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Mitt Romney (Really) Doesn’t Have That Much Money

Romney’s “2 Cadillacs” and “my friends own NASCAR teams” stories might seem like old news now, but if he gets the GOP’s nod, you can bet that stories about his wealth will begin to circulate again in preparation for this fall’s election.  Since 80% of Conservatives seem to think he’s going to win the nomination (and he has the largest amount of delegates), this piece will focus on some the criticisms about Romney’s wealth.

Romney Doesn’t really have that much money.

As unbelievable as that statement sounds, it’s very much true.  Mitt Romney is said to be worth anywhere between $190-$250 Million.  And as hard as it is to believe, that’s just not very much dough.

To put it in perspective, let’s look at how much money some other famous people happen to be worth.

1.  Peyton Manning has a net worth of $115 Million (about half of what Romney is said to be worth)

2.  Justin Bieber has made $105 Million in just about the same amount of  time it takes to complete high school.

3.  Gossip blogger, Perez Hilton is worth $30 Million.  Let that sink in for a minute…  And if you don’t know who Perez Hilton is, consider yourself blessed.

4.  Michael Bloomberg, a lowly mayor (even if he is mayor of the USA’s largest city), is worth $19 Billion (with a “B”).  So if politicians aren’t supposed to be wealthy, somebody should let him know.

5.  But to put things into even better perspective, Allen Iverson has made (and spent) about $200 Million between his NBA salary and his Reebok endorsements.  So, if a basketball player is allowed to earn, in fourteen years, what Mitt Romney has earned over the course of his 65 year lifetime, then there seems to be little reason to begrudge the former governor for buying a couple of Cadillacs.  And if it makes you feel any better, you should know that Allen Iverson’s $400,000 Lamborghini is worth about 8 of what Mrs. Romney’s Cadillac’s are believed to have cost.

And this is just “classic Democrats”.  Remember when Barack Obama was a candidate for the highest office in the land?  As a candidate, he considered George W. Bush’s debt of $4 Trillion to be “unpatriotic”, a debt that was amassed over 8 years.  But when President Obama racked up $4 Trillion of debt in only three years, he decided to have Tom Hanks narrate a documentary talking about how heroic our current president is.  Democrats will hammer Republicans for their sins, then commit the SAME sin, only twice as worse, and then applaud themselves.  And on top of that, they get the media to tell everybody that they’re doing a good job.  …for doing the SAME thing they just hammered Republicans for.

This is the same party who ran the richest president of all time, John F. Kennedy.  JFK was said to be worth $1 Billion (again, with a “B”), and his successor, Lyndon Johnson, was also said to be worth $98 Million.  These figures were published on MSNBC’s website, of all places, and they were adjusted for 2010 dollars.  But again, they’ll have you believe that Mitt Romney, and by extension, the Republican Party are both out of touch.  Furthermore, did you know that  William Jefferson Clinton is said to be worth $38 Million?  And last but not least, Jane Harman, a Democrat congresswoman from California who recently resigned, is said be worth between $150 Million and $430 Million.  From the looks of things, Democrats only think that being a rich politician is bad if it’s a REPUBLICAN who is the rich politician.

The hypocrisy is not only staggering, but it needs to be pointed out on a daily basis, if Republicans ever want to dispel the meme that they are all out-of-touch and 1 percenters.

So in a world where basketball players and teenage kids have earned as much (or half as much) as Mitt Romney has, and in a world where Liberal politicians can easily outspend him, it’s hard to see the outrage over Romney’s wealth as being anything genuine.  Romney’s real crime isn’t that he’s amassed money, it’s that he’s been unable to control the narrative.

Mrs. Class Warfare Booed at Nascar Finale

Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images for NASCAR

NASCAR racing may be the most patriotic sport in America. The U.S. flag being towed around Homestead raceway before the start of the Ford 400 this past weekend is but proof (image left).

NASCAR also has a longstanding tradition of including prayers before each and every race, and is the only American sport to continue to do so in recognizing the importance of our Christian beliefs that have been a mainstay in America since our founding. We are a Christian nation, and will remain so despite the current anti-American, leftist agenda to dismantle our Christianity that is becoming so prevalent in parts of our society today.

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden appeared at the final NASCAR race of the year as part of the (supposed) White House  initiative, Joining Forces. Joining Forces is all about joining together to support our nation’s military families, as the above-linked taxpayer-funded website tells us. Here is an info-byte for the Obama administration: America’s businesses and citizenry have faithfully supported our brave military families since our troops started coming back from WWI. Veterans have been given preferences in hiring long before Obama took office. This is nothing new, but to hear Obama tell it today, Americans are nothing but lazy, troop-disrespecting capitalists, especially Republicans, so vote Liberal in 2012. This whole charade of leftists expressing sudden concern for out military is nothing more than vote-pandering in it’s ugliest form. Obama and the Democrats are desperate to remain in power, and it shows.

