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Why Rick Santorum Mattered

This afternoon, when Rick Santorum dropped out of the presidential race, my heart broke. As a young conservative, for as long as I can remember, the political landscape has been dominated by corrupt career politicians who ignore the voice of their constituents and vote as they please to gain power and riches. It seemed political efficacy was dead. The only people whose voice mattered were the rich and powerful who had the connections to run for office and buy votes. I’d given up hope for the 2012 election. And then, along came Rick Santorum and his incredible underdog campaign.

Why did Rick Santorum matter so much to me?

He went from being the longest of long shots, garnering one or two percent in presidential polls, to winning Iowa. In every state, he was outspent two or three times by the most prominent candidates. They ran attack ads that Santorum could not afford to respond to, yet people still voted for Santorum.

Time and again, GOP leaders endorsed Mitt Romney. Even conservative and Tea Party leaders, whose views Rick Santorum embodied, gave their endorsement to Mitt Romney. And still, Rick Santorum pulled off seemingly miraculous primary wins.

Rick Santorum had little money. The majority of his campaign finances came from small donations from private citizens, not rich businessmen or corporations. What he lacked in money, he made up in personal campaign stops to spread his message, perhaps most famously by visiting every county in Iowa.

Time and again, his words were twisted by the media-he was a crazy right wing extremist who wanted to ban birth control and drag women back to the dark ages.

Yet, despite the media spin, despite attack ads and trailing in campaign donations, despite virtually no exposure in early debates and despite the media dismissing him at every turn, Rick Santorum drew votes from the people. Something about his message made sense to voters. And his success in the poll was a result of his message, not support from party politicians, not a result of money spent on ads selling him or attacking his opponents.

And that’s why Rick Santorum mattered- he reminded us that a private citizen, with little political party backing, little money and little organization, could get out on the public stage, speak passionately about the principles that moved and motivated him, and inspire people to vote for him.

And that’s why today, I’m deeply saddened by Rick Santorum’s decision to drop out of the race. In my short life, I’ve become frustrated with an America whose political system is dominated by career politicians who sell their votes for personal gain and don’t care about their constituents. Rick Santorum restored my faith that there are still people of character who care about individual freedom and the rights of man. And from the bottom of my heart, I thank him for that.


Rick Perry – Is He the ‘Right’ Candidate?

Image by Gage Skidmore on Fickr

Texas governor Rick Perry is said to announce his entry into the 2012 Presidential race on Saturday. But, is he the ‘right’ person for the job? Perry is the longest standing governor in Texas. He entered office as governor in December 2000 and still in the office today.

Until 1989 Perry was a Democrat. The Hill.com said this morning that “the battle for the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nomination will be altered dramatically Saturday when Gov. Rick Perry (Texas) announces he is entering the race”. I don’t see it as changing “dramatically” but it will make it harder on some to pick one to vote for.

Tom Jensen of the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling told The Hill in their article that Perry is a more credible alternative [to Romney] than someone like Bachmann,” he continued saying, “There are going to be conservatives who would think, ‘I don’t really like Romney but I just can’t see Bachmann as president’. If it’s Perry, they are going to say: ‘I don’t really like Romney and I can see Perry as president.”

While I do like Rick Perry and his conservative style, I disagree with his support of the Trans-Texas Corridor, a $145+ billion-dollar project that would build multi-lane highways, rail lines and data lines from Oklahoma to Mexico, and from east to west in southern Texas.

The U.S. Department of Transportation under the Obama administration continues to harbor the dream of Mexico-to-Canada NAFTA superhighways. The Federal Highway Administration website proclaims that the “Corridor: Interstate 69 (I-69) – Texas to Michigan” to be fully operational under the following project description: “The 2,680-mile international and interstate trade corridor extends from Mexico to Canada.”

NAFTA needs to be abolished and immediately,why?  Because, the fact is that NAFTA encouraged a number of US manufacturers to move their operations to Mexico, and Perry supports putting in an “express lane” for it.  NAFTA was implemented in the interest of providing American Corporations with cheap labor, with total disregard for the living standards of the Canadian worker, the American worker, or the Mexican worker. No where in North America have any workers benefited for this trade agreement. The simple fact is that the citizens of North America were blatantly lied to by their leaders that NAFTA would benefit them–however it has done nothing but lower ther standard of living for all North American Workers across the board with all the jobs lost.

If that was not enough to deter me from supporting Rick Perry he is said to belong to a secret group of elitists by the name of Bilderberg. Some believe the group is made up of an elite group of people whose strategic goal is a new world order. The NWO is something I do not want to see, that is not the conservative way of thinking. Gina M. Aveni, a writer here on Conservative Daily News, has posted three separate articles about the Bilderberg group article 1, article 2, article 3 I would suggest Perry supporters should look at them.

I really hate to say Perry is not a true conservative but I believe he is a (CINO) conservative in name only.