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Two Men in the News. One is a Hero.

This week the media is all aflutter over the idea that one obscure basketball player has admitted he is gay. Jason Collins, the little used center for the Washington Wizards decided the world needs to know his sexual orientation. Prior to this announcement the season averaging 1.1 point bench player was a relative unknown to most. A cynical person might even question if this coming out was a political move meant to help job security. Still, this story skyrocketed through all the news outlets and its popularity even garnered Collins a phone call from the president.

A second news story actually happened weeks ago but has barely made it to major news. In this story, a college senior shot putter freely and willingly gave up the most important meet cameron lyleof his career.


To give a life-saving bone marrow donation to a complete stranger. It’s sad that you haven’t heard about Cameron Lyle from the University of New Hampshire.

When Lyle realized that medical procedure would end his sports career he stated matter-of-factly, “It’s just a sport. Life is much more important than that. So it was pretty easy.”

The man who needs his help is said to have only six months to live without the lifesaving marrow implant.

Two stories. One getting all kinds of press. One receiving little. But one is a true hero.

Share the name of a true hero: Cameron Lyle.

US News | Entertainment News | ABC News Videos

American Federation of Teachers-New Hampshire Incisive Candidate Survey

Steve MacDonald, author of Granite Grok, posted on June 26th the wonderful new candidate survey AFT-NH is distributing, which is centered on two words: “money and power.”

McDonald stated that:

The entire survey is dedicated to asking whether you will do anything to curb public union power or will vote to change how public union teachers are compensated, their pensions,  including whether you would support any legislation that would make it harder to raise taxes.

Can’t put road blocks on the path to legal plunder.  Gotta have more taxes.   Money and Union Power. That’s the entire survey.

There are questions on voter ID, Vouchers, Charter Schools; do you support right to work and collective bargaining rights; would you block dues collection through payroll deduction, and they even ask if you would vote to block Obamacare?  But my favorite….”Do you support the Free State Project?”  I kid you not.

So what about the children?  Screw the children. There is not one question about kids, students, materials, curriculum, facilities, or anything that has anything to do with legislators concerns about public education or educating children, unless you count the questions on whether you might be even remotely inclined to let parents (see also taxpayers) decide where to educate their children.

Here is a copy of the survey.

(H/T Granite Grok)


The part of James O'Keefe's video that no one is talking about

James O’Keefe’s latest video – in which several election officials in New Hampshire handed out ballots for dead people – has a lot of people talking about the issue of requiring photo ID at polling places.  But for me, it immediately brings up a different question.

Why should it be illegal to videotape public officials?

When some local politicians in New Hampshire found out that election officials had been handing out ballots for voters who were already dead, they were outraged… with O’Keefe!

For example, look at the reaction of Nashua City Clerk Paul Bergeron:

“They recorded it without election officials’ knowledge, which apears to be a violation of our New Hampshire wiretapping codes, and some of these are out of state residents, so I don’t know if violations of wiretapping or ID theft could hold up in court, but if they crossed state lines to commit these crimes, it may be a federal crime as well. This is serious; we won’t tolerate voter fraud, regardless of what the intent might be,” Bergeron said.

“If these are New Hampshire residents they should lose their right to vote forever, in addition to fines or imprisonment. I take it seriously, and people shouldn’t dismiss this as just a harmless stunt; it’s not,” Bergeron said.

Wow – this guy takes fraud really seriously!  Any time fraud happens he’s pounding his desk demanding that something be done about it.  Except that, I haven’t been able to find one quote from him expressing even the slightest concern about how easy it was for someone to walk into a polling place and get a fraudulent ballot.

If that seems inconsistent, it is.  And a quick look at the Nashua web site will tell you exactly why Bergeron is furious about the undercover video that was taken… but reluctant to talk about how vulnerable this election was to fraud:

[The City Clerk’s Office] conducts all local, state and national elections…

So Bergeron isn’t really angry that someone allegedly broke a random law about videotaping public officials.  He’s angry because someone is spotlighting the fact that he didn’t do enough to ensure the integrity of this election.

Now that his ineffectiveness is getting publicity, rather than take responsibility, Bergeron is attacking James O’Keefe – plain and simple.

