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ISIS terror cell and plot uncovered – five arrested

A fifth suspected member of a reported Islamic terror cell in New Jersey has been arrested.

As Independence Day approaches, the terror warnings increase and reports are surfacing that ISIS seems to be in a last-minute push to radicalize a few more members.

Alaa Saadeh - NJ Terror suspectOne such recruit – Alaa Saadeh – was arrested on Monday. He is suspected of being part of a plot to blow up a pressure cooker bomb at a prominent New York land mark.

Saadeh is being charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization and witness tampering.

Saadeh had cased at least one target, the George Washington Bridge, with plans to detonate a pressure cooker bomb similar to the one used in the Boston Marathon attack.

Samuel Topaz and Munther Omar Saleh were arrested earlier this month in the New York/New Jersey area and five total terrorism-related arrests have been made in the last few weeks in that same area.

The sudden swath of arrests comes as U.S. law enforcement ramps up in response to increased Islamic terror warnings.

ISIS social media activity has greatly increased ahead of the fourth and in concert with a Muslim holy month.

ISIS has directed all able Muslims to “murder the enemy” during the holy month of Ramadan. Brutal attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait last week were attributed to the Islamic terrorism directive and many more such lone wolf attacks are expected.

Global support for ISIS may be much bigger than previously known, according to a new report that found as many as 42 million Muslims around the world have positive feelings about the black-clad army of barbarians that established a so-called caliphate in Syria and Iraq last year.

“To have this number of people with this level of sophistication acting in such a close geographic area in such a compressed period of time – we have to, I think, assume the worst” said U.S. Representative Peter King (R-N.Y.). “I would say that this is the most serious level of threat that I’ve seen since September 11th [2001],” King added.

NYC ‘Progressive’ Mayoral Candidate Bill de Blasio Linked to Communism, Terrorism and Islam



NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — A press conference on Thursday, October 24, in the Big Apple will blow the lid off the “Marxist power couple” running for mayor of New York City. That’s how veteran journalist and event organizer Cliff Kincaid describes Bill de Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray, who took their “honeymoon” in Cuba in violation of the law and are considered the frontrunners to occupy Gracie Mansion when the NYC mayoral election that takes place on November 5.

Kincaid says it is time that de Blasio’s plans to close down police surveillance of potential terrorists be examined in a public forum. “The city that suffered through the 9/11 terrorist attack needs to know what we have uncovered about this so-called ‘progressive’ candidate for mayor,” he said.

In addition to Kincaid, director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and president of the public policy group America’s Survival, Inc., the speakers include:

  • Pamela Geller on Arab/Muslim terrorism, why Islamists support de Blasio, and what the political group “Muslims for de Blasio” wants from the candidate.
  • Tea Party leader Joe Connor on unanswered questions surrounding de Blasio’s role in the Clinton pardons of the FALN terrorists who claimed his father’s murder.
  • World-famous blogger Trevor Loudon on the “democratic socialism” that is coming to New York City if de Blasio wins the mayor’s race.

The event, open to the press and public, will be held in the Hotel Pennsylvania (across from Penn Station), at 401 7th Ave, New York, New York, 10001, in the Gold Ballroom, from12:30 – 3:00 pm.

In advance of the event, Kincaid’s group has posted a 84-page PowerPoint dossier on de Blasio’s controversial foreign connections, as well as a research paper on his wife’s involvement in a Marxist collective. They can be found at www.usasurvival.org. These topics will be discussed in detail at the October 24 conference in New York City.

De Blasio was considered just a run-of-the-mill liberal until the New York Times on September 23 ran a profile of the candidate, disclosing in a matter-of-fact manner his travels to Cuba and Nicaragua, involvement in a communist “solidarity” movement, and embrace of Islam as an emerging political force. Kincaid said his group of speakers will expand on this subject and disclose new and even more startling aspects of de Blasio’s career.

Nanny Michael Bloomberg’s War on Sugary Drinks

Cherishers of personal liberty, beware. Food nanny New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has picked a new target in his war on unhealthy eating choices- large sugary drinks.

Citing the concern of public health officials over a nationwide obesity problem, Bloomberg has proposed a ban on all sugary drinks over 16 ounces from the city’s movie theaters, delis, street vendors, stadiums, arenas and restaurants. Sugary drinks over 16 ounces can be purchased from convenience stores, grocery stores and drug stores. Diet sodas, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages and dairy based drinks are excluded from the 16 ounce limit.

