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Be Prepared: Anarchy Is On The Way

As I see and hear the words of those in the “Occupy Whatever” movement I am struck by a common theme from times past. We are on the verge of times more terrifying than have been seen since the Civil War. Our nation is imploding from the malaise of some and the dedication to communism of others. We find people who have come out in protest of real issues, but lack either the intelligence or the ability to put those issues into perspective. They have been overcome by people with no agenda other than the destruction of our way of life. I have seen and heard people threaten violence of cataclysmic proportions. I have heard the reports of rapes, beatings, theft, open drug dealing and use, and now shootings, all in the name of exercising their own “rights”.

One guy in a video that I have seen several times on various television reports and internet postings speaks of what Molotov cocktails can do to a Macy’s store. I have seen and heard others taunting the police, trying their best to start a riot. In Oakland, they actually destroyed buildings and set fires in the streets, much like what we have seen in Great Britain, Greece, Spain, and other European countries.

I hear Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and a host of other Democrat politicians come out in support of what these “occupy” people are doing. I see and hear Hollywood types, Michael Moore for one, and media people praise the “occupiers” for their “patriotism” and call them “refreshing”. Refreshing?????????? The very same people who are undoubtedly part of the “1%” being protested are out there instigating violence against others. This violence, being instigated by the ultra rich to be committed against other rich people, will not do any real damage to either set of rich people. The violence will hurt the middle income and the poor, including those who will commit these acts of violence being encouraged by ultra-rich Marxists. How will you get through this time of chaos?

Last winter, Oklahoma was hit by the worst snow storm in a decade or longer. We saw 23” of snow over about a 48 hour period. The roads had not yet been cleared when we got hit with another 12” or more a week later. Grocery stores depend on daily shipments of food staples like, bread, meats, milk, eggs, and other items to sustain their stocks. It took less than 12 hours to strip the local Wal-Mart Super Center of every loaf of bread, every package of buns, all of the milk, all of the meat, all of the eggs, and just about everything else people buy on a regular basis. The local Reasor’s and Warehouse Market grocery stores were likewise stripped of any goods in a very short time.

My wife and I are old hands at this, so we stocked up a few days early just in case the weather man was correct in his forecast. It was actually a bit worse than predicted, so many people did not have sufficient supplies to hold them over. We had extra people at our house due to a domestic issue, so we planned on feeding 4 extra mouths. The one opportunity we had between the storms to get out to restock found us coming home with not  very much. If we had not prepared for the first storm, we would have been hard pressed to have enough food to eat through either storm.

The end result was a little more than 2 weeks of being pretty much snow-bound, but we had enough food to feed those in our house because we had prepared. We had also filled up our vehicles with gasoline in case we lost electricity and needed the vehicles to keep warm. We also had extra gas and a generator for backup. We were prepared to take care of ourselves and extra family members. We have 3 daughters and 10 grandchildren living in the same town with us. We were prepared to feed and house all of them if necessary.
America is fast approaching a time of hardship such as few living citizens have seen. Anarchy is going to break out, likely sooner than later. The political conventions next summer are going to be targeted by those who seek to destroy America, probably leading to massive riots and government crackdowns that will be much worse than the anti-war problems of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Those intent on causing this unrest are not making any secret of their intentions and it is unfortunate that so many will join in to help destroy the very way of life they enjoy. Useful idiots seem to be a dime a dozen in every country in the free world. I say free world because those living under dictatorships have no freedom to carry out such protests.

There are people actively plotting the overthrow of our system of government by using the riots, under the false auspices of righteous indignation, to usher in martial law and the suspension of the Constitution and Congress. Unfortunately, many of those plotters are our very own elected government officials. Some Democrats have already called for the suspension of the Constitution to allow Barack Obama to “do what he needs to do”. Jesse Jackson, Jr. is but one of those calling for Obama to be granted dictatorial powers. Those seeking this power will attempt to use riots at the conventions to gain the control they need to destroy our very way of life.

