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One Nation Rally – After the Event

I don’t support the groups that endorse this rally (AFL-CIO, SEIU, Communist Party USA, et al) and am heavily anti-public-union, but it is important to understand what the other side is saying and thinking. Adding in pictures I can grab or find during the rally.

In an AP report, the lack of enthusiasm seems to be blamed on Conservatives?, “There may be an enthusiasm gap, but we’re not going to know until we have an election,” said Ken Bork, who came from Camas, Wash. “A lot of the noise from the extreme right-wing stuff, it’s been well orchestrated by big money. But it’s not as bad as they’re making it out.”

Big money?  You mean like George Soros’ TIDES foundation or the AFL-CIO?  Yeah, there was HUGE money supporting the One Socialist Nation indocrtination event, er.. rally. Bus transportation, t-shirts and meals were paid for by big labor and socialist interests like TIDES.

Even with that, a the report tried to put a positive light on the obviously light crowd.

Organizers claimed they had as many participants as Beck’s rally. But Saturday’s crowds were less dense and didn’t reach as far to the edges as they did during Beck’s rally. The National Park Service stopped providing official crowd estimates in the 1990s.

Another AP article had this to say about the crowd

There were people with union T-shirts and others participants who carried banners advocating expanding Medicare for all Americans. While the Beck rally stretched well down the National Mall, Saturday’s event was shaping up to be far smaller, with sparse groups lingering around the reflecting pool and other monuments.

Many are seeking to compare this crowd’s size to Beck’s 8-28 rally.  I was also at the 9-12 March on D.C. (yeah, another Conservative event) and I am fairly certain they didn’t even rival that less publicized event.

9-12 March on D.C.

Rally Crowd from 9-12 March

Irrespective of the crowd size, what I found disconcerting was the disparate, disjointed messages that were represented.  So many different agendas were represented at the rally and it got even worse if you were watching Free Speech TV’s livestream coverage.  There were signs equating Christianity to Nazis while speakers at the pulpit were calling for “..faith to be the rudder”.  I heard pushes for transgender equality, students complaining that the student loan debt that they chose to take on was somehow my problem, calls for income redistribution, single-payer health care, support for Africa, an end to alleged injustices against Haitians by Home Depot, an end to “shopping deserts”, a call for the card check bill to pass, pushes for green energy and a plea for more union membership.  That’s a whole crap-load of social issues to digest and I am fairly certain that I didn’t catch them all.

What was evident, is that the crowd was bought.  In something akin to a banana republic-style rally – they did what they were made to do – show up.  Thousands of people were bussed in, given signs and told to stand there.  They did at first, but the crowd thinned quickly.

The enthusiasm from the crowd came from different areas as one group might agree that we should throw even more money at a failing public school system, but another group would only become enlivened when the subject was wind energy.  With so many social issues, getting them all to agree to much of anything might be an organizing effort in its own right.

Glenn Beck’s rally had a single message and a crowd that was intensely involved.  At the One Nation rally, the crowd seemed to be sparse and milling around – the only intensely involved attendees seemed to be the organizers, liberal media, and the speakers.

One Nation Rally picture of crowd

red circles were full of ppl for Beck's rally



socialist worker sign at one nation rally

Rally isn’t even 24 hours old and these dolts already managed to cost the U.S. taxpayers more than they should. I guess it’s to be expected – they think we should all pick-up after all the rest of their messes.


one nation rally trash

Here’s a pic linked on DailyKos – awfully empty mall.

I know it’s still hard to tell.  Were there as many at this Union indoctrination festival or not?  Anyone remember how even the port-o-potty area at the Beck rally was shoulder to shoulder?  Here’s the same area Proggy-style.  Wow, that’s a veritable sea of humanity.

