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Obama-Care Is A Big Success

OK it is settled, Obama-Care is a big success, at least that is what the President has told us and if he tells us it is so, it must be, because Obama would never lie to the American people. There is something I do not understand, there are supposedly about three-hundred- fifteen million people in this country, there were supposedly over forty million people who were uninsured and over six million people supposedly had their insurance policies cancelled because of Obama-Care. So, because seven million people have signed-up for Obama-Care, that means it is a success? Something just does not compute.

The president says “this law is doing what it is supposed to be doing.” And he went on to thank the Democrats in Congress who pushed this law through. “They should be proud of what they’ve done,” he said. Again, something does not compute. Six million people lose their policies, that they were happy with I might add. People cannot keep their doctors or their hospitals. Their premiums have risen along with their deductibles and they are forced to take coverage that they do not want. Again, Obama says the law is working as it was meant too, well I guess that means the Democrats knew that those things would happen all along.

In his speech in the Rose Garden, Obama also said, “Under this law, the share of Americans with insurance is up and the cost is down,” but if you look at the stats that is not the case. Less people are now insured, while premiums and deductibles have risen, someone needs to make the President aware of that. He also said, “We didn’t make a hard sell,” while the total amount to be spent nationally on publicity, marketing and advertising will be at least $684 million, according to data compiled The Associated Press, including more than 400 interviews, celebrity and athlete endorsements and heavy use of social media to engage a younger audience. Now that seems like a pretty hard sell to me.

Obama also said, “The debate over repealing this law is over,” “the Affordable Care Act is here to stay.”

I got some pretty bad news for Obama, the debate is not over, because a majority of Americans are still against the law. What makes matters worse for Obama-Care is that people who are uninsured are turning against it as well. Americans without health insurance have never seen Obama-Care in such a negative light. Kaiser Family Foundation’s monthly health tracking poll found that in February, 56 percent of the uninsured view Obama-Care unfavorably. The percentage of uninsured with a positive view reached its lowest point since Kaiser began tracking reactions in March 2010 when Obama-Care was passed into law. Just 22 percent of uninsured Americans have a generally favorable opinion about the law.

Obama-Care is a terrible law, that is doing more harm than good and it needs to be repealed, but I think it will eventually crumble under its own weight. Democrats who are up for re-election are still running from the law, they will have to answer for voting for a bill that they did not even read and are now paying for that decision.

My biggest peeve is the mandate; the government should not be able to force people to buy any product. Anyway, I have always said, if this thing called Obama-Care is such a wonderful thing, why do they have to force people to buy it? If it is such a glorious thing, people would be running to buy it, not running away from it. It is a law that must be repealed.

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