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A Renewal of Spirit

More than speeches, Right Online and the Defending the Dream Summit offer a chance for renewal.

With so much stacked against constitutional capitalists; media bias, Hollywood culture, anti-capitalist agenda in our schools; it’s easy to get discouraged and feel like we are fighting a losing battle. But remember this is #WAR, as the late Andrew Breitbart would say, and it will be fought one battle at a time.

Americans For Prosperity is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to education and promotion of the free market that has resulted in America being the most prosperous, most healthy, and most environmentally conscious nation the world has ever known. And for the first time, AFP and AFP Foundation have joined forces to organize hundreds of activists together in one place for both the Right Online conference and the Defending the Dream Summit.

With speakers like Michelle Malkin, Greg Gutfeld, and Senator Ted Cruz, the events are sure to grab media attention, but with breakout educational sessions and networking opportunities too numerous to count, activists from across the country will have the chance to learn the latest strategies for action and be inspired to TAKE ACTION when they return home.

For those unable to make it to Orlando, fear not. You can follow the action online via the Right Online website, CSpan, and of course Twitter, where you will no doubt find live tweeting from your favorite bloggers and radio hosts. Look for the hashtag #RO13 for details.

When you attend, read about, and watch online this weekend’s events in Orlando, allow yourself to be renewed. Renew your spirit. Renew your love of America. And renew your efforts in the fight for freedom and prosperity for all!

My Name Is Michelle Malkin and I’m Just A Blogger

I’m Just a Blogger

Well, it was no surprise that Michelle Malkin just killed it at RightOnline.  Malkin, fresh of her heated exchange with Juan Williams, reiterated that bloggers and citizen journalists are not part of the “new media,” but the right media.  The cohort of concerned citizens, who armed with phone cameras, write and post stories, in their free time, about what is really going on in the arena of state affairs.  We proudly share a distrust of the “dead tree media” and other affiliates peddling the narrative of the Democrat-media complex.

She gave a nice shout out to real reporters, like Sheryl Atkinson at CBS, for exposing the “bloody malfeasance” within the Obama administration.  That malfeasance came in the form of Fast and Furious and Malkin made a note that, while Atkinson’s reporting on the subject is commendable, it was just bloggers, like Mary Chastain and Katie Pavlich, that set the narrative and culminated in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voting to bring contempt charges against Attorney General Eric Holder over the issue on June 20th.

It was just a blogger, like Anita Moncrief, who exposed the fraud and abuse of our electoral system at the hands of the Obama administration.  She said what made the late Andrew Breitbart  so great and so effective was that he exposed the lame-stream media for who they are with a smile on his face and a stiff spine.  She stated how we are in the fight of our lives, which doesn’t necessarily end in November.  We’re a democracy and democracy is based on public opinion.  Public opinion is shiftable sand, therefore, there are no sustaining victories in democracy.

As Malkin stated, the war hasn’t changed, only the tools used to fight the battles.  We’re just a “different set of combatants.”  New generals, foot soldiers, and strategists will rise and everyone at RightOnline, and those sympathetic to the conservative movement who blog or investigate, is essential.  Everything is on the line come November against the toughest, meanest, most vicious political team we’ve ever faced.  Malkin is right. This is war. Let’s get to work!

Right Online 2012

It’s finally here! The Fifth Annual Right Online in Las Vegas, Nevada! Join your fellow conservatives as we discuss new media strategies to further the conservative agenda and laid down the groundwork for Barack Obama’s departure this upcoming November.  It’s not too late the register.

Featured speakers include Michelle Malkin, Townhall’s Guy Benson, Scott Rasmussen, and Big Journalism’s Dana Loesch.

Check out these highlights from last year.  2012 is on! Oh…and did I mention it’s in Vegas!


Not Devoted Enough Time to Africa?

Wondering how she can "spend" your Tax Dollars

Michelle Obama set out on a week-long trip to Africa to spread goodwill – on the U.S. Taxpayers dime. Of course there is criticism with “extra” trips that this administration’s family has taken. The trip is provoking disappointment from Africa advocates who argue that President Obama, whose father was Kenyan, hasn’t devoted enough time to the continent since winning the presidency.

Mwiza Munthali, public outreach director of TransAfrica Forum, argues that U.S. officials “are not seeing Africa as a big priority. There has been some uncertainty.” The president has made just one trip to sub-Saharan Africa since his Jan. 2009 inauguration and has chosen not to accompany his wife on her journey.

Not devoted enough time to Africa? The last time I looked he was still the President of the United States – not a leader in Africa. I wish that he were a leader of any other country besides the U.S. then I would not care so much about the more than 70 rounds of golf he has played as president. It would be nice if he would devote more of his time to “common sense” solutions to the problems plaguing the United States.

This isn’t the first time the First Lady has come under fire for travel plans. The First Lady raised eyebrows last August when she decided to fly off to Spain on taxpayers dimes, commanding top-dollar luxury accommodations in the middle of a recession. The New York Daily News called her “a modern-day Marie Antoinette.”

On a couple other trips she has been questioned on her international etiquette – in April 2009, she broke royal protocol and hugged Queen Elizabeth, causing a major stir in England. Then in Indonesia last November, Michelle Obama shook the hand of a conservative Muslim minister, a form of social contact between the sexes that violated his religious vows. He blamed the First Lady for the violation.

By the sound of it I really believe she “thinks” she is better than anyone else in the entire world. When the Obama’s travel internationally they are representing the United States, but with her antics I don’t want her representing me. It is sort of like the show “Beverly Hillbillies” when a bunch of poor backwoods people are transplanted to Beverly Hills, California, after striking oil on their land – it just don’t fit.