When, and I say when not if on purpose, this happens the difference in how you get through it will be in how you prepare for it. People who dismiss my warnings will find themselves in dire straits when the time comes. When we were shopping between the storms we saw people in panic mode because they could not find what they needed on the shelves and didn’t have food at home. We had food at home, but were attempting to refurbish what we could in case the next storm lasted as long. As it turned out, except for the one day, we were snowbound for about 2 1/2 weeks, but had plenty of food to get us through, even with the extra mouths to feed.

When civilized society breaks down there will be several issues to deal with. Not only will delivery of supplies to stores and gas stations be interrupted, there will be many places where even venturing out of your home might be a life threatening ordeal. We have already seen, many times, what those who espouse anarchy are willing to do to accomplish their destruction. Look at what is happening in Europe and know it will happen here. A few years ago the United States hosted one of the G-8 or G-20 (I don’t remember which one it was) summits in Pittsburgh. Rioters nearly destroyed the downtown area. Thankfully it didn’t spread to the rest of the nation but the “occupy” movement shows us that we are not going to be so fortunate the next time around.

The people who are protesting legitimate issues now have been overtaken by those intent on the destruction of our way of life. Tulsa, Oklahoma is a prime example of what is happening. People came out to protest the improper and illegal foreclosures of houses. They set up in front of the banks that were under investigation for the activities that resulted from the housing bubble bust. In no time they were overwhelmed by people who came from Oklahoma City and other places with the intent of being arrested and causing as much chaos as possible. Those who were there to peacefully participate in a lawful protest soon found themselves pleading with the outsiders to leave and allow them to get their message out. Those intent on anarchy would have none of it and were determined to cause as many problems as possible. Guess who received all of the media coverage.

The point of this is to prepare for the worst and pray for the best. Families and neighbors can band together to help each other. The only way for our nation to survive is for us to help each other. You need food, water, toilet paper, and all of the other items you use every day. In our normal day to day living, it is easy to take the availability of grocery stores, and their goods, for granted. As sad as it is to say, also prepare to defend what you have. While it is good to share what you have, there are those who are willing to use force to take everything you have, not just what they need. You only have to look at the “occupy” people to see the lengths they will go to. Don’t take anything for granted, it may be a very bad decision.

Americans are resilient people and we can survive the coming problems. Those who prepare will get by just fine. Those who stick their heads in the sand and go with the “it can’t happen here” idea are in for a rude awakening. Pray for the best for our nation, but prepare for the worst.

I submit this in the name of the most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work, and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell
Claremore, Oklahoma
November 17, 2011

Child Tells Story Of How "Occupy" Protestors Shoved And Harassed Him

Sammy Goldenstein is a school age boy in New York City who recently had a run-in with the “Occupy” protestors.  As they tried to keep bankers from making their way to the Stock Exchange this week, they also made it difficult for children to get to their school across the street from the exchange.  Sammy tells his story of how kids were “kicked and hit”, and he also said they need to “get a job”.  Watch his story below.

What are your thoughts on this?  Have we gone too far when we target CHILDREN?  And have we really gone too far when we target children who are escorted BY POLICE?  I’m at a loss for this.  How do you hit children in front of their parents and in front of police?  …in broad day light, no less.  How crazed do you have to be to do this?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  Or on Facebook.

John Tabacco Launches “FREE WALL STREET”

NEW YORK CITY, NY—“Free Wall Street, enough is enough,” says John Tabacco, CEO of LocateStock.com. “The way to end any Occupation is to form a coalition of Freedom Fighters to rebel against the unwanted Occupiers.” The “Wall Street Freedom Fighters” movement has begun. The Campaign kicks off with a rally to resist the occupation on their two-month anniversary. Tabacco and other angry Financial District workers and business owners, say this will be the first in a series of demonstrations designed to showcase opposition to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Tabacco is also opening the movement up to help free the Downtown Financial district of the resource draining, Quality of Life killing, unemployed, homeless vagabonds. John Tabacco is inviting other like minded hard working Wall Street financial firms, business owners and aggravated commuters, to join the movement, and band together to free Wall Street. Marching on the NYSE, and protesting the hardworking, good men and women of the NYSE makes no sense.

