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The Public Trust and It’s Violation Thereof

Obamas Kinder Gentler WarExcuse me whilst I lash The One to the mainmast of our noble Ship of State for the appropriate scarring.

Here we have the vision of The False Messiah usurper President who came to power decrying with strident oratorical regularity his Republican predecessor on foreign policy decisions. As candidate Obama he criticized Bush for neglecting Afghanistan in favor of Iraq. An easy hindsight criticism when Bush had gotten himself already involved in a full-out war in Iraq, whether one agrees or disagrees with that initiative. So what does the Oba-maniac do when he assumes power? He tries to take credit for the Bush committed withdrawal of troops from Iraq and triples the number of American troops from 31,000, when Bush left office, to over 100,000 in early 2010.

This is the same guy who demanded that we return our troops home from Iraq.

You can’t have it both ways Barack baby! You can’t loudly and with great regularity besmirch Bush’s effort in Iraq and then enjoin his “nation-building” venture in Afghanistan after you take his place by propping up the same criminal punkass leader Karzai, tripling our troop commitment and continue doing so even after the mission to get Osama bin Laden is completed. Why should good Americans die trying to kill all the Taliban? For this!
Building roads? What are we now…some sort of international aid machine supported by the US taxpayers without their direct consent? The federal government in the person of congress has become so out of touch with the public that it’s shameful. Let those nations that believe in the UN New World Order get them to fund this “nation-building” under the UN aegis. That would be some comic relief anyway.

Congressional appropriations committees need to read “The Cost of Reaction: The Long-Term Costs of Short-Term Cures” by Andrew Sweet and Natalie Ondiak.

I’m a veteran and sick of seeing American Presidents who seek to establish another democracy in some backwards, third world cesspool that time has forgotten as their historical legacy and do it on the backs and lives of good, brave Americans. Our responsibility as the so-called leader of the free world is to promote freedom in the form of democracy where the people of a nation have taken the first steps to indicate they are ready to assume that responsibility and where a tyrannical ruler is preventing that.

In Afghanistan we have a medieval society existing in a modern world. It hasn’t changed much in a millenium. The people have no conception of freedom and are not ready to assume responsibility for their own futures. They have no economy aside from poppies and drug manufacturing. Our aide has become their economy and how it is used is not accounted for, yet we continue to pour money into that cesspool of despair. Propping up a thug, because he is perceived as the lesser of two evils is incompetent and mirrors all our past Middle East policy that has us hated there.

For those who voted for this moron I would submit that one reason they did so is to get us out of that cesspool and he is only digging us in deeper. Obama has violated those voter’s trust.

Last November in a Quinnipiac poll, Democrats by a 52% to 33% margin said we shouldn’t be involved in Afghanistan. Independents were 45% to 40% against that involvement. According to a new Washington Post/ABC News Poll 49% disapprove of his handling of Afghanistan.

This defines acting against the public trust. They voted for him to get us out and he’s doing the reverse. WE trust our elected representatives to be good financial stewards of tax revenues we pay and they urinate money about like an incontinent drunkard. Is that acting in the public interest…, in the public trust?

I’ve been in the Republican minority opposing our involvement in that country. I opposed it because it defines nation-building which I despise, and is the foreign policy markerpost for the malcontents to chide us as the ugly American. Efforts like Afghanistan are NOT making the world safe for democracy. It was a nation in name only with no ruling government, only tribal leaders who ruled by force and intimidation. Under our stewardship is has become a parasite dependent totally upon us for it’s economic survival. How stupid are our elected leaders?

$36 Billion: Amount the United States is spending on military action in Afghanistan annually.

$10.4 Billion: Amount of aid the United States pledged for development in Afghanistan from 2002 to 2008. The United States provides a third of all development aid to Afghanistan.

There was no single despotic authority brutalizing the people only tribal warlords who have been the only leadership that sorry excuse for a nation ever knew. WE installed a leader to enable building a national rule and government. WE installed a puppet in exchange for the right to pull his strings, nothing more. That is not our responsibility and is wrong. WE are using getting the Taliban as an excuse.

There is no mission there of true national security interest to us, so we’d best stop waving our patriotic flag insisting that there is.