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American Technology!

Meet EMILY, a robotic lifeguard that assists swimmers.

Designed by Hydronalix, a US start-up company, this new device is currently being tested on the shores of California. The 25 lb remote controlled robot can travel up to 40 miles per hour reaching an overcome victim minutes before the rescuers. Meant as a flotation device EMILY offers rest to swimmers needing assistance, especially those caught in rip-tide currents. Some versions of EMILY are equipped with a microphone system so that operators on shore can communicate with the swimmer letting him know help is on the way.

Congratulations to the designers at Hydronalix.

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Obama Backtracks…. Private Sector “Not Doing Fine” After All

This just has not been a good day for President Obama!

First thing this morning there was an out-of-touch-with-reality quip that the private sector is “doing fine”.

It didn’t take long for the RNC to respond with their own ad, which caused the President to scramble for a response of his own.

Just hours after Mitt Romney taunted Obama for being “out of touch,” the president wanted to “make it clear as he could be”… he knows there is more work that needs to be done to jump-start the economy”, saying:

“It’s is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine, that’s the reason I had the press conference.”

RNC: “Give It To Me”

On Thursday, the Republican National Committee published a news release and video detailing Obama’s willingness to take responsibility for the economic situation in America and the results.

Obama Fails

Obama: “My administration has a job to do as well. That job is to get this economy back on its feet. That’s my job, and it’s a job I gladly accept. I love these folks who helped get us in this mess and then suddenly say, ‘Well this is Obama’s economy.’ That’s fine. Give it to me. My job is to solve problems, not to stand on the sidelines and carp and gripe. So, I welcome the job. I want the responsibility.”(President Barack Obama, Remarks At Macomb Community College, Warren, MI, 7/14/09)


  • $1.65 Trillion: Projected Federal Deficit For FY2011 – Will Be The Largest In U.S. History. (OMB, 2/14/11)
  • $1.42 Trillion: Federal Budget Deficit For FY2009 – Highest In U.S. History. (CBO, 10/7/10)
  • $1.29 Trillion: Federal Budget Deficit For FY2010 – Second Highest In U.S. History. (CBO, 10/7/10)
  • 44.6 Million: Americans Receiving Food Stamps. (The Wall Street Journal, 5/31/11)
  • 14.0 Million: Unemployed Americans. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/14/11)
  • 6.8 Million: Foreclosure Filings Since Obama Took Office. (RealtyTrac, Accessed 7/14/11)
  • 2.5 Million: Jobs Lost Since Obama Took Office. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/14/11)
  • 2.0 Million: Private Sector Jobs Lost Since Obama Took Office. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/14/11)
  • 1.8 Million: Jobs Lost Since Obama’s Stimulus Was Passed. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/14/11)
  • 1.59 Million: Personal Bankruptcies In 2010. (United States Courts, 2/15/11)
  • 9.2%: Unemployment Rate. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/14/11)

Why Isn’t the Obama Plan Working?

The Obama plan is failing because the plan is not focused on rescuing the economy through private sector jobs and a better business climate. Obama has spent the sum of his tenure pandering to Big Labor, green energy and Wall Street. He’s sent his NLRB attack dog after Boeing, imposed a moratorium on drilling, wants to raise taxes on entrepreneurs and more. The stimulus mainly went into the pockets of the unions and did nothing for the employment picture. Obama’s gifting of GM to the unions at the cost of the tax payer is a further demonstration of the administrations desire to help unions at any cost to the country.

Quite simply, Obama’s plan is failing because it was never intended to help any of us – the people.