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Why, Despite Numerous Red Flags, U.S. Must Continue Relationship With Pakistan

The news out of Pakistan over the last several years has been a roller coaster of strategic victories and suspicious losses. News of high-level Al Qaeda captures are interspersed with reports of last-minute tip-offs before raids. The Pakistani government did help capture such notorious figures as Khalid Sheikh Mohammad (9/11 attacks), Khalid bin Attash (U.S.S. Cole attack), and Abu Faraj al-Libi (Al Qaeda’s #3), but sometimes its difficult to tell which side Pakistan is on.

The U.S. knows that members of the Pakistani government and military have ties to Islamic militant groups, many of which the U.S. State Department considers terrorist organizations. Some of these militant groups (created by the Pakistani government itself) are utilized in guerilla warfare along the Pakistan-India border. The Lashkar-e-Tabai (LeT), for example, claimed responsibility for the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks and is widely believed to have been supported by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

The U.S. is also aware that the Tribal Areas of western Pakistan have been used as safe havens for fugitive Taliban fighters and as staging areas for cross-border attacks by Al Qaeda. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even remarked during a May 2010 interview that members of the Pakistani government likely know where Osama bin Laden was hiding. Thus it was no surprise when the May 2nd kill/capture mission revealed that Osama bin Laden had been living for five years in a compound near Pakistan’s premier military academy. Underscoring the distrust of the Pakistani government were revelations that the U.S. purposefully kept Pakistani intelligence in the dark during the top-secret operation.

Referring to the successful operation as a violation of Pakistani sovereignty, Pakistan quickly condemned the mission to kill/capture the mass murderer. Echoing this sentiment are poll figures recently released by the Pew Research Center showing 63% of Pakistanis “disapprove of the operation that killed bin Laden,” while 69% of Pakistanis view the U.S. as “more of an enemy than a partner.”

As of FY 2010, the U.S. (more enemy than partner) has appropriated or reimbursed more than $18 billion to Pakistan for security operations and economic aid, with nearly $4.5 billion contributed in 2010 alone. All this begs the question: “With so many red flags, why should the U.S. continue its strategic relationship with Pakistan?”


At least 60% of the supplies required by coalition forces in Afghanistan are currently moved through Pakistani terrain or airspace. Although the Northern Distribution Network (agreements to cross the borders of certain Asian countries) was created to handle some of the supplies, many of the agreements do not allow for the transport of troops, weapons and other sensitive items. Through various political pressures these routes are ultimately at the discretion of Russia. An agreement between President Medvedev and President Obama last summer supposedly allows for all manner of cargo to move through the region. However, Radio Free Europe reports that as of July 2, 2011, only two flights have taken place. The only other alternative is an overland route through Iran – a contigency only expected to be used when Hell reaches its freezing point.

Stabilization of Afghanistan

A stable government in Afghanistan will require the assistance and cooperation of Pakistan. In the early stages of an independent democracy in Afghanistan, the government will be especially vulnerable to coups and Taliban sympathizers eager to inflitrate the new government (not to mention chaos from narcoterrorists and cartels). Pakistan will be invaluable in providing tactical support during any sudden Afghani uprising, as we saw when Saudi Arabia sent 1000 troops to support the Kingdom of Bahrain in March of this year.

Efficacy of Counterinsurgency Operations

Without the current contributions to the Pakistani government, future counterinsurgency incursions by the U.S. military may be regarded as an act of war. The U.S. took a lot of heat for its unilateral kill/capture mission of Bin Laden. This week the Pakistani government ordered U.S. personnel out of the Shamsi Airbase. Shamsi airfield serves as a critical staging area for immediate drone strikes in the Tribal Areas. While it appears the demand was a ruse to placate the Pakistani populace, U.S. personnel must maintain its presence inside of Pakistan in order to react quickly on actionable intelligence.

Increased Chinese Influence in Pakistan

Although Pakistan regularly faces nationwide power outages and serious economic issues, its government believes that acquiring submarines and nuclear capabilities from China has been the most prudent use of its resources. Such irresponsible deals have allowed China to gain a major economic foothold in Pakistan – some sources claim $20 billion or more in investments. With increasing Chinese domination will come attitudes against free society and the American way of life.

Suppressing Future Islamic Threats

Finally, as one of the largest Muslim populations in the world, Pakistan is essential in preventing and suppressing future Islamic terrorists. A serious concern is that the domestic militancy in Pakistan will become regional insurgency, and regional insurgency will become global terrorism. In this age, the U.S. must maintain a strategic presence in South Central Asia. Maintaining a working security relationship with Pakistan will go a long way toward preventing the next Islamic attack.

Condoleeza Rice Talks About Iraq and Bin Laden’s Death

On Thursday, Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice sat down with Lawrence O’Donnel on “The Last Word” and she honestly, got the last word. O’Donnell was skewered on point-after-point on Iraq as his lack of journalistic integrity came to the forefront. The total segment was 15 minutes long, more than eleven and a half minutes were spent on the war.

Lawrence started the Iraq war segment out saying that Bush made “huge mistakes”. Impartiality and balance apparently no concer.  Then again, it is MSNBC.

