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Justice Dept: Gibson Should Just Move to Madagascar

The continuing saga of Obama’s Dept. of Justice going after American guitar maker Gibson just got even more incredulous. Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz was interviewed by KJMN’s Chris Daniel today and mentioned that the agents stealing materials from his factory told him, no wrote down that if he’d move his labor force to Madagascar, this wouldn’t be an issue. You can hear the entire interview, but here’s where the interview took a turn. Chris Daniel asked Henry if the government told him to relocate to a foreign country, he replied, ” They actually wrote that in a pleading.”

Chris:  That your problems would uh,  go away if you used Madagascar labor instead of our labor?

Mr. Juszkieicz:  Yes

Between this, the Boeing NLRB mess, the Department of Justice blocking of AT&T’s effort to bring back 5,000 jobs from other countries, it is becoming more obvious that the administration has no clue how to create jobs, foster business growth or bring America back to growth.

Despite Gibson playing the environmentalist game, they are being singled-out. They follow the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council, they consult with environmentalist groups like Green Peace and still .. STILL the government goes after them. The government of Madagascar has signed affidavits that Gibson has complied with their laws and the Obama administration then decides that Madagascar is not a real government .. but still tries to enforce their laws.

What’s even worse is that in the same interview, Gibson’s CEO relays that the Obama administration does not even recognize the government of Madagascar, but is somehow interpreting their laws differently than they do. You’ll have to listen to the audio to believe the inane behavior of Eric Holder, the Dept. of Justice and the rest of the Obama administration.

This is exactly how you kill jobs – American jobs – and send them overseas.