Another politician who’s outraged and demanding that O’Keefe and his associates be “prosecuted to the full extent of the law” is New Hampshire Governor John Lynch.  Why?  Last year he vetoed a bill that would have required a person to show photo ID in order to vote.  In hindsight, maybe Lynch is realizing that that wasn’t the best decision.

In reality, neither of these guys are genuinely outraged by this voter fraud.  Their reaction can be explained with three letters: C-Y-A.  That’s all it is.  They are angry that someone is drawing attention to their ineptitude so they are lashing out at the person doing it.

This perfectly demonstrates why we as citizens need to be legally able to videotape our public officials.  Unfortunately, this type of reaction is common when someone in a position of authority is challenged because people in power will often do whatever they need to do to hold on to that power.

Our elected officials have a lot more resources at their disposal than the average citizen and can even use their position in government to retaliate against anyone who exposes their shortcomings. Because of the enormous power that comes simply from being in government, we as citizens need to have the most powerful defense available to us – video tape.

But this is about much more than just defending ourselves from being persecuted by out of control politicians.  Video is also by far the most effective way for individuals to create change in the policies of government.  In fact, O’Keefe’s video has already prompted an investigation.

As New Hampshire’s unfortunately named Assistant Attorney General explained:

According to the Union Leader, state Associate Attorney General Richard Head said his office became aware of the effort on Election Day and began investigating immediately.

“That investigation is ongoing,” he said. “Based on the information received on Election Day and the information on the video, we are undertaking a comprehensive review of voting procedures with the Secretary of State.”

Now do you think O’Keefe would have gotten an immediate reaction like that if he had obtained ballots for dead people and then written an article about it?

What if he had interviewed election officials and written about that?

How about if he had written a letter to the Attorney General?

Of course not.  If he had used any or even all of those methods there is no way that Richard Head would already be reviewing the voting procedures.  That is the power of video.

It all comes down to the balance of power between the people and the government – and right now the scales are tipped way too far in favor of the government.  Because of that, videotaping public officials is a tool that we must have at our disposal if we are going have any chance of properly holding our government accountable.

Live Free or Die- Either Way,Vote: O'Keefe Exposes Voter Fraud

A few days ago I authored a post about the insanity of the Department of Justice and the NAACP as they prepared to bring suit against South Carolina in protest of recent voter i.d. laws enacted there.  South Carolina officials feel requiring citizens to present identification at the polls would cut down on voter fraud.  The DOJ and NAACP felt it was a direct attack on minorities whom, as we know, are wandering around all over this fair land without a clue who they are.   They even went so far as to approach the United Nations to send officials to monitor our elections and root out racism at the polls.  Of course we on the right understand that this is nothing more than a ploy to continue to allow Democrats to perpetrate voter fraud in order to win elections.  Their base is unions, dead people and illegal aliens.  How can a ghost vote if they have to present i.d. first? Its bad business for Democrats.  The argument against voter i.d. reaches into the same tired, old racist bag of tricks, and often includes the defense that fraud like this almost never happens.  It’s a right-wing nutjob fantasy.

Enter James O’keefe and his Project Veritas.  You may remember Mr. O’Keefe as the worst pimp ever (seriously, they bought that get-up?)  who exposed Planned Parenthood and ACORN corruption.  This time O’Keefe and his partners infiltrate the New Hampshire primary election process and use the names of deceased voters to procure ballots at dozens of voting locations across the state on primary Tuesday. The goal was to prove the ease with which one could defraud a voting system which requires no idea.  With the exception of one astute poll volunteer who knew the deceased, O’Keefe and crew were given ballots at every location.  One volunteer tried to explain that voter fraud would not be an issue because once a person voted, their name would be crossed off the list and no one could vote under that name again…in that location anyway.  Project Veritas operatives approached dozens of seperate polls using the same names of deceased voters and were given a ballot every time.  Watch the video here. Project Veritas also posts full, unedited video at their site.  O’Keefe has been accused in the past of “selective editing”.  It seems hard to “edit” footage into falsly showing an ACORN worker conspiring to cover up child prostitution, but whatever.  O’Keefe has his bases covered.  Every video is edited to some extent for time purposes, but if you are the suspicious type you can watch it all at the website.