Part One: Bin Laden’s Death

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Part Two: Iraq War

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Condoleeza Rice handled O’Donnell with deft precision. And as O’Donnell tweeted, “Condi Rice just told me I’m a terrible interviewer. You decide at 8:00 pm ET tonight. #condoleezzarice #lastword@lawrence” – I agree.

President Obama is a Hero for killing Public Enemy #1, Isn’t He?

Looking at Usama bin Laden’s assassination while “critically thinking” one might realize that Usama was a very sick man that was expected to die of natural causes for quite some time.  It is very likely he would have died soon – did President Obama simply do him a favor?

Rather than let Usama die of natural causes, Obama made him a martyr as he would have wanted to be.  Wouldn’t it have been just as easy to knock him out and capture him alive in shame to face us all?  The ungarbled word is that he did not have a gun himself and he did not use a woman as a human shield.  How hard would it have been to render a sickly old unarmed man unconscious?

In no less than three books by former Islamic terrorists who later became Christian spilling all at their own continuous peril, each one tells how they were brought up to believe, were trained to believe, and wholeheartedly believed that dying by the hands of the enemy of Islam is the greatest honor.  ‘It is the only way to be assured Allah’s greatest reward immediately!’  Unfortunately that is consistent with the honorable Islamic burial at sea.

If Obama had to kill him, it would have been appropriate to drop the body on the front lawn of Pakistan’s President Zardari with a note saying, here’s what we found in your back yard, you decide what to do with it.  Let the chips fall where they may.  If the Pakistanis gave him an honorable Islamic burial it implicates a conspiracy.  If not, Usama would not be considered acceptable to Allah.   Either way it would not be the US making him a martyr or honoring an “infidel.”

The US just killed a Muslim.  Why are not thousands of Muslims protesting in the streets in every Middle Eastern city as well as in Europe and New York City?  It’s because Muslims intrinsically know we did Usama a big favor.  When you look at the killing of Usama Bin Ladin from the Muslim point of view (radical, violent, or not), it is obvious that our President did a good thing for all of the Islamic world (peaceful and radical).

What about securing all the computers, zip drives and other records?  That seems like a great victory that should uncover a lot of secrets, however it remains to be seen.  Have any big busts gone down yet?   Knowing how fast the high level terrorists and cells will more and alter plans with this news, after a week most of that intel won’t do us a lot of good.  It’s now four days and counting,… keep watching,… tick, tick, tick.

One hates to be so skeptical, but prior to this, any strikes on Muslims or news that is degrading to Muslims or Muslim causes (even radical ones) have been anounced by our smiling VP Joe Biden, or the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or anyone but President Obama.  However President Obama is quick and proud to take credit for the killing of Usama Bin Laden.  Where is the Islamic outrage?  Why should there be?  We fulfilled Usama’s dreams and destiny.   Then we insured he was acceptable to Allah.  We made him a martyr and gave him an honorable Muslim burial at sea.  He would have been allot worse off dying slowly in bed.

Christians will think giving Usama Bin Laden a formal Muslim send-off as being righteous even to our enemies.  Islam will think of it as a sign of weakness, showing that we fear them to the point that we made sure we did not offend even their worst terrorist.  President Obama knows he’s the big hero in our eyes while sending a clear message to his Muslim friends at the same time.  No wonder so many still love him. He’s playing to both sides.

Personally, I would have left the body with the Pakistani Muslims and told them “Usama Bin Laden is an infidel for killing innocent people.  What are you going to do about that?”

America has done Usama bin Laden a great favor. Why hasn’t anyone else noticed this?


Words Really Do Make A Difference

What a difference the choice of wording makes!

On September 14, at Ground Zero, President George W. Bush declared:

“I can hear you! I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you! And the people — and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!”

Simple words from the heart and soul of a man who was tireless in his fight against terrorism. These words struck a chord so deep within me and inspired me so much that this quote is now framed and hanging on the wall in my home office.

While I did not agree with everything that President Bush did in office it was not hard to see that he was committed to take whatever action necessary to make sure the perpetrators of the most heinous act of terror on American soil were punished. In the midst of the most horrific terror and most overwhelming sorrow our nation has ever faced in modern history, I saw resolve in our nation’s leader.

It is most unfortunate that the same cannot be said for the current administration.

Words are no longer simple and from the heart and soul, they are instead pretentious, flowery,  calculated and pre-determined at an attempt to “soften the blow” of the reality we face as a nation. This administration fails to realize that calling a lion an overgrown cat doesn’t change the ability for destruction that a lion is instilled with.

In 2009, in her first testimony to Congress, newly appointed Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano sought to diminish the steadfast determination of this nation’s military men and women who were and still are sacrificing their time, blood, sweat, tears and very lives to bring justice that Americans so rightly deserve for the terrorist attacks against us. During her testimony she couldn’t bring herself to breathe the “t” word, opting instead to rename the attack and others like them to “man caused disasters”. I guess it just sounded “cuter to her!  When asked by the German news site Spiegel Online if Islamic  terrorism “suddenly no longer posed a threat” to America, she stated that this administration wanted to move away from the “politics of fear”, opting instead to “be prepared for all risks” that can occur.