The ban must be approved by the city’s Board of Health, but since Bloomberg appointed the officials to the board, it is unlikely that the ban will meet any opposition. If the proposed ban moves swiftly, sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces could become illegal in New York City as early as March.

What does that mean for residents and visitors in the city? For a start, forget that large cup of Starbucks coffee you enjoy. It’s larger than 16 ounces, and therefore illegal. Same story for your favorite soda. If however, your drink of choice is a milkshake, an alcoholic beverage or diet soda, you can purchase sizes larger than 16 ounces at any convenient location.

If you’re one of those unfortunate people who enjoy a large coffee or soda from a convenient location, feel free to purchase multiple sugary beverages of a smaller size, but know that you should feel guilty about it.

As Mayor Bloomberg stated in a stunning interview with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC :

“If you want to order two cups at the same time, that’s fine. It’s your choice. We’re not taking away anybody’s right to do things. We’re simply forcing you to understand that you have to make the conscious decision to go from one cup to another cup.”

Watch the full interview here:

Bloomberg on Andrea Mitchell

Obviously, the thinly constructed rationale of Bloomberg’s statement does not hold up. Bloomberg is attempting to control your intake of sugar, a substance not concretely linked to weight gain, by limiting the locations and amount you can obtain beverages containing sugar from. In doing so, he limits your right to make decisions about what is best for your personal health. Not only that, but the ban of drinks over 16 ounces has serious impacts on private business. Small delis and restaurants can no longer sell large drinks. How will that affect their profit margin? Is a large nationwide chain like Starbucks supposed to amend their menu to meet the ban? As a citizen, you may be forced to spend your money in a grocery store you dislike rather than a deli you do like, just to get your large drink. Frequently, purchasing two small drinks is more expensive than purchasing a large drink. How is that helpful for a family on a budget?

So clearly, Michael Bloomberg is taking away your rights, and at the same time taking on eerily Big Brother like qualities in trying to impress guilt on your eating decisions.

Ironically, shortly after declaring war on sugar, earlier today Bloomberg unveiled a massive donut, 1 foot in diameter, as part of an annual holiday celebrating New York’s Donut Lassies who served the sugary and fatty treat to soldiers during World War I. Confused as to why sugar and trans fats in your diet are bad, but not in donuts? Never fear, New York City Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs explained away the hypocrisy by saying that celebratory events are different from a public health agenda. In other words, it’s okay for Bloomberg to push what may be deemed unhealthy foods outside of his governmental capacity, but private citizens who may wish to make choices including ‘unhealthy foods’ in their lives are not free to do so.

NYC’s Food Nazis Have Found Their Latest Victim

If Mayor Bloomberg gets his way, New Yorkers might not be allowed to Super Size their drinks the next time they buy a soda.

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City plans to ban the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks in an effort to combat obesity.

The proposed first-in-the-nation ban would impose a 16-ounce limit on the size of sweetened drinks sold at restaurants, movie theaters, sports venues and street carts. It would apply to bottled drinks as well as fountain sodas.

The ban, which could take effect as soon as March, would not apply to diet sodas, fruit juices, dairy-based drinks or alcoholic beverages. Nor would it include drinks sold in grocery or convenience stores. Food establishments that don’t downsize would face fines of $200.

The article goes on to say that Bloomberg has tried to attack soda twice before, but was shut down once by the state of New York and once by the Federal government.  Ouch.  This time, however, it looks like the mayor has the power to see this through.  It’s going to be interesting to see how tourists feel the next time they want to wash down a bite of the Big Apple.

My Little Pony + Fox News' Red Eye = Interesting Video

If you’re a fan of FNC’s Red Eye or interesting videos in general, then I have a treat for you.  Someone at Fox decided to send Bill Schulz and a camera guy to the January 2012 Bronycon in NYC, and hilarity ensued.  Check it out, check it outers.

Some of you might be amused, but you’re still wondering what Bronycon is.  Believe it or not, for something as “simple” as a convention dedicated to cartoons and toys, there is a lot of conflicting information out there.  The shortest possible answer I can give you is that Bronycon is a convention that’s held in New York City multiple times a year that is dedicated to the 4th generation of the My Little Pony cartoons.