The First Lady organized another paltry trip to Mexico in April 2010 with Jill Biden. While that trip, too, was aimed primarily on establishing contact with younger civic leaders, some muckrakers called out the First Lady for taking time to travel to a country that’s long been a crucial moment in U.S. immigration policy. Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, for instance, argued that the trip was little more than an effort to promote “illegal alien shamnesty.”

Expectations for American engagement with Africa soared when Obama took office, with advocates citing his previous travels to his father’s homeland of Kenya and attention paid to African nations while he was a senator. But while Obama has talked about his “family members who live in villages” and told an Africa-focused Web site that he is “probably as knowledgeable about African history as anybody who’s occupied my office,” he has made just one presidential visit to sub-Saharan Africa.

Maybe we can get Obama to move back “home” to South-Africa and he can “lead” in that country – as he is about done leading this country in the WRONG direction. Now that is something I would promote for him and vote for him on. Sorry Obama I am just trying to help you out – help you right out of my White House!

Michelle Obama heads to Africa, stirs criticism
First lady’s African trip resurrects criticism of president on African issues

For The Record- What Is Racism?

 I have been called a racist. I have been called a hater.

Racist I am not. Hater I am. I do not hate the person; I hate what they are doing to this country. Notice I said “they“!

I’m sure you already know who I am accused of being a racist and hater against. You guessed it! President Barack Obama! I do not hate Barack Obama. I do hate what he and the liberal agenda are doing to this nation! My issues with him have absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin!  His skin could be white, black, brown, red, purple, yellow, orange, or polka dotted for all I care!

Let me just lay my cards on the table from the beginning.

As I have addressed in my previous article, Mr. Obama FINALLY Presents His Birth Certificate  , I have my doubts that the birth certificate that was released is actually real. With this issue it has absolutey nothing to do with the color of his skin; it has everything to do with the fact that I do not believe a single word that comes out of his mouth, as I wrote about in my article, “Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!” However, because I do not have actual proof, I am not going to waste my time going down that road. The simple fact is things just don’t add up. But, what’s done is done. The American people elected him. So be it. Enough said about the birth certificate.

As to the second accusation that I am a hater, I do not hate anyone. I strongly dislike some people, and there are many, many, many people I choose not to spend time with, I do not hate anyone. As a Christian, I strive to live by the Word of God.  (Matthew 5:44; Luke 6:27) So no, I do not hate President Obama as a person.

However, I do hate what he is doing to this country! He is systematically destroying everything that this country stands for!

For the record, he has not done this on his own. I believe he is the one to actually accomplish the goal that the liberals have been working towards for 100 years or so.

It was WHITE people who started the Liberal Agenda and have used and manipulated blacks along the way. Unfortunately, and very sadly, so many blacks have bought into the lies of the Liberal Agenda. But blacks are not the only people who have bought into their lies.

It’s interesting to me that if a black person speaks out against President Obama they are referred to as a racist. This has got to be one of the most asinine arguments/attacks/accusations I’ve ever heard! How can a black person be racist against another black person?

I guess I can somewhat stretch my imagination to the farthest ends of the earth to understand this logic if… and ONLY IF – the person was speaking out against the black President to say that the president should be white. However, if the black man is speaking out against the black President to say that he- a black man- is going to run against him, I believe that throws the whole racist argument out the window entirely. It’s just logical. But hey, that’s just me. Logical. It’s so sad that so often the liberal argument lacks common logic.

Herman Cain- a black man­is running for President as an opponent of President Barack Obama- a black man! So, Herman Cain- a black man– is essentially saying he is applying for the job of President of The United States of America- which is currently held by- wait…. a black man! I know! Shocking, isn’t it! How racist of Herman Cain!

I warned you- there is absolutely no logic in that argument!

So, for the record- to be factual in this discussion- what is a racist?

Dictionary.com defines a racist (or “racism” as the actual query results shows) as:


1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.
4. the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others

5. abusive or aggressive behavior towards members of another race on the basis of such a belief

From this definition it is very clear that Herman Cain is not a racist. I personally can say, from reading the official definition of the word, that I am not racist. In fact, if I were able to pick my perfect candidate and running mate for 2012 President, both the President and Vice President would be non-white. I will not elaborate on the reasons for my choices in this article, but will in a future article. So who would I choose? For President I would absolutely love to have Allen West.  For Vice President I would absolutely love to have Michelle Malkin.  Now, I do realize that Michelle Malkin has never breathed a word of interest towards a political position. However, this country would benefit greatly from her being in a leadership position. 

The only real explanation that makes any sense to me is that the people shouting “racism” have no other legitimate argument to stand on. The last thing any normal person wants is to be called a racist. Notice I said normal person, because there are the ridiculous people out there that take pride in being called a racist. I believe these people are by far few and far between in comparison to normal people who see things factually rather than racially.

The liberals are smart enough to realize that any sane, normal person will vehemently deny being racist. This distracts from the real issues. If you can disarm the person from arguing the real issues you are essentially the winner.

The problem is this is not a game. The winners and losers are not those arguing the liberal or conservative agenda. The real losers are our children. Our future. The future of this great nation. There are no winners at all!

We truly have reached a very sad state of affairs in this country. Call me what you will- racist, hater, or any other hateful thing you choose.  I know the truth. Do you want to know what I really am? Sad. Very sad to see how far we have sunk as a nation.