It appears as though she missed the mark on that one! This administration is not at all prepared for any risk that comes along! Investing in the stock market is more risky now than it was in the previous administration. In today’s housing market, it is quite risky to buy a house. And one of the biggest risks Americans take today is driving up to the gas pump! The price of gas is rising at a rate of overwhelming proportions! Personally, I would never have called any of these situations terrorism, but it does most definitely resonate with Ms. Napolitano’s newly defined terminology. President Obama and his administration are most certainly causing an abundance of disasters. But isn’t this just running headlong back into the “politics of fear”? They would probably do better if they chose to call it more along the lines of “politics of conspiracy.”

President Bush was very clear that we would make no distinction between the terrorist themselves and the countries and leaders who harbored them. Not so with President Obama, because there is no longer a “War On Terror”, it is now downgraded to an “Overseas Contingency Operation.” What does that even mean?

According to the definition given at dictionary.com, this is the last term in the world that would give me confidence that we have things under control.

dependence on chance or on the fulfillment of a condition; uncertainty.

Thesaurus.com gives synonyms for “contingency” as: accident, crisis, crossroads, emergency, event, if it’s cool, incident, juncture, likelihood, occasion, odds, opportunity, pass, pinch, predicament, probability, strait, turning point, uncertainty, zero hour

Plus there are a few more listed.

So, I could essentially rename President Obama’s Operation as “Across The Ocean If It’s Cool Operation”.

Or how about “Transmarine Crossroads Operation”?

Hmmm…. We could go with “On The Other Side Of The Very Large Body Of Water Uncertainty Operation”. No… none of those combination of flowery words seem to give me true confidence that yes, we will take whatever means necessary to see this to an end!The latest member of Obama’s administration to try his hand at flowery rhetoric is Eric Holder. Testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, when asked if enhanced interrogation methods were used in obtaining information that led to the eventual killing of Osama bin Laden, Mr. Holder simply could not bring himself to affirm that yes, our country succeeded in killing the mastermind behind the most horrific terrorist attack on our land! In true fashion that is this administration, he said, there was a “mosaic of sources that led to the identification of people who led” our military to Osama bin Laden. He said that assuming enhanced interrogation methods were used is hypothetical. OK, if you say so, Mr. Holder! Come on now, let’s be real! I guess this is what he had to say, because the sensibilities of the left just cannot handle the truth in this matter! And  my goodness! What if Muslims found  out that we indeed used some form of enhanced persuasion on these enemy combatants!? They might just retaliate…. or something! But wait! We can no longer call them “enemy combatants” !  Let’s instead call them “Bad Person Contenders”. Or we could even say a “patchwork” of things led us to identify the “Revolutionary Serviceman”? Yes! Much better! That will work indeed! It’s all good. Just look it all up at thesaurus.com!

And finally, in an effort to make everyone feel better about events in history, I guess we will now have to reprint all the previous books that use that horribly offensive word “War”. Hitler was bad enough! We don’t want to have to utter that horribly offense “W” word! So now we will just call it “World Kinetic Military Action 2”. And we really must use the written number rather than the Roman Numeral to keep things from appearing so barbaric! Oh hey, look! Now it makes it seem almost like a movie sequel- right?  Things weren’t so bad after all!

See now?  Changing the words to “tone down” the harsh reality makes you feel allllll better now… right??!!

Navy Seals Made Call to Kill Osama – Not Obama

Leon PenettaIn a stunning change to the previously released account of events, Leon Penetta, Obama’s CIA chief now says that for most of the raid, the president wasn’t watching.

Mr Panetta said: “Once those teams went into the compound I can tell you that there was a time period of almost 20 or 25 minutes where we really didn’t know just exactly what was going on. And there were some very tense moments as we were waiting for information.

“We had some observation of the approach there, but we did not have direct flow of information as to the actual conduct of the operation itself as they were going through the compound.”

Mr Panetta also revealed that the US Navy Seals made the final decision to kill bin Laden rather than the president.[1]

What happened to “at my direction” from president Obama? Now it’s “the US Navy SEALs made the final decision to kill bin Laden rather than the president”?

For several days the images of the president and his staff intently watching the unfolding of the attack on bin Laden’s compound have been thrown around as truth. Now America is told that the Commander-in-chief wasn’t watching, or commanding, at all.

This has all the appearances of plausible deniability.  If the president didn’t know what was happening, he couldn’t possibly have made the wrong choice.

Osama is dead, or so the world has been told. Now, the man that ordered the operation is walking away from all responsibility and heaping it upon the men he sent in there to carry it out. They are SEALs, they can carry much more than the wimpy, worthless elitist that accidentally got elected president.

The high side of this is that if Osama bin Laden is dead, it was all the action, determination and decision-making of the U.S. Navy SEALs and nothing to do with Obama – nothing.

