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North Carolina’s Governor Vetoes Gas Exploration Bill

North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue on Sunday vetoed legislation that would have opened the door to shale gas exploration in that state.

For the second time in the last two years, Governor Purdue has stalled efforts by the Republican-led legislature to foster gas exploration in the tarheel state.

In a message about the veto, Perdue said that while she supports policies that create jobs, she doesn’t want to act too quickly.

Some estimates of the size of the formation under North Carolina could power the state for at least five years and would certainly create a booming industry for North Carolina job-seekers.

This is the second time Purdue has put her political priorities ahead of job-creating legislation. In 2011 she votoed a similar bill and has since failed to open the state to jobs and revenue that it badly needs.

The fate of North Carolina’s economy has now been left to the General Assembly for override votes. While Republicans have the votes in the Senate to override the veto, some Democrats will have to cross the aisle in the House to defeat the veto.

The State’s democrats will have to decide between jobs and the liberal special interest groups in an election year.

Profile in Determination:Teen Goes from Homeless to Harvard

via the Today Show – Dawn Loggins is a high school senior. In the fall, she’ll join hundreds of other freshman at Harvard University. But Dawn won’t be just any Harvard freshman. The North Carolina teen received her acceptance letter after being evicted from her home, abandoned by both her parents, and taken in by a team of caring adults from her school in the city of Lawndale. Dawn worked as a custodian before and after school and studied diligently, sometimes by candlelight. While helping her fill out college applications, one adult volunteer suggested she apply to Harvard as well; after all, she had the grades and the drive. The result was an acceptance letter.  “All we did was give her the basics she needed, but she did it with her brain, her determination and nobody can take credit for that except Dawn”, said the teen’s job supervisor. Dawn will work while at Harvard and apply for scholarships. Her principal has also set up a fund for those who wish to help this amazing young woman on her journey from homelessness to Harvard. Here is the address for donations: The Dawn Loggins Uplift Fund, c/o Burns High School, 307 E. Stagecoach Trail, Lawndale, N.C.,28090.

What is most striking about this young woman is that she overcame incredible odds to succeed. And not one place in this story is there a mention of government intervention. “Progressives” and Democrats continue to try to convince us that the disadvantaged have no chance in life without government support. The idea that anyone should struggle or be tested is abhorrent to them. What they miss with that philosophy is that oftentimes success is the direct result of loss. It is the difficult circumstances in our lives that shape us, sharpen us and give us drive. They help us learn and use that knowledge to spur ourselves on to success. Too many Americans have been robbed of that gift by an overreaching government and well-meaning but enabling programs. Is that compassion? No. Compassion is what the fine citizens of Lawndale, NC exhibited when they rallied around Dawn Loggins and determined to take care of one of their own. They didn’t wait for a government program to help, they did it themselves. These are the people that we should be looking to as examples of how to weather these difficult economic times. This is how we used to do it before a massively unsustainable welfare system began bleeding the average taxpayer dry.  We took care of our own, provided for our own, marshaled our community resources to help those in need, without the government. Not only did it create better, for self-sufficient citizens but it created a sense of community. The greatest leaders in history have been people who came from difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible situations. It wasn’t the lack of trials in their lives that made them great men and women. It was precisely because of those trials that they became great. Dawn Loggins is proof of that legacy. She surely must have had days when she felt discouraged and sorry for herself. Who wouldn’t? But she didn’t set up camp in Sorrytown. Dawn recognized that hard work would be the key to her success and so did the adults around her. Says Dawn, “I felt like it would just be easiest if I gave up, but it was never in me to give up.”  Congratulations to Dawn Loggins, a true embodiment of the American spirit and a classy representative of womankind everywhere. Cheers, Dawn! America is proud of you.

Watch/read the Today Show report here and don’t forget to send Dawn a donation or encouragement.

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Reporter Blows the Lid Off DNC “Secret Media Meeting”

The Democratic National Convention will be held in Charlotte, N.C. this year. As The Charlotte Observer reports, the DNC committee has decided to shorten the 2012 national convention from 4 days to three, and has also decided to move the events to Charlotte’s two biggest outdoor arenas, Bank of America Stadium and Charlotte Motor Speedway. On Thursday, Mark Washburn, also a reporter with The Charlotte Observer, expressed his dismay  about the way 500 reporters that were called to the BOA stadium for a tour of their new September digs for the DNC convention this year, in which were told that the meeting would be strictly “off the record” and kept hush-hush, as in no telling folks what was said at this meeting.