The “controversy” begins when you start asking what exactly a “Brony” is.  Prevailing wisdom states that a Brony is an adult (or teen) male that is a fan of the show.  However, when researching this piece (so I could explain what a Brony is), I learned that the My Little Pony (MLP) community is split on the use of that term.  Some people feel that ALL fans of the MLP are Bronies, including women and children.  While some women feel that “Brony” is too masculine, and they have opted to be called “Pegasisters”. (think pegasus and sister)  You can read a Tumblr post on it here, and a Reddit piece here, if you want to see what some of the fans have to say about the distinction.

Either way, this is an interesting segment of society, and indicators show that it may be growing.  For more Bronycon action check out this video from TimeToPlayMag.com below.

Glenn Beck's Departure from NYC: Mad Genius or Horrendous Flameout?!

Did I just see on GBTV last night that Glenn Beck plans to build an amusement park in Dallas? Then why was he talking about underground roads in Walt Disney Land and the layout of homes and businesses at Epcot and why was that important?

As you may or may not know, last night was Glenn’s last broadcast of his new GBTV show from the studio in New York City before the big move to Texas. His life is full of transitions now it seems. He left Fox News and now he’s left the city all together. He bid NYC adieu and described his love-hate relationship with that city. Goodbye rats. Goodbye neighbors who harassed him in elevators. Goodbye historic skyline.

I’ve been watching this experiment of Glenn’s called GBTV this last year with great interest. As I have done so I think I’ve seen a change in Glenn, from mild mannered Fox News host to mad genius. He reminds me of that little character in Lilo and Stitch who created the Stitch character as a weapon of mass destruction. Glenn is the guy who says, “I prefer the title of Evil Genius” and this GBTV enterprise is the ever destructive Stitch. “I would never make more than one! Bru ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Brutish laughter dies in echo as Glenn gets on the plane to the southwest. Very naughty!

Glenn Beck may well be the Howard Hughes of the Internet. He didn’t invent it, that credit goes to the Intrepid Al Gore. No, but he’s taking it to the next level. GBTV is his Spruce Goose. We don’t know how it will fly, maybe it won’t get off the ground. Maybe it will crash and burn. I for one am invested in seeing which it is. I’d like to think the wacky Mormon rodeo clown will be irritating Liberal Progressives for years to come. Hopefully he will have a better end than Hughes did.

Whatever you may say about the diabolical Glenn Beck, he is creating jobs. Maybe I could get a job at this new theme park? I could be the attendant at the Fabian Socialists’ Ride of Doom. Listeners know about his affinity for “underground rollercoaster’s” i.e. the prank he pulled on Baltimore residents in his April Fool’s Day radio creation of “Six Flags Under Baltimore”. I could give the dialogue and help riders understand the horrors they’re experiencing.

“No Madam. Kids can ride too. No height minimum. Children can fit in the gas chambers just as well as the older people.”

As we travel through the tunnel dark before emerging into a mockup city of Auswitz Death camp, I would announce to the petrified audience strapped tightly in their cars, “On the left you’ll see the swimming pool where the guards took their leisurely swims. On the right you see the pile of Jewish personal belongings, clothes and shoes discarded just before the people went into their final “shower” at the gas chamber.” Imagine the joy on the children’s faces and the admiration for theater and history from the loving parents who brought them.

Glenn’s work has been a combination of terror, mortification, entertainment, enlightenment and laughs. It will be hard for me to not have him around over the Christmas holiday. I guess I’ll just have to go to my family holiday parties and suffer through until his emergence again in January. Maybe I’ll get the latest GB book, Being George Washington, as a Christmas present? It has been difficult for me not to scoop it up from the shelf prematurely. Oh how aggravating!

Meanwhile, maybe I’ll entertain myself on Twitter and Facebook and post more wacky vids on my Pat Gray Fan Page. Oh that Pat! Without Glenn he’s the next best thing. Why do you suppose, excuse the A.D.D Moment, do you think my boys Andrew Brietbart and Glenn Beck don’t get along? Are they still miffed at each other about that Shirley Sherod thing? Can’t they just get over it and be friends again? Maybe I can create a hashtag group on Twitter and have my Twitter friends post their theories on how we can broker a peace deal between Blogger and Media Mogul? Do you remember the You Tube battle between Star Trek’s Bill Shatner and Star Wars’ Carrie Fischer? George Takei stepped in to save the day in pursuit of what he called “Star Peace”. I could be the George Takei of the blogosphere?