In this time of Global uncertainty the last thing the workers of NY’s financial district need is video of an angry mob protesting in front of the Global symbol of Capitalism the NSYE. Come out and help deny them, and start taking back our streets. Today, The Freedom Fighters demand that the Occupiers announce a pullout date and begin an orderly retreat, or face the wrath of the well funded, employed and extremely agitated Freedom Fighters. The Freedom Fighters proudly represent the 53% of Americans that pay income taxes.

Since its inception, Occupy Wall Street protesters have caused problems for local businesses and hard working people that work on Wall Street and surrounding offices near Zuccotti Park. The people, who are affected, have nothing to do with their misguided protests, and now its time to fight back. The Counter Resistance begins now.

“They are in downtown Manhattan raging against banks, when they should be in Washington DC raging against an administration which continues to support a system of bailing out the big banks, and allowing them to continue right back down the same path to Too Big to Fail,” remarks Tabacco.

The working people and business owners of the Financial District deserve better.The Occupy Wall Street mission is misdirected and their movement is raging against the wrong machine. Reports of violence and sexual crimes against women are distressing, and Tabacco and his supporters are also incensed that the actions and behavior being permitted in the park, is totally unacceptable in surrounding areas. “Why should these miscreants be given favorable treatment, and the working men and women of the financial district are held to a higher standard. At a time when America is becoming a Global laughing stock, we should be raising our standards of behavior and productivity instead of sapping resources from the already crippled NYC economy. The Occupiers must stay in their little park, or the next battle stage will begin and the Occupiers are clearly not ready for a battle with NYC’s hard working people,” quips, Tabacco.

Occupy Wall St. Attempts to Take Over NYSE .. Again [live video]

Today is the Occupy Wall Street’s second attempt to take over the New York Stock Exchange. So far, the second attempt is going exactly like the first.

At 9:30am the markets opened as they do every non-holiday weekday, the bell rang and trading began while hundreds, some chanting in Spanish, stood on sidewalks outside.

At about 10:30 the crowd grew tired of standing around at Wall St. and Pine so they marched to Zucotti park. The Police allowed them into the park.

After an hour at Zucotti Park, the crowd decided to re-march on Wall St.

Before 3pm the protesters headed for Union square to join with Union protesters and students that were upset about tuition hikes and being held responsible for the student loan debt they chose to take on.

At 3:45pm the Union square protesters fanned out to take over subway stops across all five boroughs in New York.

Here are the streams:

Click on the small play button in the left bottom corner of the viewers to watch the stream without being taken to another site – this will allow you to watch multiple streams at once.

Stream 1: Occupy Unity:


Stream2: CBS News

Stream 3: OWS Independed Media:

Stream 4: The other 99

National Day of "Doing Crap that Actually Matters"

The occupy park benches movement (a.k.a. Obamaville liaison to Big-labor) is planning a “day of action” on Thursday.

The New York local office is planning to start a march from city hall, across the Brooklyn bridge and onward to cause grid-lock near the intersection of Wall St. and Broad St. – the approximate location of the New York Stock Exchange.

The movement is preaching environmental causes, international causes, anti-capitalism, anti-Americanism, pro-Palestine, pro-Union, anti-bank, anti-freedom messages – all at once.

This is the group that believes that it’s illegal for law enforcement officers to remove them from private property – that they have trespassed upon.

This is the group that infringes upon the rights of others to get their impossible-to-understand points heard.

What is needed is a counter-protest. A national movement that really matters.

Many in the TEA party have repeated the mantra “Not racist, not violent, not silent anymore”. Well, it’s time to start being less silent.

The Occupy movement is a puppet arm of the Unions and other groups that would like to see our economic system fail. Their approach: to force drastic changes to an economy to one that favors those unwilling to build exemplary skills.

Unions prop-up those willing to only do “enough” to earn a paycheck. That doesn’t mean that all union workers are lazy. It means that union leadership has no interest in making an example of those that are talented – lest it injure someone unable to become an expert. It is much like playing a sport where no one keeps score to avoid having a loser. Entrepreneurial spirit is the answer – the purest form of success due to expertise.

