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Heavy Heart For Weiner Replaced By Heartburn and Disgust

If you read my previous article, Weiner: Self Destruction by Pride and Arrogance, you may have mistaken my heavy heart as me feeling that Anthony Weiner was treated unfairly. If you read in the comments, I had a discussion with a reader that became a very healthy debate that I thoroughly enjoyed.

As the days have passed, more commentaries have been written and more information has come out regarding what it means for Mr. Weiner now that he has resigned, my heavy heart for him has turned to nothing but disgust.

Add to all of this, after reading, Weiner is his own wurst enemy, an article by one of my colleagues, I have a completely new perspective on this entire drama that has unfolded in plain view of the American public.

One of the main pieces of information that has come out after his resignation is the estimated amount of his pension. You can rest assured that the heavy heart I have and the tears I cry are most certainly not for Anthony Weiner, but instead for the American people. We have allowed our leaders to set up quite a nice pension plan for themselves when they leave their position, no matter how they leave that position. Our dear Mr. Weiner will receive upwards of $1 million is pension, even though he resigned amidst shameful- and possible illegal actions. $1 million dollars! That is just appalling!

In my previous article I discussed how it was a very rare occasion that I agree with Alan Colmes, but I had to agree with him that Anthony Weiner at least deserved the right to be able to resign without being heckled. Max, a CDN reader, made the point that this very well may be the only way his constituents could at least make sure he heard them. Through our discussion I told Max that he had a great point. It’s not just Anthony Weiner, but most all of our Congressional leaders who refuse to hear what We The People are saying. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I was wrong, and that these constituents had every right to make their voice heard in this situation.

Anthony Weiner chose to lie about the details of his circumstances from the very beginning. It wasn’t until he was backed into a corner and his own party was literally pushing him out, that he finally stood up and told the truth. I firmly believe that had the party leaders not pushed him he would have never resigned. His arrogance and pride are far to great for that!

Now, after having more time to think about the situation and after gleaning more information about his engorged pension- our tax dollars- I no longer can feel the slightest bit of sadness for him. That heaviness of heart has now turned to the most awful heartburn.

As a Christian I am still sad for him that this is his life, just as I am for any human being that gets caught up in the darkness of this world. Though it may not seem as though his consequences are just, in time it will catch up to him, just as things always catch up to all of us. The only real question is will he make things right here in his mortal life, and truly change his ways, or will his ultimate consequences catch up with him in the here-after? Only time will tell. For his sake, I truly pray it is in this life.

If Anthony Weiner is truly sorry for his actions, a great way to pay retribution to the American people is to forfeit his hefty pension. I know, that is laughable to even think it, much less suggest it! That will never happen!  And sadly, we have become so complacent that it will not phase us at all.


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Anthony Weiner: Self-Destruction By Pride And Arrogance

I write with a heavy heart today. I sit watching the train wreck that has become Anthony Weiner’s life and my heart aches. First and foremost- yes, I most definitely believe he should have stepped down, and, as my colleague said, it’s about time! But though I agree that he should have stepped down, it is very painful to watch a person self-destruct.

I’m also in a rare spot today in that I find myself wholeheartedly agreeing with Alan Colmes. He was on Fox News giving his commentary after Mr. Weiner’s news conference, and he said that Mr. Weiner should have been given the opportunity to speak without being heckled by his constituents. I agree with Mr. Colmes. I honestly do not know if that has ever happened before today. While I completely understand the anger of his constituents, he should have been given the opportunity to speak without the heckling from the audience. Call me a softy if you will, but it was heart-breaking to watch.

Yes, he has dished out the heckling himself. He has been nothing but arrogant every time I have seen him on Fox News.  I guess it’s true- what goes around comes around. I still cannot relish in what he is going through. I am a firm believer that you do what is right, no mater what has been done to you. It’s not always easy, but doing what is right means being the bigger person. You know the saying… “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

There is a Bible Scripture that I have been praying over for several days now, regarding the situation with Anthony Weiner.

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18

If only Mr. Weiner would have told the truth from the beginning, I strongly believe things would be differently. Though I personally believe he should have stepped down even at that point, I realize that the majority of the American people do not see things such as “inappropriate” texts, emails, tweets, etc. as an offense worthy of resigning.  I just personally believe that someone in a leadership position should be held to higher standards. If you fall during your leadership tenure, you should step down. I don’t care if you are a politician, preacher, or leader in another type of organization. To me, being in leadership means you have exceptional standards and qualities. It’s not something you are “owed” or “entitled” to.