[1]  Blackout during raid on bin Laden compound – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/al-qaeda/8493391/Osama-bin-Laden-dead-Blackout-during-raid-on-bin-Laden-compound.html

The Whitehouse Carnival Barker

Jay Carny White House Spokesman

Many of us have ran into a ‘Carnival Barker’ at one time or the other in our lives, even if we weren’t familiar with the term.  The Carnival Barker is the loud mouthed person outside the Circus tent or Carnival gates  trying to get you  to spend your money by shouting things that may peak your curiosity. They shout things like come in and see the bearded lady, the worlds smallest horse, the two-headed gorilla etc.  If they are an effective Carnival Barker, they will convince you that if you pay to enter the show you will see things that you previously thought were nothing more than props used in the making of horror films and other assorted man made fiction. And the fact remains that very often that is just what you will see there, man-made fiction, with a quirk of nature thrown in once in awhile to keep you believing in the myths being promoted in the carnival atmosphere. The Carnival Barker must change your perception of what is real and what is not, in order to get you to buy into the mystic carnival sideshows shouted attractions.

Back in the days before TV and the Internet, people relied heavily on the word of mouth to promote their agenda and/or sales pitch. Where some people would believe in such a thing as the half man – half horse cirus attraction, and then entice others to pay to see it by telling them how real it is, after a wider group of people observe the promoted freak of nature and determine that is is in fact, nothing more man made fiction, word travels around, and thus creates the demand for a new carnival/circus attraction that the more naive folks that will pay more money to see the latest attraction. Thus the value of the Carnival Barker in the old days before the Internet let people research the facts at home with lightning speed. Word spreads fast and the truth is more readily available for the public today, thus the decline of the Carnival Barker’s value and importance in persuading the public to pay good money to see fake phenomena.

Meet the new age Carnival Barker of modern day politics pictured above , Mr. Jay Carney, the current White House spokesman.  While he doesn’t wear the outrageous costumes of the Carnival Barkers of yester-year, make no mistake about it, he is in costume none the less.  The fact is, Mr. Carney is  made up in appearance to look like some sort of academic brain child, yet is being exposed to be just like most phony ex-Time magazine propaganda pimps responsible for the degrading of the once proud magazine. Note the glasses trying for the intelligent look, while hiding the beady, untrustworthy eyes. Notice the missing lips that this Carnival Barker often purses when acting like he is actually pondering a truthful, honest answer to the softball questions lobbed at him from the mainly Liberal propagandist White House press corp. Mute the next White House press conference the next time you see him on TV, and just observe Mr. Carney and you will get a totally different opinion of him. He actually will appear to be making an honest attempt at informing the tax paying citizens of America just what the current administration is up to and the reasons behind their actions …. until you turn the sound back on. Then it is all downhill from there for any informed citizen listening to the White House Carnival Barker, as he dodges any attempt at serious questions and/or explanations about why Barack Obama is doing this or that today. Just like the Carnival Barkers of decades ago, Mr. Carney is trying to sell the American people a bunch of bunk, while trying to change their perception of said bunk.  Lets take a look at some of today’s top questions about American citizen’s concerns and just what answers we have gotten from the White House Carnival Barker extraordinaire.

From FoxNews here, we see that the Carnival Barker will not tolerate anyone questioning Obama’s openness or lack thereof:

The “transparency” in the Obama administration means sometimes a question  can’t even get asked.

The discovery came today at the daily White  House news briefing with press secretary Jay Carney, who responded to a  request to be allowed to ask about the president’s positions: “I’m not going to  take your questions.”

Ironically, Les Kinsolving, WND’s correspondent at the White House and the  No. 2 reporter on the White House beat, had wanted to ask about Obama’s  openness.

While the White House Carnival Barker preaches about the current administration’s honesty and openness constantly, if you dare question blatant episodes that show lack of the same, you will be told that the Carnival Barker will not take any of your questions,  that is if you are among the lucky ones and do not get banned all together from the White House press corps for exposing the Carnival Barker’s lies and myths being told through his marching orders from the ringmaster himself, Mr. Barack Obama.

This is exactly like in the old movies, where they show the loudmouth guy being thrown out of the carnival by the strong man because he is calling the Carnival Barker a liar and a fake. Carnival Barkers have to be notoriously thick-skinned due to the fact that they rely on falsehoods and perception management to promote their bunk. Mr. Carney has shown himself to be fairly thin-skinned in his statement above, and therefor he must be considered a lightweight among the history of successful con-men Carnival Barkers. I do not look for Mr. Carney to last long as Obama’s Carnival Barker due to his misinformation and propaganda being proven to be nothing more than a bunch of bunk on a constant basis. Too much exposure to the real facts that dispel the myths being perpetuated by the Carnival Barker will always lead to the Carnival Barker being relegated to cleaning out the Circus horse stalls in the end, or in this case maybe relegate Mr. Carney back to writing for the now leftist propaganda rag , the bankrupt Time Magazine. Both jobs require the shoveling of massive amounts of manure, so the relevance between the two is quite ironic. Anyone with the least bit of common sense can see that the latest White House Carnival Barker, Mr. Jay Carney is as phony as a three-dollar bill in what he is trying to sell the American public.

