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Rick Perry Delivers a Bizarre Speech at Cornerstone

Rick Perry delivered a speech where his words were at time difficult to understand at Cornerstone Action Dinner in New Hampshire. He references Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan, Obama and much more – but perhaps not the way you would expect.

His debate performances have ranged from lackluster and sleepy to stammering and confused. He even admitted to Sean Hannity that “that really isn’t my thing”. I want every single GOP candidate to do well. We all need them to be strong, well-thought and able to take Obama head-on. That’s why we have to evaluate them at every second and decide – is this really the candidate I want to go up against Barack Obama?

I know it’s difficult to be perfect through all hours of the day, but when you know the cameras are on and the people are watching – you have to do better than this!

Perry still has some time (like 2-3 months) before the primaries so there is the possibility of picking up one’s game – he may have more picking up to do than he had planned.

While I can’t back up her up with proof, our office manager’s first thoughts when seeing the video were “he’s drunk!” – and she wanted him to take the nomination until she saw this.

I can’t in good faith only share one side of any candidate. If they do something in public, it’ll be here. I am still looking for the good things that Obama has done. The list is short and unflattering.


The Rick Perry Report seems to be defending Perry’s speech at Cornerstone by saying that it was one of Perry’s many “Yell leader” voices from his college days.

He was a Yell Leader at Texas A&M. For the couch potato bloggers, snarling down their noses at me and Rick Perry, let me explain. A Yell Leader at A&M requires a variety of voices to get a point across. They can be serious, angry, funny, engage in hyperbole, or anything else to get the crowd at Kyle Field to yell so loud that the opposing team cannot hear the next play that’s called.

While yell leaders may need many voices there are two problems with this defense:

1 – We aren’t electing a yell leader for football games

2- if we were, we’d hope that he knew which yell to lead when .. or something.

And yes, I understand that I’m criticizing a Republican. I think it’s important for everyone to see all sides of the candidates before voting – good or bad. I didn’t shove a microphone in front of Gov. Perry and make his say these things the way he did – he did that all by himself.