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His Reputation Precedes Him

If you attended this “come to Jesus meetin’ “, this is the situation that  precipitated the calling of that emergency meeting.

This week a situation occurred that required the involvement of a repairman. I will not bore you with all the gory details, but will give you an example of what your business practices reflects about you, as we discussed in our meeting.

We rent our home. The management company we rent has a name that is synonymous with honor. Their name implies that you can trust the company. The repair company that was sent out has a name that is a last name, Inc. There is nothing in the name that makes you think you can trust- or distrust- this company.

The repair that was required is outlined in the lease as the responsibility of the owner/management company. However, when I called in the repair request, after asking me a couple of questions, the receptionist told me it sounded like I would be responsible for paying for the repairs. Now, in the over-used words of our president- let me be clear: we are the kind of renters that every home owner dreams of. We do not call in fore repairs on anything unless it is an absolute necessity. We are in our third lease in this home, and this is only the 3rd time we have had to have a repair. The previous two repairs were not emergency repairs, but things we could not take care of. The last repair was an emergency: the air conditioner was not cooling properly. Being that it is one of the hottest summers on record, we are in a drought, and we have five children- this was an emergency.

We change our filters regularly. I keep a very clean house. Yes, even with five kids, I am a neat freak. I cannot function if everything is not in the right place. Clutter makes me crazy. I am a very detailed oriented person, so we have a schedule to make sure filters are changed and vacuumed, and other household chores are taken care of when needed.

We are also people who believe in personal responsibility. If we break something, we feel we are responsible for it.

However, if we are taking care of our responsibilities, and something happens, we believe that it is not our responsibility to take care of it.  The law agrees with us, as our lease specifically addresses this situation.

When the repairman called to get approval to do what he had to do, he was given the third degree as to the condition of the equipment. Now, before I go any further, yes, I understand that there are a lot of people that do not take care of things, nor do they take personal responsibility. Asking the questions to make sure nothing malicious or neglectful caused the problem is understandable. However, grilling the repairman is a completely different thing.

Once it was established that we had not caused the problem, and the cost for repairs was given, the repairman was then grilled about the breakdown of the charges. Now, again, yes, I understand that repairmen are usually not trusted, and many are known to be dishonest. However, when listing out the cost of the actual equipment, tools and other items needed to make the repair, factoring in the cost of travel costs and labor, anyone in the business world knows you have to make a profit to run a business.

The attitude of the owner of the management company was disdain that he would have to take care of the problem. This is the business he is in. He has renters who view the home he rents as their home, not just a rent home. We have never once been late with rent or any other issues.

His actions have reflected a lot less than a business owner with integrity. Not only has his attitude reflected poorly to his renters, but to the repair company as well. This business man- who identifies himself as a Christ follower- has reflected an attitude and actions of dishonor, deceit and untrustworthiness.

His reputation precedes him.

Jimmy McMillan: 2012 Presidential Profile

When you think of the next President of The United States, I do not imagine that the name Jimmy McMillan automatically comes to mind. In fact, the name Jimmy McMillan may not ring a bell to you at all. However, if you pay attention to politics closely, you may recognize the slogan the ‘Rent is too damn high’. Yes, the man that made audiences giggle with his rant about the rent being too high in New York is officially running for President of  The United States of America.

Let me introduce you to Mr. “Rent is too damn high” himself- Mr. Jimmy McMillan.

Personal Information

James McMillan III was born on December 1, 1946. He is from Brooklyn, New York.

Military Career and Awards
United States Army
Vietnam War Veteran
Three Bronze Stars

Civilian Career
R&B Recording Artist
Postal Worker
Private Investigator

Political Affiliations
Political Activist
Perennial Candidate (someone who frequently runs for public office with a record of success that is infrequent, if existent at all)
Founder of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party
Previously a member of the Democratic Party
Showed up at CPAC in February, stating he’ll run for President on the GOP Ticket

Past Political Candidacies
First ran for political office in 1993
Has run for political office at least six times, including the 1993 race
Was a candidate for New York Governor in 2010 and appeared on Hannity on the FoxNews evening line-up

Political Stunts or Political Campaign?
Jimmy McMillan seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to be heard when he is running for political office.
In the 1993 campaign for Mayor of New York he was tied to a tree and covered in gasoline. Also, in this campaign, he climbed the Brooklyn Bridge, refusing to get down unless TV stations gave him air-time.  His “over-the-top” antics to be heard were not a success, as he was disqualified from official entry in the race for being 300 signatures short of the 7,500 necessary to be eligible in the general election.

