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The Obama Doctrine Eerily Similar to Weather Euphemism

“If you don’t like the weather, wait, it’ll change” – a euphemism applied to various regions when discussing the weather. It also seems to apply to Obama’s method of handling difficult situations.

Libya is the most striking example. While Libyan rebels are being beaten back by the militarily superior Ghadaffi forces, the only “action” Obama has taken is to ask the Libyan leader to step down. “Unexpectedly”, Ghadaffi ignored him.

Obama Playing GolfAs they retreat, the rebels were heard to exclaim, “Where is Obama? Where is America?” –  to that, Obama answered .. ok he didn’t, he headed for the golf course. As the Libyan rebels lose more and more ground, their spirits breaking, the point at which the rebellion falls is nearing. Obama may be waiting just long enough so that things in Libya get to a point where nothing can be done. No way to be wrong when you didn’t make a decision, right?

Obama’s leadership style seems to be rubbing off on his party. In a statement on Friday, Sen. Schumer(D-N.Y.) said, “I believe on these we should defer to the commander in chief on short term, immediate situations like this,..” Good luck with that one Chuck.

Remember the apology tour? Yeah.. images of Obama running around the world telling them how America would be different, American would no longer be, “dismissive”.  Obama’s White House has ignored the Libyan rebels, the American people, our Constitution, his duty, Israel, and so on. Dismissive is a way of life for the President. Barack Obama is unable to make any difficult decisions and certainly has no record of following through with action.

The only real accomplishment Obama has been given credit for is Obamacare. In reality, Nancy Pelosi should have been given credit as Obama did nothing more than go on tour, make speeches and complain about Tea Partiers. Then again, Rep. Pelosi did get the credit – she lost her Speakership.

Obama voted “present” at least 36 times as an Illinois Senator. Add at least one more for his position on Libya. The good news – on his next “We’re Sorry” tour, Obama will be apologizing only for himself.

With Enemies Like These Who Needs Friends

There have been myriad posts recently about how our current leadership is apologizing for us, alienating our allies and endearing our enemies. What these articles have not made clear is how many friends we are ditching and how vehemently we are befriending the violent totalitarians of our day.

Just today, press secretary Robert Gibbs spent his working hours explaining to the media how ok it was that Obama was not having a meeting with the prime minister of…. England while the PM was in the U.S. for the U.N. General Assembly meeting.  It might seem somewhat overblown, but Obama turned down no fewer than FIVE direct requests from the British leadership to meet.  Five.  From an ally.  FIVE!   But he will meet with Amenijad or Chavez or  without pre-conditions.  Obama has actually had no issues with one-on-one meetings with China’s hu Jintao and Russia’s Medvedev .  Why these leaders and not one of America’s closest allies.  Why?

The apologetic attitude that Obama has taken in international speeches is unforgivable at best and possibly treasonous.  He is not defending this country nor its constitution and he took an oath to do both.

Obama has set the Isreali-Palestinian converstion back 30+ years by de-negotitating everything that has been gathered so far and empowering a Palestine government that is nearly-leaderless, certainly lawless, unforgivably murderous, and down-right mean.

With the Mexican violence happening to our south, and the Obama administration cutting border agents along the southern border by almost 400…  don’t be upset when no one supports us when we have to fight back against the onslaught of Mexican violence.

We are walking away from true friends and supporting those that do not want us as friends, they just want us to continue to let them spread death, hate and dispare.

Are We Safer Now?

Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign held the promise of making us safer by being friendlier.  The President’s foreign policy, the “Obama Doctrine”, is naive, dangerous and non-productive.  In a campaign speech in January of 2008, Obama stated, “It’s time to reject the counsel that says the American people would rather have someone who is strong and wrong than someone who is weak and right”.  The White House’s  discombobulation of our intelligence capabilities, contempt for the military, apologist attitude and distancing from allies have put the world in a tailspin only a radical could appreciate.

Due to the softening stance of the United States on Iran and Palestine, Israeli citizens feel more-threatened.  A recent Smith Research poll done on behalf of The Jerusalem Post shows that less than 5% of Israelis feel that President Obama is supporting them.  The Palestinian-friendly stance taken by the current administration is not only a cause for concern in Israel, it may actually incite the violence President Obama believes it would prevent.  The Israeli government may now have no choice but to accomplish by force what the weakened U.S. negotiating position can no longer achieve – the dismantling of the Iranian nuclear arms program.  Perhaps we never intended to achieve that anyway as may be evidenced by Obama’s unwillingness to even staff the chief nuclear nonproliferation position in his cabinet.

In a total reversal, the current Administration is now not only going after the intelligence agencies in America, they are systematically dismantling the ones they do not like.  With the formation of the new HIG (High-value detainee Interrogation Group) the President has removed the separation of concerns that is implied in the responsibilities of the FBI, NSA, and CIA.

The CIA is intended to gather foreign intelligence of all types, perform covert actions, and exert foreign political influence.  The NSA was specifically founded to provide foreign signals intelligence (not human intelligence) and protection of U.S. communications.  The FBI is a domestic law enforcement agency.

The FBI and NSA are the only two groups allowed into this new HIG.  The NSA will run it, it will be housed within the FBI (whatever that means), and all oversight is provided by the Oval Office.  Foreign intelligence gathering fell under the oversight of Congress until last week.  Now the consolidation of power that this represents is unprecedented.  The Executive branch of the United States government can now interrogate high-value detainees (no limit to whether those are foreign or domestic) and the only oversight is the office that created the beast.  Feel safer yet?

From a foreign-threat perspective, the administration’s recent change-of-heart around the investigation and incrimination of interrogators of foreign detainees is alarming.  CIA operatives will not have the conviction necessary to gain the information needed to protect Americans.  Government agents will be too concerned that any action (although legal at that time) may be made retroactively illegal by a future administration.  This may very well paralyze their ability to protect us.

Even more recently, Hugo Chavez, an Obama administration hero, is using his new political capital to start an arms race in South America.  The Russians seem all-to-eager to jump back to their pre-Reagan posture of arming anyone that dislikes the U.S.A. and they seem to feel that they have the right American leader in-place to make it work.

President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton both have shown that at this time, it is more important to support the Chinese government than it is to promote the human rights of Tibet, Taiwan or the Chinese people.

Secretary Clinton told South Korean reporters that we should continue to press China on human rights but, “..our pressing on those issues can’t interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis, and the security crisis.”.   This is a fundamental misunderstanding of economy and security.  Taiwan, Tibet and Chinese human rights activists can no longer look to the U.S. for support.  Decades of democratic progress in Communist China has been erased.

President Carter tried Obama’s kind of foreign policy.  Our leaders learned from his mistakes and have since promoted Democracy abroad, sometimes by doing more than just talking.  This policy is based on the idea that by strengthening freedom and the rights of all people, we strengthen America in the world.

President Obama is reversing 30 years of progress (the fall of the Berlin Wall, unification of Germany, a drastically-improved human rights situation in Serbia, Democracies in the middle east, etc) in-trade for the possibility of a new Cold War with Russia, dictators as friends, Socialists as role-models, and terrorist nations as allies.  If you liked the Carter era, it would seem we are due for a repeat – inflation, oil supply issues and conflict included.