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DNC Launches Misleading News Campaign

WASHINGTON, Aug. 8, 2011

Today the Democratic National Committee announced its “Extreme Aims” Mediscare mistruthfest in the lead-up to Thursday’s Republican debate in Iowa and the Ames straw poll on Saturday. Calling the the 2012 Republican presidential field “extreme” and “out-of-touch” in response to public opinion that is using those very terms to describe the President’s policies.

Iowa Caucus// James Q. Lynch (“extreme” sure is prevalent – and yes, mention of Wasserman Shultz counts as an instance of “extreme”)

This week, however, the DNC will be highlighting what it calls the GOP candidates’ “extreme aims to please the far-right, Tea Party wing of their party and they are following the extreme agenda of congressional Republicans instead of leading – all while the country’s future hangs in the balance.” To counter the attention the straw poll will give the GOP 2012 hopefuls, the DNC will have a presence on the ground in Iowa beginning on Aug. 11 – the same day as the Republican Party of Iowa/Fox News debate atIowa State University – which will include DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse andWasserman Schultz, who will arrive Aug. 12, as well as other surrogates. In addition to her state fair visit,Wasserman Schultz will participate in a round-table discussion with Iowans the morning of Aug. 12 in Des Moines. Following her visit to the fair – where it’s rumored she will eat something on a stick – Wasserman Schultz will head to Ames to meet with national and local media.

CDNNews reponse: none needed. Shultz will eat something on a stick – Conservatives everywhere are shaking.

Dems plan weeklong blitz in Iowa to counter GOP straw poll

The Hill// Michael O’Brien

The DNC launched its weeklong blitz, “Extreme Aims: Wrong for Seniors. Wrong for the Middle Class,” with a Web video characterizing the different presidential candidates as extremists who would threaten to undo popular social programs. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), the chairwoman of the DNC, will take that message on the road this week in Iowa ahead of Thursday’s GOP presidential debate and Saturday’s influential straw poll in Ames. Wasserman Schultz will participate in a roundtable, along with Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-Iowa), organized by the Iowa Democratic Party on Friday. (“Rumor has it she will also eat something fried on a stick,” a DNC official said about the chairwoman’s trip to Des Moines, from where she’ll head to Ames.)

Obama to reform ‘No Child’ by skirting the law – Geithner staying despite failure to protect U.S. currency

Politico// Mike Allen

“Iowa Democratic Party to Host Series of Roundtables On Disastrous GOP Agenda In Advance of GOP Debate, Straw Poll: Participants to include Rep. Leonard Boswell, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, local elected officials … In the lead up to the Republican debate and Straw Poll inAmes, GOP candidates are touting their support for disastrous policies like the Ryan Plan or Cut, Cap & Balance which would slash Social Security and end Medicare as we know it while protecting tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.”

CDN response: Uh… wow. The president is directly allowing educators to not follow U.S. law simply because he doesn’t agree with it. If he wants education reform, he has to ask Congress. Those are the checks and balances in our form of government, whether he likes them or not. Tim Geithner staying after his abysmal performance as Treasury Secretary is merely indicative of another failure of leadership from the White House. It’s just too much trouble to go find someone that doesn’t have their head up their butt.

2012: Extreme Aims 

NBC First Read// Staff Writers

Today, the Democratic National Committee is announcing a campaign  in the build-up to Saturday’s Ames Straw Poll. “When it comes to the GOP presidential candidates and what America will hear from them in Ames this week, they have extreme aims to please the far-right, Tea Party wing of their party and they are following the extreme agenda of Congressional Republicans instead of leading,” the DNC says in an email. “All this while our country’s future hangs in the balance.” The New Hampshire Democratic Party gets into the act, too. “Whether it is the candidates’ Duck, Dodge, Dismantle proposal, the GOP budget that ends Medicare as we know it or their insistence on keeping tax cuts for corporate jet owners while shifting the burden to working families and seniors, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman and Tim Pawlenty are representing an agenda that is far outside the mainstream,” NH Dem Party Chairman Ray Buckley plans to say in a memo to reporters. “Most egregiously, almost without exception the GOP presidential candidates would have allowed America to default on its obligations and send our economy into calamity rather than upset their Tea Party base.”

