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Rick Santorum Moves Iowa Crowd To Tears With Tale Of His Departed Son

Last night, at a banquet for the Iowa Faith And Freedom Coalition, Rick Santorum brought a crowd to their feet and tears to their eyes, when he discussed both his faith and a personal story of how he and his wife lost their child within hours of being born.  Here’s an excerpt of Rick discussing the birth (and sadly) the death of his son.


He was delivered in the middle of the night.  He was born alive, but far too young to survive.  And we held him for two hours.  It was two hours, where he knew only love.  Not a bad life.
The next day, we took him home, so our children could know that they had a little brother.  That he was real.  He was a person.  He had dignity, and he was part of our family.

Video of this speech is actually hard to find at the moment, so I’ll have to direct you to TheRightScoop.com in order for you to see all of what Santorum said, but I found much of his speech to be worthwhile.  I’m not sharing this so much to have a “political” discussion, as much as I am to have a “human” discussion.  It’s not common to see a candidate speak so candidly and with their guard down.  If you’d like to skip to the story about Rick’s son, it starts at about the 14:25 mark.