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President Trump’s Schedule for Saturday, February 4th, 2017


The President is spending this weekend at his Florida home, Mar a Lago in Palm Beach. POTUS will speak with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni and Ukranian President Petro Poroshenko in separate phone calls late Saturday before attending the 60th Annual Red Cross Gala being held at Mar a Lago. The President will give a speech at 9 pm ET, ...

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President Trump Speaks at 60th Annual Red Cross Gala

Press conference Donald Trump

President Donald Trump was expected to give a speech at the 60th annual Red Cross Gala in Palm Beach, Florida which was to be broadcast by the White House Press Office via stream. At the last moment, the WHPO made the stream private, but Trump did make an appearance and if video is released, we will have it. President Trump and the ...

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Praying and the Bible were banned at Red Cross shelter

WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 09 – The Association of Mature American Citizens is calling for a boycott of the Red Cross. AMAC president Dan Weber said the organization’s membership voted overwhelmingly for a boycott, 16,340 to 642, in a poll conducted in the wake of an incident in which a Louisiana police officer was asked to leave a Red Cross shelter ...

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21 Dead – Moore, Ok. Tornado

21 have been confirmed dead in the tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma earlier today. According to officials that number will rise. The two-mile wide tornado has been classified as at least an E-4 category – the scale is from zero to five. Spokeswoman Amy Elliott says the death toll is again expected to rise. Elliott says children are among those ...

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Moore Love – Oklahoma Rallies After Deadly Tornado

For the second day in a row, Central Oklahoma was hit with severe weather and deadly tornadoes. Moore, Oklahoma is no stranger to the danger of tornadoes. On May 3, 1999, the city of Moore, which is just South of Oklahoma City, was devastated by an EF5 tornado that killed 46 people. The tornado today, which followed a strikingly similar ...

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Granbury, Tx. tornadoes – 6 dead, death toll could rise

Six are confirmed dead after severe storms and multiple tornadoes hit North Texas in the evening yesterday. Hardest hit was Granbury, Tx., where a sub-division of Habitat for Humanity homes were in the path of what from early reports, appears to have been EF-4 strength twister. There are still some people unaccounted for, and officials have stated it is possible ...

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Hypocrisy: Molinaro blames slow storm relief on Red Cross

Some things never change.. some things do. The paraphrased line from The Matrix‘s “Morpheus” can be applied to the hypocritical nature of some in politics. When Hurricane Katrina, a massive category 3 storm, hit the Gulf coast, politicians could do nothing but blame the sitting president for slow relief response. There was no blaming relief groups, the poor judgement of ...

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Hurricane Sandy – How To Help

. As Hurricane Sandy begins to weaken and pass, cleanup efforts and relief are needed.  Here is how you can help through the American Red Cross. NOTE – Only use reputable charities and organizations in order to avoid scams. FINANCIAL HELP Financial donations help the Red Cross provide shelter, food, emotional support and other assistance to those affected by disasters ...

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March Storms: 24 Dead, Town ‘Completely Gone’

A devastatingly strong storm system that stretched from the Great Lakes to the Gulf left a wake of destruction as it passed through America’s mid-West on Friday. Two towns, Marysville and Henryville, Indiana were hit hardest. Marysville’s Sheriff Adams said that “Marysville is completely gone”. Aerial footage from the Red Cross confirms the scope of the damage in Henryville.

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