The recent killing of the Muslim Terrorist Osama Bin Laden has the White House Carnival Barker caught in a  firestorm of misinformation and outright propaganda promotion. His explanation to the controversy about the White House’s dysfunctional messages about what really happened  during the killing of Bin Laden was that it is all simply due to the fog of war. What he failed to admit is that, as the White House Carnival Barker, Mr. Carney is the man operating the fog machine behind all the misinformation today. If you ask too real of a question about our White House today, the Carnival Barker will shut you out of the conversation. He will not tolerate anyone exposing the misinformation behind his message of the day, period.

Look at the demand for real proof of Bin Laden’s death being asked for today, in the form of releasing the pictures of Bin Laden after he was shot in the head. The Carnival Barker uses the excuse that the pictures are gruesome and that there are “sensitivities” here in terms of the appropriateness of releasing the photographs.  We see movies every single day labeled with extreme violence and bloodshed, and we make the decision on whether we want to view them or not. The same thing would apply to the pictures of Bin laden with half his head blown off. We can make our own decisions on whether to look at them or not, yet the Carnival Barker wants to change that perception to be that we need government approval to view them.  This is in line with trying to sell the American people the bunk and propaganda that we are not smart enough to make out own decisions in life, yet  Obama the Ringmaster and his Carnival Barker somehow are. I  hear you barking Mr. Carney, and I for one chose to walk right on by, and refuse to buy into your carnival act. The same goes for the rest of the “Carnival Barkers” in the pathetic so-called mainstream media. I,m simply not buying the fiction those clowns are selling today. America deserves better than this.

George Bush Takes High Road on Obama’s Attempt to Politicize Osama’s Death

Unconfirmed reports say that the White House invited former President George W. Bush to ground zero with President Obama in celebration of the slaying of Osama bin Laden.

David Sherzer, President Bush’s spokesman, said, “President Bush will not be in attendance on Thursday. He appreciated the invite, but has chosen in his post-presidency to remain largely out of the spotlight.

While the White House will neither confirm nor deny that Obama had extended an invitation to the former leader, George Bush’s announcement is certainly an indication that such an offer was made.

Obama needs a ground zero moment like President Bush’s famous and inspiring speech after the towers fell.

George W. Bush was, if nothing else, genuine. He was not an effective fiscal Conservative, he was not the eloquent speaker Mr. Obama is, but he was real. I will never forget the moment that his Chief-of-Staff came into the grade school classroom and whispered in his ear that America was under attack. The composure, the realization that this was his to manage and that there was little he could do in the next few minutes, so let the kids have their moment – all of it. George Bush’s approval ratings went through the roof.

President Obama’s ratings are dropping off of a cliff and the recent announcement of Osama’s death hasn’t really helped all that much. Now Obama is searching for the poll bump that Bush never needed nor wanted – but got.

I believe that President Bush bowed out because he did not believe that this moment should be turned into a circus, or carnival if you prefer Mr. Obama’s phraseology. I believe that he sees this for what it is and would never sully the images of thousands of lost Americans by turning the killing of foreign terrorist into a re-election campaign stop.

President G.W.Bush is genuine class.

CIA Director Reveals Intent Was to Kill Bin Laden

Leon PenettaDuring the May 3rd interview of CIA director Leon Penetta by NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams, Mr. Penetta all but admitted that killing Osama bin Laden was the intent of the mission.

The authorities we have on Bin Laden are to kill him. And that was made clear. But it was also, as part of their rules of engagement, if he suddenly put up his hands and offered to be captured, then– they would have the opportunity, obviously, to capture him. But that opportunity never developed.

The only way that Seal Team Six would have captured Osama is if he dropped to the ground, raised his hands and pleaded for mercy – not OBL’s style.

The interview also discusses the reveal of pictures of Osama’s corpse. As Dir. Penetta says, “The government obviously has been talking about how best to do this, but I don’t think there’s– there was any question that ultimately a photograph would be presented to the public. Obviously I’ve seen those photographs. We’ve analyzed them and there’s no question that it’s Bin Laden.”

Mr. Penetta also makes it clear that the Pakastani government knew nothing of the operation – until the rather impressive sound and fury of an exploding Blackhawk helicopter awoke them. “So I think the only time the Pakistanis found out about it, frankly, was after this mission had taken place. We had to blow the helicopter, as you know, and that probably woke up a lot of people, including the Pakistanis”, said Penetta.

Brian Williams even tries to elevate Obama’s actions above G.W. Bush by asking why we didn’t do this sooner, but Panetta is not sucked in and answers rather honestly.

And why, I’ve heard several people asking, could this same thing have been done at the start of the Iraq war to save the lives of all those souls we had to bury? To– to save all those young Americans from coming home with such grievous injuries in the commission of that war?

*Update 5/4 – President Obama will not allow the release of any photos showing the corpse of Osama bin Laden

Full Interview Transcript:


There is a report as we have this conversation, for the record, 10:36 a.m., that the President, the White House, has decided and, it may already be out, to release a proof of death photo. What light can you shed on this?


The government obviously has been talking about how best to do this, but I don’t think there’s– there was any question that ultimately a photograph would be presented to the public. Obviously I’ve seen those photographs. We’ve analyzed them and there’s no question that it’s Bin Laden.


Were you debating how the release of a photo would go over, given its gruesomeness, versus the need on behalf of people all over the world to demand proof of death?


