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Obama Autobiography: Inconsistency or Purposeful Exaggeration?

Much was made about Barrack Obama’s autobiography. A heralded tale of one who was influenced by the trials of his ancestors making him the most eligible man for president in 2008. Now it turns out that much of what was written in the autobiography was inconsistent and possible made up…or both. Last month we shared an interview with biographer David Maraniss and Andrea Mitchell in which several ‘inconsistencies’ were pointed out.

Today’s report from FNC sheds a little more light on not only the discrepancies but also the reaction by some Obama supporters. Gerald Early from Washington University in St. Louis states, “It really doesn’t matter if he made up stuff.” It’s hard to imagine professors and reporters would react with the same nonchalance if this was an autobiography by George Bush.


Obama Autobiography: Fact or Fiction?

Generally when one in public office publishes an autobiography it is anticipated that intrepid investigative reporters will search through it for inaccuracies. Apparently, not so with Obama’s Dreams From My Father. This autobiography was praised and the history of Obama’s early life helped him relate to many Americans.

One might expect that an autobiography would contain embellished stories based on memory. But one would expect a certain amount of fact checking. In a new biography by David Maraniss Obama: The Story it appears more about Obama’s past is anecdotal rather than truth. Even the New York Times has had to acknowledge contradictions between those who knew Obama and his family and the Obama memoirs.

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC interviewed Maraniss this week. The following clip will show two amazing inconsistencies in the Obama story:

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 You can watch the entire interview here.