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Rich People are Evil? Not so on Downton Abbey

Highclere_Castle_07Are you familiar with the Masterpiece Theater PBS show Downton Abbey? This Emmy winning series has caught the attention of many, gaining in popularity with each season. For my 20-something daughter and her friends it’s become a ritual Sunday as they gather together watching each episode.

Monday on Varney & Co., Stuart Varney examined the somewhat surprising viewership of this trendy miniseries. Across the U.S. and beginning with the current administration the rich are portrayed as a greedy evil lot. Granted the show is set in the early 1900’s but the well-off are seen in a positive light as good employers and people with style.

The Huffington Post: “The politics of Downton are very important and it’s important that they are popular in America today,” Varney said. “Rich people, powerful people, in America today, are reviled. They’re dismissed as fat cats who don’t pay their fair share. We just hate ’em — ‘Rich people are evil’ … Yet, along comes this show ‘Downton Abbey’ — rich people prominently featured and they’re generous; they’re nice people; they create jobs, for heaven’s sake; they’re classy; they’ve got style and we love ’em … That show is wildly popular, which poses a threat to the left, doesn’t it?”

Of course, the HuffPo’s staff don’t all see the show in the same light.

Huffington Post Maureen Ryan: “The big problem during a large chunk of the season amounts to the following, more or less: ‘Oh no, a very rich man is having to face the possibility of being slightly less comfortable!’ It’s fun to escape into a world of lush privilege when times are hard, but the tenor of the times also make it quite difficult to care about a well-to-do family having to trim its budget a bit.”


What do you think? Have you watched Downton Abbey? Is it escapism or is it an opportunity to see the well-to-do as something different from the ‘fat cat’ portrayal of the liberals.

Lilly the Impoverished PBS Muppet Sells 'Free Lunches'

PBS’ Sesame Street, WIC (Women, Infants and Children) and Merck Pharmaceuticals have teamed up to teach “food insecure” children that they can get free breakfast and lunch at school.

A DVD kit is being handed out to children and families so that they are aware of the tax-funded meals that are served at their public schools.

The video packet is aimed at families that as Lilly says, “can’t always afford all the food”  that they need. The effort reveals to families how they might augment their current public assistance for food with the additional public school lunch programs.

In North Carolina, EBT cards (the electronic version of food stamps) for a family of four is given up to $688.00 per month for groceries which adds up to $8,256.00 per year.[1]

In Durham County, the two meals mentioned in the program would add up to $3.70 per K-5 child if the meals were paid for by the parents[2]. As the school year in Durham County has 180 days the total benefit for school-provided meals is an additional $1332.00 per year for a 2 child family.

Using PBS method of eating breakfast and lunch at school on school days and all other meals at home on other days, the total tax-funded benefit per 4 member, 2-child family would be $9,588.00 per year or roughly $800.00 per month for food.

Jeanette Betancourt says that Sesame saw the impact that Lilly had and is deciding to use the muppet as a tool against poverty in-general. Sesame Workshop has not yet returned CDN’s request for comment on future ‘Lilly’ material as well as what role PBS believes the parents of the children should play in their children’s meals.

[1] – North Carolina Dept. of Social Services: http://www.ncdhhs.gov/dss/foodstamp/
[2] – Durham Public Schools: http://www.dpsnc.net/schools/school-lunch/lunch-menu

Video from CNSNews.com


FCC Gameplans to Shut Down Patriot Talk Radio

The FCC is quietly planning an all out assault on free speech and Conservative/Patriot talk radio in America. In a report from DickMorris.com, Mr. Morris outlines how the FCC, with the blockage of the Fairness Doctrine by Congress, will once again do an end around Congress and try to silence free speech through regulatory gimmickry. Mr. Morris makes 3 very valid points on their plans in his new book REVOLT! :

First, the FCC led by another Obama appointed Czar named Mark LLoyd*   Who just  happens to be another radical along the lines of one self-avowed Communist Van Jones, will attempt to shorten the radio license period from the now required renewal of 8 years, to requiring re-licensingevery 4 years. This would give the radical progressives under LLoyd’s direction life and death decision-making powers over all radio stations before the people get rid of Obama and all of his appointed radical cronies. Time is of the essence here, and they know it. These types of actions have been commonplace from within the Obama administration and his radical lapdogs for the entire time he has been in office. They are trying to make Congress powerless, and to an extent they already have. These radicals are not elected by the people, therefore have no authority to create laws that support their progressive agenda of stifling any opposition to their Socialist utopian ideology.

Next up in the FCC”s game-plan to stop Americans from speaking up against their agenda is in requiring all radio stations to produce 25% of their programming locally.  This would make it economically impossible for stations to be broadcast nationwide for free, therefore shutting a number of them down. Talk radio listeners have every right to listen to the station of their choice, regardless of what Mr. Lloyd’s Socialistic wishes are in this situation. keep in mind that while all of this is going on, NPR and PBS suck off millions of taxpayer dollars to basically promote the Democratic agenda  on a yearly basis. The wife of  Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller,  Sharon Percy Rockefeller, is CEO at WETA, the Washington DC PBS affiliate, and her compensation for 2009  was a very capitalistic $447,166.00. Her husband votes and lobbies for funding for PBS, a direct conflict of interest that is illegal at its base. So anyone trying to say PBS and NPR aren’t politically biased towards Democrats, needs to see that documented reality check I just laid down there. Why would the taxpayers allow the wife of a Democratic Senator, who also happens to already be filthy rich, bilk the taxpayers for a salary larger than the President of the United States?

The last set of  illegal plans coming out of the FCC and the radical FCC czar Mark Lloyd to shut down free speech in talk radio seem to come right out of Obama’s fake social justice scams using the very same community organizing scheme that allowed him to lie his way into the White-house in 2008.  The FCC wants to establish “Community Advisory Boards” to report on whether the radio stations are “satisfying the needs of the community.”  More illegally appointed “advisors” would be given the authority to provide the basis for denying radio broadcasting licenses to anyone who doesn’t agree with the Liberal agenda, and of course the Democratic Party that they have heavily infested today.

To top the agenda off, the FCC wants the power to fine stations for failing to “comply with the community advisory boards” with the fines being paid directly to the FCC ! This would be the final piece in making Liberal ideology the de-facto law in radio broadcasting across the land! In a country where the radical Liberals already control the Main Stream media which receive their talking points memo’s from the Obama administration Liberal Democratic propaganda operatives, the censoring and financial threats to free speech and talk radio represent a very clear and present danger to America today. The FCC must be stripped of this false, self-appointed authority today, whether it takes de-funding them, or deleting this tyrannical band of radical misfits program all together.

Congress needs to get on this situation and do it today, instead of letting it sneak by while the Liberals put up the distraction of the phony budget debate that is going on now.

* http://www.nevilleawards.com/obama_marklloyd.shtml