If it was so incredibly simple to defraud the voter system in New Hampshire, does it not stand to reason that other states without i.d. laws and even larger populations may have an even bigger issue with fraud?  Perhaps Ben Jealous and the NAACP should take some of this footage to the U.N. as well.  If they are indeed so worried about the state of free and fair elections in the FREEST and FAIREST nation on earth, they should surely want the U.N. election monitors to be aware of this outrageous fraud.

Kudos to O’Keefe and crew for their work here.  This should be shared everywhere, and with every Democrat who swears requiring identification to vote is not only racist, but provides no help in preventing fraud. We know their real reasons behind blocking voter i.d. laws – as they say in New Hampshire: live free or die. Either way, Democrats will take your vote(s).

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New Hampshire results didn't change anything

Mitt Romney’s long-expected triumph in New Hampshire came to be and yet .. nothing changed.

New Hampshire is home to all of 12 total delegates in the GOP nomination fight where 1,144 are required to secure the republican spot which means having won the state doesn’t put Romney much closer to the end goal.

With no one changing anything in their election plans after New Hampshire, did it matter?

Conservatives are still searching for an alternative to Romney that will more closely line up with their principles which the Granite State was unable to define – being a mainly moderate-to-liberal area it should be no surprise.

South Carolina is the first primary in a Conservative state and will likely present Conservatives with the candidate that will be the anti-Romney – or if Romney runs away in the southern state, perhaps no alternative exists.

Look for Huntsman’s New Hampshire showing to fizzle in S.C., Paul and Perry will fight a place in the bottom half and Santorum/Gringrich will have another neck-and-neck battle, but this time for second. Romney will likely take South Carolina, but the question remains how decisive a win he manages.


Mitt takes New Hampshire; Paul, Huntsman trail

As soon as the polls closed, major outlets such as Fox News wasted no time in calling the election for former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

Holding 35%+ of the vote throughout the first hour of vote counting, Romney has undoubtedly taken the top spot while Ron Paul has shown well at just under 25% of the vote and Jon Huntsman holding steady around 16%.

The real race is for fourth place between Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum where the two have stayed within .2% of each other for most of the evening.

Having spent no resources or time in New Hampshire, Rick Perry has spent the entire evening with less than 1% of the total granite state vote in dead last.

2012 New Hampshire republican presidential primary results and information

At 12:00am on Tuesday January 10th, the first votes were cast in Dixville Notch, NH in keeping with a tradition that’s been around since 1960.

While Iowa holds the first GOP caucus, New Hampshire holds the first winner-take-all primary of the election season.

The primary is not a closed primary, but doesn’t meet the full definition of an open primary which places it in the odd middle-ground of being a semi-closed primary. While New Hampshire does allow undeclared voters to participate in either parties primary, those affiliated with a certain party cannot vote in the other parties primary.

New Hampshire holds 12 delegates in the quest for the GOP nomination where 1,144 delegate votes will be required to win.

The New Hampshire Secretary of State is expecting as many as 250,000 votes to be cast in the Republican primary.


CDN will be updating this post with up-to-the minute data from local polling, entrance polls, precinct data and finalized results.

With  100.0% of the vote counted:

  • Mitt Romney 39.3% (97,532)
  • Ron Paul 22.9% (56,848)
  • Jon Huntsman 16.9% (41,945)
  • Newt Gingrich 9.4% (23,411)
  • Rick Santorum 9.4% (23,362)
  • Rick Perry 0.7% (1,766)

For more information on other state’s primaries/caucuses go to CDN’s 2012 Election Center

Live Blog

07:00 (1-11) Stillll counting The order hasn’t changed nor has much of the share of votes. We aren’t expecting anything to change from this point on.

23:25 Santorum’s hold on 4th place slips as Gingrich puts .2% distance between them

22:02 Newt Gingrich speaks: “I’m asking each of you not to slow down.” “I believe we can create a majority that can shock the country.”

21:53 – Rick Santorum at the podium: “We are going to go on to South Carolina. We can win this race.”

21:29 – Huntsman takes the mic: “I’d say third place is a ticket to ride. Hello South Carolina!” he began “We had conversations about putting this country first”. “Everybody knows Congress needs term limits.”

21:10 –  Santorum catches up; ties Gingrich with 10% of vote. Fourth place is the race.

21:00 – Ron Paul at the podium to speak. “[Romney] certainly had a clear-cut victory, but we are nibbling at his heels.” “We remain a danger to the federal reserve system!”