Have we forgotten how our brave troops were constantly called murderers and war criminals by Liberals posing as Democrats upon their return from the Vietnam war? Liberal activists were doing exactly that ( calling our military war criminals) as recently as last week at the Obama-approved anti-capitalism Occupy Wall Street class warfare project being run by the DNC, Obama’s Union bed-pals and Marxist-Anarchists that was created in the very same mold as Obama’s lifelong mentor, domestic terrorist and murderer Bill Ayers and documented in his domestic terrorist/community organizing training manual, Prairie Fire.

The headlines today will speak more of the booing of Michelle Obama as opposed to actually reporting on the miraculous, dogged comeback of Tony Stewart to win the championship by winning the last Sprint Cup Chase race of the year by beating second place finisher Carl Edwards. Keep in mind that NASCAR racing receives very little coverage by the mainstream media, and is only reported upon by sports channels such as ESPN. Today, that will change.

Expect to see Chris Mathews and company over at MSNBC calling NASCAR fans racists, disrespectful and a whole slew of nasty adjectives because they booed Michelle Obama’s husband’s heavy-handed far left radical policy agenda. The leftists posing as reporters will not only play the class warfare-inducing race card, but they will also play the victim card heavily, as Michelle Obama also used children as stage props once again at this ceremony. When the NASCAR fans booed Michelle Obama, the children were conveniently front and center so the left can falsely claim the nasty NASCAR fans were booing the children.

FACT: NASCAR is a family sport, championing the family values that have been at the root of America’s greatness for over 200 years, while Liberals champion things like abortion. Liberals love those stage props that they constantly use to inject their Socialistic agenda upon America, especially when they are desperately vote-begging to remain in power. If it isn’t the “Oh the poor children” it’s the ‘Oh those poor blacks and minorities” horse manure they use to further their agenda constantly. Throw into that mix the Hispanic vote-begging scheme of Democrats making statements like “Illegals are not illegal” and it isn’t hard to see through their desperate vote-pandering to the military to remain in power in 2013. NOTE: It was in fact, Obama’s very own Illinois Democrats that denied the counting of military votes in the 2010 elections.

Again, America’s citizenry and businesses have faithfully supported our military families and veterans ever since we went to war against the British to declare out independence. We do not need a billion-dollar taxpayer funded arm of the DNC to tell us to do this, thank you very much. There are currently hundreds of programs designed to help our brave troops and military families, the majority of them run by honest private citizens and ex-military with no political agenda. The last thing we need is for citizens to start giving their hard earned money and time to the DNC arm of our government for their vote-begging scheme just because Michelle Obama wants to get her husband reelected. (by acting like they actually care about our troops) Here is a simple fact: Barack and Michelle Obama have never shown support for our military in their entire lives before his reelection campaign of 2012 came along. Zero, nada, no support, not one statement, not one plug nickel donated to the help the military programs cross America, EVER. Believing in the Obama’s sudden discovery of their long-lost love for our military (sarc) is about as ignorant as seniors believing that Liberals and Barack Obama are now their best friends after they stole $500 billion dollars of their medicare funding to fund Obama’s Socialistic healthcare reform.

Hiding from the truth: The booing of Michelle Obama was the result of we the people of the United States being ignored while her husband and their political operatives ram their socialistic agenda down our throats while also hiding from the very people they are supposed to serve to avoid hearing the truth: They do not like the direction this country is going today. Obama runs around the country in perpetual campaign fund-raising mode, while denying the people the chance to speak out against him in public. He insulates himself from the public by making sure his blind sheep followers are the only ones that get near him in public. When is the last time anyone heard our President answer direct, unprepared questions asked by the citizenry? The last time that happened was when Joe the plumber exposed Obama’s wealth redistributive agenda back 2008. The Marxist-in-Chief running for reelection is not about to let that happen again. So the public expressed their displeasure with the Obama agenda of the past three years by booing Michelle Obama at a NASCAR race. Good for them!

2012 just can’t get here fast enough !

Tony Stewart, Who Declined Obama's Invitation, Is NASCAR Champion

Just so you know, for those of you who don’t watch NASCAR racing, the season championship was decided today at the Miami-Homestead Speedway. In this CDN article by Benjamin Wallace, he says that President Obama invited eleven NASCAR drivers to the White House. The offer was declined by five of the eleven: Carl Edwards (car #99), Kurt Busch (22), Tony Stewart (14), Kevin Harvick (29), and Greg Biffle (16). While Greg Biffle did not make the “chase” (NASCAR’s version of a playoff), three of the four drivers who declined the invitation are atop the points standings. Only Kurt Busch (who finished well back today) is not in the top three in championship points.

Tony Stewart (14) is the champion. He and Carl Edwards (99) finished the season tied in points, but Stewart had the edge in the tie breaker (5 victories this season to 1). Kevin Harvick (29) finished third in the points. Oh, Tony Stewart won the race, and Carl Edwards finished second.