I think there’s no question that there were concerns and there were questions that had to be debated about just exactly question kind of impact– would these photos have. But the bottom line is that, you know, we got Bin Laden and I think we have to reveal to the rest of the world the fact that we were able to get him and kill him.


Is the world safer?


Brian, I– I don’t think there’s any question that– you know, when you get the number one terrorist in the world that we’re a little safer today than we were when he was alive. But I also don’t think we ought to kid ourselves that killing Osama bin Laden kills al Qaeda. Al Qaeda still remains a threat. They’re still going try to attack our country. And I think we have to continue to be vigilant– and– and continue the effort to ultimately defeat these guys. We’ve damaged them, but we still have to defeat them.


Asked another way perhaps, what does this change?


I– I think what it– what it represents is that you know, President Bush, President Obama– were very intent on making clear that we were going go after Osama bin Laden. I think soon after I became director of the CIA– President Obama pulled me into the Oval Office and said”: “Look, I just want you to know that your top priority is to go after Osama bin Laden.” I think the fact that we were able to do that– that we were successful in this effort, has sent an important signal to the world that the United States, when it develops a focus on what’s important, what we have to do, we get the job done.


When did the President’s order in this mission become real and go up and become a possibility?


Well, as you know as we’ve been- debating this issue for a long time. And we had a number of sessions at the White House going over all of the intelligence and all of the approaches as to how we would conduct these operations. But it wasn’t until Thursday morning that the national security advisor called me and said that the President had made a decision to proceed with this operation. And then later that day I received orders signed by the President of the United States to proceed to conduct this operation under Title 50, which means it was a covert operation. And we would be responsible from the President for seeing that this mission was accomplished.


What did the Pakistanis know and when did they know it?


The Pakistanis did not know anything about this mission. And that was that was deliberate on our part that this would be conducted as a unilateral mission. President Obama had made very clear to the Pakistanis that if we– if we had good evidence as to where Osama bin Laden was located we were going to go in and get him. And– that’s exactly what happened.

So I think the only time the Pakistanis found out about it, frankly, was after this mission had taken place. We had to blow the helicopter, as you know, and that probably woke up a lot of people, including the Pakistanis.


Well, and I ask that because I’m curious as to why, given all the hardware, the garrison, the personnel, it– retired military officers in that immediate area, why weren’t the United States forces fired upon?


Well, that was obviously a concern that was raised at the time we were considering this operation which was going into this kind of sensitive area with helicopters and SEALs and landing on this compound– would the Pakistanis suddenly respond and you know, try to pin down our forces.

Frankly, we, you know, we considered all of those contingencies. That’s why we had the backup helicopters in place. But the reality was that I think in– in– in going in, I think the military commander felt confident that we would be able to get in and get out, hopefully within 30 to 35 minutes. The fact was that we completed this operation within 40 minutes and we had everybody on their way out of that country. And even at that point, the Pakistanis were not aware of just exactly what had happened.


Did the President’s order read capture or kill or both or just one of those?


The authorities we have on Bin Laden are to kill him. And that was made clear. But it was also, as part of their rules of engagement, if he suddenly put up his hands and offered to be captured, then– they would have the opportunity, obviously, to capture him. But that opportunity never developed.


And why, I’ve heard several people asking, could this same thing have been done at the start of the Iraq war to save the lives of all those souls we had to bury? To– to save all those young Americans from coming home with such grievous injuries in the commission of that war?


You know, I believe that Osama bin Laden, obviously, was the– the number one terrorist that we were after and-what he did in attacking this country made him clearly the number one target for us. But the fact was that this has been a long and difficult road. And I don’t believe there was really another opportunity that had been provided to be able to– to pin him down and be able to conduct the kind of operation that we did. I– you know, the bottom line reason that I think the President made the decision to go was that this was the best evidence we had of Bin Laden and where he might be located going back to Tora Bora. And because it was the best evidence we had, even though it was circumstantial, it demanded that we take action.


You see why I’m– I’m asking the– you know, the Iraq war was very personal, very personally about one man. And while reasonable people will debate whether or not it was an elective war of the choices after 9/11, it became about him and this so called single bullet directive by the President, aimed to take out one man that– that of course– in the course of it saved so many Americans. I’m just asking if that could not have been– a route we could have pursued in that war?


Well, you know, I– I guess there’ll be a lot of second guessing as to what could or could not have been the case, but I think the reality was that even though I’m sure a lot of people wanted to get Bin Laden from the very beginning, we just did not have the same opportunity to do it as we had within these last few days.


I’d like to ask you about the sourcing on the intel that ultimately led to this successful attack. Can you confirm that it was– as a result of water boarding that we learned what we needed to learn to go after Bin Laden?


You know, Brian, in the intelligence business you work from a lot of sources of information and that was true here. We had a multiple source– a multiple series of– sources that provided information with regards to the situation. Clearly some of it came from detainees and the interrogation of detainees but we also had information from other sources as well. From Sigent intelligence, from imagery, from other sources that we had– assets on the ground. And it was a combination of all of that that ultimately we were able to put together that led us to that compound. So– it’s– it’s a little difficult to say it was due just to one source of information that we got.


