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Abortion Rights Thugs Storm Texas Legislature; Block Vote On Limiting Abortions To 20 Weeks

Same old Pro-Death “activists”. Hey, let’s go filibuster the “outrage” of limiting abortions to 20 weeks and requiring those “clinics” to implement the same standards as any surgical center! YEA! That sounds like something that is right up there with Slavery! Hurry get your code pink outfits and meet at the Texas State Capitol!! Do these idiots know just how ridiculous they sound? Killing the unborn at any time is murder, but a woman who is 20 weeks pregnant—that’s 5 months pregnant, and they are protesting the “right” to slaughter that innocent child? Watch the video below. After “demonstrating” for over 10 hours, at 3am, the Republicans conceded the vote could not be finished on time.

Bicycling Across America to Raise Awareness and Support for Pro-Life Medical Clinics

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., May 17, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — From May 12, 2012 to June 30, 2012 Tom Massoth will ride his bicycle across the country from Los Angeles to Boston. The ride is an effort to grow awareness for the pro-life movement and support for Birth Choice Health Clinics, one of California’s leading networks of pro-life medical clinics.

Birth Choice Health Clinics (BCHC) is a life-affirming alternative to commercial reproductive health service providers. With seven locations throughout California, BCHC offers men and women free services for STD, HIV, and pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, options counseling, and other related services. BCHC delivers on its mission everyday; “Being led by God, we provide caring, high quality and comprehensive reproductive health services consistent with the inherent value of every person.”

Through his ride, Tom Massoth will fulfill a life-long dream of riding his bicycle across the beautiful USA. But so much more than that is at stake; during his ride 40,980 innocent babies will be lost to abortion in our country. His goal is to raise awareness and prayer support for the pro-life cause, and to raise $40,980 for Birth Choice Health Clinics, $1 for each of these precious lives. Tom and his wife also volunteer weekly for Birth Choice Health Clinics. Already, Tom has kicked off his journey and traveled 379 out of a total 3,415 miles. Tom’s Life Ride blog will be updated daily on his efforts and whereabouts. Visit the blog and you, for seven weeks, will “ride” together with Tom, pray together, and remember not only the lives who have been lost, but also those we will save… one mile at a time.