If you knew you would only succeed if you spent the time to learn more about your trade or perhaps invent a new technique – wouldn’t you? What if that was the only way to get ahead in America – as it was in times past. Would that not create a culture of experts or at least reward those trying to build such a culture?

Electricians of great quality can contract out to whomever they want for an above market price. Master electricians can run an entire shop of high-quality electricians and do very well. This is the spirit of America – not those do-nothing, produce-nothing loudmouths in Zucotti park.

It is time. It is THE time.  IT IS OUR time. It is the time for truly productive Americans to say that this cannot go unanswered.  Unlike the characters in Atlas Shrugged we don’t have to learn over the course of 12 years after the brat-like redistributionalists get their way. We can start to affect change today.

Do you live in New York, Oakland or any other city where one of these atrocious affronts to society are taking place? Why aren’t you calling your Mayor’s office, Governor’s office, state Rep, state Senator, police chief, sheriff’s dept or other local group. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and only the incredible minority that are living in city parks are letting city officials know how they feel.

That is why we need a “National Day of Doing Crap That Actually Matters “. On Friday, November 18th, call your LOCAL officials and let them know that you no longer want these anti-freedom, anti-capitalism, anti-liberty, anti-work, anti-American people keeping you out of YOUR public spaces. No longer do you want them influencing YOUR children. No longer do you want them messing with YOUR country. Tell your officials that you want law enforcement to actually do their jobs and arrest trespassers – not just push them to the side and throw away their garbage.

Cities (a.k.a. taxpayers) are spending tens of thousands of dollars a day of taxpayer money to police the “Obamavilles” and “Class Warfare Shanty Towns”. That is YOUR hard-earned money that these miscreants are spending. When will you speak up?

It’s fun to ridicule them on twitter or post their most-recent idiocy on Facebook, but that’s relatively ineffective.

Join the “National Day of Doing Crap that Actually Matters” and make a few phone calls on Friday. It won’t take much more than a few minutes of your time to disarm a movement of unthinking, irrelevant, disrespectful and unproductive union puppets.

Join the NDoDCtAM (say that 5 times fast)  and show them that the Occupational forces in America’s parks are NOT the 99%.

Movements that NDoDCTAM is in solidarity with:

Free Wall Street:

We will be talking with John Tabacco, founder of “Free Wall Street” tonight on the Mitchell & Ray show.

John and Derek Tabacco were so frustrated with the disruptions caused by the protesters in Zuccotti Park that they started the “Free Wall Street” campaign.

Mr. Tabacco is asking other Americans to  “rally” in opposition to Occupy Wall Street.

John said that “the way to end any Occupation is to form a coalition of freedom fighters to rebel against the unwanted occupiers. Since its inception, Occupy Wall Street protesters have caused problems for local businesses and hard working people that work on Wall Street and surrounding offices near Zuccotti Park.”

You can join the rebellion against the occupiers by following the movement on twitter: @wallstfighters and their soon to be online web page: freewallstreetnow.com

Thanks to those providing phone numbers:


Mayor:- 214-670-4054
DPD: 214-744-444
Media Relations: 214-671-4065

San Antonio

Mayor: 210-207-7060
SAPD: 210-207-7273
Media Relations:   210-207-7234

Creepy Video Of The Day Courtesy Of Occupy Wall Street

I don’t know what these hipsters think; I really don’t.  This guy (who seems to think he’s clever) comes along side a Fox News reporter and gives a “serial killer” stare into the camera as he walks beside the poor reporter.  Now, I don’t know why these people do this.  They crap on cop cars and screw around with reporters and still expect people to take their cause seriously.

What do you think?  Am I overreacting?  Is he just some harmless kid having fun?  Or is he just another bat sh*t crazy example of what’s wrong with these protestors?

Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to leave as many responses as you want.  This month we’re running a special that’s half off.  And half off of “nothing” is nothing, so as always, you can comment for free.  Start typing.

Anonymous Threatens Revenge Against the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg

The group Anonymous has answered the call from Occupy Wall Street to act for their cause.

This is the YouTube description for this video:

It is time to regain our credibility and destroy the NYPD and one man…MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG.