It wasn’t the price of reporting this years event that rankled Mr. Washburn, which includes their designated “spots” to do their stand up reporting going for $1200 to $1800 bucks, or the six packs of Budweiser having to be bought from the areas vendor for $31.50 a pop, or even the revelation that the “media suites” would cost the reporter’s expense accounts about $25 grand.  All of that was taken with a grain of salt, as many media elitists stated, “it was less than they paid in Denver four years ago.” What rankled Mr. Washburn during the media tour for the 2012 DNC convention was the “cone of silence” demanded of them during the first order of business discussion. Mr. Washburn had the audacity to stand up to speak out against being told that things discussed at this meeting would be “off the record.” In his own words,  Mr. Washburn doesn’t like off- the-record. He prefers in-the-newspaper.  Good for him.

So what happened when Mr. Washburn stood up and spoke out against the gestapo-style cone of silence being imposed on them by Karen Burchard, the director of media logistics for this event? Mr. Theodore LeCompte, the chief operating officer for the convention committee promptly stood up and set Mr. Washburn straight: “If there are issues with the ground rules, you are perfectly welcome not to attend this session,” he said.  This comes a day after the DNC,  in announcing this years changes to the convention also promised to make it the “the most open and accessible in history.” Where have we heard that kind of false rhetoric before? Oh yes, during Barack Obama’s 2008 undefined hope and change campaign where we were told he would run the “most open and transparent” administration in history if elected.  This most recent statement of open and accessible DNC propaganda concerning this years convention, is just as credible today as it was back in 2008, which has now been proven to be just a bunch of hot air and Democratic party propaganda.

In another show of gestapo-style information management at this “media meeting”, popped up when Mr. Washburn notes that around lunchtime, “Chris Miller, morning news reporter on WBT-AM (1110) and one of the journalists in town you probably don’t want to push around, had been pulled aside by a convention press aide. She was concerned about a tweet he had sent that began, “DNC official just announced everything is now off-the-record.” He says she reminded him everything was off the record. Real-time monitoring of reporters tweets at a media meeting? Censorship comes to mind there, real nasty thugocracy and media bullying 101 on full display for all to see. Of course the DNC “director of communications and public affairs”, Kristie Greco takes openness and transparency to a whole new level when Mr. Washburn confronted her about being approached by DNC staff and told to shush. “Those are off-the-record conversations,” she said. “We will not confirm these conversations.”


Somewhere, Josef Goebbels is sure to be smiling at this blatant example of  DNC media manipulation  and the usage of progressive propaganda to make people think the DNC convention is all about “openness and accessibility.”  ( while swearing reporters to secrecy)

Texas, North Carolina and South Carolina Viewed as Best States for Business

California, New York and Illinois Ranked as Worst for Business

NEW YORK, Sept. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — TexasNorth Carolina and South Carolina are viewed as having the best business climates among the 50 states, according to a new survey of U.S. corporate executives released here today.

The poll pinpointed California, New York and Illinois as the U.S. states with the least favorable business climates.

Conducted by Development Counsellors International (DCI) every three years, the “Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing” survey has tracked trends in economic development since its inception in 1996.

“With the battle for business more intense than ever, states and their economic development organizations need to pay close attention to the results of this survey,” said DCI President Andrew T. Levine. “Whether accurate or misguided, perceptions about a location’s business climate often play a crucial role in site selection decisions and where companies invest money and create jobs.”

Nearly half (46%) of the 322 corporate executive who responded to the survey indicated that their firm would make a location decision in the next 24 months – whether a move, expansion or consolidation of a manufacturing plant, offices, distribution center or other facilities. More than half (51%) said that they would outsource a portion of the site selection process to a real estate broker or site selection consultant.