Turned around the other way, are you denying that water boarding was, in part, among the tactics used to extract the intelligence that led to this successful mission?


No, I think some of the detainees clearly were, you know, they used these enhanced interrogation techniques against some of these detainees. But I’m also saying that, you know, the debate about whether– whether we would have gotten the same information through other approaches I think is always going to be an open question.


So finer point, one final time, enhanced interrogation techniques, which has always been kind of a handy euphemism in these post-9/11 years.




includes water boarding?


That’s correct.


How often did the desert raid circa Carter administration, how often did Black Hawk Down in Somalia rattle around your heads, rattle around the room as you sat during the planning stages?


Well, that was clearly part of the debate. You know, this– this was a risky mission. There were a lot of risks and a lot of uncertainties. We had, you know, the bottom line was this. That we had the best intelligence– on the location of Bin Laden– since Tora Bora. That that– that presented an obligation to act. And the President obviously felt that we had that obligation to act.

What course we would take, whether we would use an assault– the way we did or whether we would try other methods was also debated. And when we came down to considering the assault, the risks of having helicopters go down, the risks of suddenly being in battle with the Pakistanis or having a serious incident there, all of that was discussed.

And we all knew that that was– that was part of– the risks involved here. But the President, to his credit, made the decision that we had to go. And I think we had great confidence in the capability of these SEAL teams who conduct these operations two and three times a night in Afghanistan. We had tremendous confidence that they could get the job done.


Related subject regarding at least, a world figure. Director Panetta, do you have any proof since Saturday night that Muammar Khaddafy is alive?


Do I have any proof that he is alive?




Is that what you’re asking, Brian?




I– at least– best intelligence we have is that he’s still alive.


So there’s been– there’s been a sighting, a communication by him? You have positive proof of life?


It– best intelligence we have on Khaddafy is that– he is– he is still alive.


And finally, a question on Pakistan. How do you relate to them now? How do you go to them and say, “I understand that in the most important– military operation that’ll probably be conducted in your soil in modern times we didn’t inform you in advance. We regard you as a trusted ally though you have broken our trust in the past.” How do you go forward from here?


We– we have to go forward with the– the Pakistanis. The reality is that we continue to confront our enemy in their country. We conduct operations against that enemy and their country. They have provided cooperation with regards to that effort to go after those terrorists. At the same time, obviously– there– there are questions. And there are complications that we have to work through with the Pakistanis.

And the bottom line here is that they were clearly told that if we had Bin Laden, if we knew where he was, we were going to go in and get him. And actually, when– when– when we revealed to them that this operation had taken place, interestingly enough, the first comment from them was congratulations. So they knew very well what we intended to do.

And, hopefully, we can continue to work with them, because the reality is that in that part of the world we have to have Pakistan’s cooperation in dealing not just with the issue of terrorism in their country, but dealing with the issue of how we find peace in Afghanistan.


And I lied about the last question. One more was just handed to me. A statement from overseas reads simply, “Pakistan has family members of Osama bin Laden in custody.” Is that true?


That’s correct. The family members who were at the compound and were left there by our– our– our forces– our understanding is that the Pakistanis now have– have them in– in their detention. And frankly, we have asked access to those individuals so we can continue to gather intelligence. And the word we go back from the Pakistanis is that we would have that access.


What do you think they have for you? What’s the value to the U.S., potentially?


You know, Brian, we have– we’ve gotten an awful lot of– of– potential intelligence out of this operation, beyond just going after the number one terrorist. The reality is that we picked up an awful lot of information there at the compound. If you combine that with the ability to continue questioning the family, this could– this could give us a lot of valuable information regarding threats, regarding the location of other high value targets and regarding the kind of operations that we need to conduct against these terrorists. So this was– this was an important effort, not only because we got the number one terrorist, but because of the intelligence information that we got from this operation.

The Reality Of The Situation In This Country

It appears that we have hit a new low in America. I just read an article via The Blaze that says according to the search engine results over the last couple of days, teenagers do not know who Osama Bin Laden is. I wish I could say this surprises me, but it doesn’t.

I remember in the months before the 2010 mid-term elections there was a “man on the street” style interview with different people and the majority of them interviewed had no idea who anyone in politics was, outside of Barack Obama. There were even people who didn’t know who Joe Biden was.

However, you show them a picture of “The Situation”, and oh my goodness! They knew immediately who he was! In fact, if I remember correctly, one woman even talked about how “hot” he is.

Ironically, I had not a clue who “The Situation” is before that segment! I had to look it up and when I found out he is a reality show star I was appalled!

The reality of the situation in this country is very disturbing.

So the question comes down to this: Who do we have to blame?

The answer to this question is wide and varied, I’m sure.

Obviously, education starts at home. Unfortunately, too many parents see the TV as their babysitter, so from a very young age our children are sat in front of an electronic box spewing mostly garbage. And our children are soaking it up like a sponge!

As they get older they are usually allowed to watch things that children have no business watching. They are being educated alright, but they are being educated about things they shouldn’t know until much later. And though they may be watching TV, or being on the internet as they get a bit older, the thought of checking out the news is foreign to them.

