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Post Debate on The 405 Radio – 10/16

Catch Post-Presidential Debate commentary on The 405 Radio with CDN’s own Liz Harrison, and Eye Desert, along with John Grant, Mike from LoudMouthElephant.com, Jon Rollings, and Amy Otto. Join us shortly after the debate broadcast is complete, or catch our last half hour after listening to Kira Davis on CDNRadio. Also, new tonight, join in the405radio chat at GoldwaterGal.com. Chat opens at 10pm eastern.

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When: Shortly after 10:30pm Eastern time (after the debate broadcast is complete)

Five Things Romney Must Do in Debate Two

I’ve watched debates, Presidential and otherwise, for over 26 years now, and participated in my fair share over the years. For better or worse, that left me in a position to occasionally offer advice to some candidates on debating in general. I am not arrogant enough to suggest that I have acquired enough knowledge on debate-craft to offer advice to a Presidential candidate. However, I think I am bright enough to figure out a few things that Romney really must do tonight to maintain the current swing in his direction.

Don Relyea (CC)

1. – Be human. It’s been said many times, and bears repetition. The townhall format demands it more than anything else. Coming off as cold and unfeeling tonight will be deadly.

2. – Attack first, but only if certain of the result. Hillary Clinton came out to take responsibility for Benghazi today. If that isn’t bait, I don’t know what is. Neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton do anything without getting something in return. Maybe the ones thinking Obama will take the blame on stage are right. Maybe the ones like myself thinking that there’s something foul going on in the Clinton family are right. Either way, it stinks. Better to stay away from attacking Obama on letting Hillary take the blame, and stick to attacking other atrocious decisions. There’s no shortage of green energy companies that have failed, wasting tax dollars. Or pick on something else in Foreign Policy, like the love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood. But, let Obama talk first on Hillary. Don’t jump the gun.

3. – Smile, but not too much. Biden set the tone on this one. There is such a thing as smiling too much, so don’t smile all the time. And it probably isn’t a good idea to laugh either, unless someone makes a legitimate joke. It might be hard to keep a relatively straight face when Obama says something ridiculous – it will happen. But, do try to keep from laughing at him.

4. – Everybody loves numbers, but not for more than a minute or two. No, you don’t sound like Ben Stein in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, but while the American public tends to love statistics, they don’t love them all the time. Don’t get mired in spewing numbers on anything. People’s eyes tend to glaze over, and this is not the time or place. The townhall setting is meant to be more conversational, so converse with the people.

5. – Be polite, and don’t be condescending. It’s tempting. Sometimes it is very hard not to treat Obama like a child. You compared him to your boys in the first debate. That worked, but overplaying that sort of thing will come off like you consider yourself above everyone else. Theoretically, that should be a good thing. People should support a presidential candidate that is perceived as better than themselves. That was the case before. But, unfortunately, that is no longer the case. I’d say smile through it, but Biden screwed that up (see number three here.) Just don’t pout or look down, since that’s part of what screwed up Obama last time around!

I’ve been asked about the outcome tonight, and have not answered. I won’t here either. The few times I have, I’ve either been absolutely right, or absolutely wrong – either way, it didn’t work out well. So, no predictions.

All Massachusetts People Look Alike to Me

John Kerry recalls why he loathes unscripted campaign events.

When I first read that Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry (D–Noblesse Oblige) had been recruited to play the opponent during practice presidential debates, I considered it an inspired choice.

There is a slight problem with respective ages for the two candidates, but otherwise everything else is perfect. One pretentious, cliché–ridden windbag impersonating another is excellent practice for when the curtain goes up in October.

Nothing inspires confidence like realistic training. It’s good to know our candidate will be ready when the media starts firing probing questions regarding plans to counteract the nationwide contraceptive famine and the long lines of homosexuals crowding emergency rooms after being refused visitation rights.

And to be fair, my first thought was this action combined an impressive sacrifice on John Kerry’s part, on both a personal and professional level, with a sincere attempt to make amends for past mistakes.

I was concerned about how the Massachusetts’ black community would react and if his participation as a debate stand–in would harm the senator’s re–election prospects. But in this instance the end truly justifies the means and the loss of Kerry’s senate seat is a small price to pay if that’s what it takes to elect Mitt Romney as our next president.

But then I discovered Kerry is not portraying Barack Obama in debate rehearsals, he’s portraying Mitt Romney, which means everything is wrong. Nothing propinques like propinquity and both men are from Massachusetts, but choosing Kerry to impersonate Romney is just more evidence of an out of touch Obama campaign.

The two candidate’s personalities could not be more disparate; starting with unscripted moments on the stump. Yes, Mitt tries too hard. He’s a bit awkward. And when he tells a joke Romney acts like he’s reading from a fortune cookie in the original Chinese, but in comparison John Kerry makes Romney look like Jim Carrey.

Who will ever forget “I’m John Kerry and I’m reporting for duty?” A cringe–inducing image that pegged the hokey meter.

In a crowd or on stage Mitt almost looks natural and relaxed. Kerry looks like he’s attending an autopsy. And although the American’s With Disabilities Act has made wheelchair access to political stages much easier, the law has done nothing to ease the passage of Sen. Kerry’s sedan chair as he tries to get closer to the podium. And long walks through the crowd are always a problem, since the senator does not like to be touched.

Mike Huckabee, comparing himself to Romney, once joked, “I want to be a president who reminds you of the guy you work with, not the guy who laid you off.” Kerry reminds me of the guy wearing a cowl who says, “The executioner will see you now.”

Romney is simply a victim of driving while affluent. The MSM likes the Kerry choice because he “is uber–wealthy, like Romney” and both have changed political positions before and during campaigns. As Jack Cafferty said, “One elite, rich, emotionless Massachusetts politician filling in for another.”

But Kerry’s money arrived via his marriage to the uber–rich Teresa Heinz a sort of government–approved program called share–the–wealth matrimony style. While Romney actually earned his.

Kerry’s position changes are viewed as Darwinian in that they “evolved” from a position progressives didn’t like into one they did. Whereas Romney is characterized as flip–flopping on the beach like a mackerel stranded by “global warming” because his positions became more conservative.

Even though the Obama campaign has made a terrible choice, that does not mean the pressure is off the Romney campaign. Their choice of an Obama stand–in is even more fraught with peril. In 2008 the McCain traveling circus could get away with choosing lily–white former Congressman Rob Portman to impersonate Obama, but that was when Barack was still the “post racial” candidate.

Now that he’s “most racial” candidate, choosing a honkie for Hussein is a good way to get Al Sharpton to picket Debate Training Central. It’s got to be a black man and that, through no fault of their own, puts Republicans in a bind.

Cong. Alan West is out because he’s too intense and he obviously believes in what he says. Former Congressman J. C. Watts is out because he’s too genuine.

What we need is a black politician with a certain amount of presence and excellent speaking skills, but at the same time is an indifferent manager with a tenuous grasp of financial matters.

Hmmm. Does anyone know what former RNC Chairman Michael Steele is doing these days?