They leave no question what the next steps will be for them. It will be interesting to see if Mayor Bloomberg takes this group of thugs seriously now that a threat is on his life, personally!  And they say these are harmless people! Puhlease!

It’s time for a little activist-on-activist action

The Occupy Wall Street movement started almost two months ago when a ragtag bunch of anti-capitalist demonstrators attempted and failed to take over the famous street that is home  to the New York Stock Exchange.

Police had security set so that protesters could not approach the financial institution so the movement .. moved – to Zucotti Park.

The 33,000 square-foot space is privately owned by Brookfield Office Properties – a commercial real estate company – and is named after that company’s chairman. It is not the occupiers’ property to do with as they wish. It is not their park as they so often claim. It is someone else’s private property and they are trespassing.

Over the two month occupation, cardboard box parts, tents, pavilions, cooking centers and electrical generation equipment have moved into the squatter’s camp – also known as an “Obamaville” or a “Class Warfare Shanty Town”.

This has occurred on a medium-to-large scale in several U.S. cities. Oakland, Portland, Denver, D.C. and New York City. Smaller efforts have struggled in cities like Chapel Hill, NC.

Due to long hours of incessant drumming for dollars and crowd-powered “Mic Checks”, neighbors around these movements had started to tire. Add in the businesses that were losing revenue and laying off workers due to the presence of the unpleasant, unkempt and unhealthy tent villages and that the city’s leadership was getting an earful from the citizenry, a series of sexual assaults, health issues, assaults on non-protesters, trespassing issues, thefts, an attack on an EMS crew and more – and the real 99% (or whatever) started a revolt of their own – the occupation of parks had to end – NOW.

The struggle: capitalism and individual liberties/property rights vs. collectivism and “redistributive  change”. The free-market philosophy favored by Conservatives vs. the class warfare strategy in-use by President Obama. Even the Pew Research Center decided that a poll pitting the Occupiers against the TEA parties was necessary. Everyone wanted a war between those working hard to keep what they earn  and those working hard to take it from someone that earned it.

Some label the battle as the ‘haves’ versus the ‘have nots’, but in truth, it’s the ‘haves’ vs those that envy what the ‘haves’ have done with their lives. Why is this tiny group of do-nothings getting so much say and the majority of hard-working Americans not protesting in return? Where are those loud and rowdy TEA partiers?

It does bring to light an important point – how serious are Americans about their rights to pursue happiness, own property and be free from an oppressive government ? In 2009, the liberty-loving TEA parties were a force to be dealt with. In 2010, they molded an election but, in 2011, the energy behind the TEA party may be waning.

The results in Ohio show that the Unions out-organized Conservative groups. More people showed up to vote down the public union collective bargaining reform than all that voted for Governor Kasich in the last election. How does that happen? Simple – apathy.

There is no denying a strong link between Unions, progressives like Michael Moore and the Occupy movement just as there is no denying the link between The TEA Parties and Conservatives like Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. The battle lines are drawn – each side has it’s communicators and techniques and whichever is better motivated will shape the 2012 elections as the TEA Parties did in 2012.

It’s time to raise that Gadsden flag. It’s time to dust off that pocket version of the constitution. It’s time to volunteer, march, read, write, email, call, register, donate, and most of all –  VOTE!! Get informed and vote in the primaries. The caucuses and primaries start in just a few short weeks. Are you working for a candidate,

Conservatives don’t need to take over a park for two months to bring together several hundred to a few thousand like-minded as-did the Occupiers. Marches like the 9-12 Marches and events like those at the Lincoln Memorial in 2010 show that there are hundreds of thousands of willing, active and awake Americans that will come to the call. A call to activism.

Activism against sloth;  a revolt against class-warfare;  a revolution against socialistic change; a rebuke against most-everything for which the occupiers stand.

We cannot be silent any more. Just sitting and watching as an entire generation idolizes the failed ideology of wealth redistribution that has been tried in nations near and far. We have to speak out and say “not now” – “not HERE” – “NOT EVER”.

When will the true defenders of freedom speak out in public and tell these small groups of ill-thinking trespassers that they are NOT the 99%. They aren’t the 50%, or even the 1%. They are a scrambled set of failed liberal ideas trying to join together against a common enemy – success – and those willing to work for it.

