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Pat Robertson: Don't Adopt Because ‘You Don’t Know What Problems There Are’ [VIDEO]

Pat Robertson: Don’t Adopt Because ‘You Don’t Know What Problems There Are’ [VIDEO]

. Before Vice President Biden started making “insert foot in mouth” comments, there was Pat Robertson.  And Pat is at it again: “A man doesn’t want to take on the United Nations, and this woman’s got all these various children and blended family. I mean, what is it?  …  You just never know what’s been […]

Preacher Goes Wild in Virginia Beach

Periodically there’s an eruption in Virginia Beach that catches us off guard. Much like a dormant volcano will occasionally demand attention, Pat Robertson grabs headlines by making an off–the–wall comment. This doesn’t include predictable pronouncements regarding God’s wrath or the wages of sodomy. Everyone knows you can’t have a natural disaster without the Rev. Robertson […]