The truth is we all have our issues. We all make mistakes. I believe that if we face up to the things we’ve done, and truly work towards making ourselves better, we can get past the worst of the worst. The cover-up is always worse than the actual offense, no matter what it is. It’s one of the number one lessons we try to teach our kids. If you’ve made a mistake, tell the truth. Don’t try to hide it.

Though I completely disagree with Anthony Weiner on probably everything he stands for politically, socially and otherwise, my heart goes out to him. Yes, he has done this to himself. But I cannot celebrate in his demise. I am praying for both he and his wife during this very painful time in their lives. Sadly, so much has been destroyed all because of his lies. I pray that his wife will find it in her heart to forgive him; I pray that the American people will find it in their hearts to forgive him; and above all, I pray that he will find it in his heart to forgive himself. I hope this sad situation will not be for naught, and that he will learn from his mistakes and grow to be a better person.

Rudy Giuliani: 2012 Presidential Profile

Personal Information

Rudolph William Louis “Rudy” Giuliani was born May 28, 1944 in Brooklyn, New York. He was the only child of Harold and Helen Giuliani, both of whom where first-generation Americans, and children of Italian immigrants.

Rudy Giuliani has been married three times. He has two children with his second wife.


Religious Affiliations
Roman Catholic
In his younger years he considered joining the priesthood but ultimately decided against it.
Prefers not to discuss his religious affiliations, stating:

“My religious affiliation, my religious practices and the degree to which I am a good or not-so-good Catholic, I prefer to leave to the priests.”

1961- Graduated from Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School
1965- Graduated from Manhattan College
1968- Graduated from New York University School of Law

1968- Volunteered for Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign
Mid- 1960’s- Worked as a Democratic party committeeman on Long Island

America’s Mayor
Rudy Giuliani became known as “America’s Mayor” because of his steadfast leadership during the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the World Trade Center Twin Towers.

After the initial attack on the World Trade Center towers, Mr. Giuliani came out front and center to be the voice of authority in the tragedy. His response and leadership role earned him the nickname of “America’s Mayor.”

Political Affiliations
1970’s- Democrat
1970’s- Independent
1980’s to current- Republican

Political Career
1970- Prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney
1983- Appointed U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York

1985 – 1986 Guliani indicted 11 mobster bosses in what is known as the Mafia Commission Trial where Guliani stated he was out to wipe out new York’s “Five Families’ of the  Mafia underworld, in which eight defendants received hundreds of years in jail.

1989- Ran for mayor of New York and lost
1993- Ran once again for mayor of New York and won
1997- Ran for re-election and won by a wide margin, carrying four of the five New York City boroughs
2008- Ran for the Republican nomination for president but bowed out of the race after the early primaries

Private Sector Career
Private Law Practice in Washington, D.C.
Ronald Reagan Department of Justice
2001- After leaving office as Mayor of New York, he founded Giuliani Partners, a security consulting business

Principles and Values
John McCain is one of his heroes
“Live free or die”
Fiscally Conservative
Socially Liberal
Believes president should have executive experience

On The Issues
Personally opposes abortion, but feels it is the woman’s choice
Fundamental Economic Beliefs- Low taxes, few regulations, control spending
Supports getting rid of capital gains tax permanently
Favors a simplified and flatter tax plan
Would end the death tax immediately
Believes the internet should be policed but not taxed
Supports domestic partnerships but not same-sex marriage
Supports gay rights
Pro-business, saying, “business goes abroad when we overregulate and overtax.”
Pro death penalty- prefers it as punishment for the 9/11 conspirators
Supports Ten Commandments and Prayer in schools
Supports empowering the parents in their children’s education
Accepts Global Warming
Supports working towards energy independence
Would make welfare offices job location centers
Child Protection Services should move toward permanent foster homes
This is one of my passions- the Broken System of Foster Care. I would love to talk with Mr. Giuliani at great length about this issue in particular.

Supports both the Iraq and Afghanistan War
Supports The Patriot Act
Believes in small government which should be focused on terror, immigration and tax cuts
Supports Second Amendment but some gun control
Believes Medicare and Medicaid should be privatized
Not in favor of socialized medicine
Believes we should remain vigilant and on-guard in regards to Muslim terrorists
Supports tamper-proof ID card and path to citizenship
In favor of allowing Immigrant children going to school
In favor of challenging the law to allow immigrants to run for president
In favor of a security fence at our borders

Public Relations Nightmare
Mr. Giuliani has had somewhat of a troubled personal life that has played out in front of the public’s eye. The tabloids exploited public feuds between he, his wife and his girlfriend. There were also a series of police brutality cases that further harmed him in the public’s eye.

