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Gallup pushes socialist agenda in survey

On Wednesday, Gallup published the results of their regular wealth distribution poll. While the survey does point to a country slowly ceding to socialism, the editorializing in the article puts Gallup in-danger of looking like a propaganda outlet.

Inequality is and will continue to be one of the most important domestic political issues. President Barack Obama has consistently pushed for measures that he believes would provide those at the bottom end of the socioeconomic spectrum a fairer chance to succeed, and has coupled that with consistent arguments for higher taxes on those with high incomes and wealth.

If that doesn’t scream propaganda, you’re not paying attention. Inequality has not been one of the most important issues to Americans. According to a slew of polls this year, unemployment, federal spending and health care were the top issues affecting American families. Nowhere in those results appeared “income distribution”, “wealth inequality” or anything even remotely related to the distribution of wealth in the United States.

The title of the posted article is “Majority in U.S. Want Wealth More Evenly Distributed.” The survey found that 59% of survey respondents believe that wealth should be more evenly distributed while only 33% believe current distribution is fair.

When broken out by party, 83% of Democrats felt that wealth should be distributed while only 28% of Republicans agreed.

According to their trend line results, more Americans than ever feel that the government should take an even greater amount of  money from the successful and give it to lower income earners. In 1939, 35% of respondents were supportive of government-forced redistribution through taxation. 52% answered in-favor of Obama-style socialism in this week’s poll.

The percentage of Americans that believe that wealth should be more distributed doesn’t seem to have changed much in the thirty years of the survey. Roughly 30% of Americans have always responded that the current distribution is fair while 57-59% have always felt that wealth should be evenly redistributed.

What has changed drastically is the share of respondents that feel the government should take more earnings from those making more and give larger amounts of money to those making less.

The distinction between the two questions is important. While wishing for all Americans to have a little more is a feel-good, want to believe in utopia type of thing, it isn’t realistic – something all socialistic regimes have come to learn.

Forced redistribution through government mandate is where things get truly scary. More and more Americans feel that the government has the right to take money out of one citizen’s pocket and place it in another’s.

Gallup’s poll isn’t, by itself, supportive of Obama’s social justice form of Marxism. But, in order to make the ideology acceptable, class warfare is necessary. Gallup is simply propping up a class warfare angle in an obvious ploy to move the nation in a certain direction.