20:46 – 50 votes separate Ginrich and Romney with Gingrich holding on to fourth place by a slim margin

20:26 – Romney takes the stage to speak at victory rally to crowd chanting “Mitt, Mitt, Mitt”. “Tonight, we made history” Romney began, “Today we are faced with the disappointing record of a failed president.” “The president has run out of ideas, has been running out of excuses .. and now, he has run out of time”

20:00 – Polls closed, Fox News immediately calls Romney 1st and Paul second in the race for New Hampshire’s delegates

18:45 – Exit polling is showing Romney holding on to the top spot in New Hampshire

00:07 – As no surprise, Obama took the entire Democrat primary with 3 votes. 6 votes for Republicans, 3 votes for Dems.

00:06 -Nine voters showed up for the early morning primary in the small New Hampshire town of Dixville Notch, NH. 2 registered democrats, 3 registered republicans and 4 independents voted and the results of the first poll to close give Dixville’s precinct to a tie between Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney with two votes a piece. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich each received 1 vote.

ABC New Hampshire GOP Debate: Worst. Debate. Ever.

Saturday night’s Republican debate has to go down as one of the worst debates of the year, and maybe even in history.  It was hosted on ABC and moderated by Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopolous and some other dude who disappeared half way through; there was some question as to whether or not Diane Sawyer was actually sober.  Her speech was slightly slurred at times, her eyes not always focused, and in some points it seemed she wasn’t really even paying attention.  Perhaps there was something spoiled in their “pre-game” meal because her colleague, Josh somebody (McElveen, actually) asked one question of the candidates before he disappeared. He wasn’t heard from again for the rest of the broadcast, which mysteriously ended a full 20 minutes early.  It was unclear if that was planned or not, but the end came so abruptly it was jarring. The audio from the mics made each candidate sound like they were broadcasting from outer space and I’m not sure, but I think Sawyer may have forgotten to comb her hair before she hit the stage.  It was all extremely odd.

Apparently George has some insider information that Republicans will be selecting their primary candidate based on gay marriage and contraceptives.  That’s right: birth control.  Georgie grilled Mitt Romney over the issue of states banning contraceptives for minutes!  It was so bizarre even Romney was taken aback by the question…all four times it was asked.  By the last time even the largely subdued audience was booing Steph, and one heckler managed to raise his voice above the boos to chide Steph. I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but if it was anything close to what I was yelling at the television it went something like this: “Contraceptives George? Really? Unemployment is sky high and national debt is at $15 trillion and rising and you’re asking about birth control? Shut up!”…I’ll stop there because it got a little blue after that. My apologies to my Twitter followers.

Gay marriage and birth control may be issues the larger population will want more answers on in the generals, but these are primary elections and it’s the economy, stupid!

The candidates were largely a let down as well – although I can’t tell if it was really them or if the moderator’s questions were so inane that the candidates could do little with them. Santorum was obviously the one to watch Saturday night coming out of Iowa. The first question was directed at him and he got off to a choppy start.  He seemed a bit nervous.  Santorum isn’t used to leading and it showed.  His performance got stronger as the night went on, but it wasn’t as strong as he needed it to be.

This was perhaps Rick Perry’s best debate so far.  Unfortunately he wasn’t given the opportunity to answer a question until 20 minutes into the debate, and he was rarely heard from the whole evening. Could that be why he sounded so much better?  In actuality, Perry had some very solid and stirring points on defense, foreign affairs and energy. If his heart is still in this thing, this could be the point where we see Perry start to gain some momentum. Clearly debates are not his strong suit, but Presidents are not elected on debates alone. Two words – George Bush.

The rest of the field seemed satisfactory, if not boring. Romney was strong but vague as usual and Newt made an applause-worthy point during Stephie’s sexy-time grilling about gay marriage and contraceptives. He pointed out the hypocrisy of forcing Catholic adoption services to close and leave orphans without this vital service because of their beliefs and anti-Christian bigotry. It was a great point that only Newt could have made with such sharpness and confidence.

Ron Paul actually played the race card and it was very strange. This may be the first time I’ve ever noticed Ron Paul responding to his media coverage. He’s been having a few issues with old racist newsletters he published (but did not personally write) many years ago and it was obvious he was sensitive to that.  I think Paul’s surge is over, despite ABC’s best effort by giving him more screen time than any other candidate. Will he go third party?