In his 1994 campaign for New York governor Mr. McMillan walked from Brooklyn through upstate New York to Buffalo, spending his nights in homeless shelters rather than hotels. An injury in Rochester cut his campaign walk short, requiring him to take the bus back hom rather than returning on foot as he orginally planned. Upon his arrival at the state Democratic convention in Buffalo, Mr. McMillan was thrown out of the convention for disrupting incumbent governor Mario Cuomo’s speech.

It appears that Mr. McMillans candidacy in the 2012 Presidential race is not his first. The Federal Elections Commission records show Mr. McMillan ran for President in the 1996 election, though he did not get onto any primary ballots.

He was on the ballot in the 2000 election fo U.S. Senate in New York, but was removed before the election.

In 2005 and 2009 Mr. McMillan qualified for the New York mayoral general election, but did not win either time.

Political Party Games
In the 2010 Mr. McMillan filed to appear on the Democratic primary ballot and the Rent Is Too Damn High party line. It doesn’t appear as though he was too serious about being in the Democratic primary, as he put very little effort into the party petitions. He partnered with another candidate, Randy Credico, to obtain signtures to force a Democratic primary. However, Mr. McMillan failed to follow through  with his end of the partnership, whereby leaving both candidates unable to pursue the actual election. Needless to say Mr. Credico was not happy and had a few harsh comments and personal derogatory terms concerning Mr. McMillan.

Mr. McMillan made sure to collect the signatures and file the necessary paperwork to be on the “Rent Is 2 Damn High” party line.  There was no lieutenant governor candidate listed, making the petitions technically invalid, but because no one challenged the petitions Mr. McMillan’s name stayed on the ballot.
Though James McMillan is a registered member of the Democratic party, he is running for President on the Republican ticket “to avoid a primary challenge from President Obama”.

Self-Proclaimed Political Strengths
It is Mr. McMillans belief that his greatest political strengths are a “mastery of social media, an ability to pinch pennies, and inimitable political vision”.

James “Jimmy” McMillan seems to be yet another person making a mockery of our political process. It is his Constitutional right to run for any political office he qualifies for- including President of The United States of America. However, it is hard to take anyone seriously who has pulled so many “political stunts” over the years just to be noticed.

The new “gimmick” that he seems to have going with the Rent Is Too Damn High Party is further proof of a man that is bent on political stunts rather than a man with “inimitable political vision”, as he describes himself. It does, however, appear the he is right when he says the he “knows how to pinch pennies”, because according to an interview with the New York Times, McMillan lives rent free in his apartment, and has done so since the 1980’s. It seems that he and his landlord have worked out a deal that allows him to do maintenance around the building in exchange for his rent. Furthering the “political game” that Mr. McMillan appears to be playing, he is on record with the Wall Street Journal, as saying he pays $800 a month in rent for his apartment. This contradicts what he told the New York Times, saying he “definitely did not pay rent”.  Maybe he is simply referring to how much rent he is paying for his 32-year-old unemployed son’s apartment, which is $900 per month.

Though Mr. McMillan is a registered Democrat, running for office on the Republican ticket, he does not seem to fit the bill for either ideaology. Perhaps this is why he chose to to start the Rent Is Too Damn High Party. It has been said that though he wants to be a “spokesman for the poor”, he seems to be more “Republican” in his solutions. With my dissatisfication with the Republican Party that does not garnish any points for Mr. McMillan with me.

Positive Points For Mr. McMillans Ideaology as a Republican (Conservative)
He is against Federal Bailouts, and spoke out publicly against the Wall Street Bailout in 2008 and the General Motors Bailout under President Obama. He does not appear to be happy with President Obamain his leadership capabilities (or the lack thereof), first and foremost because he is running for the officeMr. McMillan does not buy into man-made global warming, believing instead that it is a natural occurence.

Questional Points For Mr. McMillans Ideaology as a Republican (Conservative)
He supports same-sex marriage and seems to be very comfortable making good-natured (not derrogatory) jokes about this issue.

Mr. McMillan is opposed to any budget cuts for education or senior citizens.

Though I do not personally see Mr. McMillan making any semblance of a dent in this race it is already proving to provide more comedy routines for Saturnday Night Live. I am sure the political games will only get more interesting before Mr. McMillan officially throws in the towel for the 2012 Presidential campaign.
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