Texas was the clear-cut favorite among the respondents to the survey, with 49.4% naming the Lone Starstate as having one of the most favorable business climates in the nation. North Carolina ranked second with 27.8%; South Carolina has 14.3% of the votes. Texas and North Carolina have consistently landed in the top spots since the survey began more than a decade ago. Texas has held the #1 ranking since 1999, while North Carolina has been #2 since 2002. South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida have frequently traded top positions in the survey and 2011 marks the return of South Carolina to the #3 slot.

When asked why they selected the states they did as being best for business, the corporate executives frequently cited low operating costs and a pro-business climate. In the 2008 survey, more executives pointed to the availability of a strong workforce than they did in 2011.

For the fourth consecutive time, California was deemed as having the least favorable business climate, with 70.5% of the responses. New York was named second most frequently with 46.5%, followed byIllinois (24.4%) Taxes, high costs and “anti-business climate/regulation” spurred most of the negative opinions.

The comprehensive survey also asked a series of questions to divine the most effective economic development marketing tools, the leading sources of information that influence executive perceptions of a community’s business climate and the most important factors in business location decisions.

DCI conducted the survey online, polling a random selection of C-level executives at U.S. companies with annual revenues of $25 million or more. The survey was augmented by 250 location advisors/consultants.

For a free copy of the full “Winning Strategies” survey report or an executive summary, visit www.aboutdci.com/winning-strategies.

Best States for Business

1. Texas 49.4%
2. North Carolina 27.8%
3. South Carolina 14.3%

Worst States For Business

1. California 70.5%
2. New York 46.5%
3. Illinois 24.4%

Changing the Gun Laws in North Carolina – Part I

It all started with an article at Conservative Daily News by Benjamin Wallace. Ben’s post described how Florida state lawmakers were able to remove overly-burdensome local regulations on gun ownership through state action. I realized that my State had a similar problem and perhaps could take advantage of a similar remedy.

In North Carolina, it is legal to purchase a handgun after obtaining a pistol purchase permit from your county sheriff’s office. But, in just one county, Durham, you are also required to register the pistol within 10-days of purchase. It is the only county in the entire state where the registration of any firearms is mandated and state law has no such provision.

There are two major problems with these impediments to firearm ownership. First, the requirement of a pistol purchase permit is nothing more than a hassle that was put in place during the Jim Crow era so that local officials could deny permits to blacks or otherwise decide who should and should not posses a firearm. Second, the Durham County requirement to then register a pistol after purchase is just one more step in an already painful process.

These two regulations together create a climate where law-abiding citizens may just not even bother to purchase a pistol just to avoid the hassle of dealing with a near 6 week long process that one must go through in order to own a handgun. It would seem that this is much the purpose.

As a citizen journalist and activist, I wanted to see if there was something I could do to remove these infringements upon the right to bear arms.

The Process

First, a prospective gun owner must obtain the pistol permit application from their County Sheriff. In Durham, the form requires two notarized affidavits from non-family members as to the applicants character, a copy of your driver’s license and social security card and some basic personal information.

The affidavits mean that you now have to disclose to someone that you intend to purchase a gun and that two people that you know are willing to go through the trouble to write an essay about you, give the County their personal information, and spend the time and money to get the affidavit notarized. An applicant is left to hope that their friends aren’t as scared of lawful gun ownership as the County government seems to be.

Once all the paperwork is filled in, it has to be hand-carried to the County Sheriff’s office where it starts a 30-day clock. Background checks are now instantaneous thanks to the National Instant Check System (NICS) so this 30-day processing period is nothing more than a 30-day waiting period – another undue barrier to gun ownership.

Once the application is approved, the applicant must go in-person to the County Sheriff where they can purchase two permits for the application. Each permit costs $5.00 and allows for the purchase of a single handgun. An applicant would have to go through this process for every other gun they wished to own.

The permit is required to transfer a handgun purchased outside the County, given as a gift to the applicant, or purchased within the county. The permit must be given to the transfer agent or the seller which they must retain forever.

Once the gun is transferred or purchased, Durham County requires the registration of the handgun within 10-days. Only Durham has this restriction and it seemed the most logical place to start in reversing these antiquated and restrictive regulations.

Finding an Ally

I realized that a County had a more strict regulation than provided for in the North Carolina Constitution so I contacted the Republican co-chair of the State and Local Government Committee in the North Carolina Senate – Senator Jim Davis. A simple email started it all.

