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The REAL Russian Connection

Russia and Iran

One of the hot topics in the news – especially the liberal elite media – has been the dust up about the “Russian connection” between former NSA Director Flynn, Russia and perhaps President Trump. In a news conference Friday, President Trump blasted the media about this and rightly directed them to the real danger of leaks within the intelligence community. He ...

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Trump Check: The President Schools The Lying Press

President Trump Weekly address

Yesterday President Trump took the lying press to school and told them things that every American citizen who put Donald Trump in the Oval Office wanted to tell them. The press’s blatant lies, their hopes for his impeachment and even their suggestion that maybe he should be assassinated are all a package that seeks President Trump’s failure as a president, ...

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Trump Hating Media Says White House Is In Crisis While Ignoring His Accomplishments!!!

The paranoia of the media coupled with their hatred for Trump because Hillary didn’t get in continues with the Networks saying how the White House is in crisis while ignoring all the accomplishments Trump is doing. On Wednesday, the network morning shows declared a “White House in crisis” amid the fallout from the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn ...

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White House: Terror Attacks Underreported

White House

Speaking at MacDill Air Force Base Monday afternoon, President Trump rattled off a list of attacks carried out by “radical Islamic terrorists” that he felt were not being adequately reported by the media. The president’s list included Sept. 11 and the violence in Orlando, San Bernardino, and in France. “It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported,” Trump told ...

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WATCH: WikiLeaks Founder Talks Trump and the Press in Interview

Julian Assange Peston interview

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told ITV’s Robert Peston in a Sunday interview that Trump is rightfully challenging the inaccuracies and bias in American media. Peston asked Assange if he felt Trump was hostile to journalists. “The partisan nature of journalism in the United States and everywhere is coming to the port – so he can complain about that,” Assange answered. ...

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Mainstream Media Resorts To Fake News To Counter Trump!!!

As Trump continues to move at lightning speed keeping all of his promises and getting things done faster than Obama or any president ever did in eight years, the alt-left media continues to bash him with fake news so they can call him a liar. CNN and MSNBC are two of the main culprits here. Instead of concentrating on what ...

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Leftists’ Actions Confirm Their Prejudiced And Harmful Attitudes

Kellyanne Conway can’t find a private school for her children in the Washington, DC, area because the liberals who mostly run such schools there want to be seen denying anyone related to Donald Trump any services at all. Music celebrities will not perform at Trump celebrations because they, too, want to be seen and known as anti-Trump people. But is ...

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Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus Talks Obamacare, Media, SCOTUS, Cabinet Appointments

Reince Priebus on Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt interviewed former RNC Chair and Donald Trump’s future White House chief of staff Reince Priebus. Reince reiterates that repealing and replacing Obamacare will be there #1 priority with tax reform close behind. Trump’s White Chief of Staff said that their bold initiatives are what Republicans have been talking about for decades and  “now it’s time for the majority ...

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WATCH: Tucker Carlson takes on Editor of New York Times Over Media Bias


#Tucker takes on New York Times Public Editor Liz Spayd over continued bias allegations against the ‘Paper of Record’ – even in its reporters’ tweets. Spayd admits that the Times reporters suffer from a lack of perspective from living in the bubble that is New York City. “I consider it an almost unrecognized point-of-view that the Times has that comes ...

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Media: Trump Administration in Disarray Leaving Government in Limbo

The New York Times  stated that the Trump transition is “in disarray” while Politico reported that the incoming administration has left the entirety of the government “in limbo” because Donald hasn’t filed some paperwork. President-elect Donald J. Trump’s transition was in disarray on Tuesday, marked by firings, infighting and revelations that American allies were blindly dialing in to Trump Tower to ...

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Today’s Media Is The New Pravda!!!

Recently I saw what must have been a low information voter being interviewed on a cable station. He said he couldn’t vote for Trump because he doesn’t like the way he treats women and doesn’t like the way he speaks against disabled people. Well I hate to bust this guy’s bubble, but the pendulum swings both ways. Well I guess ...

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Media Bias: Clinton night off = Good; Trump side trip for hotel opening = bad [video]


The media slammed Donald Trump and praised Hillary Clinton as Mrs. Clinton spent the entire evening at an Adele concert after doing a single, lightly-attended rally while Donald Trump attended three massive rallies and made five other stops. Donald points out the hypocritical manner in which the media treats his effort to support his children in between campaign events in ...

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Facebook CEO defends against bias claims and the replies are.. priceless

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded on Thursday to claims that his social media platform was biased against conservatives – his own platform is erupting in response. First the charge: Facebook rushed to deny a report in Gizmodo that said the team in charge of its “trending” news list routinely suppressed conservative points of view. Last month, Gizmodo also reported that Facebook ...

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