CDN response: Huh, NBC isn’t unbiased afterall .. who knew?

Democrats seek to counter Republicans’ Iowa blitz –  and fail

LA Times// Michael A. Memoli

The Democratic National Committee produced a Web video saying the candidates running for the White House are, just like their counterparts in Congress, “offering no new ideas.” “Just like WashingtonRepublicans and the tea party, Republican presidential candidates want to end Medicare as we know it, slash funding for education and job creation [and] protect the wealthy, corporate CEOs and big oil,” an announcer says. Democratic surrogates, including the party chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz ofFlorida, will be on the ground – including a speaking slot on the “soapbox” at the Iowa State Fair.

CDNews Response: Democrats haven’t produced any ideas, new or not. Senate Democrats under Harry Reid’s leadership have failed to produce  a single budget in over 820 days, which includes the time period when Democrats held the House, Senate and the White House. For moderates .. that’s both houses of the legislative branch and the entirety of the executive branch. Where’s the budget Democrats?

Democrats launching Iowa campaign

CNN// Paul Steinhauser

From the first Republican presidential debate in two months, to the Iowa State Fair, to a crucial GOP presidential straw poll in Ames, the Hawkeye State will be firmly in the national political spotlight this week. Now, Democrats are trying to get in on some of the action. The Democratic National Committee announced Monday morning that it’s launching a campaign to define the Republican presidential candidates as extremists trying to please “the far-right Tea Party wing of their party and they are following the extreme agenda of Congressional Republicans instead of leading.” As part of the push, the DNC is putting up a Web video titled “Extreme Aims: Wrong for Seniors. Wrong for the Middle Class.” The party committee says to make its case it will put up a website that profiles the records of each GOP candidate. The DNC also promises an “innovative” Twitter campaign and events on the ground in Iowa throughout the week.

CDNews Response: Dems are aware that this is a primary.. right? One of the candidates will win. Ah never mind, if this is what the spendtastic liberals are spending their money on, the Senate could turn logical shortly.

DNC looks to organize in Iowa ahead of Ames Straw Poll event

Daily Caller// Amanda Carey

The Ames Straw Poll and debate is just days away, but Republican candidates aren’t the only ones who are gearing up for the event. The Democrat National Committee (DNC) is looking to sway the conversation in the Hawkeye State, too. On Monday, the DNC released a Web video titled, “Extreme Aims.” The goal, according to the release announcing the video, is to define the GOP candidates as ideologically extreme, out to undercut senior citizens and the middle class.

DNC Escalates Mediscare Tactics in Rant on .. Huntsman?

Democrats Use Medicare Fear TacticsJon Hunstman is so far in the back of the GOP pack that by now he must be reaching the acceptance phase of the death of his campaign. That did not stop the Democratic National Committee from attacking him and the well-thought Cut, Cap and Balance plan at the same time.

A DNC press release entitled: “Give It to Us Straight, Mr. Huntsman: Do You Support Cut, Cap and Kill Medicare?” the DNC pulls out the Mediscare ghost to go after a political also-ran. Jon Huntsman has no chance of winning the primaries, but the DNC can’t resist an opportunity to frighten the retired and baby boomers into voting against any Republican.

Maybe by attacking a no-name like Mr. Huntsman, they felt that no one would test their claim. Cut, Cap and Balance has not one .. not two, but THREE clauses that exempt Medicare from spending cuts. Of course, we hear no Republicans pushing back. Why? Democrats have successfully pushed CCB into being nothing more than background noise in the current debate and the proponents of CCB, like Jim Jordan, just don’t seem to know how to defend their own plans.


Pelosi Propaganda 101: Seniors Beware of Medi-scare!

Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, was back in the news headlines this week, after  a seemingly extended period where no one knew even where she was, let alone get her to discuss America’s disapproval of her Liberal agenda of the past four-plus years that she rammed down the throats of  Americans across the country. President Obama crammed through the now-titled Health-care reform that is widely know as Obama-care with Pelosi’s ramrodding in the House and Harry Reid’s refusal to follow long-standing Senate rules and procedures in the Senate. Obama-care was even passed illegally in the Senate bill, requiring Reid and cohorts to stuff it into a cash for clunkers bill to get it re-passed. Talk about slick maneuvering, and here we thought Harry Reid was just a token puppet of the left during the Obama-care debate…and he still is. Let’s get back to the San Fran Queen of Socialism and her recent crawling out of her cave to address the media, after Steny Hoyer pushed her aside during recent budget talks, shall we?

The picture on the left should come with a sound bite for all Seniors today. When the Democrats, led by EX-Speaker Pelosi rammed through Obama-care against the people’s wishes, they hit the toilet handle hard, and that big swoosh we heard was $500 billion dollars of Seniors health-care money going down the drain. That’s right Seniors, Democrats stole $500 BILLION dollars of YOUR Medicare dollars to give health-care to other special interest people that will be hand picked by Democratic operatives and appointees. The people who are now in charge of telling Seniors what health-care they can have, and just how much health-care they will receive, will be dictated to them by Obama appointees and assorted cronies. Isn’t that lovely? Seniors will not have any say in who will be running their health-care from here on out.

What drew the San Fran Nan out of her self-imposed media exile recently? The Hill.com has the all-telling lies quotes from the EX-Speaker :

During her press conference on Thursday, Pelosi mentioned “Medicare” 22 times. During a press conference on Thursday, a beaming and re-energized Pelosi said, “We had a spectacular election in New York-26.”

This reminds me of when Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and company announced on election day 20110 about how their polls say they will hold the House of Representatives in 2010. How did that work out for you again Nancy? Here’s a refresher in case you have a selective memory, you and your House Democrats lost in “historic “fashion! The despicable democratic spin and the Medi-scare lies continueas reported over at TheHill.com article as we see this :

Medicare was a major factor in Kathy Hochul’s win in New York’s 26th district on Tuesday, putting the Democrats one step closer to their goal of ousting the new GOP majority after only two years.

“I fundamentally believe that the House of Representatives is in play,” Rep. Steve Israel (N.Y.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told reporters at a briefing Thursday. “The Democrats can win a majority in November 2012.”

So let me get this straight here, Pelosi’s Democrats take $500 billion dollars of Seniors Medicare cash to pay for Obama-care, and now they are voting for Democrats in N.Y. because of it? I don’t think so, Nancy and Steve. This sounds like more of that hope n change bunk, where Democrats are hoping that Seniors won’t realize how that change will result in less doctors accepting Medicare and Obama appointed cronies  will be saying just how much health-care they will be allowed.

Is The San Fran Nan likely to be back in power, should the “miracle on liberal street” occur in 2012 and Americans vote for the continued Socialism being pushed by the Democrats and they take the house? Not so fast:

Even if Democrats win back the House, it is far from certain that Pelosi would become Speaker again. Democrats need roughly two dozen seats to capture the lower chamber, but a slim majority might not be enough for Pelosi to become Speaker in the next Congress. Nineteen Democrats voted against Pelosi for Speaker in January, while Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.), who has been critical of leadership, missed the vote. (emphasis mine)

Let’s take a time out an inject some reality here please. Seniors will never be stupid enough to fall for this misinformation and propaganda about the Democrats being their supposed saviors, when they see that those same Democrats just stole $500 billion dollars from their health-care . Add to that the fact that hope n change has been exposed on all levels to be nothing more than the transformation of America into a welfare-nanny state ,( That is called Socialism btw) and common theft from the working class in this country to support the vote-block of uninformed people who are being told the government will pay their way in life. The government has no money, and the federal revenues Democrats are buying votes with is money that belongs to the working taxpayers of America, not a bunch of vote-buying Democrats who will stoop to “historic” levels to stay in power, no matter what lies they try to scare Seniors with. The Seniors ( my parents included) that I know, will never be so stupid as to believe the Democratic lies being told today. Common sense demands it. What say you Seniors?

Medi-Scare Political Cartoon from A.F. Branco