Senator Davis,
  As the Republican co-chair of the State and Local Government committee, I would like to draw your attention to and request comment on a story we did on local government regulating the second amendment.
The story: http://conservativedailynews.com/2011/08/guns-and-sunshine/, explains how the lawmakers at the state level prohibit local governments from creating confusing and complicated rules trying to regulate the right to bear arms, where the state had found it unnecessary. North Carolina has the same problem – Durham county.
In Durham, hand guns require a permit to purchase -AND- must be registered after being purchased. It is the only county in North Carolina with this restriction.
Would you sponsor a bill that would disallow local government’s from further taking away the rights of North Carolina citizens?
Best Regards,
     Rich Mitchell

Within one day I had the response that let me know I had found the right lawmaker to get things changed.

    I wasn’t aware of this problem. My office will do some research to determine if action is warranted.

And two days later:

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me regarding Durham county’s firearm purchase policies. The strength of our 2nd amendment rights remains extremely important to me and my colleagues at the General Assembly. Our research and policy staff is currently researching the firearms provisions of Durham county, along with past action taken by the General Assembly regarding Durham, in order to assess the need for legislative action for the upcoming session of Spring 2012. I will get with you as soon as I hear back from research and policy staff (certainly within the week). My early research indicates that this legislation was originally put in place through a local bill. Normally, this would need to be a local bill introduced to repeal the original local bill.

I take this issue very seriously, and appreciate your bringing it to my attention.

The North Carolina Senate was in recess at the time of my inquiry, but Sen. Davis promised me he would work with his staff starting on Sept. 12th once they reconvened. I was skeptical, but set a reminder on my calendar to touch base with the Senator on the 14th.

Collecting the Data

When September 14th rolled around, I sent a short note to let him know that I wanted to do a series of articles hi-lighting the fact that some in our government are looking for opportunities to undo wrongs. He responded in a way that showed he was serious. He contacted me to relay the entirety of the research that his staff had completed and what they were expecting to complete in the next several days.

His staff had found the the bill that caused the undue regulation was recorded in Chapter 157, Public Laws of 1935. The bill is indeed specific to Durham County and forces the registration of pistols and similar firearms.

Locating the bill wasn’t where they stopped. His office also learned that the Administrative Office of the Courts, is unable to track if a violation of “failure to register firearm” has ever been committed because it is considered a local, not state matter. Carol Morris, Deputy Clerk to the Criminal Division in Durham County. She could not recall a single reporting of violation of the registration ordinance ever being filed.

The Senator’s office also found that there is no electronic data for the registration of pistols. All of the registrations are kept on paper, in large filing cabinets at the County office.

A local Durham City police officer has given some anecdotal evidence to why this might be happening. He says that if you are stopped and are otherwise lawfully in-possession of a handgun, an officer is not going to check to see if you bothered to register it. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to prove in a court of law. The officer would have to personally go down to the courthouse and try to find your registration in the massive paper records store. If he was unable to locate it, he would have to prove it had never been there – an impossible task. The County does not enforce this regulation showing even more that it is intended as nothing more than a barrier to legal gun ownership.

Senator Davis also reported that he was “currently waiting for numbers from the Durham County Sheriff’s office to report the number of pistol permits issued. The Clerk of Court’s office has verified that they do not have a count for the firearms registrations, but offered to let someone come over and count through or estimate the total number of registrations.” He offered that he was intending to send someone to do just that and “once we get the number of permits issued, we can hold that up against how many have actually registered and verify that the Court cannot remember/provide an instance in which this law has been violated to make a strong case for the repeal of this needless provision unique to Durham County which was originally passed in 1935.”

On top of the excellent research that the Senator’s office has done, there is statistical evidence to show that these kinds of regulations do no good whatsoever while costing taxpayers to fund an unnecessary office and process.

The county with the most-restrictive gun laws is also among those with the worst crime rates. Durham County had the 6th highest crime rate among all counties in the state for both 2008 and 2009. It would appear that overly restricting gun ownership may actually be making it easier for the criminals who do not need to respect gun laws and prefer the easier-to-pray-upon, relatively disarmed populace.

