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Calling Out the Know-It-All Left on the Issue of Racism

Hillary Clinton

During the transformative years of the 1960s and 1970s the country went through some incredible growing pains, especially where the issue of race was concerned. Implementing the necessary actions – not just the rhetoric – of the Civil Rights movement allowed the overwhelming majority of us – and our society – to move beyond the true inequities with which racism ...

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Post Debate on The 405 Radio – 10/16

Catch Post-Presidential Debate commentary on The 405 Radio with CDN’s own Liz Harrison, and Eye Desert, along with John Grant, Mike from LoudMouthElephant.com, Jon Rollings, and Amy Otto. Join us shortly after the debate broadcast is complete, or catch our last half hour after listening to Kira Davis on CDNRadio. Also, new tonight, join in the405radio chat at GoldwaterGal.com. Chat ...

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Five Things Romney Must Do in Debate Two

I’ve watched debates, Presidential and otherwise, for over 26 years now, and participated in my fair share over the years. For better or worse, that left me in a position to occasionally offer advice to some candidates on debating in general. I am not arrogant enough to suggest that I have acquired enough knowledge on debate-craft to offer advice to ...

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The 405 Live Post-Debate Podcast

Miss the debates? Or looking for another post-debate analysis? Listen to Liz Harrison (@GoldwaterGal) from Goldwatergal.com and CDN, Mike (@lmelephantblog) from Loudmouthelephant.com, Amy Otto (@CAAmyO), and Benjamin Backer from benjaminbacker.com talk about the debate here.

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All Massachusetts People Look Alike to Me

When I first read that Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry (D–Noblesse Oblige) had been recruited to play the opponent during practice presidential debates, I considered it an inspired choice. There is a slight problem with respective ages for the two candidates, but otherwise everything else is perfect. One pretentious, cliché–ridden windbag impersonating another is excellent practice for when the curtain goes ...

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