In addition to the personal and political feuds that were made public he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Honorable Mentions
2001- Was named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year”
2002- Rudy Giuliani received an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II due to how he handled the September 11, 2001 tragedy.
2002- The Episcopal Diocese of New York presented him with the Fiorello LaGuardia Public Service Award for Valor and Leadership in the Time of Global Crisis.
2002- Former First Lady Nancy Reagan awarded him with the Ronald Reagan Freedom Award

He has received numerous other awards as well.

On The Web
Due to the fact that Mr. Giuliani has not officially thrown his hat into the ring for the presidency there is no official campaign website at this time.

Rudy Giuiani’s Facebook Page


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Jimmy McMillan: 2012 Presidential Profile

When you think of the next President of The United States, I do not imagine that the name Jimmy McMillan automatically comes to mind. In fact, the name Jimmy McMillan may not ring a bell to you at all. However, if you pay attention to politics closely, you may recognize the slogan the ‘Rent is too damn high’. Yes, the man that made audiences giggle with his rant about the rent being too high in New York is officially running for President of  The United States of America.

Let me introduce you to Mr. “Rent is too damn high” himself- Mr. Jimmy McMillan.

Personal Information

James McMillan III was born on December 1, 1946. He is from Brooklyn, New York.

Military Career and Awards
United States Army
Vietnam War Veteran
Three Bronze Stars

Civilian Career
R&B Recording Artist
Postal Worker
Private Investigator

Political Affiliations
Political Activist
Perennial Candidate (someone who frequently runs for public office with a record of success that is infrequent, if existent at all)
Founder of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party
Previously a member of the Democratic Party
Showed up at CPAC in February, stating he’ll run for President on the GOP Ticket

Past Political Candidacies
First ran for political office in 1993
Has run for political office at least six times, including the 1993 race
Was a candidate for New York Governor in 2010 and appeared on Hannity on the FoxNews evening line-up

Political Stunts or Political Campaign?
Jimmy McMillan seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to be heard when he is running for political office.
In the 1993 campaign for Mayor of New York he was tied to a tree and covered in gasoline. Also, in this campaign, he climbed the Brooklyn Bridge, refusing to get down unless TV stations gave him air-time.  His “over-the-top” antics to be heard were not a success, as he was disqualified from official entry in the race for being 300 signatures short of the 7,500 necessary to be eligible in the general election.

In his 1994 campaign for New York governor Mr. McMillan walked from Brooklyn through upstate New York to Buffalo, spending his nights in homeless shelters rather than hotels. An injury in Rochester cut his campaign walk short, requiring him to take the bus back hom rather than returning on foot as he orginally planned. Upon his arrival at the state Democratic convention in Buffalo, Mr. McMillan was thrown out of the convention for disrupting incumbent governor Mario Cuomo’s speech.

It appears that Mr. McMillans candidacy in the 2012 Presidential race is not his first. The Federal Elections Commission records show Mr. McMillan ran for President in the 1996 election, though he did not get onto any primary ballots.

He was on the ballot in the 2000 election fo U.S. Senate in New York, but was removed before the election.

In 2005 and 2009 Mr. McMillan qualified for the New York mayoral general election, but did not win either time.

Political Party Games
In the 2010 Mr. McMillan filed to appear on the Democratic primary ballot and the Rent Is Too Damn High party line. It doesn’t appear as though he was too serious about being in the Democratic primary, as he put very little effort into the party petitions. He partnered with another candidate, Randy Credico, to obtain signtures to force a Democratic primary. However, Mr. McMillan failed to follow through  with his end of the partnership, whereby leaving both candidates unable to pursue the actual election. Needless to say Mr. Credico was not happy and had a few harsh comments and personal derogatory terms concerning Mr. McMillan.

Mr. McMillan made sure to collect the signatures and file the necessary paperwork to be on the “Rent Is 2 Damn High” party line.  There was no lieutenant governor candidate listed, making the petitions technically invalid, but because no one challenged the petitions Mr. McMillan’s name stayed on the ballot.
Though James McMillan is a registered member of the Democratic party, he is running for President on the Republican ticket “to avoid a primary challenge from President Obama”.

Self-Proclaimed Political Strengths
It is Mr. McMillans belief that his greatest political strengths are a “mastery of social media, an ability to pinch pennies, and inimitable political vision”.