Durham’s violent crime rating, according to Sperling’s “Best Places to Live” is 6 on a scale of 1-10. Neighboring Wake County, that does not have the registration requirement on guns, fairs much better with a rating of 4 – and wake has a 300% larger population than that of Durham.

As everyone knows, legal gun ownership is not the issue. In areas of high legal gun ownership, violent crime rates tend to be much lower.  In other highly-restrictive areas like Washington, D.C. and Chicago, violent crime rates have been soaring for decades.


The supreme court has ruled in McDonald v. Chicago that the second amendment could not be infringed at a State or local level. That case has direct bearing upon Durham’s law and should be instrumental in the dismantling of an out-dated and ineffective provision.

Creating the Bill to Repeal

Senator Davis is reaching out to Durham Senators McKissick and Atwater to see if either of them would object to the initiation of a bill to repeal this antiquated and unnecessary provision. Of course, I have written both Sens. McKissick and Atwater alerting them to this story, the law’s offensive Jim Crowe ancestry and the attention we are giving it.

The Bill

Part 2 of this series will cover the actual legislation, who’s helping make it happen and who, if anyone, is trying to block it.

Jeb Bush Signs Right On Crime Statement of Principles

Joins Ed Meese, Grover Norquist, Bill Bennett, and dozens of conservative leaders supporting conservative criminal justice reforms

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Jeb Bush, the first Republican to be elected to consecutive terms as Governor of Florida, is the newest signatory of the Right On Crime statement of principles, which aligns the conservative agenda on criminal justice reform with long-standing conservative principles such as accountability, limited government, and fiscal responsibility.

“States across the country, including Florida, are proving that policies based on these sound conservative principles will reduce crime and its cost to taxpayers,” Gov. Bush said.  “Many of the signatories of this statement of principles are respected leaders and friends, and I am pleased to add my support.”

“Jeb Bush’s track record as Governor of Florida was marked by consistent and visionary conservative leadership,” said ROC senior policy advisor Marc Levin.  “Gov. Bush’s endorsement of these principles increases the credibility of the conservative criminal justice reform movement on a national level.  Gov. Bush’s support will also provide valuable momentum in Florida, which presents one of the best opportunities for implementing these reforms that better protect the public and reduce the costs of crime.”

The conservative statement of principles was unveiled last December by Right on Crime, an initiative spearheaded by the Texas Public Policy Foundation and based on measures implemented in Texas that have reduced crime by more than 9 percent while saving taxpayers more than $2 billion.

The campaign grounds itself in the basics of conservatism: personal responsibility, free enterprise, limited government, and family. Using a model that has been successful in Texas since 2005, Right on Crime promotes data-driven solutions that are proven to restore victims, decrease the number of repeat offenders, and save taxpayer dollars.

Ten states across the country have enacted reforms this year that are aligned with the Right On Crime statement of principles.  These reforms include:

  • Juvenile justice overhauls in Florida and Texas;
  • Closure of no-longer-needed prisons in Colorado and Texas;
  • Evidence-based diversion programs that will offset the need for new prisons in Arkansas and Ohio; and
  • Parole reforms in AlabamaArkansasLouisiana, and North Carolina.

The conservative statement of principles and a current list of signatories are available online atwww.rightoncrime.com/statement-of-principles.

Tragedy Should Be A Teaching Moment

I live in North Carolina. Newbern and a few other communities are underwater and need help. This site made a contribution and  I also did from my personal funds. I then turned to my children and asked them what they they thought they should do.

My youngest is six and doesn’t fully understand money. Her answer was “ten”. I reminded her that her allowance was $1.50 or six quarters and she said, “oh, give them 2″. It took some time to figure out that she meant 1/3rd of her weekly income.

When I brought in my oldest in (9 next month) he looked at me, thought for a second and said, give them my whole allowance, I don’t need it – my eyes watered. That is the lesson I hoped to teach him, but he already knew. We give what we do not need when someone else demonstrates a need.

I had made the cash contributions before my conversation with my son, now, we will be doing even more. Tonight and tomorrow, the whole family will be digging through clothes, tools and toys that we don’t need. Those will get boxed-up and delivered to those that can use them.