Jon Huntsman was there. Skipping Iowa, he seems to have put all his eggs in the New Hampshire basket; but if he was hoping this debate would give him the chance to surge I suspect he and his supporters will be disappointed. Huntsman seems like a nice man and he’d probably be a whole lot better of a President than Obama, but he’s not a serious candidate at this point.

Besides a couple of chuckles and one or two applause lines no one stood out Saturday night. No one stepped out to claim his right to the Presidency with boldness. The losers of this debate were clearly ABC, Stephanopolous and Diane Sawyer.  I was on Twitter and Facebook through the entire debate and the general consensus seemed to be that Diane was drunk and George was stupid. Why do Republicans let former Clinton operatives and liberal journalists who hate us all run these things? Its ridiculous. Saturday night must surely go down as the Worst Debate Ever. My professional conclusion? ABC sucks. Worst debate ever. Oh, did I say that already? Sorry.

Worst Debate Ever.


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January 7th 9pm ABC/Yahoo! News Republican Debate

Saturday at 9pm Easterm, ABC, Yahoo! News and WMUR teamed up to produce the first of two New Hampshire GOP debates this weekend.

Poll after the debate:

[poll id=”35″]

Participants: Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum

Moderators: Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos and local TV anchor Josh McElveen


<as soon as available, but here’s some of it>
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ABC News 2 minute highlight:

video platform
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What Iowa Really Means for Mitt Romney

The whole day I have been hearing errant interpretations of what the Romney victory in Iowa means. Some fellow boggers and some of the more well-known pundits have been stress that the eight votes means a whole lot of something. One of the major guys out there even stated those eight votes as “significant, significant” victory for Romney. He was wrong.

Iowa was an absolute disaster for Romney, and Mitt’s persona on the small screen has that written all over it. FOX News and their squad of unfair and off-balanced entertainers have over emphasized Mitt’s presence all day long. The story is about Santorum and ron paul. yet, those two get slim mention. Even the other Texan got better cover by the FOX hounds than Rick Santorum. Why? Because FOX is out to sell airtime and push the entrenched Republican Guard’s agenda (but that is another story for another day).

In Iowa, Mitt Romney received 8 votes more than the clear victor, Rick Santorum. “Wait a minute” you may argue. “Eight votes or a million votes, a win is a win.” What I said was that he got only 8 votes more than the victor. Let me try to explain with an example. Years ago my alma mater was playing a basketball game at home against the Air Force Academy. It was like an NBA team playing with a little league squad. AFA was getting beat-up mercilessly. It seemed like they went for ten minutes straight (that is a long time in basketball) without scoring once. The turnovers were almost routine. Then one of their players caught a break and sank a three pointer from the corner. The stands exploded with cheers. All 20,000 fans in the seats were screaming and shouting, congratulating AFA. Even I was one my feet applauding them.

Here is the point of that tale. My school won the game by a huge margin. But, AFA was the victor. Everyone saw their stamina and determination. We watched the hard work on their part. We weren’t cheering for the underdog, as the media might have claimed. We all were praising, with justification, a valiant effort (using the basics) to the very end. The Air Force Academy stood for something much greater than a simple hash mark in the “win column.” They worked on what they believed. They were the victors over themselves and over the easy way out; griping, complaining, pointing fingers, cheating, throwing elbows, etc.

In Iowa Risk Santorum was the victor! Mitt Romney simply got more points on the board.

The caucuses in Iowa were a disaster for Romney. He was slated to be the heir apparent. He was lazy and mean spirited. Rick Santorum hit the three point corner shot.

Romney won in 17 counties, by slim margins, Ron Paul won in 17 counties. Rick Santorum won in 63 counties. The broad base of support in Iowa is clear. Santorum had it, Romney didn’t. But it goes much deeper than that, much deeper. The final tally shows that Romney actually had less success in 2012 than he did in 2008.

Mitt wanted, spurred on by the deceptive and backroom gambling of Karl Rove, to slam home the idea that he was the next anointed one (replacing Barack Obama). He lied at the outset of the caucuses saying he wouldn’t campaign in Iowa, only to flip-flop again by pouring millions of dollars in hate advertising into the state. As a member of the “Say Anything Party” Romney desperately needed Iowa to demonstrate his inevitability as the Republican candidate. That desperation showed in his coordinated hate mongering. If you watched his speech Tuesday night it was more than obvious how stunned he was, and off balance.