It’s time for a little activist on activist action. This is not a call to violence – but a call to challenge the loudmouth, small-minded, short-term thinking coming out of places like Zucotti park.

Occupy Wall Street Gets Evicted [Video]

Early Tuesday morning, the NYPD cleared Zucotti park of the Occupy Wall Street protesters some 70 of them by arrest.

The protesters were told that once the park was cleaned that they may return, but without tents, sleeping bags or other equipment that would indicate an intent to camp out on the privately-owned park.

From NBC New York:

Hundreds of police officers, some in riot gear, descended on Zuccotti Park after midnight Tuesday in a surprise sweep of the Occupy Wall Street headquarters.

It comes just two days ahead of a massive planned demonstration Thursday marking the movement’s two-month anniversary.

Police handed out letters to protesters ordering them to temporarily evacuate the park. Police said the eviction will improve health conditions.

The Wasthington Post reports, “At about 1 a.m. Tuesday, police handed out notices from the park’s owner, Brookfield Office Properties, and the city saying that the park had to be cleared because it had become unsanitary and hazardous. Protesters were told they could return, but without sleeping bags, tarps or tents.”

Recorded Video

Interview after The Raid

Some protesters cut the locks at a private area owned by Trinity Church to set up another  illegal “occupation”. Police were quick to arrest and remove the trespassers.

Once the raid concluded, the protesters found a judge friendly to their cause to issue an order letting them back into the park with their tents and gear. Former ACLU and champion of the less fortunate Judge Lucy Billings signed the order at just after six in the morning. The city appealed and according to the Associated Press, “Supreme Court Justice Michael Stallman on Tuesday denied a motion by the demonstrators seeking to be allowed back into the park with their tents and sleeping bags..”

The cult-like Occupiers have a “day of action” planned for Thursday as requested by Union leadership. The Occupy Wall Street folks are planning a “major disruption” at Wall Street to coincide with the activities of big labor on that day. The group’s leaders are expecting their activities to be “the most provocative yet” and lead to mass arrests.

Occupy Wall Street spokesman Ed Needham said, “I think it is very difficult to do a day of action and not expect some sort of reaction from (authorities)”.

The day of action is expected to culminate in “a block party the 1% will never forget”. Exactly how a block party will shut down the New York Stock Exchange or Wall Street overall is unclear. Needham estimates that they will have 10,000 or more marching with the Occupiers in their attempt to take over Wall Street.

What Really Happened When Occupy Denver Got Evicted

The events in Denver, Colorado ultimately resulted in 17 Occupy Denver protesters going to jail and the rest of the movement being evicted from Civic Center Park in downtown Denver.

The internet made it possible for Americans to watch the events as they happened from multiple viewpoints. The perspective varied wildly, depending on whether the live stream producer was part of the movement (which all of them were) or if the video captured and uploaded was from an observer’s perspective.

CDNews posted both a live stream from an obvious participant and an uploaded youtube video from one of our observers. One thing I noticed is that if you muted the audio on the stream/video, you had a better chance at an objective viewpoint. The comments behind the video attempt to “color” the video one way or another. Perception is everything.

In October, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock met with protesters to discuss the parameters within which their protest would be considered lawful (video below).


After the discussion, the Mayor indicated that the talks had gone nowhere.

It was clear to me they want to occupy the park. We simply cannot allow that to happen. We don’t want to set a precedent by allowing people to pitch tents in our parks overnight. We’ll honor their right to freedom of speech and freedom of assemble. We asked them to observe the laws of the City and County of Denver. And we asked them, for their own safety and wellbeing, to vacate the park each night at 11 p.m.

Mayor Hancock indicated earlier this month that something was going to have to be done when he said that “We simply don’t want to set a precedent where … everyone who asks us can be in our parks after 11 p.m. or pitch a tent in the park.“. 

Saturday afternoon, the Denver police department offered to have two protesters speak with them at a nearby command post. The protesters were told that any property or persons blocking the sidewalks surrounding the park had to be removed. The response from Occupy Denver was to block Broadway just 45 minutes after the conversation.