And fans, please, do not misread the statement above. I’m not going to Vegas to marry my boyfriend. I don’t have a boyfriend. Girlfriends good, boyfriends no. To each his own. OMG! Moving on.

Glenn Beck’s departure isn’t totally without precedent. Rush Limbaugh, the Godfather of Talk Radio, departed NYC for the paradise of Florida years ago. You think the Mayor and City Council would get the message as the job killing taxes drive many entrepreneurs from that great city. It will be hard for them to have any revenue at all to tax if they keep that up, but that’s their problem. As we have seen, New Yorkers have the double edge sword of seeing all that revenue depart while still having to deal with the slaying commentary of the Godfather of Talk emanating from his quiet beach home. I can see him now in my mind’s eye, with his feet on the desk, cigar in his mouth, laughing all the way to the bank.

Hopefully it will be the same for Glenn. I have enjoyed his rants on GBTV and I’ve enjoyed getting my news from his new news outlet, The Blaze. Amy Holmes is Hot! We need to see more of S.E. Cupp though. I miss her half-hour show. Oh well.

Did anyone see the stunning performance of Alex Boye on GBTV’s Christmas Special two nights ago? He sang “I want to walk with Jesus” on his knees. It was very moving. I had the impression of Job bemoaning his outcast state to God, or more poignant, an African-American slave doing the same. Let the Leftist talking heads call Glenn a racist. He had African-American gospel singers from the Bronx on his show! Man were they ever good! Wow. I cried like a little Glenn Beck.

His stance on Israel has been heartwarming and courageous. His adventures into comedic entrepreneurship have made me laugh till my sides hurt. His desire to help the downtrodden with his new charity, Mercury One, is ambitious as it is generous. His exposition of progressive history in the United States has been thought provoking and scary. His commentary on the real Founders has inspired me. I think we will see great things from Glenn and Co. in the future. Is it January yet? Turn the damn page!

I’m already in Glenn Beck withdrawal. What can I do?

Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!

New York Bomber Suspect Arrest Prompts Warning

BOSTON, Nov. 21, 2011  — “The recent arrest of alleged New York bomber Jose Pimenthal underscores the need for all of us to be vigilant during the Thanksgiving travel rush,” warns antiterrorism expert Todd McGhee who pioneered new security measures at Logan Airport, post 9/11 and later co-founded Protecting the Homeland Innovations, LLC in Braintree, Mass.

“Warning signs of a lone-wolf terrorist include hanging back when everyone is in a rush, appearing trancelike or spouting ideology. Tune into your surroundings instead of your iPod to pick up on out-of-step behaviors that could mean trouble,” says McGhee.

On Sunday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the arrest of Jose Pimentel of Manhattan, “a 27-year-old Al Qaeda sympathizer” who he said was motivated by propaganda and planned to harm returning U.S. troops.

“If a stranger has to think about answering a simple questions like, ‘Are you visiting your family?’ it’s a sign of trouble,” says McGhee, adding, “This is what we teach security professionals to look for – subconscious responses people cannot hide. It’s a like a tell in a poker player.”

“Airport security is getting better, but the public must be aware of what to watch for and how to respond,” says McGhee. McGhee’s PHI (www.phitraining.com) provides antiterrorist training to security professionals at TSA, AMTRAK, NYPD and other agencies as well as public awareness campaigns.

“Pay attention to the ebb and flow of human activity in airports, rail stations and bus terminals to become more aware of behaviors that are out of step with the crowd. If you sense a threat go with your instincts. Move away and alert the nearest security professional or a gate agent. Do not try to detain the individual yourself. Your safety comes first,” says McGhee.

McGhee adds, “Outside the boarding gates, airports are as public as city streets where anybody up to no good can hang out. Situational awareness helps to keep us safe from belligerent drunks, sexual predators, scammers and other troublemakers as well as terrorists.”