Then there is the education system. They are too busy teaching our children about Earth Day, being “green”, that capitalism is “evil”, new math which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and all the other various junk that they have no time for actual education of facts. Therefore, discussing news and world events that are actually relevant are ignored, all the while they shovel in the propaganda that is now classified as “news” but simply serves to further the leftist agenda.

And then there is our current administration. While I must say President Obama gave the best speech of his entire presidency Sunday night, he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. In January of 2009, President Obama said that it was “no longer necessary to kill Osama Bin Laden”. To his credit, he did say at that time that it would be his preference to “capture or kill him”, but it was no longer “necessary”.

Add in the fact that our President refuses to acknowledge that these are terrorists with ties to the Muslim religion, and up until very recently refused to even say it is terrorism, choosing rather to make it all sweet and mushy by  renaming  it “man-made disasters”. It is no wonder why most of this younger generation coming up has no clue what is going on and why killing Osama Bin Laden is news worthy all over the world!

The ever famous quote by poet and philosopher George Santayana should be a lesson to us. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

America, we have allowed our schools to be taken over by the leftist agenda. We have allowed a box to teach our children right from wrong, and the boxes right is more often than not our wrong! If this news story does not wake us up then I don’t know what will. What can we expect? We’ve become so complacent as a nation!

It has been not quite ten years ago that the attack of September 11 happened. Yes, in respect to capturing and killing the man who orchestrated these attacks, 10 years is a very long time for him to be free. However, ten years is nothing in the scope of history. If our kids do not know current history, how in the world do we expect them to know the history of this great nation?

We are indeed doomed to repeat our past if we do not take this seriously immediately and make the necessary changes to prevent this from happening! While there are many bright and beautiful things in our nation’s past, there are also some very dark times as well. Unfortunately, it appears as though we will more than likely repeat the darkest part of our past if things don’t make some drastic changes fast!

America, it’s time to wake up! I don’t know how many more warnings we are going to get!

Bin Laden Gets X’d By Time Magazine

Maybe not as well-known, but certainly as symbolic as Time’s “Man of the Year” covers, Time Magazine’s X covers have marked the historic end of American enemies. Osama Bin Laden is about to join the ranks of the famously X’d out.

Hitler Gets X on Time Magazine CoverIn May of 1945, the first of the X’s was Adolf Hitler shortly after the discovery of his body.

Then in August of that same year, the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan triggered Time to illustrate the fall of the rising sun. It is assumed that the red in the rising sun symbol was the reason for using black in the X instead of the red that was used in the other covers. It is also the only cover that uses that style of X – more of a charcoal-drawn feel where the other X’s appear as red paint sloppily painted.

Saddam X'd Out by Time magazineApril, 2003 – Time gave us the Saddam Hussein X-out. The cover was released as U.S. forces occupied Baghdad and sent Saddam on the run. Saddam Hussein was actually not killed until 2006 when after an Iraqi trial, he was hanged.
Zarqawi gets X'd out by TimeThe most recent x-out by Time’s artists and journalists was Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in June of 2006 after being killed by a U.S. bomb.
And the piece de resistance, the grande finale, the best of the best – May, 2011, the cover of a Time special issue will be adorned with Osama bin Laden’s ugly mug covered by a bright red X. This cover brought to you courtesy of U.S. Navy SEALS – Team Six – “DevGru” *Salute*
Bin Laden gets X'd out by Time Magazine

What is Navy SEAL Team Six

U.S. Navy Seal Team SixThe U.S. Navy SeALs are a collection of eleven total teams of elite special operations warriors trained to fight from the sea, from the air, and on land. Although their training is heavily focused on maritime environments, SEALs are the most highly-trained special warfare units in the world.

Stationed at one of three SEAL duty stations in Coronado, CA, Little Creek, VA, and Pearl Harbor, HI, the SEALs operate under the Special Operations Command. The teams and their training, support and command structure are made up of approximately 2,500 members organized into nine active teams and two reserve.

According to the U.S. Navy SEAL official site, SEAL teams 1,3,5,7, and 17 are based at Coronado, CA and teams 2,4,8 and 10 are based at Little Creek, VA. The official site does not mention team six’s home base which is Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia.

SEAL Team 6 (ST6) is the top tier counter-terrorism and Special Mission Unit (SMU) and is no longer actually called Team Six. Today, the same outfit is known by its designation NSWDG, Naval Special Warfare Development Group or “DEVGRU”. Not much more is known about DevGru as this excerpt from the Seal Team Six facebook page explains:

The vast majority of information surrounding DEVGRU is highly classified and details of its activities are not commented on by either the White House or the Department of Defense.

Recently, the White House released that DevGru had carried out the operation to kill and positively identify Osama Bin Laden. This is an unusual event:

The members of Team 6 are all “black” operatives. They exist outside military protocol, engage in operations that are at the highest level of classification and often outside the boundaries of international law. To maintain plausible deniability in case they are caught, records of black operations are rarely, if ever, kept.[1]


[1] Meet The ‘Seal Team 6′, The Bad-Asses Who Killed Osama Bin Laden –  http://www.businessinsider.com/the-team-that-killed-bin-laden-seal-team-6-2011-5

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