Mitt Romney talks a good game. The rich fat cats in the expensive seats swear he is the man. But, as Iowa demonstrated, they still must share the stadium with those pesky fans. Br. Mitt, talk is cheap, and you couldn’t make the sale. You have bought yourself a corn dog while spilling your coke on your nice dress slacks. Here is some sound advice. Those quality three-pointers from the corner outweigh your foul shots every time. The fans (voters) just chat with each other while you are at the foul line, and pay close attention when a passionate player (Rick Santorum) goes into the corner.

Mitt Romney knows he was iced in Iowa, and he is now panicking about both New Hampshire and South Carolina. His talking empty-head, Karl Rove, may be spouting platitudes, but “panic” is the watch word. Romney must win, and win hugely, in New Hampshire. If he does not than we can all look forward to hearing his “I’m getting behind the Republican nominee” speech.

That’s The Way I See It.

Perry Stays In The Race

Not to be deterred by a poor 5th place finish in Iowa last night, Texas Gov. Rick Perry tweeted the following:

And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State…Here we come South Carolina!!!

Perry spokesman Mark Miner said Perry would stay in Texas until Friday. After that he will head to New Hampshire and participate in the two debates this weekend and will then head to South Carolina.

It was confirmed he will continue his bid for the nomination even though Tuesday night he said “With the voters’ decision tonight in Iowa, I decided to return to Texas, assess the results of tonight’s caucus … and determine whether there is a path forward for myself in this race.”

A CBSNews report stated Perry told reporters in West Des Moines, Iowa, he thought the Iowa caucusing process was “loosey goosey” and that he was looks forward to competing in “actual primaries.”

“This wasn’t a hard decision,” Perry said. “[Iowa] is a quirky place, a quirky process to say the least and we’re going to go into places where they have actual primaries and there are going to be real Republicans voting.”


"Game On:" SANTORUM WINS IOWA!! (sorta)

Rick Santorum opened his Iowa-closing speech by saying, “Game On!” alluding to his significant (almost) surprise ( to everyone but CDN) win in Iowa despite spending next to nothing, riding around in a borrowed pickup and being far down in the polls.

After the initial reports, CDN called the race for Santorum based on the remaining counties, their population and the results in those counties at that time. Later in the morning the Iowa GOP discovered missing ballots and mis-tallied votes that turned the tide and gave the victory to Romney.

Either way, those candidates will be sharing exactly the same number of delegates as Iowa is a caucus – not a primary. That means that the delegates are split based on proportion of votes received.

Santorum managed to beat all of the front-runners except Mitt Romney and he only lost to Romney by 8 votes. There had been speculation about Ron Paul’s organization in Iowa, Mitt Romney’s electability, Rick Perry’s money and more – none of it mattered.

Santorum used old-school retail politics to meet, great and endear voters. It is the kind of good, ole fashioned hard work that honest Americans can appreciate.

Shortly after the win in Iowa, Santorum’s web site was first not responding, then slow to respond due to the heavy traffic it was experiencing. It is highly likely that all the “anyone but Mitt” crowd has finally found a place to put their money and will be backing the former Senator from Pennsylvania.

New Hampshire will not be an easy place for Santorum to do well even with his new found treasury. There is not a lot of radio, tv or newspaper ad space for him to buy. Then again, he didn’t purchase much in Iowa.

It could come down to the fact that Santorum is much less polished and much more human than Romney. Rick may just show us that he can turn New Hampshire on its ear and put a second serious dent in Mitt’s “electability” crown. Mitt earned no more voters in 2012 than he did in 2008 – he has not grown his base.

Romney spent more money by far, he will do the same in New Hampshire. Newt has decided to take him on face-to-face with an aggressive ad in the morning edition of the Manchester Union Leader where he will compare himself to Mitt on critical voter issues. This and Santorum’s new cash could do enough damage to Romney in New Hampshire before heading into South Carolina where Rick Perry voters will likely move to Santorum.

Perry is re-evaluating his candidacy, Newt all but endorsed Santorum and Mitt failed to win his first race in 2012 by any appreciable margin. This is going to get exciting and be a fun ride.


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