Child Tells Story Of How "Occupy" Protestors Shoved And Harassed Him

Sammy Goldenstein is a school age boy in New York City who recently had a run-in with the “Occupy” protestors.  As they tried to keep bankers from making their way to the Stock Exchange this week, they also made it difficult for children to get to their school across the street from the exchange.  Sammy tells his story of how kids were “kicked and hit”, and he also said they need to “get a job”.  Watch his story below.

What are your thoughts on this?  Have we gone too far when we target CHILDREN?  And have we really gone too far when we target children who are escorted BY POLICE?  I’m at a loss for this.  How do you hit children in front of their parents and in front of police?  …in broad day light, no less.  How crazed do you have to be to do this?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  Or on Facebook.

Donate Your Old Socks to http://occupychi.org/

 In true Liberal parroting fashion, we see that there is now a very small group titled Occupy Chicago, to go with the misguided misfits and hippies at the OccupyWallStreet  group, along with the totally disorganized and pathetically undefined Occupying Los Angeles so-called movements. People sleeping in the streets, urinating in public, and begging for handouts while interfering with the working people’s ability to get to and from actually working for a living appears to be a recurring theme of these “protests.”  Another recurring theme coming out of these protests is their whining about the lack of media coverage. I,m going to help them out there, yet I don’t believe they will like some of the truths I will bring out here in giving them some  exposure in this article, but since you asked for it, here goes.

Let’s start with checking out the head of the snake, so-to-speak, the original community-organizing  [group] that started it all, the Occupy Wall Street crowd shall we?  Both Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity sent reporters down to check out the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Red Eye’s Bill Shultz and Jesse Waters both reported that most of the protesters had no real definition of  just what exactly they were protesting, or even what they expected to accomplish with these protests. No revelation there, as this is a movement based on Marxist anti-capitalism rhetoric,  and the general Liberal ideology that the successful  working class people somehow owe these people a good portion of their hard-earned wealth. The problem is that these people are trying to play the victim card , yet they just can not come out and say we don’t want to work for a living like everyone else does, we want Congress to give us their money. That is right out of Barack Obama’s wealth redistribution agenda that he was caught red-handed stating to Joe the Plumber.

Bill Shulz sloshed right into the mosh-pit at Occupy Wall Street and came back with  some very hard-hitting truths about just who these people are and what they are [ trying ] to accomplish there. Shulz described them as ” people with absolutely no purpose or focus in life,” while adding that the smell of the place was equal parts patchouli, body odor, and urine.”  The Occupy Wall Street folks wanted some media exposure so check it out, thanks to OnyxBook.com:



Now let’s take a look at the “sister protests” out in Los Angeles. Excerpts from their supposed community organizing homepage:

If this is an ongoing event, I do not think this is clear in the promotional materials you are using.

Occupy Demands And Civil Disobedience Guidelines

Proposed By Lloyd Hart – Demands: Free college education. Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment .Open borders migration, anyone can travel anywhere to work and live.  Immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all. Outlaw all credit reporting agencies. These demands will create so many jobs it will be completely impossible to fill them without an open borders policy. ( tell me this guys isn’t a lunatic)

I also saw on TV yesterday that at the Los Angeles protest had 6 people who were inside of a bank and going to stay there 24/7, hoping to be arrested, because the bank had the nerve to foreclose on their houses … for not paying their mortgages.

Now for some of the info right out of the Occupy Chicago folks page;

Supplies needed:    Current Top Needs

  • You (this is the best thing you can bring)
  • Socks
  • Tarps
  • Blankets
  • water
  • signs (all are welcome water proof is best)
  • markers
  • flyers
  • ponchos
  • Occupy Chicago stickers

 Do you people go to week long protests without your socks? Really!

Posts from their homepage:

Please fix the NBC photo link — it goes to swimsuit models and celebrities instead of photos of the occupation.

Where are you demonstrating at? Like precise location? I would like to join tomorrow.

We’re not going to get long-term change unless we dig up a ton of dirt on GOP Senators and Congressmen (Their Presidential candidates are doing each other win quite well).  We’ll need 70 liberal Senators and a liberal House to: (SIC)

1.) Enact socialized campaign financing. 2.) Impeachment of the SCOTUS 5 who brought this mess on when they selected W in 2000, and exacerbated this wiht their Citizens United decision. (sic)

its all going down at the corner of jackson and lasalle in chicago’s financial district. I’m sure the over nighters would appreciate tarps, toothbrushes, toothpaste.