James “Jimmy” McMillan seems to be yet another person making a mockery of our political process. It is his Constitutional right to run for any political office he qualifies for- including President of The United States of America. However, it is hard to take anyone seriously who has pulled so many “political stunts” over the years just to be noticed.

The new “gimmick” that he seems to have going with the Rent Is Too Damn High Party is further proof of a man that is bent on political stunts rather than a man with “inimitable political vision”, as he describes himself. It does, however, appear the he is right when he says the he “knows how to pinch pennies”, because according to an interview with the New York Times, McMillan lives rent free in his apartment, and has done so since the 1980’s. It seems that he and his landlord have worked out a deal that allows him to do maintenance around the building in exchange for his rent. Furthering the “political game” that Mr. McMillan appears to be playing, he is on record with the Wall Street Journal, as saying he pays $800 a month in rent for his apartment. This contradicts what he told the New York Times, saying he “definitely did not pay rent”.  Maybe he is simply referring to how much rent he is paying for his 32-year-old unemployed son’s apartment, which is $900 per month.

Though Mr. McMillan is a registered Democrat, running for office on the Republican ticket, he does not seem to fit the bill for either ideaology. Perhaps this is why he chose to to start the Rent Is Too Damn High Party. It has been said that though he wants to be a “spokesman for the poor”, he seems to be more “Republican” in his solutions. With my dissatisfication with the Republican Party that does not garnish any points for Mr. McMillan with me.

Positive Points For Mr. McMillans Ideaology as a Republican (Conservative)
He is against Federal Bailouts, and spoke out publicly against the Wall Street Bailout in 2008 and the General Motors Bailout under President Obama. He does not appear to be happy with President Obamain his leadership capabilities (or the lack thereof), first and foremost because he is running for the officeMr. McMillan does not buy into man-made global warming, believing instead that it is a natural occurence.

Questional Points For Mr. McMillans Ideaology as a Republican (Conservative)
He supports same-sex marriage and seems to be very comfortable making good-natured (not derrogatory) jokes about this issue.

Mr. McMillan is opposed to any budget cuts for education or senior citizens.

Though I do not personally see Mr. McMillan making any semblance of a dent in this race it is already proving to provide more comedy routines for Saturnday Night Live. I am sure the political games will only get more interesting before Mr. McMillan officially throws in the towel for the 2012 Presidential campaign.
On The Web
Official Campaign Site: Jimmy McMillan 2012 U.S. Presidential Candidate
Jimmy McMillan on Twitter
Jimmy McMillan Twitter Page

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Liberal Fakes Tea Party Candidacy To Steal Votes in New York

Jack Davis - Tea Party Fraud

Jack Davis - Tea Party Fraud

Jack Davis is a candidate running in the 26th Congressional District of New York as the Tea Party Candidate. Voting will take place on May 24th in a special election to fill the seat vacated by Rep. Chris Lee.

Davis is a Democrat, registered as such in 2004, 2006, and 2008. And as a post on Lonely Conservative points out – he’s really better suited to being a liberal.

So massive Smoot-Hawley trade tariff policiesinflexible opposition to any social security reform,past endorsements by ACORN and SEIU’s political party the Working Families Party and donations to progressive congress members during the Obamacare debate are all just some nuanced feature to Jack Davis’ unwavering commitment to small government? Everyone who donated to Louise Slaughter immediately following democrats ramming cap and trade through congress in June 2009, were really just protesting the progressive lurch of government by sending support money.

Unfortunately, Mr. Davis is not of Tea Party standards. He holds pro-abortion and anti-trade views that are not consistent with the Tea Party and no Tea Party organization has endorsed him. The Jack Davis campaign is running on the Tea Party line to steal votes away from the legitimate Republican candidate, Jane Corwin so that the Democrat on the ticket can swipe the election.

Jane Corwin

Jane Corwin

One of the largest Tea Party organizations in New York, TEANewYork has voted to unanimously endorse Ms. Corwin in the May 24th election. Now the Tea Party Express has decided to jump in. According to Tea Party Express spokesperson Levi Russel, “This was a somewhat last-minute decision, as we saw the fake ‘tea party’ candidate – who is a liberal democrat – gaining traction and potentially spoiling the race. So we just recently decided to shine a spotlight on that race and help educate the voters about who the true conservative is.”

This is not the first time liberals have attempted to steal an election using fake Tea Party candidates. In the 2010 election, Scott Ashjian sought to play the roll of spoiler so that Harry Reid could keep his seat. The Ashjian article also documents attempts in Michigan and New Hampshire to plant fake Tea Party candidates to hopefully steal elections. This is a strategy, not an accident.