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Herman Cain Takes Commanding Lead in PPP National Poll

While Public Policy Polling’s Iowa results showed Cain up large (30-22 over Mitt Romney), he had yet to lead that widely on a national level – until today. PPP released their monthly poll which shows Cain over Romney by the same margin as the Iowa poll – 30-22.

Important to note is that this monthly poll concluded on the 10th –  one day before the debate.  Performances in last night’s debate had no impact on the results.

Cain’s favorable/unfavorable numbers are the best of all the candidates at 66% favorable and 15% unfavorable. Ron Paul had the worst unfavorable rating as 54% of respondents found Rep. Paul unfavorable and only 29% favorable. The only debate candidate with a worse favorable rating than Ron Paul was Jon Huntsman at 20%.

Newt Gingrich‘s slow slog to the front is continuing. His favorable numbers have grown to 57% while his unfavorable rating has dropped to 30%. That put him in the second place spot for favorability among candidates in the debate.

Of the debate participants, Mitt Romney had the third best favorable rating at 31% and tied for fourth in unfavorability with Jon Huntsman.

When asked if the leading candidates were too liberal, too conservative or just right, the respondents answered:

————— Too Liberal Just Right Too Conservative
Mitt Romney 31% 51% 5%
Rick Perry 17% 53% 14%
Herman Cain 6% 71% 8%

It appears that Cain is out-middling Mitt Romney by the results in the table. Being so set in the Goldie Locks zone, it might seem logical to assume that Tea Partiers may find Cain unappealing. Precisely the opposite, the poll shows that Herman Cain is enjoying a large portion of his following from those that consider the TEA parties favorably.

When the all important question of who would you vote for was asked:

If the Republican candidates for President were Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum, who would you vote for?
Michele Bachmann ————-   5%
Herman Cain ——————–  30%
Newt Gingrich ——————- 15%
Jon Huntsman ——————- 2%
Gary Johnson ——————– 0%
Ron Paul ————————– 5%
Rick Perry ———————— 14%
Mitt Romney ——————–  22%
Rick Santorum ——————  1%
Someone else/Not sure ——-  6%

While the mainstream media is ready to crown Mitt Romney, the voters may have something to say about that.