If you don’t have a proper mission statement on your webpage, people will form their own (many a times, incorrect) opinion about this movement, which might be detrimental to the movement. An organic movement is great, but any movement has to have a mission. Without a mission, quoting George Bernard Shaw again, is like a “blind leading a blind, and both will fall into a ditch”.

No mission, no clue, just a bunch of non-working 60’s hippies, radicals, and uniformed youth gathered together calling for the over-throw of the government and the financial system, while demanding that everyone else support them, instead of actually working for a living. Community (Dis) organizers in the mold of another long-time Marxist student, Mr. Barack Obama. Remember folks, they need toothpaste, toothbrushes, food, tarps, mattresses, tents, and SOCKS !  LOTS of SOCKS!

Update1: Across the land the “We deserve other people’s money” protesters are actually bragging about shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge  yesterday.

One irate driver, a Ground Zero construction worker, blasted the pedestrians. “I work my ass off all day, and these goddamned hippies close down the Brooklyn Bridge so I can’t get home?” he said. “This ain’t right!”  

Power to the people! You sure showed that bridge that you mean business!  Last count was 700 in jail, and again,  these lunatics are bragging about being arrested in New York, just like the people who didn’t pay for their houses and were infuriated that the bank was foreclosing on them in the Occupy L. A. debacle. As noted above from their very own website in the “Occupy  L..A” protest, they are calling for a “guaranteed living wage, employment optional.” That says it all right there.

UPDATE on the Parrots of the  Occupy crowd: http://dailycaller.com/2011/10/03/limbaugh-on-occupy-wall-street-demonstrators-these-people-are-tools/ 









911 Remembered

Ten years ago on September, 11th, an icon of American capitalism was attacked and destroyed by Islamic Terrorists. The Twin Towers were not only representative of New York City’s modern architecture, but they were the symbol of America’s powerhouse economy, built in a country of freedom and liberty.

That was before – this is now:

Because of two Jihadist pilots, we are no longer the country we were before that day. Many of our freedoms have been infringed and virtually wiped out of our everyday life. From warrantless wiretaps to TAS’ groping searches, Americans can no longer feel free to say what they please or go long distances unmolested on airplanes. Loved ones can no longer walk to the airport gates to say goodbye to their families or friends. Our “open-door” immigration policy is still in effect and more and more terrorists have been infiltrating our country. Our Southern Border is insecure. Islamic Jihadist literature has been found in the washes used by Coyotes that bring in illegals in Arizona. Al Qaeda has set up an enclave in Mexico and established terrorist training camps there.

Historically, Muslims build mosques on the sites of their greatest conquests and they plan to do so again. Our Politically Correct government is willing to give the organization that wishes to build a mosque close to the site of Ground Zero, a sacred place of history for Americans, the money that they need to build the Muslim abomination.

We are still under attack.

The result of their attack is pictured below:

On the 10th anniversary of this vile and repulsive attack, let us take time to remember those who died there, the people in the buildings who jumped from the floors above the collapsed stairwells, the first responders who lost their lives trying to save the lives of others. Remember the families who lost loved ones that day and may not have any portion of their remains. Let us take time to pray for them.

And let us take the time to dedicate ourselves to

Hurricane Irene Update: Downgraded, Deadly

*Updated 11am 8/28*

Irene, now a tropical storm, made her 1st landfall at Cape Lookout, North Carolina at about 7:30am EDT Saturday with winds of 115mph. The storm then traveled up the east coast, made landfall at Little Egg Inlet, NJ, then moved through the greater New York City area at barely hurricane wind levels of 75mph.

The storm now has winds of about 60mph and tropical storm force winds extending almost 200 miles from the storm’s center. Irene is expected to weaken considerably now that she has made landfall.

Millions of Americans up and down the east coast are still without power and several communities in North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey and New York have experienced devastating floods.

New York City’s  mass transit system remains shut down.

With one-in-four Americans living in the path of this storm, it could also be one of the costliest weather events in history. Some estimates place possible storm damage at $16.9 Billion.

As a nod to the seriousness of this weather event, President Obama cut his vacation short.

Sunday morning briefings from the governors of Virginia and New Jersey demonstrated concern for further flooding and the damage that will result. Losses will be extensive as Hurricane Irene turned out to be more of a flood event than a wind event.