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Romney needs to focus on messaging as election approaches

What’s the first thing people think about when someone mentions Mitt Romney? It seems to be something along the lines of he has great hair and is generally considered to be a nice guy. He may be the nicest guy in the world, but kindness doesn’t stop rogue regimes from committing acts of war; bold words backed up by action do. And that precisely is Mitt Romney’s problem- his messaging is virtually nonexistent. Considering how close the election and debates are, this is a serious problem. Romney’s favorite ice cream flavor may be vanilla, but to win this election, he must be anything but. And he needs to start doing that immediately.

Of the many things Barack Obama can be accused of, blandness is not one of them. After running on the promise of change, he delivered. From day one, he’s been clear about his policy goals, and for the most part has accomplished them. And he stands by his policies.

Does Mitt Romney have any policies? Yes, but do most voters know what they are? And why isn’t he articulating them in his television appearances and ads? Yes, this election is a referendum on Obama’s policies. But a referendum is only effective if an opponent provides a clear contrast; a choice. How can Americans make a choice if they’re unsure about what the opposition plans to do once he gains office?

To see how much Romney’s murky message has hurt his campaign one need look no further than polling on the economy, the biggest issue of the election. Romney is a highly successful business owner. Obama was a community organizer, and since assuming the presidency has had 43 straight months of unemployment above 8 percent. Logically, based on past experience, Americans should trust Romney to handle the economy. Yet, Romney leads by a slim margin. Why? We know Obama’s plan- a combination of raising taxes on the wealthy and various government investments to jump-start the economy.

So far, Mitt Romney’s platform for spurring economic growth consists of an 87 page long, 59 point plan. What average, working American with a family has time to read that? Chances are, not very many. No wonder Mitt Romney has such a slim advantage over Obama in polling cataloguing trust in handle the economy. How can you trust someone if they don’t tell you what they’re going to do?

And if Mitt Romney really wants the full support of conservatives, who are still highly suspicious of him, he needs to stand for something. He can’t give speeches after momentous healthcare legislation is upheld by the Supreme Court and make milk toast speeches about repealing but replacing some aspects of that legislation. He can’t speak in generic, politically correct platitudes. He can’t be afraid of offending some special interest group- they’re going to find something to be offended about. The same holds true if he really wants to bring moderate and swing voters into the 2012 Republican fold. He needs to be himself- advance the policies he believes will benefit the country and stick by them.

In the end, most Americans understand they’re not going to agree with everything a candidate stands for, but character matters. For the most part, Americans would rather hear a strong advocate for something they disagree with than the incoherent question-dodging of politicians hoping to avoid saying something real and in doing so dissuade someone from voting for them. Americans are not that easily fooled, and don’t like being treated as if they are.

That’s why Romney needs to actually start standing up for something, anything. He comes across as distant from the American people because by attempting to appease various voting blocks his character is lost and ends up standing for nothing. And all the money in the world can’t buy enough 30-second ad spots to make up for this. Only Mitt Romney, the real Mitt Romney, can do that.

Obama visit amazes Ohio and America with audacity of hopelessness

You do not have to be a political genius to understand that if the state of Ohio falls out of the President’s win column in November, he and Michelle will be packing their bags and heading back to Chicago faster than he can say, “Oh no they didn’t!”

Wednesday, the president went to several key democrat voter strongholds in Ohio, in order to reinforce a political firewall against a probable loss of the state of Ohio. The cities of Akron and Mansfield are crucial to the Ohio democrat voter bean counters. Their campaign goal is to continue to mystify the voters in Ohio in believing that they should care more about what Mitt Romney did in the private sector and his tax returns.

Meanwhile, these same voters are suppose to magically ignore the fact that empty unfulfilled Obama promises do not put bread on the table, nor does has it created non-existent jobs. Can these Akron voters take the president’s non-existent tax breaks to the mortgage company to stave off a foreclosure? Let your neighbors know how you are able to convert rising family bills into an employment opportunity.

After all, the president had promised Ohio voters in 2008 that he would stop down from office if he had not improved the economy. Yet, when he had the chance, he ducks and dodges and ignores, or in other words, he drops the ball on the court in mid game. In fact, this caring president has been missing in action from his own Jobs Council for the last six months!

You know the one, where he would be using his appointed job experts to stimulate the private sector into reversing the worst economic downturn since, the 1930’s depression.

Well, Ohioans have to wonder how this alleged laser-focused president could have managed to not pick up his White House phone one time in the six months, to meet with his jobs council, while the nation’s families were sliding deeper, and deeper and deeper into financial ruin. This is the same president who told the Akron and Mansfield, Ohio “believers” that this horrendous economic stagnation is, “A crisis that robbed too many of our friends and our neighbors of their homes, their jobs, their savings.”

It is hard to believe that President Obama could say those words with a straight face, and still insist that he cares about the pain of Ohioans and families in the heartland. Who treats their “friends” like this, while he spent those same six months gallivanting across the nation to 100 plus fundraisers with millionaires, billionaires and Hollywood’s liberal elite.

Come on now, Mr. President, if you really cared about Ohio families, about Colorado families, about Virginia families, about Michigan families, couldn’t you have arranged a jobs council conference call meeting on your smart phone, while you were fundraising or golfing? Afraid not…so much for friendship and caring, right?

With less than 100 days left before the November election, each time Obama visits a swing state like Ohio, he proves that his narcissism and hubris grows even more. In fact if he were Pinocchio his nose would be longer that the Washington Monument is tall. His new catch phrase should be the Audacity of Hopelessness. Promises made, promises discarded, and promises un-kept…but with a smile.

So one has to wonder just what Ohio voters does he keep coming back to speak to. He and his campaign political handlers in Chicago have keyed in on the slow but steady economic comeback record in Ohio. But Mr. President, to borrow your phrase, “You didn’t build that!”

This gradual economic turnaround is being accomplished on republican governor John Kasich’s watch. In fact in every state that is seeing an economic turnaround, like Texas, Florida and Wisconsin are headed by republican governors. Again, Obama, “you did not build that!”

The president continues to fly around the nation from one swing state to another in search of a steady dwindling number of believers who support his reckless political fiats based upon an audacity of hopelessness. Democrat Voters in swing states are absolutely essential to Obama’s Electoral College win. Yet, the numbers of supporters, do not account for the growing resentment in Ohio’s and the nation’s African American community to Obama’s embrace of gay marriage and insistence that the black clergy back him up on this in their pulpits. Not so fast Mr. President. Those voters may not be there for you blindly protect your voter margins in Ohio, Florida, South Carolina and Virginia.

Of course Romney has his own problems, and recent state polls show his polls are down to just 42 percent of the vote in Ohio. Not good, when most of the difference between winning and losing is due to conservative Palin and Tea Party voters who are not exactly thrilled by his candidacy yet. In fact, it is the Palin voter support that could seriously make the difference of a Romney win or a Romney loss in Ohio, and therefore the presidency.

Here’s a suggestion, Obama, if you care so much about the unemployed in Ohio or Virginia, or Iowa or anywhere else in America, stop blaming Bush, because that’s real old now. Instead, start creating private sector jobs and cutting taxes.

At least give the appearance that you have the capacity to lead instead of feeding Americans your memorized tired rhythmic refrains. Your audacity of hopelessness is truly wearing thin in Ohio and everywhere else.


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