One nation rally port-o-potty crowd



Finally a shot of One Nation rally from the same vantage point as Beck’s:

One Socialist Nation Indoctrination - Credit: Nico Pitney

For fair comparison, here’s a crowd shot of the Restoring Honor rallly:


Restoring honor crowd shot

Beck's Restoring Honor

And the obligatory Youtube video of the aftermath from @hostagehoosier


“One Nation Working Together” a Show of Progressive Special Interest Groups

Well, at least now they aren’t even pretending.  The extremist left is putting on a show in D.C. and it’s sponsored by every one of their wealthy, over-funded, corrupt special interest groups: Big-labor (SEIU, UAW, et al), TIDES (George Soros), and a collection of socialist and communist organizations.

Rally organizers are starting to compare this rally to Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” event back in August.  Benjamin Jealous, President of the NAACP, said, “Were confident any satellite photos of our rally will stack up nicely to Beck’s”.  Considering that they are paying for bus tickets, food, and in some cases forcing union members to go – this is every bit a rent-a-crowd as could exist.

The idea that this rally is nothing but an attempt for Big-Labor to take back its stranglehold on American workers is not new.  Beck has mentioned it, I just embedded the video from Breitbart and oh so many others have made this point.  What no one’s talked about is the difference in where the money came from.

Were there huge Bank of America signs at Restoring Honor?  Did the rally organizer (Beck) pay for bus rides and meals to fill the mall?  No you say?  Of course not, because he didn’t need to.

This far-left, Union-a-palooza is a sham.  It’s heavily-funded by the special interest groups that have had Democrats doing their bidding for decades.  Unfortunately for them, real leaders like Governor Chris Christie (NJ), are showing the unions for what they are – thieves.  Now big-labor has to fight back the only way they know how – propaganda.

Unions have outlived their usefulness and have pissed-away the trust that their membership put in them.  They are one of the largest reasons for the loss of American manufacturing jobs.

With union labor costs about double those of non-union Japanese and other foreign auto manufacturing plants in the United States, Big Three American automakers are financially bleeding to death.  This outcome was inherent in the origin of industrial unions in the violence of revolutionary socialism.[1]

Last year, when Obama took over the largest car maker in America, it wasn’t just to “save” the jobs, he knew he needed to save the UAW.  I would argue that it was his sole goal, GM was just a necessary evil.  Consider how the company ownership was divied-up.  True investors, bond holders, were systematically dismantled and 17.5% of the company was given to the UAW.  Even worse, 65% of Chrysler was given to the union.[2]

Unions are weakening America’s ability to compete in the global market.  They are also a larger political force than any bank, wall street investment house or CEO.  Organized labor (a synonym with organize crime) controls the Democrat party and is running both the Democrats and American manufacturing into the ground.

This rally is just a last attempt at re-energizing their unthinking base.  People who believe that making ludicrous salaries for simple work need the unions to keep-up the thuggery on American companies.  The thugs need those useful idiots to keep thinking they deserve those salaries and benefits.

”]Union wagesSaturday will be a self-love fest.  Me, me, me.  What can the government give me?  What can I get out of the public treasury?  That’s the union, socialist, and communist position – ME.

When you see them all on T.V., waving their signs and performing their paid duty as for-hire attendees, just look for what they are asking for.  Is it to return to self-reliance?  To find out what more they could do to help the country?  To understand that we must make personal sacrifices if we don’t want to end up like Greece and Portugal?

No, you won’t hear any of that.  You’ll hear them being told how to get what they think they deserve.  You’ll hear about the evil free market and how our economic system has done them wrong and must be reformed.  You’ll hear a whole bunch of unknowns (and Al Sharpton) tell them that they can get what they want by simply demanding it.

They will be told that they can get what they want by having the government take it from all those people that go to Tea Parties.

It won’t be said that plainly, but if you listen, closely – you’ll hear it.

[1] “Labor Unions Admit They Are Killing American Jobs” – http://www.intellectualconservative.com/2006/06/15/labor-unions-admit-they-are-killing-american-jobs/
[2] “Which Side Are You On” – http://www.slate.com/id/2219607/

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