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Why the Obama Loyalty Oath Teacher Rocks

The right-wing blogosphere has been a-twitter with the news that some associate prof at a community college (like that’s a real college) gave students a pledge sheet to swear eternal loyalty and fidelity to Dear Leader during… a math class.

For those of you who thought liberals ran the social science and humanities, but refrained from math and the hard sciences because, well, they’re hard, don’t worry — lefty academics have those fields covered too. Just in case one of you pesky right-wingers thought about infiltrating gemology or cartography or something boring like that.

The teacher was immediately persuaded to take a leave of absence without pay. She should be given a medal.

You see, the teacher actually had the guts to make clear something that had been unwritten since the 1960s: if you don’t toe the Democrat line, your grade ain’t gonna be just fine. Call it transparency, which is more than the Obama administration ever achieved.

But let’s not get carried away. It’s not like 90-95% of professors vote Democrat, right?

So this loyalty oath should be appreciated by those on both the right and left. It gives one a clear idea of what a professor actually thinks about your politics. If you’re a lefty, skip the readings, show up for half the classes, kick back in class, and expect to get extra credit for making a snide remark about Sarah Palin’s retard baby.

Oh, right. Grade inflation’s a figment of my imagination. Forgot.

If you’re a righty, prepare to take a monk-like vow of silence for at least four years (god love you if you go to graduate school), keep your mouth shut for fear you might be outed as an advocate of icky things like the Constitution or personal responsibility, and get a shrink on speed dial for Zoloft refills.

One ugly and memorable example provides context. Sitting in a doctoral-level class on Marx & Marxism (had to find out what all the killing and poverty was about), it was discovered by the rabidly left-wing prof that one of the wet-behind-the-ears students was writing for a conservative blog. The professor “outed” him triumphantly in class and harassed him mercilessly the rest of the semester. Because you know — compassion.

This was far from the only such experience at my university. Nasty withdrawal letters were posted on college websites explaining that the faculty was essentially “fascist,” completely rigid in its leftwing ideology, and the student was dropping out before she likely snapped and set fire to the place.

What was the problem? Lack of truth in advertising. There aren’t colleges or universities anymore in the United States. There are radical leftist think tanks. You don’t go to grad school to study social science but socialist science. And you’re not escaping the fools just because you are taking something as innocuous as math. Because socialist math dictates two plus two equals five.

So thank you, Associate Professor Sharon Sweet, for showing some guts and finally putting out your real classroom requirements. Vote for Obama and pass. Vote for the other side and fail. That’s open-mindedness, tolerance, and diversity, all wrapped up into a smiley-fascist blood pact to the country’s chief golfer and celebrity schmoozer. The head narcissist wouldn’t have it any other way.

Note: The author went to a community college and was just kidding about that line.

What We Are Not Teaching Our Children

Tom Kubistant (Source: Westlaw Insider)

Tom Kubistant teaches a “human sexuality” class at Western Nevada College.  According to an article from The Blaze, Mr. Kubistant is accused of “requiring students to masturbate and publicly reveal personal sex-fantasies in order to pass” his class.

Karen Royce, a 60-year-old student who was taking the class made her objections known to Mr. Kubistant, who became “agitated” with her objections. She then took her complaints to the legal department at Western Nevada College, but was told that Mr. Kubistant had the “upmost freedom in teaching and in ‘research.’” The legal department used a waiver Ms. Royce had signed at the beginning of the class  against her. This waiver included the outline of the class, and stated that “the class may contain ‘language’ that would make students feel uncomfortable.”

Getting no help from the college, Ms. Royce filed a federal complaint  in U.S. District Court against Western Nevada College.

Ms. Royce’s attorney, Ken McKenna gave a statement to ABCNews.com, stating:

 “How the authorities for this college could allow this man to conduct his class in this fashion and in effect say that‘s OK with us is so outrageous it’s beyond belief. I think he needs to be terminated. He has crossed so many ethical, legal and moral boundaries… My mind immediately went to the question is he grooming these young 17-, 18-, 19-year-olds so he can have further contact with them outside the school environment? His behavior borders on perversion.”

Mr. Kubistant’s behavior does not “border on perversion”, it is without a doubt perversion, and criminal! For the students who are 17-years-old, this should be considered sexual abuse of a child!

Karen Royce is a hero for speaking out against this man! However, what is most troubling is the fact that she seems to be the only one to have taken a stand over this. She is 60-years-old, undoubtedly sure of herself as a woman, and unwilling to be intimidated by this pervert.

Where are all the younger students? Why has no one spoken out against this man before now? Yes, it is true that our society is inundated with sex, and a certain amount of desensitization has happened because of it, but it is very hard to believe that Karen Royce is the first person to have ever have an issue with Mr. Kubistant’s “curriculum”. Why has no one taken a stand before now? They have allowed themselves to be bullied and degraded by a pervert in a position of authority.

We as a nation have allowed the very foundation of our country to be eroded to the point that we are not teaching our children to stand up for what is right. We have allowed our children to become lemmings rather than leaders. We have not protected our children’s freedom. We have failed our children by not teaching them to “buck the system” when it is wrong.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.
We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.

It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”
Ronald Reagan