We, as parents, are examples for our children. Every once-in-awhile, our children are examples for us.

Hurricane Irene Update: Downgraded, Deadly

*Updated 11am 8/28*

Irene, now a tropical storm, made her 1st landfall at Cape Lookout, North Carolina at about 7:30am EDT Saturday with winds of 115mph. The storm then traveled up the east coast, made landfall at Little Egg Inlet, NJ, then moved through the greater New York City area at barely hurricane wind levels of 75mph.

The storm now has winds of about 60mph and tropical storm force winds extending almost 200 miles from the storm’s center. Irene is expected to weaken considerably now that she has made landfall.

Millions of Americans up and down the east coast are still without power and several communities in North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey and New York have experienced devastating floods.

New York City’s  mass transit system remains shut down.

With one-in-four Americans living in the path of this storm, it could also be one of the costliest weather events in history. Some estimates place possible storm damage at $16.9 Billion.

As a nod to the seriousness of this weather event, President Obama cut his vacation short.

Sunday morning briefings from the governors of Virginia and New Jersey demonstrated concern for further flooding and the damage that will result. Losses will be extensive as Hurricane Irene turned out to be more of a flood event than a wind event.

How to Help Those Hit by Tornadoes in North Carolina

We were headed out of town the morning that all hell broke lose in North Carolina. More than 60 tornadoes touch downand at least 22 North Carolinians lost their lives.

Many more have lost their homes, clothing, or places of work and need our help. I’m volunteering for clean-up efforts, but here’s how you can help if you don’t live near the affected area.

How To Give Help

  • To volumteer for tornado debris clean-ups, use this online form
  • Financial Donations:

Triangle Red Cross
American Red Cross
100 N. Peartree Lane
Raleigh, NC 27610
(919) 231-1602

  • Material Donations:

Non-Perishable Foods
Inter-Faith Food Shuttle
1001 Blair Dr
Raleigh, NC 27603-2030
(919) 250-0043

Food & Clothing
Salvation Army of Wake County – visit http://eepurl.com/dqGXH
215 S. Person St
Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 834-6733

Commercial Services or Supplies
Raleigh Community Services Department
310 W. Martin Street
Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 996-6100

Pet Food
Wake County Animal Shelter http://wakegov.com/pets
820 Beacon Lake Drive
Raleigh, NC 27610
(919) 212-PETS (7387)


The Bob Ethridge North Carolinians Know Now

Bob Ethridge and Nancy Pelosi - Brids of a featherOne of CDN’s readers turned me on to this site that finally shows Bob Ethridge the way the rest of us in North Carolina have come to know him – D.C. Bob.  He is the establishment and could care less about us hard-working, middle-class Americans.

From: The Real Bob Ethridge

NC Bob, the Bob Etheridge you see when he is campaigning back home in North Carolina Congressional District 2, is not the same as DC Bob, the politician who votes in Washington. NC Bob’s rhetoric rarely matches DC Bob’s voting record. Be sure you know both Bobs before you vote in November.

The site is well put together and is home to a wealth of verifiable information on D.C. Bob.  The top ten list from the site says it all:

Top Ten Reasons to Vote for the Real Bob Etheridge

10.  Want to basically elect Nancy Pelosi without having to move all the way to San Francisco.

9.   You have too much money and wish the government would take more.

8.   Constitutional rights are scary and you want someone to defend you from them.

7.  The government is just too darn small.

6.  You want to leave lots of debt for our grandchildren to remember us by.

5. You love his environmental plan to raise prices on fuel and reduce everyone’s carbon footprint by making sure people don’t have jobs to drive to.

4. It’s time for a harsh crackdown on people who dare ask their Representative a question.

3. You really want to wastefully spend your money, but don’t have the time and need someone else to do it for you.

2. You’re a little suspicious of your doctor and would rather lawyers in D.C. make your medical decisions.

1. You fully support the Obama agenda.

The site is invaluable if you are trying to understand who Bob Ethridge really is or if you need help to inform family members and friends as to what a vote for D.C. Bob means.  Please visit theRealBobEthridge.com for yourself to see his record on taxes, healthcare, spending, and Jobs – he’s basically Nancy Pelosi’s yes man.

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