Who says politics and racing don’t mix?

BTW, just like in any sport, NASCAR drivers are entertainers who are highly skilled. Just like in any sport, they make the difficult look easy. There are also two other factors to consider. First, racing (especially in NASCAR but in any form of racing) is a team sport. Second, EVERY lap run is different from the previous lap. There is a lot more going on that just “driving around in circles.”

BTW2, we learn from Cindi that Michelle Obama, grand marshal for the race, was booed by NASCAR fans.

BTW3, much to Rich Mitchell‘s disappointment (;-), there were no “epic, tire-screeching, fiberglass-spewing, spark-generating crashes.” Just good debating, I mean racing.

NASCAR Crowd Boos Michelle Obama

Why the Obama campaign thought this was a good idea, I have no idea! Don’t they realize they are (in Obama’s very own words) in “enemy” territory?

And… wouldn’t ya know it– the AP is reporting a completely different story! It seems they “interpreted” the crowd as giving her a hearty reception, even going so far as to give her a standing ovation!

Left Turns, Fireballs and GOP Debates

Why do people watch races? Of course it’s to see their favorite driver take the checkered flag, but also.. the crashes. Is that also why we watch political debates?

In the early debates, we might have been watching traded-barb after traded barb to mentally score the good answers and the bad. Race fans watch the constant stream of left turns, on the same track, lap-after-lap judging passes and tactics in much the same way.

We get a feel for the strengths and weaknesses of drivers and politicians both as they work through the otherwise unexciting event. But what really impacts us as we watch these otherwise disconnected contests?

It’s the wrecks – the fireballs – the strewn wreckage after someone makes a mistake.

In the case of both the politician and the driver, everyone wants to see them walk away with no physical or permanent injury – but the actual event is what shows up in the highlight reals on ESPN or CNN depending upon the event.

Bachmann tried to push Perry into the wall with the Gaurdasil thing and lost control. Rick Santorum has been bumping into everyone and is ending the race with a very banged-up campaign. Cain shot to the front of the pack while everyone else was blowing tires and then forgot he was in the race – foreign policy is part of the event Mr. Cain. Perry has managed to hit the wall in almost all of the turns, but he’s explained to us that staying on the track really isn’t that important because President Obama can’t do it either.

Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman  have driven similarly. Neither has made a tremendous mistake, they’ve both been consistent, but in the end their race plans still has them .. at the end.

The ones still racing at the front of the pack are the ones who have developed a winning plan, executed that plan, and shown experienced steadiness in the face of car wrecks all about them. While I haven’t picked a candidate as of yet, I admire the deftness with which both Gingrich and Romney handle the terrible questions from biased moderators. Mitt finds a way to not answer their question without the moderator or panelist even realizing it. Newt lets them know their question is childish and stupid while answering whatever important point he does find in the question – or that he decides should have been in the question.

Front runners, also-rans, banged up cars and blown engines abound. Just like NASCAR and IndyCAR, we don’t really watch the debates to see the track – we watch to the see who’s got it and who does not – oh, and the epic, tire-screeching, fiberglass-spewing, spark-generating crashes.

Black Flagged

It’s not every day that politics and NASCAR collide to grab the attention of  the nation. Obama invited eleven NASCAR drivers to the White House and was declined by five of the eleven. Carl Edwards, Kurt Busch, Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick and Greg Biffle decided their previous engagements are more important than meeting with Obama.

The reaction to the decision of the drivers has drawn both praise and criticism. I heard some say that they are proud that the drivers rejected the invite while others think the decision was disrespectful. Some accept the “schedule conflicts” as truth while others speculate that the drivers don’t like Obama’s politics and don’t want the photo op to be used to in any way further Obama’s agenda.

The statement that I heard that just about floored me was when a gentleman that claimed to be a “conservative Republican” said that because Obama is the president then the drivers should have automatically accepted the invitation. I for one would like to remind that gentleman that Obama was elected as president, not king. As citizens these drivers have the freedom to decide if they want to be in the presence of someone or not. A king or dictator can demand that his subjects appear before him and the subject is required to attend. For right now the United States of America is still a free nation and every citizen has the right to accept or decline the invitation of anyone they choose, no matter the office that person may hold.

I hope that Obama will realize that these drivers have black flagged him, to speak the language these men know. For those of you that are not familiar with what the black flag means in racing, it is sometimes referred to as the “consultation flag”. When a black flag is given, the affected driver must pit. In most situations, a black flag means the driver has violated at least one rule. Obama has violated numerous rules and has not received a black flag.

Right now, Obama deserves not only a black flag, he also needs a red flag signaling that his race is halted and his crew must cease their work. That, my friends, is exactly what is going to happen November 2012.

No matter the reason for their decision- whether it is conflicts in their schedule or conflicts in their morals that made them decide not to meet with Obama, I commend these drivers for showing that the American citizen still has their right to decide for themselves.