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Reuters refuses to broadcast Trump receiving blessing from black pastor [video]

The media is heavily biased against Republicans in-general and Trump specifically, but now, a Reuters cameraman puts a specific news organizations’ favoritism to the test. Donald Trump attended services and gave a short speech at the Great Faith Ministries Church in Detroit on Saturday. He was presented a bible and to the horror of Reuters producers, an african-american pastor gave Trump a ...

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Aurora shooter insanity plea accepted

Accused Colorado theater shooter, James Holmes was in court today to plead not guilty due to insanity. If found guilty, Holmes could face the death penalty for the deaths of 12 movie-goers at the Aurora theater. The 25-year-old is charged with multiple counts of first-degree murder and attempted murder, arising from the rampage that left 12 dead, and dozens more ...

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Reuters publishes errant obituary of progressive hero George Soros

Reuter’s news agency accidentally published the obituary of progressive hero George Soros on Thursday even though he was not yet deceased – that we know of. The epitaph contained the achievements and extortion of a life-long currency manipulator and feller of governments. He was well known as “the man who broke the Bank of England” for selling short the British pound in 1992 and ...

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Obama is the REAL Outsourcer-in-Chief

As President Obama slams Romney for being a “pioneer” in outsourcing jobs overseas, it appears the president himself and his most loyal supporters are leading the charge in American outsourcing.  According to William Bigelow of Breitbart.com, “Obama’s second largest fundraiser is John Rogers, the CEO of investment giant Ariel Capital Management. He has raised more than $1.5 million for Obama’s reelection campaign. Bully for him, ...

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The Trump-Bashing Bandwagon

The list of people bashing, trashing and attacking Donald trump today is about the only thing  growing faster than our national debt. Many seemingly respectful writers, bloggers, newsies, politicians and self-titled intellectuals are all of a sudden turning into blathering, whining, sniveling , backbiting potshot artists all lining up to denounce Donald Trump today. This childish rhetoric seems to go way beyond ...

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