The Denver police, fearing for the safety of everyone involved, then closed down Broadway in the area closest to the park.

A garbage truck was then brought in to remove anything still on the sidewalk. Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said that any property that looks like it belongs to someone would be logged and made available for reclaim at a later date. Everything else was to be thrown away.

At just after 7pm – the full eviction began.

Denver police and state troopers in riot gear pushed through the park extinguishing fires and moving the protesters out of their illegally-erected tent city. Blossoms of smoke rose through the air as unlawful wood-fires were extinguished. The smoke was mistaken by many as tear gas.

The Occupy Denver movement was quickly displaced from the park and forced out on to the 16th street mall where a small group of them attempted to block traffic. The Denver police were quick to respond and easily cleared the public nuisance with only the threat of arrest. One person was arrested for failing to comply with a police order when he did not keep clear of the street as he had been instructed.

The protesters then split into multiple smaller groups heading to different parts of downtown Denver. Some headed to various smaller parks in the area, others headed to a Denver independent film festival to stomp on the red carpet and another group attempted to locate the Mayor who was reportedly speaking in a downtown building.

Several of the protesters did try to re-enter the park only to find a strong police presence preventing re-entry. Mayor Hancock promises that protesting in the parks after 11pm will be strictly prohibited.

Twitter has been alive of claims of police brutality, but as of Sunday, no official complaints have been reported nor has any video of the alleged abuse surfaced. Considering the density of cameras and recorders, some evidence would seemingly be easy to produce.

CDNews did seek comment from Occupy Denver’s leadership, who at this time is a Collie-Mix named Shelby T. Dog. We were put in-touch with the PR group for Occupy Denver, but have not been offered an interview or statement from Shelby, the Occupy Denver General Assembly or anyone else operating in an official capacity.

Denver PD in Riot Gear Evict Occupy Denver – Images and Video

Photo: Kira Davis

Reports are coming in the at 7pm Denver time, the Denver Police Department will be removing the Occupy Denver protesters from the Capital Building steps and Civic Center Park. This live stream is labelled “Occupy-Denver” and we’ll have it as long as it’s up.

As of 4:07 Mountain time, Police were filling the streets in riot gear and the protesters crowd sizes were growing as well.

At 7pm the riot police moved in. Some tear gas was reported to have been used, the park was evacuated. The Occupy Denver folks tried to take over a nearby intersection and were immediately pushed off of that street under threat of arrest.

Some reports of protesters being marched to jail instead of put in wagons, but that has not been confirmed.

Some of the stream producers seemed alarmed that the police were carrying guns, pepper spray and had batons. Others were disappointed that the tear gas guns and riot gear made it obvious that the police had not come to the park “to talk with them”.

One officer did comment that the park was closed by order of Denver Mayor Hancock.

CDN is seeking information on Occupy Denver’s next steps, but Shelby T. Dog, the canine elected-leader of the Occupy Denver movement has not immediately been made available for comment.

Live streams have ended – we’ll be posting recordings and images throughout the evening.

CDN’s own Kira Davis put this up:


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: North Korea vs South Korea

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one may be worth more.  As a humble blogger, I can tell you it’s not hard to type 1000 or even 2000 words, but it is difficult to make them compete with a picture like this:

This is the difference between North and South Korea on a given night.  The South, a shining example of prosperity.  The North, a comparative wasteland.  Maybe “wasteland” is a harsh choice of wording, but which one would you rather live in?  The country with companies that (successfully) compete with America, or the country that shoots you for trying to leave?

So many “Occupy” protestors and members of the Left talk about doing away with Capitalism, that I wonder if they’ve seen pictures like this.  I wonder if they’ve seen more of what goes on in Cuba than what Michael Moore tells them.  And I also wonder why they don’t just move to their non-captialism “paradises”, if they don’t like the United States.  Last time I checked, people risk their lives to move to the U.S. and South Korea, not Cuba and North Korea.

What do you think?  Is Capitalism overrated?  Should we replace it with some sort of pseudo-socialist utopia?  Or should we put pictures like this on billboards across North America until people get the point?  Let us know in the comments below.

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