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Saturday Night Cigar Lounge with Taylor August 3rd 2013


sncl_logocdnWhen:Saturday, August 3rd, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific

Where: Saturday Night Cigar Lounge with Taylor on Blog Talk Radio

What: Saturday nights were meant for cigars and politics.

Hear Taylor and his co-host Liz Harrison talk about everything from the past week – from politics, to news, to books, and entertainment. Whatever comes to mind, and of course, sobriety is not likely.

Tonight: Tonight Taylor talks with FTR’s Fingers Malloy about Red State’s Caleb Howe, and the state of the fundraiser for his family. For those of you that haven’t heard, Caleb has been very ill, and the conservative community has been stepping up to help one of their own. Otherwise, there will be talk about the news of the week, from phony scandals, to the latest jobs reports.

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