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NATO Takes Over in Libyan Civil War. Excuse me?

     NATO< stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and for those who flunked  History and Geography both, Libya is

   A: Not in the Atlantic Ocean and,      B:  Libya did not attack the United States.  The original NATO charter was set up as an organization that constitutes a group of member states that agree to collectively defend their countries against an external attack.  Who did Libya attack recently?  So how would the NATO charter become so convoluted as to allow other nations to proceed with an act of war against Libya ? 

     The United States of America is governed by the laws put forth within our Constitution and bill of rights, not by the U.N., NATO, or the E.U. We are not, and will not be governed by any New World Order or One World Governmental system bent on relegating America to a second-rate country, no matter what the collective failed governments from the rest of the world think. We will fight and defend The United States of America  from having her wealth and prosperity pillagedby a bunch of  wanna-be Marxist/Socialist King-makers, period. The American military action in the Libyan Civil war is illegal according to both the U.S.  Constitution and the NATO charter.

     Just five days ago, NATO refused to reach consensus on the enforcement of the  U.N. authorized no-fly zone, due to Turkey rejecting the idea of waging war against Libya, and France’s reservations on transferring the command of its ongoing operations to NATO.  In the meantime, the propagandists in charge of this war action have now renamed the term WAR, to be calleda Kinetic Military action.  Boy, that is eerily similar to Socialist Democrats becoming Liberals, and then changing their name again to Progressives to try to hide their Socialistic/Communist agenda. ( All the while hiding behind the mantra of the old Democratic Party of the U.S. )  Oh what a tangled web we  weave, when first we practice to deceive!

     If the Obama wants to try to use the example of NATO being active in the Iraq and Afghanistan WARS as a defence for this ploy that has gotten the U.S.into another war, there is one glaring difference between that and the Libyan Civil war of today: America was attacked on her own soil on Sept. 11th, 2001. That dictates the right for America and NATO to stage the counter-offensive against the people behind those attacks, no matter where they chose to try to hide. This war action is a huge step towards a One World Government, as they are now combining Nato, the E.U, and the U.N. into one entity, and using the United States military to lead an attack on another country that has not attacked anyone.

     Now that the dirty work is done and the U.S.can be blamed on the world stage once again for any civilian casualties, here comes the rest of the world agreeing to take part in patroling the no-fly zone. Must be nice to sit on your ass and let the Americans blow up all the anti-aircraft stations, and then when it is virtually danger-free, to agree to supply fighter jets.( See the Arabs )  The only effective military action that was taken here came in the form of the initial barrage of cruise missiles launched by U.S. warships, at a cost to the taxpayer of $567,000 a piece!  Those strikes took out effectively 97% of all of Libya’s anti-aircraft stations. The rest of the story in the media about French jets hitting one truck, and other tall tales about the so-called *international coalition*  is a bunch of propaganda to try to cover up the fact that Barack Hussein Obama has waged an illegal war on Libya without the approval of the U.S. Congress!

Why Obama May Be Hesitant on Libyan No-Fly Zone

Since mid-February, Libyan citizens have been revolting against their government. The Libyan President has been taking military action to quell the rebellion including using mercenaries and air power on his own people. President Obama has asked for a contingency plan for a no-fly zone over Libya, but has been hesitant to put it in place.

Obama has asked for Libya’s President Muammar Gaddafi to step down and stop attacking the people of Libya, but with this, as in most difficult decisions, he provides little-to-no leadership. Now, perhaps, we know why.

According to a Bloomberg.com article, China and Russia signaled their opposition to a no-fly zone over Libya.

China joined Russia today in signaling potential opposition to imposing a no-fly zone over Libya if fighting continues between protesters and forces loyal to leader Muammar Qaddafi.

Li Baodong, China’s ambassador to the United Nations, didn’t explicitly rule out support for a move by the Security Council to police air space over Libya.

While pressure from Russia and China are certainly of significant influence, there are many other factors the President must consider. His own military chiefs are telling him that their resources are already stretched due to Obama’s surge into Afghanistan and the failure to draw-down forces in Iraq.

The action in North Africa will not be bloodless. Libya has anti-air assets that will require action immediately. Creating a no-fly zone will first require that all of it’s air defense capabilities are rendered useless whichwill require significant military action – in yet another Mid-East nation. As Defense Secretary Gates testified to Congress, “Let’s just call a spade a spade, A no-fly zone begins with an attack on Libya.”

Obama is in a tough spot, but that comes with the job. If he supports a no-fly zone and the military action that comes with it, he looks like he is positioning the U.S. in a conflict solely for Libya’s oil production. If he does not support the protection of the Libyan people, he is choosing a dictator over the revolutionaries.

Afghanistan is going to be a long slog that the American population may not have the will to continue and a revolt in northern Africa would most-likely not yield an outcome much better than the Gaddafi regime. Without international assistance, Gaddafi may well remain in power and take out his anger on the revolutionaries once the rebellion is put down.

There are no easy choices here, it’s 3am Mr. President, the phone is ringing – what do you do?