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Obama Is Proof That Any Tom Dick Or Harry Can Be President

Once again, Obama is on the campaign trail, traveling the country putting down the Republicans for wanting to defund Obama-Care. As I sat there trying not to puke, I said to myself, “How can anyone in this country still believe a word this guy says?” I just don’t get it, Obama has lied about practically everything that comes out of his mouth. There are people that say he is disingenuous or they say he is not telling the exact truth, let’s call a spade a spade, Obama is a liar, plain and simple.

Nancy Pelosi famously said that we had to pass Obama-Care so we could find out what was in it, well now that we are finding out what is in it, we are finding out everything that Obama told us about the bill was a lie. We can keep our doctors, we can keep our same health-care plan, premiums would go down, everyone would be covered, it would add nothing to the deficit, it will create millions of jobs, and the quality of health care will improve. Yes Nancy Pelosi, we are starting to find out what is in it, and it is all lies.

However, can we blame Obama for the lies? After all he did not read the bill either, he was only telling the American people what he was told to tell them, what he was reading off his teleprompter. Let’s face it, Obama is no leader, every time there is a big job to do he just passes it off to someone else. Look at   the $787 billion stimulus package it was largely written by members of the Appropriations committees, with concessions made to the three Republicans whose votes were needed in the Senate. Health care bills were being fleshed out by Chairman Max Baucus and ranking Republican Charles E. Grassley in the Senate Finance Committee, and by Democratic committee chairmen in the House. The administration has proposed cap-and-trade legislation to limit carbon dioxide emissions, but the sole working draft made public has come from House committee chairmen Henry A. Waxman and Edward J. Markey.

How can we forget every time Obama presented his own budget, it received ZERO votes, his own party said it was a joke. So, how can Obama be called an effective President, how can people in this country still support him? It beats the hell out of me.

This much I do know, if Obama can be President, any Tom, Dick, or Harry can be President, even my aunt Tilly form Jersey City could be president, as long as they have the right protection. The only thing that keeps Obama standing is the fact that he has people around him that are willing to protect him, let us not forget the press has been on his side from day one. One of the jobs of the press is to keep a watchful eye on Government, to warn the people when Government is corrupt and doing things that would hurt the people, alas, the media has failed the American people.

Let’s face it, after a President like Obama it is clear anyone can be President of the United States, you don’t have to have brains, just the ability to read a teleprompter. Let us not forget that you must also be willing to lie to the American people. Well let’s not call it a lie, because if you are told to say something that is not true, how can it be a lie if you didn’t know it was, plus it doesn’t hurt to have media people getting a thrill up their leg whenever you speak either.

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