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In the buff “babe” promoting GOP Congressional candidate in PA

Yep, you read that right! There’s a naked lady promoting John Featherman, the unopposed GOP primary candidate for Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District.

Well, that’s… interesting. Even caught the attention of the folks over at tosh.o. But this isn’t the first time Featherman has used shocking video to get his message out there. According to an interview on Philly.com, Featherman has a flair for the dramatic when it comes to campaign fodder. While it might not be taken very well by the prudish, it does get the point across. And given that Featherman is sitting in the middle of a deep Blue urban district that has been sitting on its laurels accepting a ne’er do well Democrat for over a decade, he probably needs to be shocking.

Media Arm of D.A.M Caught in Lie to Bash Santorum

Recently, over in an article at Philly.com, we see more media malfeasance brought to you from the depths of The Democratic Attack Machine in attempted bashing of Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum:

Santorum up to date on taxes; previous report incorrect.

An earlier version of this story was incorrect in stating that Santorum was delinquent on his taxes. The initial report was based on an outdated Allegheny County lien.

Penn Hills township, a suburb of Pittsburgh, filed a lien against Santorum for $487.60 in October for unpaid 2009 property taxes, according to Allegheny County court documents. But county real estate records show that Mr. Santorum paid the taxes – he just did so a few months late, with a $39.77 fee tacked on. The real estate records also show Santorum paid on time this year for his 2010 property taxes.

While it is nice to see this error corrected, once again the false information has already spread across the country and the lie is being repeated. The damage is done. This is how the Democratic Attack Machine operates today. Lie after lie is told in giant bold headlines, and then many days, weeks or even months later, if the public speaks out about their lies, they print a correction.  Philly.com is a hotbed of Republican-bashing twisted propaganda of which The Democratic Attack Party must be quite proud of today. For proof, just check out this article, lovingly titled:  Karen Heller: Santorum, GOP’s best death-wish pick. Is this the “new” civil discourse Liberal Democrats were preaching about recently? Ahh yes D.A.M. makes a monster story about Santorum paying a measly $487.60 late and pays a $39.77 late fee, and the media tries to make him out to be the scum of the earth.

Meanwhile, Democratic Senator Claire McCaskell “forgets” to pay her taxes on an airplane for over 4 years and yet we hardly hear a peep out of the media on it! I believe it was over $400,000 dollars in taxes she forgot to pay also, not the measly $487.60 Santorum was late in paying. And what about late fees? Ahhh Democrats do not pay late fees, apparently, as I,ve seen no proof of her payment!  Ahh yes, The Democratic Attack Machine is working overtime to bash Rick Santorum already. Kind of makes me wonder just how “irrelevant” he really is in the 2012 elections, as D.A.M. is announcing 24/7. After all, they do not attack people unless they are viewed as a direct threat to their plans to install Barack Hussein Obama for another four years of bankrupting America. Wake up folks, 2012 is coming, and The Democratic Attack Machine is already working overtime to bash anyone who steps up and wants to restore fiscal sanity to America before we all end up standing in bread lines begging for that government cheese that Liberal-voting sheep are so proud to beg for!