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The Real Reason Why Democrats Do Not Want To Privatize Social Security

What do Great Britain, Australia, Argentina, Peru, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Russia and Chile have in common? They all have privatized their Social Security Systems. While the people in those countries enjoy a 9% – 12% return on their money, we in this country enjoy a 1% – 5% return on our money, who is better off? As a matter of fact, a total of more than 30 countries have gone the way of privatizing their retirement systems, also, the people of Chile have enjoyed an average of 12% over the past 15 years, so sign me up for that program.

So why can we not do that in this country? Because the Democrats have been fighting against privatizing Social Security for decades.  Social Security advocates have long fought their case for continuation of the program with phony claims that workers could count on safety and a decent return on their money. (Notice they say a decent return, not good or great, but decent.) Now that the truth is known, privatization ought to be a no-brainer, but who ever said politicians had brains anyway.

The Democrats say it is for the betterment of the American people. But the truth is that politicians have been using the Social Security System as their own ATM account for years. Money that was supposed to be in a “Lock Box” has been drained for years by greedy politicians. Whenever money is needed for whatever, they hit Social Security and just throw in an I.O.U., which we all know, will never be repaid, it is safe to assume that there are more I.O.U.’s than money in that “Lock Box.”

Taking away the Golden Goose is not what politicians want to see happen, so they will use the “We only want to protect the American people” speech, which we know is just a lot of crap. Protecting their money source is one of their main priorities. If politicians did not have money for their pork projects, just think of how much better off we would be. With all those countries having so much success with privatizing their funds, why are we not allowed to do that here, after all, it is supposed to be OUR MONEY, not the politicians.

During the presidential primaries, the Governor of Texas Rick Perry was criticized for calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme, but he was absolutely right. The people working today, are the ones paying for the retirees Social Security, that my friends is a Ponzi scheme. Now, where is the money that the retirees put in so many years ago? Who knows, you can call Washington, but I am sure they will not know either.

Of course, there are your doom and gloomers who say it is still too risky, that’s fine, for them. I’ll tell you this, if I was 20 years old, just starting out, I would choose to opt-out of Social Security. Choice is what we should have with our money, not be forced to hand it over to Washington, so that they can do with it what they see fit to do, which is waste it. The reason why Government cannot manage money is because they just do not care, it is not their money and they do not have to answer to anyone, so they just go on spending.

Social Security is only one of the many programs that need to be privatized, as far as I am concerned, the less the Government sticks it hands into things, the better off we will all be. Governments on every continent have sold off state-owned assets to private investors in recent decades. Airports, railroads, energy utilities, roads, bridges, prisons and many other assets have been privatized. The privatization revolution has overthrown the belief widely held that governments should own the most important industries in the economy. Privatization has generally led to reduced costs, higher-quality services, and increased innovation in formerly dying government industries. Just look at how well the Post Office is being run.

The government has shown itself to be a failure at providing efficiency and high quality in services such as air traffic control, T.S.A. These industries are too important to miss out on the innovations that private entrepreneurs could bring to them, just think how much safer we would be, plus we would be treated like persons instead of cattle, as we are now.

This is one man’s opinion.

Seven Points of Economic Leadership for the United States of America

Seven Point of Economic Leadership for the United States of America

By William Way

It is time for economic leadership in Washington that makes sense.  The entire mental infrastructure of Washington DC has endorsed the foolish theories of Keynes.  If they studied just a little bit, only a little, they would recognize that Keynes never believed that his theories would work to sustain a society.  He was all about disrupting civilization.  Sadly, Barack Obama is so socially challenged by never having really worked in his entire life that he believes in the silly Keynesian theories as if they were relevant to real economic problems.

The nation needs serious changes in its whole economic structure if it is to recover from the ignorant Keynesian theories of the past 65 years.  New leadership is needed, not tricks used by former governors to delude the people into believing they had realistic economic plans in their states.

Here are THE seven steps necessary to fix the United States economy.  Serious leaders will embrace them.

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  1. Stop printing money. Close  the Bureau of Engraving and Printing for two years, effective January 9, 2012. 
  2. Eliminate the Federal Reserve’s ability to manipulate the supply of money, but not necessarily to act as a central banking system.
  3. Establish an op-in privatized retirement system that phases in over fifteen years.  Social Security ends after fifteen years (This plan assures a greater retirement benefit than a lifetime Social Security program, without injuring current retirees.
  4. Reinstate a commodity-based monetary system where the dollar is tied to the overall value of dedicated retirement funds.
  5. Offset the assault on the dollar by foreign nations and Wall Street currency speculators by stipulating that the US will repay all foreign debt only at the prevailing value of the dollar when payments are made.
  6. Institute a four year plan to convert to a consumption tax on all goods and services except medical expenses.  This should be capped at national rate 14%.
  7. Shut down the IRS and transfer tax collection and disbursement duties to the states, which are already doing the work.

Fear mongers and socialistic minded candidates will declare it won’t work.  That is fear tactics intended to deceive voters into maintaining a failed system.

The future of America’s and the world’s economy rest on these actions.  Anything less will inevitably lead to economic collapse worldwide.  When a nation’s economy fails all security within that nation fails also.

The time for leadership is NOW!