Mississippi justice that fit the characteristics of the others.

Signed “I am KC and I approve this message”, the letters to the President and Senator contained a common message “To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance” – a quote by Dr. John Raymond Baker about ethical behavior. The same quote appeared on the bio of Mr. Curtis’ facebook page.

The signing message had also been used on the suspects Facebook page at some earlier time which likely led authorities to him.

Tests on the letters have so far been ruled inconclusive and more tests are being performed.

The exact motive for the letters is unknown.