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Michael Steele’s Transformation of the GOP Failing

Michael Steele has done everything he can to show that he is attempting to pull the GOP to the middle, as if it needed any help.  Steele has joined other GOP leadership in courting left-leaning candidates, supporting big-tent policies and otherwise ignoring the Conservative activist movement.

Most-recently, Steele has stated that white people are scared of him, more succinctly that, “some white Republicans are scared” of him.  If he thinks they are scared of him because they think he is worthless, powerless, and useless… yeah, they’re terrified of him.

Steele has been caught on occasion showing his middling intentions.  In a GQ interview, Steele said, “I think that’s an individual choice” when asked about a woman’s right to abort her child.  If capturing the minority caucus comes at these costs, are Conservatives ready to sell-out their principles for a few votes?  Or is Steele trying the bait-and-switch on minorities.

Back in July Steele was trying to show how the GOP should be attractive to minorities by saying, “Come along.. I’ve got the fried chicken and potato salad”.  While most minorities would probably agree with the GOP platform, the problem is that all they see are these condescending methods to cheaply entice them into a Republican vote.

Many minorities would gladly vote for a more-transparent party.  They just see the GOP as the same ole – same ole of yesteryear.  Steele isn’t helping with his comments.

Mr. Steele, We Are Conservatives, Not Republicans

In a recent Rasmussen opinion poll, Conservatives have sent a strong message to the failing leadership of the Republican party.  The results of the poll indicate that, “73% think Republicans in Congress have lost touch with GOP voters”.  Consider me in that group.  I have become increasingly disappointed by the members of the political party that is supposed to be standing up for Conservative principles.  We have much to be concerned about such as the reckless spending in the Bush years, support for pork on enormous levels, backing liberal candidates, and finally … actually splitting the Conservative vote in N.Y. and allowing a Democrat to win.

From: Bill Owens for Congress

From: Bill Owens for Congress

Even former leaders of the G.O.P. are proving their worthlessness.  Newt Gingrich put his clout behind a liberal leaning candidate in the New York district 23 Congressional race.  He isn’t supporting Dede  Scozzafava because she was the most Conservative candidate, not by far.  She supports abortion rights and card-check (union bullying made legal), and she won’t commit to voting against any tax increases.  I am fairly certain that three major Conservative tenets are being directly broken and several others are more-than-likely getting dented.  The truly Conservative candidate, Doug Hoffman has actually climbed within 6 points in the polls without the support of the Republican party. Imagine how sewn-up that Congressional seat would have been if Newt and company had backed the true Conservative.  Instead, the G.O.P.’s support of Scozzafava will put a Congressional seat either in the hands of the Democrat candidate (who now leads by 4 points as Scozzafava splits the vote that should go to Hoffman), or be given to a liberal in Conservative’s clothing.

I, for one, quite some time ago stopped all financial support of the Republican party.  It no longer represents my point-of-view and is not protecting the values I hold dear.  I will be looking for individual candidates to put my support behind.  Some might happen to be Republicans, or American Conservative Party, or Independents.  I’ll support the candidates that will go to Washington to represent me, not some bloated set of self-worshipers.

Michael Steele, are you listening?  At all?  Conservatives have an opportunity to take back Congress, but not with boneheaded moves like this.  Even if they take it back, morons like Scozzafava will just vote with the ultra-left like Olympia Snowe (R-ME) did on something as important as health care reform.  We don’t need anymore RINOs, we don’t need anymore “centrists”.   Mr. Steele, stop splitting the Conservative vote in New York – force Scozzafava to drop-out.  On second thought, maybe the first true leadership decision you could make, is to step down.